Have You Met The 5 Tallest Goalkeepers Ever?

By Toby T July 4, 2022

Height is a prominent attribute in modern goalkeepers. Thibaut Courtois and other tall keepers have succeeded because of their height and ability. Tall goalkeepers are helpful but being too tall could be an issue. Tall goalkeepers are less coordinated, weaker, and have poor reflexes, making them unpopular. This may be why most football fans don’t know about these keepers.

Tomáš Holý 2.06m

Tomáš Holý is a Czech goalkeeper who plays for Gillingham in the Ligue One. He has played for a few clubs including AC Sparta Prague B, Graffin Vlašim, Viktoria Žižkov and Fastav Zlín.  

Tonny Brogaard 2.06m

Tonny is also a Danish goalkeeper, better known as the Gentle Giant due to his kind demeanor than his prowess on the pitch. He stands at 2.06m or 6 feet and 9 inches)

Jacob Samnik 2.07m

The only American on this list, Jacob plays for Hobro in Denmark. A young goalie, Jacob is 2.07m, or 6 feet and 8 inches. Jacob is a product of a football academy in Georgia, Kalonji Soccer Academy.

Kristof Van Hout 2.08m

Image credits: Alex / YouTube

The Belgian giant comes in second at 2.08m, or 6 feet and 10 inches. He stood out for his aerial saves and served as the goalkeeper for Standard Liege, who won the Belgian League 10 times consecutively. He currently plays for KVC Westerlo, a Belgian Pro League team.

Simon Kristian Bloch Jørgensen 2.10 m

Image credits: frem66kubrick / YouTube

Finally, the tallest player in the world is Simon Bloch. He stands at an awe-inspiring 2.10m or 6 feet and 10.5 inches. He is a Danish goalkeeper who has played for Frem, FC Copenhagen, B.93, B.1908, Accrington Stanley, and Whitehawk. He last signed for Waltham Abbey.