Most Beautiful Female Journalists In The Sporting World

By Peter C February 1, 2021

Female reporters in the sports industry may not always be in the news for various reasons. Still, there are plenty of gorgeous and beautiful female reporters who are diligent, smart, and witty. Let’s discover some of them and what they have accomplished in their careers.


Kirsty Gallacher is considered one of the most gorgeous female sports reports you’ll find around. The 45-year-old was born in Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh.

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During her illustrious career, she hosted shows such as Soccer AM, Kirsty, Soccer Extra, and 90 Minutes.


At 39, Kate is one of the prettiest female sports anchors in the world. She has anchored different sports programs in the US, Spain, UK, Germany, and France.


43-year-old Erin Andrews is obviously one of the most gorgeous female sports reporters in the world today. She currently works at Fox Sports but had previously in sports Journalism at ESPN.

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Erin was a reporter for the Great Outdoor Games, College World Series, and the Little League World Series.


Katherine Elizabeth Webb-McCarron is one of the sexiest and most beautiful women reporters in sports. She is mainly a TV personality but also a successful model with several awards.


The Arizona-born reporter hosts ESPN’s NFL Countdown every Sunday. Samantha is a beautiful and smart reporter who had previously worked at ABC Sports Radio and ABC-TV.

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The 35-year-old gorgeous sports reporter is married to Christian Ponder, a Vikings quarterback.