Different Ways VAR Will Affect The Future Of Soccer

By Peter C

The VAR (Video Assitant Referee) was introduced to solve so many human errors that occur during soccer matches.

This next-generation technology serves as a support system through which the central referee analyzes every controversial decision made on the field of play via video shots. The VAR team comprises a replay operator, a video referee, who could be a former referee or a current one, and an assistant.

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Reviews by the VAR on the field are only limited to four incidents, and they are:

1. Penalties

2. Case of mistaken identity in issuing a card

3. Goals and plays directly lead to the shot

4. Red cards

How VAR Will Affect The Way Soccer is Played

VAR is a new technology in sports and an evolving one. After many controversial decisions made by central referees, even with the presence of the VAR, many fans and pundits have called for a review of the VAR.

The technology has been adopted in many countries for various competitions, and it has remained a debatable topic since its introduction. The truth is despite the usefulness of the VAR in supporting the referees, the technology has not reached perfection.

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For now, we should not forget that the primary responsibility of the VAR is to assist, just as its name implies. The VAR itself will not make decisions but will only aid the central referee in decision making. However, much has been said about the inconsistencies of the VAR team in assisting the referee.