Football’s Most Incredible Goals Of All Time

By Peter C

Many moments in sports and in football particularly are quite remarkable and memorable. Some of these moments are those times when the strangest kind of goals are netted.

Stefan Kiessling Against Hoffenheim

This strange goal happened in 2013 when Bayer Leverkusen faced Hoffenheim. Following a corner kick, Kiessling headed the ball which went past the goal post and narrowly to the side netting.

However, the Bayer Leverkusen players suddenly started celebrating a goal after the ball was found in the net. The net had a loose string which allowed the ball to get into it.

Divock Origi Against Everton

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During a Merseyside derby, and in the dying seconds of the encounter, Liverpool kept pushing for a late winner which eventually came in the most unusual circumstances.

Everton goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford failed to deal with a ball that was seemingly going over the bar, allowing the ball to drop onto the head of Origi who simply headed into the net simply from a yard out.

Darren Bent Against Liverpool

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This was a case of a beach ball that found its way to the pitch to divert the ball to the other side of the net after Darren Bent’s strike, leaving Pepe Reina stranded. It was indeed one of the most unthinkable goals ever.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Against Moldova

The Swedish striker scored one of the most incredible goals in football history when the Moldova goalkeeper hit the ball which then hit Ibrahimovic in the head and was directed straight into an empty net.