40+ Bizarre Product Designs That Make Life Simpler And More Entertaining

By Jishnu B

Humanity never fails to amaze us. We are learning how intelligent (both logical and emotional) other species are, which makes humanity’s development into what see today so outstanding. As far as we know, no other animals have, for example, developed life-saving technologies.

While there has always been progress, it seems like we’re in a golden age for innovation. Starting in the late 20th century, there’s been a non-stop influx of new products designed to make life simpler. And as our needs develop, so do these crafty solutions.

Best of all, we don’t need to wait for cheesy infomercials to learn about these cool products. For this listicle, we compiled 45 of these bizarre yet highly functional inventions for your enjoyment. You might order some of these after you are done reading.

Bragging Rights

Like it or not, college is an important part of life. Those who chose to attend had to take their education seriously. College is definitely a huge financial, physical, and mental investment — 42.8 million Americans are still indebted because of their student loans.

Image Credit: BearLifts93/Reddit

Their degree is the fruit of their labor, and after so much effort, you have earned the right to brag. Having a mini-diploma you can carry around and flash your academic credentials feels well-earned. We’re sure women would enjoy using it to shut down mansplainers.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Penguins

Club Penguin may have left us, but our adoration for penguins certainly hasn’t. These resilient little animals are as impressive as they are amusing. Since we can’t adopt one, we’ll have to settle for this spectacular umbrella (for now, that is).

Image Credit: jaegee0000/Reddit

When dry, this umbrella looks like any other boring, plain black umbrella. But when it rains, that’s when the magic happens. The droplets condense and take the shape of penguins. Purchase this umbrella and mesmerize pedestrians with your aquatic penguins during the rainy season!


Pickles are a blessing from the gods. Whoever invented this deserves a special place in heaven. This is a brilliant method to preserve produce for a longer time. Pickles also give us a pop of freshness and sourness that pairs perfectly with savory fried food. 

Image Credit: unthused/Reddit

As much as we love pickles, getting them out of the jar can be a hassle. On top of getting your fingers in to grab a crunchy veggie, you have to be careful not to spill the brine. This luxury pickle maker added a came-changing contraption: a pickle elevator!

A Disappointed Cactus

For most dogs, chew toys never last long—some don’t even last a day. But any dog owner knows that you still need to provide your four-legged friend with something to gnaw on and play with. Sadly, fabric toys can’t stand up to powerful canine teeth.

Image Credit: SilverTigerstripes/Reddit

According to Toy Story, even toys have feelings—which we try not to think about as we watch pups destroy their toys. This manufacturer, though, leaned into it and showed that the cactus’ feelings get hurt when it’s torn apart. Inside the smiling toy is a grumpy little shrub.

The Best Toilet Paper Roll

Inflation had hit all of us hard (except for the untouchable 1%). Many struggled to afford basic necessities, and it was heartbreaking to watch many brands reduce the product amount while increasing the price. However, this toilet paper manufacturer did not skimp like the rest. 

Image Credit: [unknown user]/imgur

One of the purposes of those little cardboard tubes inside toilet paper rolls is to make the roll appear larger, allowing companies to trick customers into thinking the higher price is worth it. Some companies, though, give customers their money’s worth and fill that gap with more toilet paper.

Oven / Heater

This listicle consists mostly of product designs that were invented in the modern era, but there were still plenty of noteworthy ideas from older generations. Modern products are constantly being spammed on our social media while the old ones are forgotten. 

Image Credit: Hustler_Kamikaze/Reddit

We need to change that and rediscover these genius devices. This oven/heater is an advanced design from the old European houses. This is a heater that boils your bath water while heating up your food sustainably with the residual heat.

Hidden Whistle 

Hiking is not for the faint of heart. You have to venture out into the wild where there is no sign of mankind. It’s especially brave (if dangerous) if you choose to do it alone. We are rational cowards, so we’ll only go hiking with a buddy…or five.

