Drills And Blocking Tips In Soccer

By Peter C May 9, 2022

The game of soccer is one that requires the combination of skills of different players in a team and also consistent training to be able to perform at a high and desired level. Soccer in itself is interesting and entertaining; no wonder the number of viewers of major soccer tournaments is usually mouthwatering.     

Image courtesy of matimix/Shutterstock

Played by two different teams comprising 11 players each, the main objective is to score goals, and the team with more goals after a match is declared the winner. As a soccer fan who enjoys the beautiful game, you must have realized that defending the ball properly is a secret of the round leather game. Coaches always use strategies to ensure the opposition finds it difficult to have the ball or convert their chances to goals. 

When working on the best strategy to approach a game with, the coach instructs his players to drill themselves on defending the ball as a unit. The two basic and essential ways to get the ball blocked are tackling and blocking on the side. Various youth soccer teams have banned the sliding tackle because of how dangerous it could be. Sliding tackle involves sliding to remove the ball from the feet of an opponent.

Image courtesy of matimix/Shutterstock

The goalkeeper can use soccer blocking to get the ball knocked away using his hands. He is allowed to block the ball with his hands within the 18-yard box/goal area. Once outside the box, it is forbidden. Sliding tackles and bockings should be done meticulously to avoid dangerous play.