The GOAT Debate: LeBron James Or Michael Jordan

By Peter C

Michael Jordan and LeBron James are arguably the Greatest Of All Time in the ever-entertaining world of basketball. Both players have dominated the game during their playing days, with MJ, a retired 59-year-old, while James is still active in the NBA, plying his trade with the LA Lakers.

Image credits: Tinseltown / Shutterstock

Jordan won six championship titles, all with the Chicago Bulls, while James has won four in his largely successful career. A big reason why a lot of fans fancy Jordan over James in the GOAT debate is because of the latter’s poor record in NBA finals. Jordan never lost any of the six finals he reached, while James, on the other hand, lost six of the ten championship finals he found himself.

Looking at statistics, 37-year-old James edges it. The Lakers star has already accrued more blocks, assists, rebounds, and career points than Jordan. Although James has fewer steals than MJ, you can still expect him to equal and possibly, overtake Jordan before he retires.

That leads us to the number of awards won by both legends. James has four regular season MVPs to Jordan’s five, while both players have won finals MVP each time they won the championship.

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Jordan has 14 NBA all-star appearances, while James has garnered an impressive 17. However, Jordan has more scoring titles and All-Defensive 1st-team selections than James.

The debate on the GOAT will continue for many years to come and won’t stop, at least in the nearest future. Meanwhile, we should continue appreciating what both men have brought to the sport.