Do Soccer Cleats Need Studs?

By Peter C

The debate on whether to stud or not to stud soccer cleats for soccer players who play for leisure or professionally has been ongoing for some time now.

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It is widely believed that a good number of concerned parents have been instrumental to modern changes that have been witnessed to soccer boots. Parents have increasingly demanded the best and safest boots for their young kids.

The types of soccer boots in stock are divided into three. There are the ones known as ‘astros’ which are specially designed to be used on the astroturf. There are also some that are molded into cleats while the third category is the screw-in studs.

For the young guys just starting out who are also playing on grass, a modestly molded cleat is the best boot. This is because these types of boots can easily be taken care of. It is advisable that you get your young kid’s soccer cleats in two separate pairs.

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The screw-in studs require some extra maintenance so any player going for that should be well prepared ahead of time. During the cleat cleaning process, you have to ensure you inspect the studs after every match. This inspection process will also make you avoid losing studs unnecessarily during matches because you know the situation of the boots before and after games.

Taking care of astros is very easy and they can be used on hard surfaces or on grass.