40+ Ways To Spend Money: Taken From The Rich Kids Of The Snap

By Aileen D July 11, 2022

Now that you have achieved the all-American dream, you might be wondering what you ought to spend your money on. You could invest it, save it — or flaunt it in style, as these rich kids have. Browse through their Snapchat accounts and pick your lot. You could buy a dozen race cars, a handful of choppers, weighty Balenciaga bags, or even solid gold weaponry. Be warned: for those of you who are still working the daily grind, this might just rub you the wrong way! But even if you find yourself rolling your eyes, perhaps look at it from a positive perspective: you could use these pictures as a source of inspiration. Cross each item off on your bucket list as you amass the money to buy them!

Knighting Toast

You can trace some of these kids’ ancestry from gentry, old aristocracy, or even industry pioneers. As a result, they must have quite a few antiquities collecting dust in the vault. What to do with all these curios? This kiddo uses a knight’s rapier sword to butter his toast.

image courtesy of Kaxu/Reddit

As fun as this looks, we have to say it seems a bit impractical. On top of having less control over the knife, of course, you have to ensure that the rapier sword is cleaned and maintained. Do you want to smear all that rust too? Yuck!

Not So Cuddly

Finding a partner can be difficult even for the rich and the famous. It’s likely that they will want to mingle with people from within the same social circles. Unfortunately, the closer to the top you get, the less people there are.

Image courtesy of Skinny Walrus/Pinterest

Aww, don’t they look good together? We’re happy for her. We really are! But we have one concern: this cuddle buddy isn’t going to be around for long. It’s so easy to spend money, especially when you’ve grown accustomed to a lavish lifestyle.

Must Hurt His Pocket

This guy has an unusual problem. For weeks now, he has complained that his spine and his back end hurt when he sits down. His doctor asks him to demonstrate how he sits and moves throughout the day. By the end of the consultation, his doctor billed him a huge amount of money. How come?

Image courtesy of Recklesszim / instagram

Come on dude, have you never heard of credit cards? To be fair, almost anyone can upload a picture of a couple of hundred $1 bills in their wallet. Who knows? It just might be a wad of George Washingtons. Are you fooled?

Can You Ride On It?

Sure, we couldn’t believe our eyes, and the statement he poses made us double and triple-check the market value of that watch. But in all actuality, we honestly don’t know what this guy had intended to achieve with this post.

Image courtesy of Bitcoin World/Twitter

Sure, the watch costs more than the car. But can you take a ride on it? Exactly! A gazillion-digit watch is pretty much the same as a cheap one – both tell the time. It may be studded with diamonds or made almost completely of gold, but a car gets you to places.

They’ll Get You There at The Same Time

Naturally, a big part of having wealth is flaunting it by way of your car, say, a Ferrari or a Lamborghini. This auto enthusiast has asked her parents for a couple each on her birthdays. Her head throbs at the thought of this problem every morning — which should I use today?

Image courtesy ofHanimg.rustamova / instagram

To be fair, she would get there at the same time regardless of her ride. For all we know, you might end up stuck in traffic like the rest of us. So choose whatever, but choose quickly. You’re already running late!

Allergic To Plastic

Some people have unusual causes of skin allergies. One minute their skin is looking radiant, and then all of a sudden, it gets coarse and bumpy. Doctors suggest that you identify the source of the allergy and then keep away from it. You’ll never guess, however, what the allergen is here.

Image courtesy of Luxurylvlove / instagram

Faux plastic, of course! Well, that, but with the possible exception of her gadgets. Fake designer bags, leatherettes, and synthetic materials? Perish the thought! Her skin itches at the mere mention of it. Only the finest materials will do — even if the purpose is just going to class.

Count Your Calories, Count Your Coins

This just goes to show: no matter the budget, some people are still just as conscious of calories as we are! We like to count them; it helps keep the weight off. Of course, there is one thing this person isn’t counting: the fortune spent on Fortnum & Mason’s macarons.

Image courtesy of Maisonladuree / instagram

They might be overdoing this a bit. To put that into perspective, these macarons only cost a couple of quid: £30.00 tops for a box of six. You could afford that! But this person is indicating this is a typical occurrence. Perhaps that money would be better spent towards an education, say, learning how to spell ‘dessert’?

Not Crisp Enough

Why do people like crisp paper bills? It’s probably because old, worn-down bills give us the feeling that they must have passed through so many hands, many of them probably rather grimy. So what do the rich do with those types of bills?

