The Top 5 Biggest Stadiums in England

By Peter C

Among other things that make the Premier League the best in Europe is the quality of the stadiums available to football players and fans. No doubt, England is home to some of the world’s most fantastic stadiums in terms of structure and the atmosphere these stadiums create during matches.

Source: @jsalamanca / Pexels

Here are some of these amazing stadiums you can find in the English country.


With a capacity of 90,000 seats, no other stadium in England comes close to Wembley. Constructed in 2007, Wembley remains the national stadium of England and the second-biggest stadium in Europe after Camp Nou,  the home stadium of Barcelona F.C with a capacity of 99,354.

Old Trafford

Constructed in 1910, Old Trafford is the home stadium of Manchester United and the biggest stadium to be owned by any club in the Premier League. With an official capacity of 75,731, the ground is the ninth-largest in Europe.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The Tottenham Hotspur stadium was constructed in 2019, making it a relatively new stadium compared to most important stadiums in England. It is the third-biggest (with a seating capacity of 62,850) and the most beautiful stadium in England, featuring a lot of modern facilities.

With a cost of $1.3 billion, the stadium was constructed to replace White Hart Lane, the previous ground used by the club.

London Stadium

The London Stadium, located in Stratford, Greater London, is now home to West Ham United football team. It is a multi-purpose outdoor stadium with a seating capacity of 62,500.

Source: @tbphotography / Pexels

Because the ground was specifically constructed to host the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2012 Summer Paralympics, the football stadium is also suitable for other sporting events

Emirates Stadium

Located in Holloway, London, Emirates Stadium is the fifth largest stadium in England, with a seating capacity of 60,260. Built for $521.95 million, the ground is the home stadium of Arsenal F.C and was constructed to replace the club’s previous home, Highbury.