45 People That Were At The Right Place At The Right Time And Got Photos As Proof

By Arvyn B

At some point or other in our lives, we all experience something that seems extraordinary or even too good to be true. It can be something completely unfathomable, like seeing a UFO, or even something remarkable, like your child’s first steps. We also witness cool things on a daily basis that we want to share with friends and family. Thankfully, with the rise of smartphones and access to a camera at the tip of your finger, it is easier than ever to take photographs of interesting and captivating moments. Here are just a few images that people caught of events that made someone stop, stare and take a photo.

Split Rainbow

Seeing a rainbow in real life never fails to bring a smile to our faces, as there is something just so peaceful and beautiful about all the colors in the sky. But have you ever seen a deconstructed rainbow before?

Skiboy53 (Reddit)

We are not too sure about the science behind this photograph and what exactly made the rainbow split into individual colors. Still, we do know one thing – it looks gorgeous. No wonder someone decided to snap a picture of this moment!

Different Shades

Taking a picture of your pets is one of the most complex parts of having a furry friend. No matter what you do, it seems that you can never quite get that perfect shot! Now imagine trying to take a picture of many pets together…

12catslady (Instagram)

That takes some serious witchcraft to get right. We can think of no other explanation for this picture, as it is honestly insane how they got all the cats in the right places. It looks like the fluffiest rainbow ever!

Crazy Clouds

When most of us think about clouds, we think about huge, fluffy white shapes that soar across the sky. It can be fun to lie down and watch the clouds go by, picking out some of the forms that you can see above.

Musicforthedeaf (Reddit)

Well, have you ever seen a square shape before? Us neither! That is why this particular shot is rather fantastic, as it was taken from above by someone in a plane. Just look at how perfectly cut those edges are!

Picture Perfect

It is now time for another photograph that almost seems too good to be true, but we promise you that it is authentic. We are not too sure where it was taken, but one thing is clear – we want to visit this place!

Laperwa.com (Pinterest)

Just look at how bright and wonderful those flowers are – they look like something from a movie. And do not even get us started on that magnificent rainbow up above! This is one photograph that we will surely remember forever.

Strange Snake

Snakes are pretty amazing creatures, even though they do not have legs and can scare the pants off many people. The way that they slither along the floor is quite interesting to see, and it is pretty graceful at the same time.


This snake took things to a whole new extreme by slithering along with the shape of the floor tiles. It looks like it fits perfectly into them! Let’s just hope it is not poisonous, as we do not fancy meeting this snake.

In Between

We have already seen a snake that managed to crawl along with the gaps in-between floor tiles, but it seems like that was not the only natural wonder out there! This plant did something pretty similar in this picture.

Krydddda123 (Imgur)

The branches of this plant grew along the cracks, proving how nothing artificial can ever stop the power of Mother Nature. Let this be a message – no matter how many obstacles are placed in your way, you can overcome them.


One of the last places in the world that you might expect to be very organized is a kids’ park. There are always so many toys and objects lying around that it is difficult to imagine any sense of order. This one might surprise you!

AndresFonts (Imgur)

A group of hard-working friends decided to organize the ball pit by sorting each of the balls into different colors. We have no idea why they wanted to do this, but we have to appreciate the effort and time it took to do it!

Lego Repair

We have all played with Lego toys at one point in our lives, as they are a great way to express your creativity and build the house of your dreams. You can make anything with Lego, from vehicles to giant castles.

Mattjh (Reddit)

But did you ever stop to think about how you can use Lego as a repair tool? Seriously – just look at the picture above if you do not believe us! It seems that these toys can be used to fix up a broken wall, and it looks pretty cool.

Shadows of Snow

No matter where you live in the world, we can pretty much all agree that snowfall looks so beautiful. There is just something so magical about seeing sunlight twinkling on the snow in the morning – it is simply incredible!

-GameOver- (Reddit)

Here is quite a fantastic snow picture. Most of the snow on the grass melted away as the sun came out the following day. Apart from the snow in the shadow of the trees, of course! This pretty cool impression on the grass was left behind, and we love it!

Perfect Snowball

If you picture a snowball in your mind, you might think of a piece of snow in a perfect sphere, but the reality is very different. It is pretty challenging to make something so perfectly round, so most of us settle for a snow clump.

Kosbalr (Reddit)

Not this user, though! They were determined to create the ‘perfect snowball’ and spent a lot of time trying to make it for themselves. We are seriously shocked at how perfectly round they managed to make this one – wow!

Fabric Snow

Continuing on with the snow theme, we have another pretty cool snow effect – this time, created by Mother Nature herself. The snow fell on top of this car and later began melting, but it did this in quite a beautiful way.

