Rest Easier Knowing Valuables Are Safely Hidden Away In Some Clever Hiding Spots

By Anthony K

Even if you don’t consider yourself a paranoid person, you likely have a place where you keep your valuables away from prying eyes. Extra money for a rainy day, expensive jewelry, and family heirlooms are all at risk of theft if left out in the open. There are obvious places, like a cookie jar in the kitchen cupboard, or a safe in the cabinet, but those are obvious targets for thieves. Instead, use mundane household items to cleverly disguise your valuables. No snoop would think to check a deodorant stick or jar of mayonnaise for some spare cash. There are more elaborate methods, too, like moving fireplaces and false bookshelves. If you’re debating which method to use, check out this list. Maybe something will inspire you for your next DIY project to hide your valuables.

1. Undercover Bookshelf

Frankly speaking, most of us have at least one bookshelf in our homes. They’re perfect for displaying your favorite books, family photos, action figures, etc, but they’re also ideal places to keep valuables hidden away. The easiest hiding spots are often overlooked when trying to find a storage spot.

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If you’ve been planning on buying a bookshelf anyway, don’t rush and purchase the first one you find. Instead, find something solid that can withstand the weight of your possessions. Remember to measure your storage space precisely since they do not come in standard sizes like other furniture.

2. Window Sill Drawer

Window sills are the perfect place to keep plants, but did you know that they’re also the perfect place to store your valuables? We’re not just talking about placing it out in the open; for this, you’ll need to add a drawer under the ledge.

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It’s not uncommon for windows to have a seat beneath it, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make a hollowed-out space under there. You can also try molding on the bottom part to disguise the secret drawer. This may not be the most common location for a drawer, but it’s a helpful hiding spot in the house.

3. Hidden Box Bird House

What about hiding items outside, like a space housekey? Having it tucked under the windowsill is useless if you’re locked outside. Instead, a birdhouse with a hidden box is an ideal hiding spot. It’s inexpensive to purchase, or you can have fun and make one yourself.

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Birdhouses are small and portable, so you can place them wherever you want, or even change it up. They’re common items in peoples’ yards, so it would likely go unnoticed by anyone walking by. As a bonus, if you have it near a window, you can watch the local birds fly around.

4. Chair Seat Compartment

While bookshelves may not be in every home, it’s safe to say that dining chairs are. Not only are these chairs perfect for sitting on while you eat your meal, but underneath the cushion is the ideal hiding spot. Of course, you need to remember which chair you use.

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Pad the inside of the hollow space with cushions or fabric. That way, the items stored inside won’t make a noise when they roll around, giving away the location. And, when it’s empty, you should keep it padded so that the hollow space doesn’t make noise, either.

5. Kitchen Jars

Safes are usually the go-to for hiding valuables, but not everyone can afford them. But, even if you don’t have one, that doesn’t mean that you can’t hide your valuables. For this DIY hiding spot, all you need are dry goods, a jar, and a toilet paper roll.

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While this isn’t as secure as a safe, it will certainly go a long way to keeping your possessions hidden. After all, if someone is looking to steal money, they’ll look through drawers, bags, and wallets, not jars of chickpeas!

6. Hidden Murphy Door

If safety happens to be among your top concerns, a murphy door will undoubtedly amaze you. It’s a perfect place to keep valuables well-hidden, no matter the size. Attics and basements would surely be the first go-to for any thieves, so a hidden murphy door would not be on their radar.

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This one requires some renovation on your home or planning if you’re constructing your residence. Though it might not be easy to sneak in and grab something you’ve hidden there, it’s a reassuring space to keep larger valuables without arousing suspicion.

7. Secret Basement Access Door

If you have a basement but want to keep it hidden from prying eyes, a secret door is the way to go. Yes, it looks like something from the movies, but the cliche exists for a reason. Unless you’re a professional carpenter, we recommend hiring someone to do this one for you.

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Like the murphy doors, using a concealed basement is perfect for hiding larger valuables. To set this up discreetly, make sure that the carpet and insulation is thick enough so that anyone walking over it won’t feel a difference in the floor underneath.

