Soccer Positions You Should Know

By Peter C

You may understand what soccer players do on the pitch merely by watching a soccer game, but do you know the correct name for each position? Below are some soccer positions you should know:

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Striker or Forward

The major function of a striker or forward is to score goals. This kind of player is expected to net the ball at any given opportunity.

Defensive Midfielder

This player is responsible for shielding the defense. They should also have good passing accuracy and support the defense in whatever way.


Having good reading of the game is a solid requirement for this position. Great heading abilities will also be needed to be a sweeper.

Right or Left Fullback

A right or left fullback should possess a good pace for defensive and attacking duties, have great technical abilities, and be very quick to react.

The Goalkeeper

The goalkeeper’s ultimate goal is to prevent an opponent from scoring. A goalkeeper should be able to organize his defense.

Right or Left Midfielder/Winger

This position requires smart thinking and great awareness. A right or left midfielder should possess the ability to create and score goals. It needs to be fast too.

Center Fullback

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Having a good heading ability, proper positioning, and possessing a good pace is crucial to excelling in this position. This position requires good passing skills, especially when under pressure.

Center Midfielder

This kind of midfielder needs good passing skills and the ability to support the defensive midfielder when the opposition attacks.