German Rider Goes Viral For His Unbelievable Mountain Unicycling Skills

By Peter C

Some tasks or activities may seem impossible until you see people breaking barriers and achieving the impossible. For example, the idea of navigating rough terrain and performing tricks on a unicycle as though it were a mountain bike can be hard to imagine.

Source: @noel_nichols/Unsplash

But that surely doesn’t mean it cannot be done! Extreme unicyclist Lutz Eichholz is a prime example of someone who has achieved the impossible through unicycling. The German rider has become an internet sensation for his awe-inspiring and impressive unicycling skills.

While this is normal for him, many people don’t really understand how it’s possible. Eichholz believes it is natural to feel scared when trying something new, especially if you have never ridden on a unicycle before. He suggests that by overcoming that fear and stepping out of their comfort zone, one can push their limits and explore new ways of riding.

According to Eichholz, riding a unicycle like a mountain bike is a unique and challenging skill that requires a high level of balance and coordination. Techniques such as shifting the rider’s weight and using the pedals to maneuver are often necessary.

He also mentioned that many skilled unicyclists perform well with extreme activities like this due to using special unicycles with sophisticated features. Eichholz, for instance, uses a unicycle with grippy pedals, a comfortable seat, and a bigger tire to absorb jumps.

Source: @julz-2434858/Pexels

It is important to note that riders like Lutz Eichholz, who have become skilled in this area, have invested significant time and effort into developing their unicycling skills, so you shouldn’t try it on your own if you’re a beginner.

Pulling this off is not easy, but with practice and determination, it’s possible to achieve the impossible.