Tips To Improve Dribbling Skills In Soccer

By Peter C

There are different types of dribbles. Some of which are:

Speed Dribbles

The wing-backs or pure wingers are most likely to engage in the speed dribbles by running up and down the wings. Possessing great speed, these speed dribblers are also able to dribble opponents while holding onto possession and not giving it away.

Source: Zimbio

Receiving Dribbles

This requires great awareness and skill. A receiving dribble involves rounding your opponent immediately after the ball is received.

Pressure Escaping Dribbles

This is most common with central midfielders due to the way and manner they have to wriggle and dribble while under pressure.

This requires the midfielder or even a defender or forward to be very quick and witty with his movement before making the runs, the pass, or shooting a shot.

Factors Responsible For a Successful Dribble

1. Ball Control – Work on this tirelessly. Know how to balance the ball on your feet, chest, head.

2. Strength – This is key in improving one’s dribbling ability. Most times, you will need to make use of your body to successfully dribble past an opponent so building strength is important.

3. Weaker Foot Advantage – if your stronger foot is the right, then work on your weaker foot in terms of control, shooting, and pass accuracy. The same goes for the left-footer.

Source: Zimbio

NOTE: You can have dribbling practice exercises as a group or as an individual. Look for the practice session that suits you and keep training. Do this often and see how you will improve in no time.