SirRealist (Reddit)

The snow “folded” on the car’s hood, leaving behind this gorgeous image that looks like folded fabric. No wonder the user stopped to take a photograph – how many times do you see something as wonderful as this in your life?!

Horse Lights

It can be pretty common in some rural areas to see police officers riding around on horses. After all, they are a fast and effective way to get around that does not cause a ton of pollution. But how do you keep these animals safe?

CrotalusHorridus (Reddit)

Well, with taillights, of course! These officers decided to kit their horses out with this brilliant invention to make sure that they stayed safe on the roads. We would never have thought to do anything like this, but it does make sense.

Fantastic Fall

One of the most significant parts of fall is seeing the leaves change colors. No other season has trees in such brilliant red, green, yellow, and brown shades. It truly is a terrific view, and we love it so much.

Harveyt968 (Reddit)

This tree pretty much sums up our feelings about fall in a nutshell, as this tree symbolizes everything that is so joyful about this month. It looks like a postcard, and we are surprised more people did not take photos of it!

Pencil Holder

Any artist or creative person will know the struggles of having a lot of pencils or equipment. There just never seems to be enough space to put them anywhere! Well, this individual certainly had a great solution to this problem….

Nmrunner (Reddit)

They used their pencils to make a pencil holder! We can only imagine how much time this took to make, and we think it looks genuinely incredible. So incredible, in fact, that we would not want to take any pencils out of there!

Beautiful Breakfast

One of the typical American breakfast foods is a stack of pancakes. Nothing quite beats biting into a fluffy pancake that is smothered with syrup, coupled with a nice cup of coffee – it sounds like heaven! This chef took things to the next level.

Epicnessity (Imgur)

Instead of just creating a typical pancake stack for breakfast, they crafted an entire tower! You must be seriously hungry to be able to eat something of this size, as it is pretty darn big. We would love to try it!

Sneaky Sloth

One common marketing technique today is for companies to include silly phrases or interesting information on the labels of their products. This can keep you interested in the product and also give you a chuckle – if you can find it, of course!

WorseNameEver242 (Reddit)

This silly little sloth is something that only the most curious of consumers would be able to spot, as it was hidden underneath the label. There is no way anyone would spot it unless they peeled it off. What a cute creature it is!

Perfect Reflection

There is an old belief that anything humans do, nature does better. This belief appears to be accurate, as there is no kind of mirror that is more perfect than a natural mirror. By this, we mean a river, of course!

Jason hagani (500px.com)

The ‘mirror’ in this picture is a still river. We are honestly in amazement at how perfectly it reflects the land above. We would definitely stop to take a photo if we saw something as incredible as this gorgeous scene.

Tetris Drawers

For those of our older readers, you may remember the game Tetris that was pretty popular in the early 90s. There was just something so addictive about trying to get all of the shapes into the correct places to win.

PicklesTheKitten (Imgur)

It appears that somebody took what they learned from this video game and applied it to real life, as they stacked every possible tea in this single drawer. It must have taken quite some time to achieve this level of organization!

All in Line

Forests can be a place of such wonder and beauty, as they are filled with cute animals and wonderful sights. Seeing nature truly run wild in these places helps you to connect with the things that really matter in this world.

Vaultsentinel (Twitter)

That being said, we think that there is something a little too perfect about the trees in this picture. We have never seen a bunch of trees stacked behind each other in a line before, and it gives us the creeps.

Perfect Spot

If you are a cat owner, you will surely know that your cat will find its way into any spot it can find. It does not matter if this is inside a cardboard box or a cupboard – if your kitty can fit, it will sit.

Epicnessity (Imgur)

Apparently, that includes finding a hiding spot inside a wall, too! We are not sure which one came first, the cat or the hole in the wall, but we know that this is quite an impressive snap. What a smart kitty!

Creepy Carpet

Ever since it was released in 1980, The Shining has been a hit horror movie with many people around the world. Countless other films have used this flick as a reference when making their own spooky films, and for a good reason.

LondonCollector (Reddit)

This user was pretty surprised to see the film’s influence when they visited their local movie theatre. They glanced at the carpet and noticed that it looked familiar – a little too familiar. That is because it is from The Shining!

Proud Penmanship

We all have our own writing styles, and we all like to take notes in a slightly different way. Most of us will have different opinions on what makes beautiful handwriting. However, there’s one thing that we can agree on…

Annaopolis (Imgur)

…this handwriting looks simply amazing! This user was so proud of their penmanship that they decided to post a picture of their two styles on the internet. Naturally, people went crazy about how wonderful it looked, and we totally agree with them!

