40 Tennis Memes We Love (Get It?)

By Anthony K

Tennis players make a fortune. However, it takes a lot of work and practice to earn the deserved titles, respect, and money. Sadly, like any other celebrity, they are not immune to internet trolls and ridicule. Should you be considering being a star player, you best prepare for being a subject of humor and learn how to embrace your new lifestyle.

Tennis is an enjoyable game that promises unmatched satisfaction. While this is true for the players, it evokes even a greater sense of entertainment on the fans watching from the sidelines. Many memes revolve around tennis, and we have found some of the best. These will brighten your day and make you love the game even more.

Tennis vs. Ping-Pong

Albeit both sports adhere to similar principles, they are not the same thing. Tennis is more physically intense, and the period of play lasts longer. They are both featured in the Olympics, but (sorry, not sorry, ping-pong fans) tennis is way more popular.

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Ping-pong is played on a table that gives it the name “table tennis.” So it’s basically a tiny version of tennis! Thus, it is a no-brainer that these are on two totally different levels. This is the exact face we make when someone compares these two.


In tennis, a bagel refers to a set that ends up thrashing your opponent 6-0. This scoreline is embarrassing, and professionals try to avoid it at all costs. Serving a bagel is a prestigious experience. It gives a sense of entitlement and superiority over your opponent.

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A player who serves the most bagels on the ATP Tour in a single season walks away with the golden bagel award for their efforts. A double bagel illustrates a match outcome where the score is six nil, six nil. For the losing team, a bagel is a real bummer.

Wimbledon blues

Ah, Wimbledon. Even novices know the name, if from social media alone. It is the oldest tennis tournament around and is a pretty big deal, to put it mildly. It is such a thing in the tennis world, it is known simply as “The Championships.”

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The competition is fierce. Like, have you watched a tennis match? Clearly, you have if you’re going on this journey with us. Winning that title is one of the main goals of tennis players anywhere. And we love how it can be made into a pun.


Unlike other sports, tennis doesn’t require getting down in the dirt. If you are afraid to get dirty, this is your ideal sport. Playing tennis is fun since your clothes will remain intact, and even the white uniforms preserve their color.

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Your hair can remain perfect, and chances of grime are minimal. Also, tennis preserves your physical shape by minimizing injuries, unlike other sports such as hockey or rugby that involve a great deal of physical contact. There is tennis elbow to contend with, though.

That Feeling, Though!

We have all experienced this discomfort at some point. While preparing to step out, you accidentally knock your toe on the table. It does hurt, right? Tennis, too, is an emotional game and to the victor goes the spoils. You will have mixed reactions after putting up your best performance. However, winning guarantees remarkable benefits.

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It is a good thing that pain does not last forever. In tennis, just as any other sport, victory is sweet. It comes at a high cost to push yourself to the limit. A good win is essential for your morale, and you will appreciate the extra attention you put in and off the field.


In tennis, nothing matters more than hitting the ball right. You can differentiate a good hit from a mediocre one as a player. Once you place yourself appropriately and strike well, you are confident of securing a point and a step closer to victory.

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It is similar to the feeling you get after cornering that troublesome bug that denies your peace. You probably feel a sense of accomplishment after putting that mosquito in its place, right? In tennis, the feeling is achieved by outsmarting your opponent.

Come Get you Some

Footing is crucial in tennis. You should have a solid foundation to make a good hit. Otherwise, you may be caught off-guard and might lose a point. When you are all ready, you can anticipate your opponent’s move and know how to position yourself and make a challenge.

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Precision is key if you want to secure more points. You need to be ready to return the ball to your opponent’s half in a spectacular fashion to gain favor from the crowd. As is with life, always be on the ready and fearless.


One of the best features of tennis is its freestyle nature. Unlike other sports that demand specific gear, tennis allows players to wear whatever outfit they want (more or less). Provided your attire allows you to move with ease, you are all set.

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You can show off your legs and muscles if you please and add some accessories like a matching headband. It is no wonder tennis outfits are increasingly becoming a fashion trend in the modern era. But the best part of watching tennis is moments like these.

Solo Play

Tennis is one of the few sports you can enjoy playing alone. You can bounce the ball up and down in rhythm. With a racquet, you can play against the wall and practice your serving and receiving skills wherever you please.

