The Principles That Made Erik ten Hag One Of The Best Coaches In Europe

By Peter C November 7, 2022

Dutch manager Erik ten Hag has just overseen his fourth straight league win as Manchester United’s manager, following his arrival at Old Trafford from Ajax. But what are some principles and rules the 52-year-old has laid down since he began his managerial career?

Image credit: @tima-miroshnichenko / Pexels

1. Zero tolerance for liquor:

Ten Hag has always been against his players consuming any alcohol during the week of a match. He is very strict with this rule, and any player that fails to adhere will face punishment.

2. Attendance at team meetings is mandatory:

Any player who fails to turn up for any team meeting or is late for the meeting without a genuine or excusable reason could be axed from the next match day squad after such a meeting.

3. BMI monthly check:

Players in Erik ten Hag’s team must check their Body Mass Index (BMI) every month so that the club will always have a good knowledge of the fitness level of each player.

Image credit: @jeffreyflin / Unsplash

4. No personal chef:

One of the most advantageous principles of ten Hag is his ban on players having personal chefs. We believe the reason for this is to prevent an imbalance in the nutritious aspect of the players’ life. This means all players must follow the club chef’s food menu.

5. Players to make direct contact with coach:

The iconic coach’s most prized rule is that his players should talk to him first and foremost in case they have any problems with the team.