Most Expensive Premier League Players In 2022

By Peter C

The transfer window allows a football club to sign new players from other clubs with the hope that the new player will be a perfect fit and increase the club’s performance.

However, this doesn’t happen at a low price, especially for top players. For instance, Manchester City went all out in 2021 to sign Jack Grealish with a hefty price of £100 million, making him the most expensive player in the League till today.

Source: @pixabay / Pexels

The estimated market value of a player plays an important role during the transfer window as it often determines the amount to be paid by the buying club. In this article, we check the Premier League and discuss the top four players with the highest market values.

Harry Kane

The English captain is one of the best players in this tournament. With his incredible goal-scoring ability, It is no surprise that the Tottenham Hotspur star currently has the highest market value in the Premier League.

Based on his estimated market value, any club willing to sign the 29-year-old will be paying nothing less than €100 million.

Mohammed Salah

The Egyptian forward is at the top of the food chain in soccer. He is not just a great dribbler but also famous for his speed and prolific goal-scoring record and has become an integral part of Liverpool FC since joining the club in 2017 for £36.9 million.

As of October 2022, Salah’s market value is at €100 million, making him the most expensive Egyptian player of all time.

Phil Foden

Having one of the world’s best young players on this list is a great delight. Phil Foden, an English professional player, is currently one of the youngest athletes in this league. He came to the limelight due to his impressive performance during the FIFA U-17 World Cup in 2017.

Source: @expressivestanley / Pexels

He had his debut for Manchester City the same year and has been having a great time playing for the club and having a total of eight awards to his name. His market value currently stands at €90 million.

Bruno Fernandes

Natural from Portugal, Bruno Fernandes plays as a midfielder for Manchester United. He is a playmaker and an incredible goal-scorer with excellent leadership skills, which are qualities possessed only by exceptional players like this Portuguese.

His market value increased from €55 million (when he joined Manchester United) to €90 million.