Different Types Of Tackling Techniques In Soccer

By Peter C May 30, 2022

Soccer is a lovely and simple game and, just like every other sport, it has its rules and laws that players, coaches, and fans must follow during matches.

To retrieve the ball from an opponent in association football, players usually devise two methods – tackling or interception. While the former challenges the opposition player, interception does not. Players can poke, block or engage in a slide tackle on opponents when defending the ball.

Image courtesy of Paolo Bona/Shutterstock

The Poke Tackle

Usually carried out while in a trailing position, behind an opponent, or from the side of the opposition player. Any player executing this challenge must time their tackle very well as there is no room for error. It involves thrusting the leg to meet the ball. The challenger must be well balanced, and body movements must be well coordinated.

The Block Tackle

This tackle aims to stop a pass or shot, using the feet or leg while in very close situations to the opposition player. While executing this tackle, the challenger should be in the way of the attacker or be in a position to move in the direction of the opponent or the shot/pass.

The Slide Tackle

Image courtesy of Lario Tus/Shutterstock

While this tackle is practical and fun, it could also be very risky and dangerous. Perfect timing and control are important in carrying out this tackle. When a player slides to one side of the body, maneuverability and control are improved, increasing the chances of implementing a fair tackle.