Making New Friends By Playing Soccer

By Peter C

If you have ever played soccer for leisure or on a professional level, you will surely agree with me that soccer helps quite a good number of people make new friends. Even an introvert gets to mingle very well and meet new people who could, in turn, become friends. That is the power of soccer.

Source: 30 for 30/Twitter

Taking a look at the world at large, with the over 150 countries in existence, it is usually said that sports are the most unifying factor.

Irrespective of people’s political divide, religion, ethnicity, cultural background, etc., sports are a single language understood by all.

While many people play soccer due to the fun derived from it, others play it because of the money they make from the sport. Interestingly, some people even play soccer to make new friends.

Swedish legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic said recently that apart from making money from soccer, he has been afforded the opportunity to meet new people (and also make new friends) from around the world.


When you have a friend within your team, it helps you play the ball very well (especially if you are good with the ball) due to the telepathic understanding between and your friend. Also, when some teammates play together in a team for a long time, they form a bond that translates onto the pitch.

A good example is the Messi, Suarez, and Neymar (MSN) combination that won the Champions League with Barça in 2015. They were friends on and off the pitch.