8. Diaper for Secret Storage

So far, we’ve seen some clever ways to hide your valuables at home, but what about on the go? Trips to the beach are troublesome when it comes to your valuables. You always need to bring money, your phone, and car keys, but you can’t take them in the water with you.

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No one will think about picking up a diaper. Even those who clean the beach wouldn’t inspect it too closely. Passersby will just think that you have to change your child, or haven’t cleaned up from their last diaper change.

9. Drill a Hole in the Door

If, unfortunately, someone breaks into your home, they’ll most likely search at eye level or lower. Certainly, no one would think to check the top of the doors for any hidden stashes. For this DIY, all you need is a drill, a ladder, and a small container.

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Drill a hole at the top of the door. Make sure you get it as centered as possible, and there is no sign of your handiwork on the side of the door. Then, put a small cylinder the same height as the hole and drop it in the slot.

10. A Tile Box

Going through this list, you’ll learn to love secret drawers. But did you ever consider a secret tile box? To keep it as hidden as possible, use a container that pushes or slides open. This one is perfect for bathrooms, but it does require a professional.

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No one would suspect that a tile would actually be the cover of a hidden storage box. The only problem with this one is if you can’t find the tile! To get around this issue, install the box in a space with patterned tiles, like the one in the picture.

11. A Bottled Secret

Unfortunately, most drinks come in plastic bottles. These are extremely harmful to the environment, especially if not disposed of properly. If you drink soda, consider saving your bottles for upcycling and DIY projects like this one. A DIY hidden compartment in your plastic bottle can help you keep valuables safe outdoors or indoors.

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This works with any bottle size, though it is easier to make this with larger bottles. Watches, rings, and spare cash perfectly fit in a 2L bottle of soda. It’s best to keep this one as a home storage hack so it doesn’t accidentally get thrown out or mistaken as someone else’s drink at public venues.

12. Hidden Table Compartment

Your coffee table can do more than hold your drink, food, popcorn, remote control, games, and books. You can also use it as a clever hiding spot to stash valuables away from the prying eyes of visitors and sneaky kids.

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If you DIY this project, make sure to use sturdy materials. If the secret storage space buckles under the weight of the items inside, well, it’s no longer hidden, is it? You can also opt for a pre-built one if you plan to use it a lot.

13. Use Deodorant Containers

Deodorants are one of the few items no one will judge you for not sharing. This makes them the ideal place to hide your valuables in plain sight. Nobody would suspect your deodorant bottle is your piggy bank even when turning your room upside down.

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Using empty deodorant containers to keep your valuables safe is an innovative trick that could help you survive in a shared home or apartment. After finishing your deodorant, cut the container open and fill it with what you want to keep hidden. You can leave the container on your desk without fear of losing it.

14. Fake Water Pipe

Visitors are highly unlikely to look inside water pipes for your hidden valuables. No matter if they’re well hidden, or on display, no one would suspect that it contains anything other than water. If you want to use an existing pipe, make sure it’s closed off so that your valuables don’t get flushed out.

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If you choose a water pipe as a hiding spot, ensure it’s properly dried out before storing anything inside. Additionally, you could put your items in a plastic bag to keep them safe from water damage or mold. Not even a plumber would think to check pipes for valuables.

15. Hide Valuables in a Globe

A rotating globe might be cliche, but it’s a lovely addition to many desks and bookshelves. Unless you’re studying geography, it’s likely that the globe will just be a cute display piece. So, why not give it a second purpose by turning it into a storage area?

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This can be done DIY style with an inexpensive globe, a box cutter, and glue. The main downside is that the items will make a sound or shift the weight of the globe if anyone tries to spin it. It’s probably best to store cash and lighter items in it.

16. Extra Car Cupholder

Cars are just as susceptible to thieves as houses are, if not more so. Before stealing a vehicle, carjackers tend to peer in through the windows to see if there’s anything worth stealing at all. If you plan to keep some spare cash for emergencies, get creative with where you keep it.

