Football’s Craziest Injuries Of All Time

By Peter C

Ewald Lienen

Werder Bremen defender Norbert Siegmann injured Lienen after he cut his thigh with his studs. This resulted in a 25cm deep wound that exposed his femur and muscles. Lienen had 23 stitches on his wound and returned to playing again only 17 days after.

Petr Cech

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This is one of the scariest injuries. Cech was hit in the face by the knee of Reading player Stephen Hunt back in October 2006. He was seriously concussed and required emergency surgery after fracturing his skull. The former Czech international used a protective helmet after then until his retirement.

David Busst

Busst, who was a defender for Coventry City, had a collision with Manchester United’s Denis Irwin in 1996. The former had both tibia and fibula fractured after his bone tore his skin. It was later confirmed he would never play professional football again.

Eduardo Da Silva

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The injury occurred during a match between Arsenal and Birmingham City in the second month of 2008. Da Silva was recklessly tackled by defender Martin Taylor, resulting in the former suffering a dislocated left ankle and a broken fibula.

He was out for almost a year before he fully recovered.

Djibril Cisse

During a friendly match between France and China in the buildup to the 2006 World Cup, the Liverpool striker got his right leg fractured following a heavy challenge by a defender. Cisse missed the World Cup and was out of football action for a long time.