Organized Veggies

We have so much respect for anyone who works in retail because it is one difficult job that not everybody is cut out for. From dealing with rude customers to cleaning up, there are many things that you need to do in shops.

Troyster143 (Reddit)

One of the most challenging parts of this job is keeping everything organized and tidy on the shelves. Doing this in a grocery store seems nearly impossible, but the workers here managed to do it. It looks incredible, at least until any customers show up!

Palm Leaf

Some things in life are just too much of a coincidence to be anything natural. Take this picture, for example. This user went for a walk when a leaf fell into their hands. You might think this is pretty normal…

Admiralwan (Reddit)

Well, take a look at the pattern on the leaf and the person’s hand – it is almost a perfect fit! We are in awe at how much this leaf blends in with the hand, and we think it is a fantastic discovery.

Special Sticky Notes

Let’s face it – we have all been here before. Sometimes, you find yourself feeling very bored at work, and you are entirely out of ideas about what to do. You have so much work left and no idea how to start it.

NoLongerThatGuy (Imgur)

So, you start fiddling around with things, like pens and paper. Well, this user took things to a whole new level of creativity by creating a layer of sticky notes, which they transformed into this fantastic design. How beautiful is that?!

Clever Design

Creating the look of a building is just as important as creating the building itself. You have to make sure that a building appears attractive and that it will be appreciated by those who use it. Check out the design of this building!

Yandex Maps

In case you did not notice, this is the outline of a Bioorganic Chemistry Institute. What makes this place so incredible is that it is designed in the shape of our DNA, which matches the function of the building itself!

Tidy Tic-Tacs

Tic-Tacs are some of the most popular mints around, and we think that this is for a pretty good reason – they are so delicious! Each of us prefers a different flavor, but we can all agree that they taste darn good.

Unknown User (Imgur)

However, this user decided to take their love for these mints to the extreme. They organized each mint inside the package. We have no idea how they managed to do it, and we seriously question if it was worth the effort!

Sublime Sunrise

There are some photographs that make your jaw drop with how beautiful they are – and this picture is certainly one of them. This user took this stunning snap one early morning, and we are so grateful that they did this.

Cryptodesign (Reddit)

This picture looks almost too stunning for words! It may seem like the tulips were photoshopped in. Nevertheless, we can assure you that this picture is very much real, and it is just as breathtakingly beautiful as it appears to be.

Clear as Ice

When something is pretty obvious, there is a saying that some people like to use, which is “crystal-clear.” Well, perhaps this saying should be changed to “ice-clear,” as this block of ice appears clearer than any crystal we have seen!

Unknown User (Reddit)

This user was on a walk when they saw this slab of perfectly clear ice. Naturally, they decided to snap a picture, as it is not every day that you see ice that looks as transparent or triangular as this one does.

Mostly Unlucky

One of the worst things that can happen to you is breaking your phone screen. Sure, a chip or slight crack here or there is not too much of a problem – but smashing your entire screen is nothing short of a disaster.

Calirv22 (Twitter)

However, we are unsure whether this user should count themselves as extremely lucky or unlucky. Their screen smashed and is hanging on by no more than a thread – but it still seems to work! We would not try using it, though.


Another profession that we have a ton of respect for is the job of an architect. It is hard enough to design a building that people can use, but making one look beautiful simultaneously? That seems near impossible! Now this building defies logic.

SuperCub (Reddit)

Not for this designer, though. They managed to create a spiral staircase with rails that bend in such a way that it seems like they are twisting all over each other. This picture gives us a headache just looking at it! But to be honest, it totally reminds us of Harry Potter and we are living for it.

Rainbow Room

We have already expressed how much we love rainbows at an earlier point on this list, but it is worth mentioning it again. This user wanted to show off their love for rainbows by installing a specific patterned window in their room.

Christianhbk (Reddit)

When the sunlight hits this room just right, it casts these beautiful rainbows across the entire room, making it seem like a jewel! We can only imagine how peaceful and magical it must be to sleep in this stunning room.

Shades of Tomato

Some people out there love the taste of tomatoes, and there are those who absolutely cannot stand them. No matter what your opinions are, we can pretty much all agree that this picture is truly amazing. Nothing can beat a natural ombre.

Lwatt (Reddit)

It almost looks like a rainbow of tomatoes! This particular plant has tomatoes in nearly every stage of ripeness, giving it this cool gradient effect. If only they could stay this way, it would be quite a brilliant thing indeed!

Little Snowflake

Most of us will know by now that no two snowflakes look the same as another snowflake. Of course, for the majority of us, this is not something that we can see for ourselves, as snowflakes are just so darn tiny.

