The Best Players Over 35 That Are Still Actively Playing Football

By Peter C June 21, 2021

Giorgio Chiellini (36)

This iconic defender keeps it going despite the fact that he is turning 37 in August. Chiellini is powerful and quite aggressive in his style of play.

With the Italian national team, he has over 100 caps and recently captained the Azurri to Euro 2020 victory.

Cristiano Ronaldo (36)

Loved by all and regarded by many football fans as the Greatest of All Time (GOAT). Cristiano Ronaldo has scored goals aplenty and won trophies galore everywhere he went.

Image credit: Eddie Kobbie/Twitter

Sergio Ramos (35)

Ramos is even regarded as one of the greatest defenders of all time and one of the best of his generation, and the reasons made not far-fetched.

The defender’s composure, leadership qualities, and consistency have been second to none. He captained Real Madrid before recently joining Paris Saint-Germain, having spent 16 years at the Spanish capital.

Manuel Neuer (35)

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The “sweeper-keeper” has appeared in more than 430 games for Bayern Munich and has won the German Bundesliga in nine straight seasons.

Neuer captains both the German national team and the Bavarians. In 2020, the IFFHS announced him as the best goalkeeper of the decade.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (39)

This man needs no introduction. At 39 (he turns 40 in October), he looks even better than most twenty-something-year-old strikers.

Ibrahimovic is definitely one of the most amazing and charismatic footballers to have ever appeared on our screens. He is just a perfect example of “age is just a number.”