Image Credit: skabanos/Reddit

This hiking backpack has a buckle that doubles as a whistle. Hikers must be mindful of how much weight they carry, so multipurpose products are highly beneficial. Including life-saving devices in hiking gear allows hikers to have a safe yet efficient trek into the woods.

Fabric For Glasses

People with glasses might have less trouble cutting onions, but there was a myriad of other problems they face due to their compromised vision. For starters, it’s expensive. Americans spend around $190 for their prescription glasses, so skimping on lense care is just a waste.

Image Credit: benjaminrodtx/Reddit

Not all fabrics are kind to glasses, and some of them even scratch the lenses. This company knows that some of their customers will use their shirts to clean their glasses, so there’s a handy fabric suitable for cleaning glasses built right in.

Whisky With Bus Ride

DUI is a huge problem in our society. Irresponsibly drinking and driving can cost you your life and someone else’s. About 10,500 people die on average each year due to drunk driving. Sometimes it’s a lack of self-awareness—aka how impaired your judgment really is—that causes the problem.

Image Credit: Holmes870/Reddit

Some find it hard to tell when their BAC is not road-safe. This brand of whisky allows customers to enjoy their drink without the fear of death (aside from alcohol poisoning). And the cherry on top is the free bus ride!

Cigarette Butts

There is no nice way of saying this: cigarette smokers are serious polluters. Aside from the toxic smoke, which is dangerous to the health of those around them, cigarette butts are simply tossed wherever they find is convenient. In fact, cigarette butts are the #1 beach litter worldwide.

Image Credit: p4d4m/imgur

While tobacco manufacturers are pushing people to continue their dangerous habits, some of them seem to care for the environment. This company gives you a small pouch to store the butts in—rather than tossed on the ground—and even includes a way for them to recycle the would-be litter.

Pizza Tuxedo

Pizza is a comfort food that fills you up and soothes your soul when you need it the most. However, you will most likely not see this dish at a formal dinner. Finger food doesn’t exactly pair well with formal attire.

Image Credit: pwenski/Reddit

However, this pizza shop did not back down from the challenge. If gentlemen in tuxedos won’t eat their food, they will trick others into wearing a tuxedo and eating their food. While it’s not the most efficient packaging, it’s certainly Instagrammable, and therefore a genius marketing tactic.

Justice For Four-Eyed Folks

We are pleased to report that people with glasses are finally getting the treatment they deserve. There was a grim time when all people with glasses were labeled as “nerds.” Thankfully, glasses were able to shed much of the stigma in the last decade.

Image Credit: ohkatiep/Reddit

However, not everything in life is glasses-friendly…yet. For example, home hair dyeing kits are tricky. After all, you need to see to get it done, but the frames can easily get stained. Fortunately, this brand knows what to do, and they include glasses sleeves in their boxes.

Hot And Cold

Apparently, this is a thing in Europe. People like to order a hot cup of black coffee alongside a cold scoop of ice cream. Some like to dip their ice cream in coffee and make an odd milkshake. It makes no sense to us. Just get a cappuccino or a coffee-flavored ice cream.

Image Credit: SwissJAmes/Reddit

Certain bakeries and restaurants had modified their utensils to accommodate such needs. It would be awkward to drink coffee while holding a dripping ice cream cone, so a clip-on cone holder solves the problem. This will definitely look amazing on your Instagram feed.


This brings back many fond memories. Whenever a large shipment was delivered to our house, it was always accompanied by a huge cardboard box. Our parents used to give us the box to play with after they were done unpacking. We loved to make makeshift castles with them.

Image Credit: SexyOctagon/Reddit

This company kept these precious moments in their mind when they designed this box. It’s already painted and shaped like a small house and the cardboard is sturdier than the regular ones. Therefore, it can deliver your items safely and provide entertainment for your children. 