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You can have limitless fun playing in your room with imaginary opponents, like the monsters under your bed. Enjoy the feeling of security you get when you sleep with your racket next to your bed. Whatever is hiding in the closet doesn’t stand a chance.

Different Views

Kids and adults view the sport differently. Due to its complexity, kids might have a hard time understanding the basics of the sport. On the other hand, every kid loves a good tennis racket, regardless of whether they care about the sport or not.

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Anyone who didn’t use a racket as a pretend guitar missed out on an important childhood experience. Adults might understand the challenges of the game and the lengths one needs to go to secure a win, but children know how to live in the moment.


Even your financial advisor agrees there is a high return on investment in tennis (haha). Hypothetically, if you hit a tennis ball, you can always expect it to come back. Even playing against the wall promises a great deal of return you can count on.

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In this context, your “investment” refers to the effort you make hitting the tennis ball. Thanks to its bounce-back ability, you can always be certain to enjoy a return that is proportionate to your level of investment. The speed of return may differ when playing against an opponent.

Look Right, Look Left

The phrase “look both ways” is common when crossing the road. It similarly applies when watching a tennis match. To get a glimpse of every hit and the opponent’s response, you will have to pay close attention to your right and left, ensuring you don’t miss a moment.

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As a fan, you probably want to savor every moment and not miss a single serve or hit. Your eyes will need to be responsive to the tiny reflexes to witness the entire game. Fans really do look like this, especially when watching in person.


Various factors affect the speed of the ball, including wind. It is imperative to consider the wind when calculating the weight of your service. The first move is to release the ball midair and hold your racket ready for impact when serving.

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It is only fair that you consider the wind when practicing or during the game. Also, the wind direction can affect the appropriate length you should throw the ball when serving. That serve takes a lot more than arm strength, is all we’re saying.

Face your Fears

It is common to have some form of anxiety when playing in front of a crowd. However, the secret to success is mastering your fear and using it to your advantage. If you suspect your opponent is stronger than you, relax and channel Gloria Gaynor.

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Just tell yourself, “I will survive!” It takes more than just skill to win a competition when it is all said and done. Other attributes like cunning and an articulate strategy will have you bagging wins even against stronger contenders.

Be Up-to-Date

Tennis memes are rampant all over the internet. If you love your game, you ought to be on top in terms of content. Start by knowing the new information concerning the industry. You will always be a step ahead of your peers by doing so.

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With the latest information at your fingertips, you will always deliver punchlines when discussing sports. In addition, you can always single out the fake news from legit ones. Follow credible pages online and top players’ social media pages to get info straight from the source.


No matter the number of hours you invest in your practice or tournament, you will always leave the field elegant and stylish. Okay, that’s not true, but tennis players often look fabulous after a game, whereas players in other sports come out looking like they went to battle.

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As a bonus, injuries are minimal since tennis is a no-contact game. Your opponent stays on the other side of the net, allowing you ample space to maneuver from corner to corner. In tennis, you can have fun, exercise your muscles, and stay in one piece.


Yes, tennis improves your flexibility. As your opponent sends you to every corner of the net, you can be sure to flex your muscles and limbs beyond expectation. You will need both agility and speed to be magnificent in the game.

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Those impossible reflexes when reaching and hitting the ball are what separate a world-class player from the rest. In addition, they contribute to more points when done right and make a statement to your opponent that you know what you are doing.


Dogs also love tennis. If you are a dog lover, you should probably consider tossing a tennis ball with them. In addition to improving its chase and catch skills, they find it fun playing with their owners, fostering a stronger bond between you.

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How about discovering a sport that you can enjoy alongside your dog? You will notice the excitement in your dog when you introduce a tennis ball to its routine. But don’t forget to keep a few aside for the actual game.

Riddle Riddle

In tennis, service is the first step of the game. This crucial phase involves a player tossing the ball into the air and hitting it midair. Your ball should not hit the net during this stage, or your opponent gets the point. You need to take proper care when serving to do it right.

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A serve is done using the racket to hit the ball before it bounces. The rule is that it must land diagonally on your opponent’s side. There are two chances to serve, and missing both automatically gives your opponent a point.


In tennis, like any other sport, there are chances of mistakes. Regardless of your positioning, there is always room for error. When the racket snaps in your hand, your shot is affected. When this happens, it results in a point for your opponent.

