The Impact Of Crowd Noise

By Peter C December 6, 2021

While the coronavirus pandemic is gradually becoming a thing of the past, it is also essential to take a look into its adverse effect on sporting activities.

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Relevant authorities were forced to look for measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, but the impact of these measures disrupted a lot of sporting activities. For instance, football’s governing body across different leagues banned fans from coming to stadiums, but the experience afterward was not the best.

A critical element of all sporting activities is the participation of the spectators or fans. The restrictions placed on spectators show that fans play crucial roles in creating the exciting moments that characterize all sporting events. Why are fans so much important in this respect? Yes, you guessed right: crowd noise.

Suddenly, the super interesting EPL and other popular football leagues became very boring because only players and few officials were allowed to participate in matches. At a point, broadcasters used canned crowd noise to create a familiar atmosphere, but this generated mixed reactions from fans. This points to the fact that nothing can replace the authentic atmosphere created by fans.

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Crowd noise creates an unusual connection amongst spectators, allowing them to stay aware of a development that is about to happen. We get this kind of reaction when there are things like a goal opportunity, an incredible save by a goalkeeper, a spectacular display of skill by a player, etc.

The emotional experience you get when you are making the noise with people who support the same team will bring a sense of connection and can ultimately inspire the team to win the game.

Crowds know the impact they can make with their noise and have used it so many times by influencing critical decisions taken by referees and players.