Smart Bookmark

Sometimes authors can go out of control while world-building. They put intricate details to characters and objects which can later hold significant value to the plot. This can be problematic when you forget said details and need to flip back and forth mid-novel.

Image Credit: koshkapianino/Reddit

Highly detailed novels like ASOIAF can often overwhelm the reader, but this bookmark can offer the solution to all of our literary problems. These bookmarks contain small, yet important details about the characters and events so that the reader does not lose track. With this, you can tell the difference between all six Aegon Targaryens.

Cardboard Music

The more time passes, the better the packaging gets. Innovative and attractive packaging is a massive tool to advance marketing in the 21st century. They attract customers and hopefully entertain them enough to get repeat purchases. It’s understandable why companies put so much emphasis on their packaging.

Image Credit: golmal7/Reddit

This record company, however, blew all competitors out of the water with their astounding creativity. Vinyl records aren’t very common these days, and many forget the gramophone even existed. This company won’t let these pivotal inventions be forgotten; the packaging can be DIY-ed into a mini gramophone. 

Wine Night

Wine is an acquired taste, and some people enjoy the beverage regularly. They think certain experiences are elevated with a taste of good wine. We feel the same about pizza. Wine connoisseurs claim that good wine is not just a beverage; it’s an experience. 

Image Credit: Calliope719/Reddit

There is no better time to play games with friends than when you’re tipsy, and that isn’t uncommon after consuming a bottle of wine. This person discovered a delightful surprise when they uncorked a bottle. We wonder if the box had a deck of cards, too.


Automobiles are perhaps the greatest invention of the recent age. It might even rival the prowess of the internet. However, it’s not just the technological features that make a car amazing. It’s the intricate, hidden details that make a car valuable to its owner. 

Image Credit: AdrianTheGreat24/Reddit

Take a look at this jeep window, for example. Unless you actively look for it, you might not find this little artwork. It looks like a little sasquatch is climbing a mountain. If you look closely at your car, you might find little easter eggs like this. 

Tie And Mask

The last couple of years have conditioned us to become overly aware of what surfaces we touch and the air we breathe. Until COVID-19, the general public did not care much for face masks. However, now it’s an essential part of our attire. 

Image Credit: Soviet_Broski/Reddit

Even though the worst seems to have passed, some still feel uncomfortable going outside without facemasks. Since masks are inseparable from us, might as well make them fashionable. This clothing company offers menswear and masks in the same color. Now you can be fashionable and careful without much hassle. 

Remote Pocket

We don’t watch television much these days. Ever since YouTube and the internet became readily available to us, we did not care much about what is being broadcast. Why watch what the TV had chosen for you when you could watch what you want?

Image Credit: ThePlayfulPython/Reddit

However, there was a time we were all obsessed with TV. Perhaps you also recall fighting over the remote or even losing it, making you miss your favorite show. This bed sheet has a pocket to keep your remote securely in place and easily accessible. 


“Chork” is not the official name for this product, but we are willing to pour our blood, sweat, and tears into naming this utensil “Chork.” We might actually email the company and demand they rename their product (maybe with some royalties for thinking of such a catchy name).

Image Credit: finchdog/Reddit

We’re sure you know what a spork is (spoon + fork); this is just another iteration of it. With a chork, you can enjoy both pasta and dumplings in one sitting. Hopefully this hybrid utensil won’t offend the Italians or the Asians.

Futuristic Frying Pan

Some people are amateurs at cooking or just don’t have the skill to “eyeball” ingredients, and they need precise measurements to execute a dish. However, washing dishes is no one’s favorite job; hence we are hesitant to bring out the measuring tools. 

Image Credit: emilyr3183/Reddit

With this non-stick pan, you do not have to worry about oily spoons and unnecessary effort. You can pour the oil straight from its dispenser and still get an accurate measurement without using any extra tools. All you have to do is follow the little circles drawn in the middle of the pan.


