The Two Best Soccer Books Ever Written

By Peter C


Blessed by George Best is arguably one of the best football books ever written. The book talks about the struggles and certain unprecedented life challenges that some people have to face to become something in their chosen profession. Although Gorge Best remains one of the best football players to play the sport, he had his fair of life challenges. This book shows how Best’s uncontrollable sex life and alcohol addiction nearly ended his career.

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Best’s seemingly bad choices earned him untold criticism and made him one of the few players to have suffered the worst form of demonization from the British Media. Above all, no one who had seen Best play would forget the impact and creativity he brought to football. In this book, Best describes his glory days, experiences with other players, and achievements as a football player.

Fever Pitch

Many autobiographies have been written in sports, but Fever Pitch by Nick Hornby stands out. In this book, Famous English writer Nick Hornby shows how being emotionally attached to a sport can impact our lives as sports fans. Although the book is mainly about the author’s experiences, the emotions and events shared in it are relatable, especially to every true sports lover.

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The book analyzes the mind of every sports lover, the bad emotions generated when they support a struggling team and how this affects their performance. Also, it talks about the positive feelings and high expectations of sports lovers when their favorite club or team is enjoying good form and how this could also impact their performance. One important thing about the book is that it describes how football has been critical to British men’s physical and psychological development.