Image courtesy of medium.com

Why, flush it away, of course! But even if the sight of this is enough to raise your blood pressure, there may yet be a silver lining. Whatever sewer rat manages to find this sopping wet Benjamin is sure to be thrilled!

Feels Like A Leprechaun

Some people never grow out of playing make-believe. This person, for example, wants to play leprechaun, judging by just how much they enjoy having gold. So why not, of course, insist on only drinking water from a gold bottle? Makes perfect sense.

Image courtesy of Ali Sheikh/Pinterest

For the rest of us lay folk, behold the Christmas Fantasy Gold bottle. It will cost you 300 euros minimum. Does that seem a bit excessive? Fear not, you can achieve the same concept through a cheaper alternative, the Bling water, which is an estimated 89 euros.

Learning How To Be A Cheapskate

You have to give it to this person. Sure, a bottle of Bling H20 is still expensive. But at least, it’s a downgrade from the 300 euro Christmas Fantasy Sparkling Water Edition. Why do people spend so much money on this brand of water? They are actually in it for the bottle.

Image courtesy of daddysmoney/Imgur

That bottle is made of frosted glass, and the crystals you see spelling out the word bling is made of Swarovski crystals. Manufacturers apply these gems by hand. So you’re not only paying for the inherent worth of these stones, but the effort people have put into them. All that, just to stay hydrated!

Not Unique Enough

This young man had been given a Rolex watch by his dad on his birthday. He was so excited to show it off in school, only to find out that someone in the same tier as he was, owned the same make and model. The absolute injustice of it all!

Image courtesy of BuzzFeed/Pinterest

Of course, in order to solve this pressing dilemma, he could always ask that he be transferred to a public school. We’re certain there will only be one kid in class sporting one…and it might not even be his by the end of the day.

Gotta Catch ‘Em All

Variety is truly the spice of life. We’re grateful for all those different flavors of popsicles in the freezer, but choosing which one to eat doesn’t mean you’re stuck with whatever choice you make for the next few years. Decisions, decisions!

Image courtesy of  Guff/Pinterest

Honestly, as infuriating as this may look, you have to feel some degree of sympathy. After all, who attaches this much importance to the color of an iPhone? It’s not like people are going to be gossiping about you just for having a purple phone! For posting something like this, meanwhile…

Do They Keep Your Feet From Sweating

This woman had been so very proud and eager to show off her new Gucci slippers. We have to give her credit for being just humble enough to post this picture without the price tag in sight. But rest assured, there’s a fair chance it costs your month’s rent.

Image courtesy of  Gabriellesadiei / instagra

Do these shoes keep your feet from sweating? Because if they don’t, we can’t see why we put a price on Gucci slippers. We have been assured that they feel comfortable. One user states that they’re a tad stiff. But after you break them in, they are like wearing slippers. Sounds astounding!

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

It’s time for breakfast. With an apron encircling his waist, your dad turns to you and asks, “How do you like your eggs?” Of course, you may not have realized that father dearest was not, in fact, referring to the eggs of a chicken.

Image courtesy of Mottracaviar / instagram

If you can afford to eat salted caviar in the mornings, chances are, you’ve got it made in life. It doesn’t matter if it seems like an odd combination to eat — pancakes and caviar. What matters is you get your daily dose of iron and salt!

Likes To Get Down And Dirty

We’re not privy to the information as to how the Snapchat-rich kids on this list have amassed their fortune in the first place. But you can be certain that it happens in so many cases, in order to win the big bucks, some of their parents may have played a bit…dirty.

Image courtesy of BuzzFeed/Pinterest

Of course, playing dirty doesn’t have to mean forsaking personal hygiene altogether. From the look of things, if this kid is using a couple of crisp (but surely used) paper bills to clean up, you might not want to sit next to him.

Traveling in Style

Now that summer is over, it’s time to bid your grandparents goodbye, pack your bags, and then head on down the red carpet. There you’ll meet the pilot and the crew who you’ll brief about your next stop. You’ll be arriving at the university in about 90 minutes.

Image courtesy of  Theraycartier / instagram

But with the clear weather and the plane traveling leeward, you had been able to arrive there in an hour. The plane was stocked with your favorite desserts. But none of them would have helped with the pain of leaving your family’s Malibu country house. Cheer up, school will only be for a couple of months.

