Here Are 3 Solo Football Drills To Take Your Skills To The Next Level

By Peter C

Are you ready to take your football skills to the next level and earn a starting spot on your team? These three solo drills will help you improve your touch, control, and dribbling skills so you can dominate the pitch.

Source: @nigelm23/Unsplash

Do you want to know the best part? You can do them anywhere you deem suitable for your training sessions.


This drill will improve your touch and control with the ball. The truth is that there are different ways to get this done; stick to whatever works for you and increase its intensity as you get better.

For instance, a perfect type of juggling is the popular two low, one high juggle commonly used by the Barcelona Academy.

Toe Taps

This basic drill may seem simple, but it’s highly effective in boosting your touch and confidence with the ball. Start by getting as many touches on the ball as you can for a set period of time, lifting your head to scan your surroundings, and mimicking game situations.

You can incorporate harder challenges by moving the ball from side to side. This will allow you to use your instep effectively when controlling the ball. You can continue dragging the ball back and then go in the forward direction until you have a perfect touch.


Set up an area with scattered obstacles on the ground and work your way through and around them while dribbling. You can make this drill a little bit tougher by bringing the obstacles very close to one another. Practice dribbling without hitting the obstacles, using both feet, and changing direction frequently.

Source: @nigelm23/Unsplash

As you control the ball, keep your head up to know which direction you are going. Everything you do should mimic being in a game so that your skills translate to the pitch.