Football Teams To Use Period-Conscious Kits For 2023 Women’s World Cup

By Peter C August 7, 2023

Women’s sports globally are undergoing significant changes, including uniform transformations. Ahead of the FIFA Women’s World Cup in July, teams are ditching white shorts to prioritize period awareness, a major triumph for women’s issues in sports.

Source: @jeffreyflin/Unsplash

Sometime last year, the Manchester City Women’s team management announced that the team players would no longer have white shorts in their kit. Women club sides in different areas worldwide are taking period concerns very seriously to protect their players. This move is critical in addressing every female player’s physical well-being and mental state.

Following their remarkable Euros triumph, England’s national women’s football team is replacing white shorts with a more fashionable and comfortable navy pair. Also, the New Zealand national team will now make do with the teal blue colored shorts instead of the white ones.

Similarly, Orlando Pride, a registered NWSL club, announced in February their shift to black shorts to aid players’ comfort and confidence during their menstrual cycle. The Three Lionesses players had valid reasons for expressing their discontent with wearing white on the pitch during that particular time, and their concerns were justified.

Source: @jeffreyflin/Unsplash

The Three Lionesses players had expressed their displeasure about wearing white on the pitch during that time of the month, and rightly so. It’s indeed traumatic to wear white shorts when actively bleeding. After talks with the Football Association, the organization ultimately “consented to changing the color to navy, aligning with the national kit’s color scheme.”