AbovetheSkies (Reddit)

However, this user was incredibly lucky as they managed to capture a picture of a snowflake on the inside of their car. It was not just any snowflake, though – they managed to get one that was perfectly formed. What a delight!

Cold Capture

We are continuing the cold theme with the following picture, taken in a plane over Iowa. You might think that this of an alien landscape, but we can assure you that it is very much taken over America! This was after a night of snow.

Syncpop (Reddit)

As you can tell from this snap, the snow-covered almost everything that you can see, leaving behind this gorgeous picture. It may look amazing, but we are pretty sure that it does not feel too good to be out there in the cold!

Neat Chef

While working as a chef, it is quite challenging to keep things organized. There are just so many things that you need to do, and the pace of a restaurant is pretty quick, so you are forgiven for being a little messy at times.

YellowB (Reddit)

Not this chef, however. No matter how busy things get and no matter how stressful things are, this chef always makes sure that they keep the receipts stacked neatly in a pile. We wonder how they are able to do this so well!

Tidy Truck

Our next entry is for all of those truck drivers out there. We appreciate the work you guys do and how much effort it takes to get everything onto your vehicles. Sometimes you just feel like throwing everything on there…

Xchrisxsays (Reddit)

Well, let this picture remind you that you do not need to do that – you can be tidy if you want to be! This truck driver managed to stack all of their boxes perfectly on the back, so there is no way that any of them will move.

Funky Floors

Nothing annoys us quite as much as seeing a floor pattern that does not match up correctly. It just seems so lazy, and it is so irritating! So, we feel pretty thankful that the designers of this place kept things organized.

WhyteRebel (Reddit)

Even though the surfaces were made up of completely different materials, these tilelayers still took the time to make sure that the lines matched up with each other. This makes us feel all kinds of good feelings, and we are very grateful for it!

Freaky Flowers

We can all agree that flowers are pretty beautiful things. However, we may all differ in our idea of what makes a beautiful flower. That being said, have you ever wondered what a flower might look like under an X-Ray?

Daisy_cutter_ (Reddit)

Well, wonder no longer – you can take a look above and see! This shot is not something we have ever thought about doing before, but we are so impressed with the results. Just look at how stunning they look underneath!

Prehistoric Perfection

If you look at this photograph below, you can probably tell that this is the skin of some kind of animal. You might assume that this is the skin of a crocodile or a similar animal. Well, you would be completely wrong!

Now Science (Imgur)

This is actually the skin of a fossilized dinosaur, which has been perfectly preserved over millions of years. It is truly incredible that we are able to see a piece of prehistoric history, even today. What a wonderful sight it is!

Nail Tower

Having a set of nails is essential, as you never quite know when they might come in handy. You can use them to fix a fence or hang up a few items in your house. But did you know you can use them for art, too?

Dating-a-finn (Reddit)

We cannot even begin to imagine the amount of time and effort it took this person to balance these nails so perfectly on top of each other. You can see just how closely linked each of these nails are if you look closely!

Rose Bottom

Every product that a company creates must be carefully designed to make sure that, as customers, we are impressed. Some designs are simple to make us think about how easy the product is to use, whereas others are more complex.

Flyingscottsman010 (Reddit)

The designers of this bottle did something completely different! They made the bottom of this bottle in the shape of a rose, perhaps to make us think that this product is beautiful. Well, this intelligent tactic certainly worked on us!

Empire State Coins

Our last entry for this list just goes to prove how you can make art out of absolutely anything. We have already seen some people use nails and pencils, but what about coins? Even they can make something beautiful!

Snid (Pikabu.ru)

The owners of this hotel used a massive collection of coins to craft a model of the Empire State Building, which we think is simply incredible. Let’s just hope that nobody accidentally knocked it over – that would be a disaster!

Strawberry Surprise

If you are talented at baking, then we think that you deserve significant respect. It is definitely not something that is easy to do, and anyone who is able to decorate their food is undoubtedly a genius in our book!

Urnofthesentry (Reddit)

Just look at this example above. We are honestly so amazed at how this chef managed to make these strawberries look like the petals of a flower. It is awe-inspiring, and we wish we were this talented in the kitchen!

Peacock Cake

We have already seen one example of a fantastic cake that someone baked up – now it is time for another. For this cake, the chef decided to turn to nature to get some inspiration, and they crafted one that looks like a peacock.

Thozzt (Reddit)

To make the feathers of this magnificent bird, they used a bunch of cupcakes and cleverly used colored icing. We are seriously impressed with this level of commitment and reckon it tastes as delicious as it looks! This looks like a rather large event with all of those cupcakes!