The rain can be beautiful, but city-dwellers rarely get to enjoy it in its rawest form. Unless necessary, we’ll stay inside with a warm drink rather than braving the pouring rain waiting just outside our doors. And only the truly brave will go out without an umbrella.

Image Credit: trashyfictions/Reddit

There is a certain fun about walking through the rain with a raincoat. It cannot be explained with words. You simply have to experience it yourself. This raincoat manufacturer strives to apply more aesthetics to the already beautiful experience. This particular raincoat takes on floral patterns when it comes in contact with water. 

Ski Chair

There’s a certain level of frustration and paranoia that comes with placing your bag on the back of a chair. It’s easy for thieves to sneak up and steal your stuff when you’re not looking, but putting your stuff on the dirty floor isn’t an option, either.

Image Credit: kazarnowicz/Reddit

This particular chair from a ski resort offers a solution to such issues. On its surface, it’s just an ordinary-looking chair. However, the seat can be lifted up like a toilet seat, revealing a hidden compartment where skiers can keep their gear dry and safe.

Nail Swatch

Color theory is a wonderful, mesmerizing concept. Depending on the background shade, a color can look completely different. Hence, makeup companies should have models with different skin tones swatching their products. That way, customers can have a gist of what the product looks like on them.    

Image Credit: AboutImpend947/Reddit

This nail polish brand had no intention of deceiving its customers. Sometimes products such as these may have inconsistent texture and may lead to a completely different color on the nails. Hence, it’s very that they provided a nail swatch for the buyer on the bottle. 

Garden Glove

Your hands are your best tool. Technologically advanced devices are great, but for certain tasks, nothing can rival the precision of your hand. Such accuracy is required for delicate tasks such as gardening. After all, gardening is literally an art form in which you manipulate living things. 

Image Credit: Shrimpio/Reddit

However, human hands are not meant for digging through hard soil. Unlike moles, we are not born with hard claws. That does not mean we cannot make some for ourselves. This gardening supply company created this wonder glove that looks like a witch’s claw. 

Selfie For Your Pup

Unlike you, dogs and cats do not understand the value of Instagram or any other social media. Their lifestyle is simple: eat, play, cuddle and sleep. Taking photos is not a requirement for them. Hence, getting them to comply with photos falls completely on you.

Image Credit: bjexSALT/Reddit

They value food more than photos, so treats are an effective way to pose for photos with positive reinforcement with food. This particular selfie stick has a contraption for treats. Hence, your pet will stare eagerly at the camera for the treats.   

Paper cranes 

Paper cranes hold a lot of significance in various cultures. Japanese people, in particular, hold these little craftworks in high regard. They believe that folding 1000 paper cranes can grant a wish. During New Year’s and other festivals, temples and houses are often decorated with beautiful cranes.

Image Credit: kamarsh79/Reddit

When this person bought a laptop, they were expecting a piece of modern technology, likely packaged in styrofoam and bubble wrap. But there was a surprise waiting inside—hundreds of paper cranes cushioned their second-hand laptop. It’s both environmentally friendly and simply beautiful.

Color Changing Umbrella  

While we are living in 2023, Japan is living in 2050. They often manufacture various items that had never been imagined or seen by the world. These color-changing umbrellas are one of them. When you think about it, it makes so much sense.

Image Credit: rainer511/Reddit

A Japanese company called RainStoppers invented these spectacular umbrellas. The concept is simple. They are plain while they are dry, but they reflect various shapes when wet. The most popular one is the floral one. They look like they’re blooming when a raindrop hits the umbrella. 

Color Changing Pan

You might read about the color-changing umbrella and think that it is very useless. You are not completely wrong. However, unlike the previous one, you won’t harbor such opinions about this pan. After all, it is quite literally helping you by not sending you to the burn unit.  

Image Credit: RealNajm/Reddit

Heat is like air—you can feel it, but often only when it’s dangerous. And since we can’t see it until it’s too late, burning ourselves is all too common. Hence, this pan helps us by changing color and indicating when it’s too hot to touch safely.

