Top 3 Birthday Cake Ideas Every Soccer Fan Will Love

By Peter C November 14, 2022

When decorating items, beautiful ideas are highly needed to get the job done.

You may be looking forward to having a soccer-themed birthday or wedding party sooner or later. Your event needs to be memorably celebrated with tasty, creamy, and well-designed soccer cakes and cupcakes that will wow you and the attendants.

Here are some lovely soccer-themed birthday cake and cupcake decorating ideas you can adopt.

1. Soccer Field Cake

Image credit: jacqui2564 / Pinterest

This is a regular Vanilla Cake that has two layers filled with Oreo. It is also covered in vanilla buttercream, and the color could differ depending on the team players you’d love on the cake. For example, Manchester United players will have red shirts while Chelsea players will have blue.

You can also have the team logo on the cake and the team’s name in a rolled fondant. The cake depicts exactly what a football pitch looks like, but since it won’t be as big as an actual one, you can only have two or three players on it.

2. Soccer Jersey Cake

Image credit: sammic5 / Pinterest

You can have a soccer jersey cake, depending on the team you would love to use for the design. This type of cake is perfect for young children who are still discovering their passion for this sport.

3. Ball-Shaped Cake

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Well, as the name suggests, this kind of cake is built in the shape of a ball. While a ball-shaped cake is not necessarily as cute or as unique as the two other cakes on this list, it is still an impressive cake. It’s not easy to make a round cake that will look like a soccer ball. Hence why you’ll need to find a talented (and affordable) professional!