The Legacy Of Jimmy Garoppolo

By Peter C September 12, 2022

James Richard Garoppolo, also known as Jimmy Garoppolo, is an American football quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Jimmy has, however, come to the end of his stay with the National Football League side.

Garoppolo spent four-and-half years with the Niners after joining the team in 2017 but can only boast of playing the majority of his team’s games in only two full seasons due to injuries. He actually lost almost two full seasons to injuries.

Image credits: San Francisco 49ers / YouTube

However, the team won the NFC Championship and Super Bowl game in those two years when he was majorly available for selection. He also helped a 1-10 team to a remarkable five-game winning streak at the close of the season.

The 30-year-old won the Payton Award as a senior while playing college football at Eastern Illinois and also set the school records for passing touchdowns and passing yards. His current completion percentage stands at 67.7.

The San Francisco 49ers’ No. 10 had a 31-14 record in the games he started. Compared to other players over the last 45 games through 2021, it was better than those of Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers, as only Patrick Mahomes (37-8) was really better.

Apart from his achievements on the pitch, Garoppolo has a wonderful personality. All his teammates liked him, and he had an excellent relationship with almost all of them, including the backroom staff. He displayed a high level of composure while under pressure and had a positive attitude even amidst criticisms.