Scratch ‘N Sniff Gas Bill

At first we thought this was an April Fool’s Day prank. Someone at the Canadian gas supply office must have been a hilariously weird fellow. However, when you think about it, this makes a lot of sense. Just like heat, you might not notice gas until it’s reached dangerous levels.

Image Credit: LadyJane17/Reddit

It’s even worse because many people don’t know what gas smells like. Gas leaks are deadly, so it’s not something that you want to just find out about when it’s too late. It’s vital to be able to easily identify the smell of gas. This gas bill initiative is quite admirable. 

Newspaper Wrapper

The holiday season is all about the joy of exchanging presents. Going to the store and shopping for gifts for your loved ones is the best part about being a functional adult. However, you are most certainly not the only one feeling that way about buying presents.  

Image Credit: PlanetGG/Reddit

One item that everyone is definitely purchasing is wrapping paper. Nothing screams Christmas like this decorative paper. However, even with the large stock, these papers often run out. You shouldn’t worry, though, because, newspapers publish decorative pages like these on the front page for you to utilize.  

Baby Seat

Japan wastes no effort in trying to give its citizens maximum comfort and security. It’s no wonder their crime rate is so low. That’s because facilities such as this offer such little space for crime. It’s not that they don’t want to do crimes. It’s more like they know they can’t get away with it. 

Image Credit: japaninsides.com

This baby seat is set in a public bathroom in Japan. Parents often struggle while they’re alone with their children, and going to the bathroom is especially problematic as the children cannot be trusted with strangers. Hence, this seat locks the child securely and offers the caretaker the scope to do their business. 

Tool Belt

This is a cool design. However, we still find it heavily questionable. Do we need to risk showing off our underwear in order to use the tools? Will these tiny tools even work on anything? Why would anyone even need this? You could just retrieve your toolbox from the garage.

Image Credit: Arsenic75-Q/Reddit

This peculiar belt offers various items like a mini screwdriver and a plug. With this, you could fix any items on the go. However, we do not think products such as these will work for us. We are paranoid that our pants will fall down. Perhaps they are better suited for action movies.

Yogurt Spoon

Washing dishes is an absolute nightmare. There had never been an incident in which we tried washing a spoon and did not end up soaking ourselves. Since washing spoons often lead to disasters, some people simply prefer not to dirty them in the first place. 

Image Credit: [deleted user]/Reddit

This genius yogurt package design came up with the most brilliant solution. Instead of dirtying metal spoons or generating plastic waste by using single-time spoons, why not just use the lid as the spoon? Following the instructions and DIYing the spoon can be quite fun.

Nutmeg Grater

Nutmeg is an underrated spice. It has a flavor and aroma that cannot be replicated by any other spice. Whenever it is used in any warm beverage or baked goods, it will definitely taste good. To get the maximum taste of nutmeg, the dried fruit must be ground into fine pieces. 

Image Credit: ginger_mayne/Reddit

Not every one of us has the time or energy to whip out the mortar and pestle for a little amount of nutmeg. Hence, this kind of casing makes sense. It safely grinds the spruce without putting your fingers at risk. It also prevents the fruit from losing its flavor.    

Entertaining Coaster

Coasters are fairly simple. They hold up and cover our plates or glasses. They do their job properly and there is not much we expect from them, right? Well, what if we tell you that a coaster can also be highly entertaining if you make it right?

Image Credit: Steph_WaHoo/Reddit

His particular coaster can fold into an intricate puzzle. If you are bored by the conversation at the dinner, yet cannot get up, you could distract yourself with these. These are also good for entertaining small children while the adults talk about boring topics. Just make sure they don’t eat them.

Refrigerator Sounds

Buying your own refrigerator is a big step in your adult life. It signifies a point in your life where you are your own boss and capable enough to afford necessities with your finances. You basically treat your fridge like your baby since you spent so much money on it.   

