How To Collect Autographed Soccer Memorabilia

By Peter C January 31, 2022

Autographed soccer memorabilia provides ample opportunity for soccer lovers to appreciate and remember their favorite players. As much as you want to start your own collection, the cost of getting started can be a considerable impediment.

However, this article will provide easy-to-follow tips to gather as much autographed soccer memorabilia as possible.

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There are primarily two ways you can go about this.

The first method is more accessible but more expensive since you are purchasing already autographed soccer memorabilia. For the second method, you don’t have to spend a dime, except that you need to get the objects signed by the players themselves.

The latter requires a lot of effort in getting the players to sign the memorabilia. You would also need to get a certificate of authenticity for the memorabilia to prove its authenticity if you would be making money off it.  Purchasing Autographed soccer memorabilia is more straightforward, but you want to be sure you are getting it from genuine sources to avoid buying fake ones.

The various types of Autographed Soccer Memorabilia include:

Soccer Ball

There are FIFA-approved soccer balls for this purpose. You don’t need to worry about this if you are making a purchase. But if you’re getting the soccer ball signed by the players themselves, you need to present the right soccer ball. Remember, always go with a dark-colored marker.


Obviously, you can only get this from goalkeepers.  If you are fortunate to meet any of your favorite goalkeepers, present the gloves and ensure they put their signatures on the gloves.


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These are also available for purchase, but you need to be sure they are not fake. However, if you can get real pictures of your favorite players, nothing should stop you from walking up to them and get those pictures signed.

Soccer Uniform

Soccer shirts or jerseys, shorts, and socks are what make a complete soccer uniform. These are perfect pieces of soccer memorabilia.  Present them to your favorite players and allow them to write as much as they want.