45 Precious Pics Of Pets Who Make The Joys Of Commuting Even More ‘Pawsome’

By Liezel L

Traveling is one of the most extraordinary things in life. There’s nothing like boarding a bus or plane, watching the road and scenery go by from your seat, and realizing that you’re up for the adventure of a lifetime. However, as with everything in this world, traveling has rules, safety precautions, and regulations to keep you safe and to let you get the best of your journey without any trouble.

As we all know, though, not everyone is keen on following instructions. You might see people getting scolded or insisting that what they know is what’s right. Sometimes, some people even behave like animals, but interestingly, some animals are actually more civilized travelers than other people.

Don’t believe us? We hand-picked adorable photos of traveling pets that look like they behave much more civilized than their human counterparts. Here are a few creatures who proved that animals can be more civilized travelers than humans, making the joy of commuting that much more memorable. 

Fiddo Goes On A Plane Ride

Most people would worry about dogs riding planes, and understandably so. There are no open windows, your pooch might create a disturbance with their noise, and the ride might take more than a few hours more than what your furry friend is comfortable with. 

image courtesy of CLOLIN/ Reddit

This adorable pup is proving all those fears wrong, though. He’s just chilling under his human’s seat, sitting quietly, and even smiling at all the people passing by. For good boys like this cute one, plane rides are easy peasy. 

Llama On The Train

Usually, when we think of llamas, we imagine them with a backdrop of mountains or fields of green, certainly inside a train packed with people in the middle of the city. It just doesn’t look like their cup of tea. But apparently, we’re wrong. 

image courtesy of KICKASSEROLE/ Reddit

This pretty llama looks right at home on this train commuting to who knows where. It even seems perfectly content in its spot. Everyone else looks mesmerized, but for the llama, it seems like it’s just going about its typical shenanigans. 

Hold My Hand, Please

Sometimes, traveling through the subway or train can be a little terrifying, especially if it’s your first time. And for this puppy, its only way through is for its human to hold its hand. Now, we don’t know about you, but that kind of hand-holding is the best there is. 

image courtesy of A-PATIENTWOLF/ Reddit

Not only is the pooch being friendly and respectful to the other passengers by not expressing its discomfort in other destructive ways, but it’s so sweet too. Who could resist that face and that little paw, right? It’s all too adorable!

On Top Of The World

A window seat is indeed a wonderful place, and we get why people would fight over or hog it. And while we would never give up our window spot to all the rude passengers out there, we’d give everything to this little kitten. 

image courtesy of OZGURNEVRES/ Reddit

You’d expect cats to be bouncing about or skulking everywhere, but this one is just innocently enjoying the views from the window, and it’s one of the purest things we’ve ever seen. We’d do everything to enjoy this moment with this kitty. 

Nothing Like A Good Travel Nap

There is just something different about sleeping on public transport. However, some people can be so careless if they fall asleep. They can start hogging the seats, leaning on unwilling seatmates, or keep the whole row awake with snoring. Not this pup, though. 

image courtesy of LAYLAMIL / Reddit

This pup is the very example of how to sleep respectfully on public transport without disturbing anybody. It has positioned itself comfortably while ensuring that it won’t fall over anybody else. And as it seems, the same goes for its owner, who’s followed its lead. 

The Most Well Behaved Pup In A Subway

With all the noise and the people in a subway, it’s normal to expect dogs to get antsy or to maybe cause a little noise here and there, but not this doggo. This little pup is the perfect example of being well-behaved in the subway.  

image courtesy of TIMMIEFLOATS / Reddit

This cutie can even teach people lessons about minding their own business, respecting others, and being quiet in the subway. If this little pup can do it, indeed, we humans can do it too, right? That’s a rhetorical question.

Flying Pony

We wish we were talking about a pony with wings flying through the sky, but this is just as good as that: a pony in a plane. Now, that’s one of the most unusual sights you can see! And the best part is that this pony is one of the most well-behaved out there. 

image courtesy of GOLDENDEXTER / Reddit

By the looks of things, everyone else was also immediately smitten by the adorable creature, and why not? It’s cute, and it has a great fashion sense. That’s more than you can say for a lot of people nowadays, so this pony is definitely winning. 

Kitty Sophistication

We all know that cats are made of grace, class, and sophistication, no matter what breed they are. But this picture perfectly sums up just how much they beat us in those departments. Even just the way the cat sits is better than how we sit. 

image courtesy of AGRIPPAAURELIUS/ Reddit

According to the netizen who took the photo, the cat had a seat all to itself on the three-hour train ride to Spain, and it was nothing but friendly and obedient, as is evident in the picture. We wish more humans could be like this cat. 