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You can make your own cup holder secret compartment with a little bit of DIY skills. It’s best to use spots like this to hide cash so you can comfortably use your glove compartment without worrying about your cash falling out alongside your user’s manual.

17. Candles

Another common household item that potential thieves would surely overlook is candles. If you don’t like open flames in your home, don’t worry because you don’t need to light them to use this hiding spot. If you try to light it, we advise caution that you don’t accidentally burn your valuables.

Photo credits: Von Malegowski/Instructables

To start, hollow out the bottom core that is on the opposite side from the wick. Don’t go all the way through, and make sure to leave the rim relatively thick, so that it won’t tip over. Then, use a sticker or wax-covered disc to cover up the hole you made.

18. Hide Other Valuables in Your CPU

As technology progresses and our devices get smaller and sleeker, we are often left with outdated devices that are bulky and hard to properly dispose of. Fortunately, you can use these items to hide your valuables, like an old desktop computer.

Photo credits: YaronShemesh/Instructables

As with most technology, breaking is easier than fixing, so you should have no trouble opening it up to make a secret storage place. Make sure to use the proper equipment and work in a safe environment with this DIY.

19. Hidden Curtain Pocket

Did you know that curtains can do more than cover your windows? They’re the perfect hiding spot for small items as guests rarely interact with your curtains. All you need is a needle and some thread. Oh, and a curtain!

Photo credits: peanutbuttertoast/ Instructables

Before you attempt this project, make sure that your curtain fabric is the right type of material. Thinner, sheer curtains are more likely to rip or sag if too much weight is in it, or a thread is pulled. If you’re confident with the material, just fold over the hem and sew across!

20. Fix a False Bottom Compartment

When we think of hidden storage spaces, our first thought is usually false drawers. In almost every spy movie, there is some secret map or document hidden under there. Well, it’s not just in the movies. Using plywood, wine corks, and some basic carpentry skills, you can make one for yourself.

Photo credits: M3G/Instructables

To make this, cut a piece of plywood that’s the same size as the drawer space. Then, place the corks at the bottom of the drawer. Finally, place the false bottom on top of the corks! This will create a hollow space and make it easier to access.

21. Fireplace Slide

Here’s another one straight out of the movies; a sliding fireplace! Though, for this one, you’ll need a professional to help you install it. The fact that it’s so cliche will work to your advantage. After all, Batman is just a character, right?

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This setup is perfect for hiding walk-in closet spaces or alcoves. These larger storage spaces are harder to hide, given that the entrance is a large doorway. A fireplace is more than big enough to handle the task of disguising your storage room. Just make sure that it’s off before opening.

22. Fish Tank

Fish are a low-maintenance alternative for a pet dog or cat, so it’s not uncommon to find fish tanks in homes and offices. Another cliche is hiding valuables inside the fish tank, so no one would suspect a hidden drawer underneath it.

Photo credits: cichfrk/Instructables

You can give it an extra layer of protection from prying eyes by making a false drawer. Keep fish food and other aquarium supplies on top, so any snoops who find this spot will just assume that it’s for fish tank maintenance.

23. Old Keyboard

Some people prefer to use an external keyboard or their laptop, so it wouldn’t be a shock to find one laying around the house. You can use this to your advantage, and save the effort of finding an e-waste bin, by hiding valuables in an old keyboard.

Photo credits: rickyeatough/Instructables

This only works with thicker keyboards, not the flat, sleek ones. And, the best part: popping out the keys is easy! Putting them back might be trickier, but you don’t need it to work for typing; it’s okay if they’re not perfect.

24. Make a Secret Wooden Box

If you were inspired by the hidden fireplace earlier, but don’t have the space or resources for a sliding door, you can turn a log into a secret storage space. Just keep this stacked with the extra firewood, and no one would suspect a thing.

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This project works for both gas and wooden fireplaces. If you have the former, a small sack of logs will simply look like a design piece. If you have a real wooden fireplace, just make sure not to throw your secret box in the pit.