Only The Second Best for the Toilet

Of all the rooms in your crib, this is where the magic really happens. Here you can take a luxuriating bath, talk to yourself in the mirror, or even enjoy the silence on the toilet. After you’re done, flush it all away with the second-best water on the market — Voss!

Image courtesy of PrivateSchoolSnapchats/Facebook

Mind you, the first-ranking water, Fiji, is reserved for drinking. Fiji is “crisper” to taste than Voss. Since the toilet doesn’t have sentience or, say, taste buds, Voss water is good enough for it. Wonder how much a 500 ml bottle of Voss water costs? $1.79.

Clearly Doesn’t Know How To Play Pool

There’s a good reason why many wealthy people prefer to invest their money than to master a craft. This guy clearly doesn’t know how to play pool. And what is he doing with that bottle of champagne? Hasn’t he ever heard of the term leverage?

Image courtesy of  Rick Kids of Snapchat/Facebook

If we were filthy rich and wanted to destroy an archaeologic find (such as the iPhone 4), we would have tossed it in the fire. Let the flames engulf it slowly; it makes watching it all happen that much more satisfying.

Want Some Pizza?

We have always thought that wealthy people have their own personal chefs available 24/7. But this picture proves that the rich are as ordinary as we are. When they don’t feeling like cooking, they order a couple boxes of pizza.

Image courtesy of Rich Kids of SnapChat/Facebook

Okay, so maybe there’s a few differences between us. We personally prefer to get our iPad screens all greasy from our fingertips alone, and not with the assistance of pizza grease. That’s gonna make sliding the ‘unlock’ button all kinds of difficult.

Homes Sweet Homes

This guy has to travel between different homes each week. He claims that the weekly travel can take hours and that he has trouble sleeping on the lush, leather upholstery in the car. Sounds brutal! We would have trouble adjusting too.

Image courtesy of  ola pola/Pinterest

Must have been tough growing up in different households. And besides, we haven’t seen what his dad’s other place looks like. Maybe it’s even bigger than this, and coming here to this sprawling estate might just be cramping his style. Seems positively brutal.

Visiting Celebrities

When the Queen of England makes the time to come visit you, you’re guaranteed to be someone of particular importance. We wonder who the Queen visited in this photo-op. After all, she wouldn’t waste her time when she has other ceremonial duties to attend to.

Image courtesy of Rossalyn Warren/BuzzFeed

Okay, we’ll admit, this does make us a tinge jealous. Whether or not the school itself is actually something to be proud of, at least this moment goes to show that some of the perks of having too much cash are not only material.

Be Home In 10

Remember when you would come home from school? You may have commuted, walked home, or traveled by school bus. Whatever means you used, you needed to get home safely. The obscenely wealthy, meanwhile, have other important criteria: gotta get home in 10 minutes or less.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld/Pinterest

To be fair, it would have been better if this kiddo stayed after class. While the rest of us might not have our own helicopter, regardless of age, at the bare minimum we know how to spell — or to use autocorrect!

Get It From the Bank

Even without it being payday, this gal has a wad of $20 bills sitting in her lap. We don’t know what she had done prior or if her parents are super generous with her allowance. But let’s hope that money is spent somewhere productively.

Image courtesy of  Brianna Elise/Tumblr

We know the thrill of running crisp dollar bills through our fingers. If we could, we would throw them around like confetti, like they do in music videos. But we can’t risk having them lost in the wind or getting soaked in the tub. We’ve got our priorities straight.

The Grass Is Always Greener

It’s funny how people perceive things so differently. When this kid had uploaded a picture of his backyard, he had all of us appalled. How can he hate his backyard? Had he been rooting for a Jurassic-themed amusement park? This guy needs some perspective, and quick!

Image courtesy of Grandtropicsuites / instagram

So yes, be our next-door neighbor! We could come over, and we can count the number of ways we can have fun in that backyard. Sometimes, viewing another person’s perspective can make you a tad bit more grateful for the backyard that you have.

Little Is Relative

Okay, so perhaps the term ‘little’ here might be a bit misleading, considering just how many of those bracelets there are. This certainly seems like a whole lot of bling. How do you even decide which one to wear to what occasion? And that’s not all.

Image courtesy of AdidaGlam/Pinterest

Here’s the thing. If you’re going to go about town flaunting your bling, wear something that shows it’s clearly gemstones. These bracelets look like something you could get at your local crafts store, regardless of how rock-studded they may actually be.