Independent Pooch

Usually, if some people had a whole row of seats to themselves, they would take the opportunity to fill it with their stuff or even to stretch out if they’re really daring. But this independent little pooch is nothing like those kinds of people. 

image courtesy of GALLOWBOOB / Reddit

This dog from New York seems to have all the seats on that side of the subway to itself, and it’s acting so well-behaved. At the same time, though, we can’t help but notice how the empty seats make the little pup look like New York royalty. It even has a little scarf! 

This Charming Smile

Long flights take a lot of time, and while it doesn’t always happen to everybody, some people get to connect with each other and form friendships during those long hours. Sometimes, all it takes for that to start is a little smile.

image courtesy of NEOINSIDE / Reddit

This handsome boy has exactly that, and we’re pretty sure whoever is seated beside him will get the pleasure of becoming his friend. After all, he’s got it all – the charm, the smile, and the sweet eyes. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with such a good boy, right?

Proper Introductions First

In the olden days, people appreciated a proper introduction first before a conversation was struck between people. And as it seems, this beautiful pup is an old soul who likes a formal introduction first before some mingling. 

Image courtesy of CHUPALIKA / Reddit

By the looks of it, this pooch is introducing itself with a proper shake of hands before starting to charm the socks off of everybody present on that trip. If that isn’t admirable behavior, then we don’t know what is. 

Doggy In A Baggy

Every transport system has a different set of rules for including your pet in your travels, and for this train, dogs were only allowed if they were chilling their travel bag, making sure their feet didn’t touch the ground. This owner had to improvise to get their pup to corporate. 

image courtesy of MSWEREPUG / Reddit

Luckily for them, they have one amazing puppy. For the entire ride, this dog didn’t make a fuss or complain in any way. It was just content to be in its bag right beside its owner. As long as they were together, everything was alright. 

What A Bold Stalker

Usually, when we find someone interesting on a train or a bus, we do our best to make our glances as subtle as possible. There’s no need for them to know that we’re looking after all. For this bunny, though, it just couldn’t care less about subtlety. 

Image courtesy of CONBUPINTHECLUB / Reddit

It likes who it’s looking at and is not afraid to let its presence known. It even looks like it’s trying to manifest the human’s attention just by staring, and well, we got to say, its bold tactics are definitely working. 

Expert Train Rider

Here’s a little game for you. Can you spot the dog among the commuters? If you’re having a hard time, don’t worry. Just kidding! This beautiful white pooch is an expert at train riding that it just blends in with the rest of the commuters. 

image courtesy of HARRYISM / Reddit

It even looks like it’s sitting like a normal human being, and with that sweet face, you won’t even bat an eyelash that it’s there. It looks like it even belongs by the window seat, and why not? That big fluff ball deserves to see all the beautiful scenery in the world.

Piggy Version Of When In Rome

When this pig hopped onto the Rome metro, everyone was immediately smitten with how adorable it was and how unusual it was for a pig to be traveling that way. And soon after, the little piggy became a viral sensation online.

image courtesy of ST1NKF1ST / Reddit

The pig was traveling on a stroller, and it was even wearing diapers just like a baby. This teaches us the lesson that whenever we travel, we always have to be prepared for anything and everything at all times. 

Prim And Proper Sitting

Don’t you just hate it when people spread their legs too wide, lean too much towards you in your seat, or even generally try to take space with their stuff? Those people should learn something from this big dog about properly sitting on public transportation. 

image courtesy of BOREDWATERMELON / Reddit

Look at him sitting properly. He’s taking up just the right space and making sure that nobody’s going to trip on his front paws. He has all the manners and respect that some people don’t, and that says a lot about humanity. 

Piggy On A Plane Ride

Not many people have pigs as pets, but did you know that they actually make pretty good companions? They’re smart, and they can be easily trained. They’re affectionate, too. Plus, they’re just so goofy. Take a look at this adorable piggy, for instance. 

image courtesy of HAMLET_THE_BEACH_HOG / Reddit

It’s a sight you don’t see every day. The little piggy just looks to be happy to be on the flight and is so well-behaved. It even looks like it’s just passing the time by reading a book. Who wouldn’t like a pet like that, right?

The Doggy Patrol

Sometimes, people think they can get away with disobeying the rules of travel just because there’s no one patrolling and monitoring their behavior. Not on this guy’s watch, though. By the looks of it, he’s looking to see if anyone is being naughty. 

image courtesy of JIMMY_BONES_ / Reddit

It also seems that he’s not going to let anyone slip with any kind of excuse. And by the picture, it looks like he’s scolding this lady for using their electronics during the takeoff or landing. Please follow the rules, people. Or else, you’ll receive this sweet reminder.

The Great Goddess Athena

Athena is one of the great 12 Olympians in Greek mythology, and she is known for her wisdom and courage. That makes her name the perfect name for this adorable dog who is flying in a plane for the first time. 

image courtesy of MAYAXS / Reddit

It’s obvious that the little dog is a bit nervous about her first time flying, but she still manages to carry herself properly and doesn’t make trouble for anyone. She remains brave through it all. She deserves all the treats and love in the world for that. 

