How To Take A Penalty Like A Pro In 3 Steps

By Peter C

A penalty kick is not a recent invention in football. It offers a rare opportunity for a player to take a direct freekick from the penalty spot after a defensive foul in the penalty box. And if everything goes well, the result could decide who wins a football match.

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There are also times football matches would lead to penalty shootouts, especially during semifinals and finals of important football competitions, following a goalless draw after extra time.

Whichever way, what is essential is for a player to be confident enough to score any penalty kick. However, there are a few tricks to scoring a penalty kick.

Don’t feel intimidated by the goalkeeper

In modern football, a goalkeeper can move sideways as he prepares to prevent the penalty shooter from scoring. This can be a massive distraction for a player, especially when the goalie has fully mastered this tactic. However, the first step to achieving a penalty is to overcome anxiety, regardless of the tactics of the goalie.

Learn how to kick

The instep or laces kick remains the most common kicking skill in football, especially during penalty shootouts. This allows you to have the most powerful kick possible.  The quadriceps muscles of the thigh are what gets the job done here. Also, your speed and accuracy are essential here.

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Position yourself for a perfect shot

Taking a penalty by staying directly behind the ball won’t get you the speed to aim at the right spot. You might eventually kick the ball straight into the hands of the goalie.  However, by approaching the ball at an angle of about 45 degrees, your kicking foot won’t only have the perfect contact with the ball. You will also become unpredictable as to which direction you are aiming at.