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Another mistake occurs when you miss the ball, and it lands in your half of the court. Occasionally, a player might attempt to show off their skill, and the unexpected happens. If you drop a point, you need to step up your game and try to correct your mistake.


Tennis courts are often loud since players are cheering their favorites. As a player, you should not let the noise get to your head, affecting your performance. Instead, focus on the task at hand as nothing else matters at the moment more than outscoring your opponent.

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A good score is likely to bring fans in a frenzy, with the opposing side trying to figure out the mistake contributing to the fumble or drop. Nonetheless, the focus is critical as there is plenty of time to plan a comeback.


The best players in tennis are ranked according to their performance by ATP. It is often a competitive exercise that leads to the winners getting awards and endorsement deals. While you might not be as good as the professionals, do not fret.

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Top performers undergo intense practice and extra hours to earn the most coveted MVP award. Should you be considering reaching the lengths of Federer in terms of success, you should consider making tennis your full-time job if it’s your passion.

A Good Hit

While tennis may seem easy watching from the sidelines, it is more challenging than it looks. Targeting the ball and hitting it right takes a lot of precision and impeccable timing. The sense of accomplishment you feel when you make that perfect hit, though – nothing beats that.

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When you make a boss move by returning to your opponent’s strike, you should prepare for the next hit by positioning yourself appropriately. Relaxing will leave you flatfooted and unsure of what to do next. Top players predict their opponent’s next move and plan a counter-attack.


Dating a tennis player might not be too good for you, and here is why. Simply put, you will be like a secret lover for their love of the game. Suppose you have a crush on a tennis star; we advise putting your feelings on hold unless you are comfortable with second place.

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Alright, we admit that has nothing to do with what love means in tennis. It literally means “nothing” or “nil.” Remember when we talked about the bagel? Love is what the losing opponent’s score is called when they end the game with zero points.


Tennis is a prominent sport with a huge following. It is equally entertaining to watch as playing itself. If you have commitments keeping you from being actively involved, you can have as much fun from the bench, especially when watching a competitive game.

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Tennis is one of the few games you can have a great deal of fun as a spectator. Its fanbase consists of executive individuals and intellects. This is because the game needs a strategy to win. Additionally, it is easy to follow.

Mixed Feelings

Tennis is an emotional game for both players and fans. Every mistake is punishable. Thereby, players try their best to play a perfect match. When a player misses repeatedly, the fans are equally disappointed. More practice and focus reduce the chances of failure.

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In case of a mistake, the best move is to fall back and plan a comeback strategy to reclaim the lost point. Legends start by accepting and owning the error, which allows them to put in more work and garner more points. It is also advisable not to reveal your weakness to your opponent.

Trial and Error

Regardless of your prowess in the game, some hits just do not come the way you anticipated. All a player can do is hope that they make the proper hit on the ball during such times. Possible blunders include the ball failing to reach the other side of the net, which translates to a point in your opponent’s favor.

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During trial and error, it is best to prepare for any outcome. Either for or against you. Another blunder likely to occur is when you hit the ball beyond your opponent’s half. However, sometimes you might be lucky, and your return might secure you a point.

Challenge Yourself

With tennis, you can never underestimate any player since women have been known to be triumphant in this sport. Do not be afraid to take a challenge. You can benefit from playing with multiple opponents because you will acquire more skills.

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When playing against an opponent, you will do well to study their strengths and weaknesses before the game. This gives you a better understanding of the court and the necessary pressure points that can help you secure that point and ensure your victory.


Tennis allows you to pick a dressing code that suits you best unless you have a contract with a specific brand. But in the minor leagues, a player might show up in similar clothing to yours. However, this is no cause for alarm. Since you are both on different sides, there are no chances of confusion on the spectators’ end.

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It is okay if this happens (which it likely won’t, outside of the meme world). The crowd will be able to distinguish the real from the imposter in terms of scores. Put up your best performance regardless, and no one will care what anyone is wearing.

Impeccable Timing

Hitting the stick during active play will cost you a point. Players go to great lengths to improve their precision. And making an excellent and complicated serve is undoubtedly cause for this kind of celebration. It does make you feel the exuberance of a child.