25. Batteries

A trend you’ve surely noticed is that common household items are ideal for hiding valuables. Such items can be found everywhere, so they are more likely to be overlooked. Here, we see 9-volt battery that’s been hollowed out to hide some emergency money.

Photo credits: thessejway/Instructables

If you decide to go with this DIY hiding spot, make sure you’re wearing proper protection and using the right tools; the insides of batteries are dangerous. There’s no use in making a hiding spot for cash if you get injured and need to use said cash for a doctor’s visit.

26. Stuffed Toy

If you have kids at home, you probably have stuffed animals all over the house. And, even if you don’t have little ones running around the house, it wouldn’t be too out of place to have a stuffed animal. For all your guests know, it could be a toy from your childhood that you couldn’t bear to throw away.

Photo credits: Hectors helpers/ Instructables

Some toys today are fitted with a compartment for kids to hide their pocket change. Don’t take the easy way out and use those built-in spaces, as that will be the first place thieves will look. Instead, hollow out a space inside the stuffed animal and place a jar inside.

27. Thermometer

Admittedly, this one might draw a bit more attention for being rarer in households nowadays, but it is still inconspicuous enough that thieves won’t think to check inside. A wall-mounted thermometer with a hidden key slot is perfect for patios.

Photo credits: Amazon

Most people like having a spare key safely tucked away, either with a friend or disguised in their yard. This one could be done DIY style, or purchased for not a lot of money online. If you DIY this one, be careful not to break the thermometer while prying the unit open.

28. Toe-kick Hiding Spot

If you didn’t know, a toe-kick is that small space at the bottom of furniture that, well, you likely accidentally kick with your toes. Searching high and low in your kitchen, snoops might check under furniture, but they won’t go so far as to pry open cabinet boards.

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Toe-kick hiders have been available in the market for a while, and they’re easy to install. When fitting furniture and appliances in your home, there is often a gap between the furniture and your floor. So, having a covering at the bottom is standard in most homes.

29. Another Use for a Trash Can

Here’s a clever one we would never have thought of! Every household has at least one trash can, so it certainly wouldn’t be out of place. Thieves are unlikely to search in/near a garbage can for valuables, given what goes in them.

Photo credits: peanutbuttertoast/ Instructables

If you’re going to use this hiding spot, there are a few things to keep in mind. One, make sure your garbage bags don’t have holes; otherwise, trash will get onto your valuables. Second, keep your valuables in a bag, just in case of a spill. And third, don’t empty your garbage can by turning it over.

30. Hairbrush Compartment

We’re not done with common household items. Everyone has a hairbrush in their bedroom or bathroom. For this hack, however, you’ll need a bigger brush, like the one shown in the picture. Rounded ones are perfect because opening them up is easy to do without breaking the whole hairbrush.

Photo credits: danktainers/Instructables

Cash is perfect for this hiding spot as it won’t make noise. If someone is turning over your room, they might move around common items on your dresser, like a hairbrush, and if it rattles, your secret hiding spot can be revealed.

31. Upgrade Your Mayonnaise Jar

If someone breaks in to steal your valuables, they don’t usually stop to make a snack. Few people would even look twice at the jars in your fridge, so a mayonnaise jar is a great hiding spot to store some emergency cash.

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For this to work, you shouldn’t wash out your jar when it’s empty. Otherwise, your valuables will be on display! Instead, put your items in a baggie in the jar, so you don’t end up with mayo-covered jewelry and cash.

32. Compartment Behind a Phone Jack

Although everyone has a cellphone today, many homes are still equipped with phone jacks. These are more or less useless now, so it’s not a hassle if you remove the wires and the plug doesn’t function anymore. Certainly, no snoops will be checking to see if it works.

Photo credits: wannabemadsci/Instructables

Use a phone jack under a cupboard or similarly discrete area to make it more hidden. Before creating your secret compartment, make sure that it’s safe and free from any active wires. Just like emptying the battery, there is no sense in getting harmed while attempting to hide your valuables.

