Dribbling: Becoming The Best Dribbler In Your Squad Is Not Impossible

By Peter C November 21, 2022

Dribbling in soccer is a fantastic skill that is important for every player to possess. Dribbling makes the game more attractive and entertaining. Lionel Messi has mastered this skill in such a way that he’s considered the best at it. The Argentine started being called the best after dribbling a player in a similar manner to Maradona, who was the best player of his country.

Source: @rodnae-prod / Pexels

To be a great dribbler, you need great technique, talent, and a lot of dedication. It requires a lot of practice. It is also important you raise your head up slightly as you dribble the ball for good vision. The ability to dribble past defenders at a steady pace and also veer off past them with speed is an essential part of mastering the technique.

In training sessions, dribbling in and out of a laid-down set of cones will go a long way in helping a player build his dribbling skills.

While explaining his approach, Pep Guardiola explained that he always wonders if his players can dribble because that’s the kind of player he looks for. He wants all players in his team, regardless of their playing style, to master this skill. Lots of players can acquire the ability to make good passes or to control the ball, but not many can become dribbling masters.

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The best dribblers always take on the ball with every step they take. This is to enable them to cut in any direction of their choice at any point in time. Some of the best dribblers don’t even necessarily display tricks or moves. They just have very incredible control of the ball to the point that they can wittingly take it away from defenders who try to take it away from them.