Buying A Milk Truck

Remember when there were those bullies in school who used to find someone to beat up so they could steal their lunch money? It was never fair, but it’s a safe bet that whatever kid was their target probably didn’t have this kind of a budget at hand.

Image courtesy of : @victxoriaaa / pinterest

How he could profit if he had invested his lunch money in something marketable! With that much cash for his lunch money, we’re certain he could skip the whole lunch line at the cafeteria altogether and just buy his own food truck.

Paper Weights And Door Stops

We had always wondered why people would want to invest in gold. Sure, its price is less volatile than securities, especially in times like this, when the market is in a slump. But eventually, the market recovers. This guy informed the world why a gold bar is a life-changer.

Image courtesy of Neatorama/Pinterest

It can function as a doorstop! You can’t do that with a stack of paper bills. So not only do you have a (more or less) appreciable asset, but you have an impressive paperweight too. Can you think of other things to do with a gold bar?

But Can You Write In Cursive

Reader beware: you might find yourself insulted by this next bit. Like us, this man has a fondness for pens. But he only indulges himself in one kind: fountain pens. And while we understand the appeal, why did he have to throw shade at biro pen lovers?

Image courtesy of yoshi891/Pinterest

Sure, you could write more smoothly with fountain pens. You won’t have to press down like you would when using ballpoint pens. But can this guy write in cursive? If not, he isn’t that much better than ballpoint lovers. Why use a fountain pen just to underline a word in the dictionary?

Let Us Help You

Everyone has problems, but the rich have different ones than the rest of us. Just look at this guy who broadcasted what causes his throbbing migraine. That’s such a pain to look at! Where should he spend his mother’s hard-earned money? How truly vexing indeed.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld/Pinterest

Here, why don’t we help you? If you give us a couple of inches of that wad, we’re certain that your migraine will dissipate in a second. You can always ask for some more from mum, in case you need a couple more stacks. Or you can always learn to live within your means, like the rest of us do.

Crash And Burn

The rich have an odd way of living life to the fullest. Is it because they have grown accustomed to their lifestyles? In a way, they’re so used to the clothes they wear and the cars they ride that it almost means nothing to them. They constantly have to chase the next best thing to give them pleasure and happiness.

Image courtesy of Slavahergert / instagram

So if a person grows tired of luxury cars, they’re inclined to buy themselves a private jet. But it’s a bit of a misnomer to call it his new, little toy. Unlike a car, which you can maneuver yourself, you would need to hire a private pilot to take you to places.

Hit Rename Button

Another great way to advertise that you’re well off is to broadcast your wireless connection and its speed. Now that millennials live within their virtual bubble, it’s hard to imagine life without wireless. So this guy told the world how lucky he is to have a dad with these many cars — to connect to, naturally.

Image courtesy of snaps.rich/Instagram

But then again, you could always hit rename and then tap in a bunch of luxury car brands. Kudos to this guy’s folks if he has an awesome audio surround system in his car. Apart from speed and ease in navigation, a killer ride is incomplete without a rad audio system.

We Were Thinking Ice Cream

When this Tumblr user said she would treat herself, we had thought she would go for a trip down the block for some ice cream. Sure, it sounds elementary. But there isn’t anything ice cream can’t fix. Besides, you can buy one from any convenience store.

Image courtesy of Novacaine/tumblr

But treating herself meant having to spend a thousand dollars on Balenciaga. The kid in us is screaming ouch, that’s a whole year’s worth of ice cream. You could buy different flavors with that, and all in premium edition too! Oh, the tastes of some people!

Choosing The Right Color

The best birthday presents are those that come as a surprise. With the big day coming up, you can’t help but wonder what your parents are going to give you. Could it be this season’s clothes, phones, or bags? Sadly, this woman’s parents wanted to spoil their surprise.

Image courtesy of Hypermotorz / instagram

They had also given her a luxury car the year before! She hadn’t liked the color they had chosen for her. Instead of making the same mistake, daddy told daughter to choose one for herself. Meanwhile, the rest of us would be grateful if they lowered the bus fare.

You Sure It’s Your House?

Some people prefer living in the city rather than the suburbs. They would like to surround themselves with people instead of open space. It figures. When you’re young and rich, you would want to frequent the nightclubs and gig spots. But living in the suburbs doesn’t look too terrible.

