Kick It Back To The Ultimate Soccer Experience

By Peter C May 16, 2022

Soccer is original and exhibits a true spirit of sportsmanship. But then imagination could make you go on to know what the game must have looked like right from when it originated and several years after that before we now have what many of us call modern-day soccer. The sport must have actually been the most accessible sport on earth – all about kicking the old ball here and there. Official records indicate that the earliest soccer stage was played in China close to 3000 years ago.

Image courtesy of photoyh/Shutterstock

Ultimate Head Shot

Soccer must have been so bizarre at some point. The ultimate soccer header proved to be a little more gruesome. Obviously, in the medieval period, some soccer bullies and ‘extremists’ used the head of a conquered Danish prince to play soccer all around. You may wonder how the Danes manage to have a decent soccer team these days. They even made it to the semifinal of the Euro 2020, which happened earlier in 2021.

Soccer Wars

Image courtesy of Eugene Onischenko/Shutterstock

Just like many games in our world today, soccer also has its roots from the battlefield. There were no rules – or very minimal and non-effective ones – when rival teams played soccer against each other back in the day. These games were particularly bloody and violent in the quest to emerge the winner.

Civilized Soccer Play

The evolution of soccer has been full of ups and downs, but here we are with modern soccer. In sharp contrast to what we had, soccer has become a unifying force for different people of different cultures worldwide.