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During practice, the rules are few. That notwithstanding, training with the fundamental rules will give you an upper hand when participating in a high-level game. When you hit the stick during practice, it is a form of relief as you prepare for the next round.

The faces

We’ve discussed the finesse that the sport of tennis requires. You have to be flexible, like a ballerina, quick on your feet, and able to make less-than-split-second decisions in a play. All this is in addition to strength and stamina.

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And as spectators, we can say that one of the other vital parts of tennis is the faces the players make. There is really no other sport that provides its fans with such spectacular facial gymnastics. Each match holds so much promise.

Practice Versus Gameday

While you may feel on top of your game during practice, your outcomes might not be as thrilling as during a match. Maybe you’re nervous in front of crowds or are a newbie, but don’t worry. Many have been in your shoes before.

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Although practice makes perfect, overcoming stage fright is a different thing altogether. For more confidence, you should practice playing with an imaginary audience. This meditation will help you control your emotions when participating in the presence of real people.

Expectation Versus Reality

Self-confidence is important. However, too much of it is detrimental to your performance. Arrogance doesn’t look good on anyone. Sometimes you might be feeling you are already a star, whereas nothing could be further from the truth.

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We can’t all be Serena Williams, you guys. As such, you should put yourself to realistic standards and always know you have more to do before achieving star status in the game. Maybe just don’t watch the playbacks if you want to keep your swagger.

Wall Practice

Training against the wall is the best way to sharpen your skills. It does not take much to conduct wall practice. All you need is a tennis ball and a racket. Unlike training with friends, the wall never gets tired. In addition, the wall can offer all types of returns, thereby preparing you for every scenario in the court.

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Every star undergoes lots of wall training. Should you find yourself without a training partner, have no fear. Find a solid wall and do your thing. Wall practice improves your precision and hitting ability, giving you more expertise in the game.

Winning Mentality

As with any other competition, the main aim in tennis is winning. And Novak Djokovic knows all about winning. He is currently considered the cream of the crop, the top dog. he is the number one player according to the Association of Tennis Professionals.

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Currently, Novak Djokovic holds the highest rank with 11,540 points. This translates to a high winning probability that is difficult to match even with plenty of practice. Novak is indeed the best at what he does since numbers don’t lie.

Pause and Play

When watching a historic game, you can play and pause at will. Returning a hard shot demands a lot of strength and agility. Players often challenge their capability to prevent an opponent from scoring. It drains a lot of energy and exerts pressure on muscles when returning.

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When pausing a game, you can find a whole different kind of entertainment. All in all, the time to pause your match is inconsequential and doesn’t matter much. You can almost certainly catch a moment like this one. Laughter is good for easing the tension.

Divided Attention

Tennis tends to attract super strong, tough women. Since the dress code aims to reduce sweating and increase agility, women’s uniforms are often not made of a lot of material. The main thing is comfort and ease of movement, after all.

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While watching is no crime, it is more sensible to shift your focus to the main task which is enjoying the game. Witness the tiny details, including clever saves and cunning returns, to make the most of your experience and to improve your performance as well.

Ready… Or Not

When playing or during practice, you have to pay attention. Being unprepared will have you fumbling when the ball reaches your half. Always be on your toes and ready to reach every corner of the court for a splendid performance.

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Also, lack of preparation can lead to injuries. You are likely to suffer an injury on your hand or foot as you attempt to compensate for your challenger’s serve. In short, don’t let your guard down, and you won’t ever look like this pupper.

High Spirits

Winning a competitive game is both an inspirational and joyous moment. You will congratulate yourself for the extra time put into practice and discipline. Your celebratory mood echoes among your fans who believed in you or even put a stake in your winnings.

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It was the same feeling when we were kids. If Mom chose to allow us the freedom to welcome our friends into the house, there was nothing sweeter. The feeling is tantamount to securing a victory in tennis. However narrow the victory may seem, a win is a win, and you should enjoy the moment.

Drop Off

Sometimes fear crops in when you learn your competitor’s mastering of the game. If they are more proficient, you are likely to feel some type of intimidation before and during the game. Nonetheless, the best weapon you can bring to competition is preparedness.

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You ought to look at your opponent’s eyes as you formulate a viable strategy. Indeed, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. But if you find you really can’t hack it in tennis, hey, don’t be sad. There’s always baseball.