33. Build a Hornet’s Nest

Hornets are a nuisance, and finding a nest perched in the corner of your home is something no one wants. But what if we told you that there was a benefit to a hornet’s nest? Well, not a real one. Use expanding, insulated foam to create one yourself.

Photo credits: CrazyClever/Instructables

There are two things to keep in mind for this one. First off, you’ll likely need to use a ladder to install it and retrieve your keys from it. Second, this will really only work if you don’t live in a shared building. A good samaritan may see a hornet’s nest and decide to take care of it for you.

34. Potted plant

Some people love the aesthetic of flowers but lack the green thumb necessary to keep several plants around the house. Fake plants are the zero maintenance alternative, and now they’re also the perfect disguise for your valuables. Just check out this picture:

Photo credits: M3G/Instructables

We don’t recommend using real plants for this one. Accessing your valuables means pulling at the plant and/or disrupting its roots. A fake plant will work just fine, if not better, as you don’t need to worry about getting your stuff wet when you water the plants.

35. Reusing Pill Bottles

Pill bottles have replaced film canisters as the standard small plastic container found in every household. Even if you don’t take medication, it’s not difficult to get an empty bottle from a friend or coworker, if you want to give this DIY a try.

Photo credits:

This simple DIY is perfect for keeping a spare key in your yard. Just glue a rock on top of an empty pill bottle and place it in a stack of rocks, and you’re done! Make sure that the orange plastic isn’t visible from any angle. You wouldn’t want to reveal your secret storage.

36. Photo Frame With a Hidden Pocket

Even if you hate photos, we bet you have a few frames around the house showing your fondest memories with your friends and family. Photo frames come in all shapes and sizes, so it wouldn’t be out of place to have a thicker, bulkier frame hanging around.

Photo credits: BajaEddCustomRodRack/Etsy

You can DIY this with some wood and glue or purchase one online if you don’t feel crafty enough. If you intend to hide heaver things such as coins or jewelry, we recommend getting a standing frame rather than one that hangs on the wall.

37. An Old CD case

Flash drives, SD cards, and cloud technology have replaced CDs. Still, you might have some old discs lying around your home. Instead of throwing them out and adding them to a landfill, make your own secret hiding spot for your valuables.

Photo credits: ShakeTheFuture/Instructables

This project is cheap to make since you don’t need to purchase anything. If you don’t have some CDs in your home, ask around. Surely one of your friends has some they would be happy to get rid of. And since you’ll be gluing it together, their secret mixtape soundtrack won’t need to see the light of day again.

38. Veggie Bag For Sweets

This one is for the parents out there. We’ve talked a lot about hiding valuables from thieves and snoops, but what about hiding your precious candy from sweet-toothed children? If your kids are craving a sugary treat and try to raid the kitchen, the last place they’d check would be the vegetables.

Photo credits: Standard_Candle/Reddit

Just don’t let your kids see you sneak a snack, or the jig is up, and your hiding spot is useless. On the other hand, maybe you can convince them that veggie bags sometimes have candy, and the only way to find out is to eat more vegetables.

39. Hidden Stair Drawer

We are in love with this idea! Unfortunately, you’ll need a professional to help you make it. If you decide to install this in your home, we recommend padding the insides, so there is no hollow sound when people use the stairs.

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Stair drawers are a perfect place to keep shoes, and you can even be extra sneaky and hide your valuables in a sneaker or similarly mundane item. Any thief would probably just see a shoe and walk on. Still, there’s no harm in having an extra layer of protection.

40. More Sliding Doors

We couldn’t get over how cool those murphy doors were, we had to come back for seconds. This secret bookshelf door is a fun way to keep a safe room away from prying eyes. And the accordion style of the frame makes it easy to open and close.

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It’s also a great way to keep yourself hidden, if you are the kind of person who can’t seem to get any private space. Just make sure that whatever you keep on the bookshelves are secure and there’s nothing fragile on there.