The Best Dribbling Moves In Soccer

By Peter C

When we glue our eyes to the TV to see a soccer match, what we look out for are the dribbles that interest some fans and leave some fans in rage and displeasure, especially if their teams’ players are on the receiving end. Here are some of the most iconic dribbling moves in soccer.

Source: Dailymail

The 360 Move

Though it requires technicality, it is one of the easiest dribbles to execute. However, a player needs a high level of awareness to complete this dribble successfully.

The ball is pushed forward lightly, and the left foot (or right foot) is extended before your sole is placed on the ball. Then put your foot on the pitch and get the ball pulled beneath your foot.

The ‘V’ Move

The move was brought to the limelight by Ferenc Puskas. A ‘V’ is literally drawn whenever this kind of dribble is made.

You can complete this move by rapidly pulling back the ball and then putting your base foot in front of the ball sideways. To complete it, you push the ball directly opposite your base foot.

Source: Zimbio

The Stepover

Popularized by the legendary Brazilian forward Ronaldo de Lima, Portuguese great Cristiano Ronaldo also used the move consistently. Maybe this move could be difficult to master. You could be very good at it with intense dribbling drills.

This involves moving your legs over the ball before placing the foot by it and then cutting on the inside and racing past your opponent.