Fiercest Rivalries Witnessed In Sports

By Peter C

Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier

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The African Americans faced thrice in four years. In 1971, Frazier won the big fight with a decision against an Ali who was previously undefeated. Two years later, Ali came out top after a rematch.

Finally, in 1975 during their match staged in the Philippines, both boxers beat each other to stupor, with Ali narrowly winning via technical knockout.

The Lakers and the Celtics

These two teams have a rich history of rivalry, which happens to be one of the biggest not just in the NBA but the sporting world at large.

In the finals of the NBA, both teams have battled 12 times. While the Celtics have 17 championship titles, the Lakers can boast of 16. Over the years, some dramatic events have occurred between these two greats, which have all proven this is one of the greatest rivalries ever.

Evert against Navratilova

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Evert and Navratilova are definitely two women who rivaled each other for a long time in Tennis before their retirements. They were undoubtedly great players who made their competition very strong.

Both players faced each other in 80 solid games in 15 years, with Navratilova having a 43-37 advantage.

Ohio State and Michigan

Historically, the Toledo War came about when troops from both Michigan and Ohio largely disagreed over border territory.

This rivalry translated into the different states’ sports as the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan Wolverines have been the strongest rivals in American football history.