The Best Soccer Movies You Can Watch On Netflix

By Peter C

Due to the passion and drama attached to soccer, players and writers document events detailing off-the-field happenings in the lives of our soccer heroes and produce them into movies for our viewing pleasure. Here are the top 5 soccer movies you find on Netflix.

Source: @glenncarstenspeters/Unsplash


This documentary chronicles the life of Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pelé) all the way from childhood to his years of unmatched soccer success. Pelé’s story is told via interviews with family members, politicians, journalists, trainers, and legendary teammates in the movie.

Holy Goalie

Every minute of this movie is worth it, as it tells the story of a young priest who successfully leads a group of disorganized and clumsy monks to victory in a soccer tournament, ultimately rescuing their monastery from being transformed into a hotel.

The Hand of God

This is directly related to the famous ‘Hand of God,” in which the late Diego Armando Maradona used his hand to score at the 1986 World Cup. Prominent writer and director Paolo Sorrentino shows us a pitiful self-portrait of his teenage years.

Baggio: The Divine Ponytail

Roberto Baggio stands as one of the enduring legends in the world of soccer, leaving an indelible mark on the beautiful game. Detailing events during the 1994 World Cup, this movie also helps us appreciate the injuries, recoveries, conflicts, relationships, and conversions during Baggio’s illustrious career.

Anelka Misunderstood

This documentary delves into the life and career of Nicolas Anelka, the former striker who played for clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea, and Real Madrid. His career, despite being a prolific one, was full of controversy. Anelka himself addresses all of the hot topics that headlined his 20-year professional career.