Image Credit: [deleted user]/Reddit

Hence, your worry is valid when your beloved refrigerator starts making weird noises. However, not all sounds signify something bad. You do not need to take your fridge to the repair shop immediately. Therefore, this fridge company supplied its customers with manuals that would help them understand their fridges.

Ice Boots

Canadians desperately need these shoes. Walking outside with your regular boots is basically a death wish on a cold winter morning. At best, you’ll slip and be humiliated by your neighbors. In worst-case scenarios, you might even break your bones. Hence, it is wise to take precautions.

Image Credit: TheRealJasonium/Reddit

These special boots may look like your regular sneaker at first, but hidden in the heels are ice cleats. It grips onto the ice while you are walking and prevents you from slipping. The balance and traction are good for navigating in the winter. 

Animal Art

This is far better than any of that criminally overpriced modern art. It’s amazing that a certain someone got rejected from art school even after making beautiful artwork. Meanwhile, these horrendous modern arts sell for millions of dollars. The world really is an unjust place. 

Image Credit: PreoccupiedDuck/Reddit

Despite our burning hatred for modern art, we hold no ill feelings for these gorgeous animal paintings. They are drawn by various animals from the zoo. You can purchase them and hang them up as souvenirs. Imagine telling your friends that you commissioned a meerkat to draw for you.  

Translator Mask

We will say it again—while we are living in 2023, Japan is living in 2050. There is no other way to explain this. While we are still struggling to get used to the facemask, the country of Japan has already taken steps to enhance this accessory. 

Image Credit: Donut Robotis

Japan is a fast-paced country. They have no time for tedious Duolingo or Google Translate. Why bother typing into your phone when you could directly translate your speech? This face mask from Donut Robotics can decipher speech and accurately translate it into eight different languages.    

Eco-Friendly Toilet-Sink

Greywater is an underused resource. If you don’t know, greywater refers to semi-dirty water, particularly from hand-washing or showering. Although it’s not clean to drink (without heavy treatment), greywater can be used in places that don’t require sterile water to function in the first place.

Image Credit: joerghemker/Instagram

This innovative toilet/sink design promotes the reuse of water. First, you use the sink to wash your hands. Then, the dirty water from your hands is then stored in the tank. After you use the toilet, the same water is used sustainably for flushing.

Phone Holder

Our hands have almost gone through an evaluation in the last few decades. With the availability of smartphones and the internet, we rarely let our phones go away from our grasp. Although our hands have gotten used to holding them constantly, it can be harmful in the long run. 

Image Credit: trendhunter.com

Hence these holders quite literally come in handy in every task. It is especially useful in bed. We have all dropped our phones at least once on our faces. It’s never a fun experience. These holders are hopefully more capable than our hands and manage to protect our noses.

Hygienic Spatula

Cooking is a labor of love. All of the efforts are worth it when the food turns out to be delicious. However, besides making our dish tasty, we must also make sure the cooking process is executed hygienically. Your date night lasagna should only give you joy, not diarrhea. 

Image Credit: dgroove8/Reddit

During cooking, we use various utensils and get them in contact with dirty surfaces. We definitely have to wash our utensils in order to prevent cross-contamination. However, this task is quite tedious. This spatula offers you a solution to such a dilemma. It has a small lever that prevents the spatula from contacting the counter.

Window Seat

The window seat is the most coveted seat in any sort of vehicle. They offer us a view of beautiful scenery, especially when you are riding the train. Reading a book by the window seat of a train is perhaps the most soothing thing in this world.

Image Credit: joerghemker/Instagram

Whenever we board any public transport, there is always a fight regarding the window seats. Japan, of course, came up with a plausible solution. Why can’t both seats enjoy the scenic beauty outside? Therefore, most train seats in Japan can be adjusted and can give you access to the window.