Image courtesy of Dads_of_mallorca / instagram

Horrible is pretty relative. Given the gazillion zeros attached to daddy’s bank account, this kid can have a fun park built in his backyard. With that much space, he could have several friends over. Then, he wouldn’t have to waste his time with this horrible view!

Heard Toothpaste And Some Prayers Work

There are a lot of DIY tutorials online to help people deal with scratches on glass windows or screens. But this kiddo, being rich, didn’t want to bother with any of that. What could have been his solution to a single scratch on his watch? Buy a new one!

Image courtesy of  Miriam McConnell/CollegeCandy

We’ve heard that if you rubbed toothpaste on a scratch and then left it there for a couple of minutes, it would help remove the ugly scar. But never mind that. It’s better to buy a replacement of something if you can buy thousands of it. Take note, the scratch hadn’t even been on the glass!

When Your Dad’s A Surgeon

We’re certain you have had classmates of this kind. They have the most extravagant birthday parties. They can buy off schools and even teachers. All because they have parents who are loaded! Wonder what these people do for a living? Here’s an example.

Image courtesy of Emelie_franzen / instagram

What’s best is if you have both parents who are surgeons! You wouldn’t have that for your pool. You might own a building complex, with rooms to sleep in every day of the year! Pick one or as many as you like.

Hire The Whole Company

This kiddo and his family had moved into a new house. It was pretty old and as you can guess, there was a great deal of renovation to be done. The walls needed painting and the floors had to be swept! Just one look at this, and you would know it’s more than a one-person job.

Image courtesy of  RichKidsSnap/Twitter

Why hire one maid when you have the money to buy the whole firm! With a house as spacious as this, you would need batches of housecleaners tidying every nook and cranny. We can only imagine how breathtaking this place will be when it’s done.

What Are Legs For

Everyone needs a little exercise every now and then. It helps strengthen the joints, improves circulation, and even tests your patience. And it looks as though this guy could stand to develop his fair share of the latter. Patience is, after all, a virtue, no?

Image courtesy of  Rich Kids of Snapchat/Facebook

What a pity! Guess what those legs are for: walking. You could use them to hold you and your thousand-dollar watch up while you’re waiting for the car. Not to mention, a few minutes of low-intensity workouts can do wonders for learning to extend your patience!

Fly Ride

It looks like this kid has his own genie in a bottle. It takes the form of his dad. But unlike the blue-tinged giant who wafts in and out of his prison, this genie grants unlimited wishes. When this kid asked that he be given a fly ride, his dad bought him two of them.

Image courtesy of  Rich Kids of Snapchat/Facebook

Guess one could be used for all his personal belongings while the other is meant to transport him. That sounds like a great expense on gas, but these folks never had to deal with financial constraints. The sky truly is the limit for this guy.

Well, How About Hanging It Up?

This kid has us scratching our heads with this trick question. Care to answer it for us? She holds her left arm before her, bends it at the elbow to look at the time, and takes a picture of it. Then she goes and asks us why bother going out and getting our own dose of arts and culture.

Image courtesy of  Rich Kids of Snapchat/Facebook

Honey, you could always stay indoors. But if you keep your prized possessions to yourself, people wouldn’t have the chance to admire them. They won’t get to look at you with envy. You could always just hang your watch up. Treat it like the Mona Lisa that it is.

Be There In 10

Your morning routine before going to school probably involved such mundane activities as getting dressed, washing your face, brushing your teeth, and combing you hair. Maybe you even made time for breakfast. But chances are, your routine did not include this.

Image courtesy of Richkidsoflondon / instagram

With time to spare, they can have someone take a pic of them boarding the chopper. It also helps that they can get to school in 10 minutes. If they had to take the bus like any of us, they’d be dashing for the front door.

Allergic To Himself?

This kiddo had a hard time growing up. His parents had every single cloth, slipper, and shoes tailor-made. How come? He grew up with a specific type of skin allergy. Within seconds, he would scratch at his skin until it was raw and bumpy. That usually happens when he wears cheap leather.

Image courtesy of  Rich Kids of Snapchat/Facebook

That’s probably why the rich are so obsessed with getting richer. They can’t afford to wear the same Walmart apparel and shoes as we do. Those skin allergies can be life-threatening. One minute you’re up and fine, the next minute you’re short of breath, having a bout of social anxiety from wearing cheap leather.