Echo, The Hero

Search and rescue dogs are some of the most valuable members of many families around the world. They’ve saved thousands of lives, and they’ve found people trapped or buried even in the deepest spots of an accident. One of those pups is this one right here named Echo. 

image courtesy of ODDLYLOVELY / Reddit

He has been working nonstop, saving lives. He’s headed back home with his owner, and they’re going on their third flight in 13 hours. He needs a well-deserved break. All the while, he has remained a good boy. You deserve all the love in the world, Echo.

Nothing Gets Better Than Sleep

When you’re hundreds of miles up in the sky waiting for hours to land, it can quickly become boring. To solve that, some people watch films, others read, while others strike up a conversation with their seatmates. Not this cat, though. It’s using all that air time for some great naps. 

Image courtesy of CHOTPSFO / Reddit

We admire how unbothered it is despite everything that was happening around it. And we can’t help but be endeared at how it’s just lying on its owner’s arms like it’s the comfiest pillow in the world. It’s probably getting the sleep of a lifetime. 

What An Eyecatcher

If you hopped onto this flight, you definitely wouldn’t miss this beautiful doggo who looks like the very picture of class. It even has its very own seat on the plane, and it behaves like a member of a royal family. 

image courtesy of NSAJIRAH2 / Reddit

Judging by the picture, that puppy is being treated like royalty, as it should be. It also looks like it’s having some kind of deep conversation with its owner beside it. Could it be about the other royal pups of their destination? Or what they’ll be serving for this dog at the royal dinner? 

This Raven Being The Sign Of Politeness

Ravens are famous in fictional stories, and they’re usually well-known as omens or representatives of something big that is about to happen. It can be pretty shocking to see them in a normal public setting, especially in something like the subway.

image courtesy of FLEXIEGIRL94 / Reddit

This raven was raised among humans and probably in the city. We can’t judge how it acted based on one picture alone, but from what we can see, it’s very well behaved and simply minding its own business. It proved that they could be just as enchanting in real life as in the movies and books. 

Everywhere Is My Bed

Some people get dizzy or anxious on train rides, but for this pup, a train ride is nothing. In fact, it’s so relaxed that it can fall asleep anywhere on the train, whether it’s on the seats or the floor. As long as it can stretch out, it seems perfectly fine. 

image courtesy of MRELEKTRO/ Reddit

This might be the only case where this pooch can be considered naughtier than humans, though. Just think about all the people that can trip on that furry tail. But it’s too adorable, so we think we’ll give it a pass this time. 

Getting The Life He Deserves

Many dogs are left in shelters with people only passing by them or not even sparing them a glance. And it’s heartbreaking to see the faces of these dogs. One of those dogs was this pooch named Niko. Luckily for him, he finally found his forever home. 

image courtesy of OGREAOH / Reddit

His new owner adopted him and decided to give Niko the best life he deserves. Now, he’s riding private jets and is being the most humble pooch about it. He has also become quite the fashionista too and is living up to his beautiful boy image.

A Well-Deserved Break

Rescue dogs deserve all the love and appreciation in the world, and we will never get tired of showering them with what they deserve because they’re just angels walking on Earth. One of those rescue dogs is this poor tired pooch right here. 

image courtesy of SSSSGATK / Reddit

According to the person who snapped the photo, the dog had been traveling for long hours at that point, and when it finally got a seat of its own, it dozed off into peaceful slumber. It’s a well-deserved rest indeed.

Do You Want To Be My Friend?

Long rides can be a little tiring and even stressful for some people. There are beautiful views to see from the window, but sitting for too long with nowhere to go isn’t much fun. With a happy face like this in front of you, though, we think it’ll be one of the best rides of your life. 

image courtesy of DARKXXSHADOWXX / Reddit

How can anyone resist being friends with this cutie here? He looks like he’ll immediately be your best bud if you just give him the chance. He also looks like a goof, so we’re pretty sure the ride will pass like no time at all with him there. 

You’re A True New York Pup Now

New York is said to be a city where dreams come true, and that seems to be the case with this pooch named Alma. Before she was adopted, she was just waiting at the shelter, but now, her wish has come true. 

image courtesy of ALGE_NATIONAL / Reddit

This picture is her riding the New York metro for the first time, and we got to say, she looks relaxed and right at home. She belongs in New York. It just took some time for her to get there, but she’s home alright. 

When A Duck Rides The Train Better Than Most People

A lot of people are terrified of ducks, and you know what? We get it. They might look harmless, but they can actually be pretty vicious if they choose to be, and their bites are nasty as well. This duck on the train is the exact opposite, though. 

image courtesy of K_SOUKY / Reddit

In fact, it’s the very model of how to ride on the train properly. It’s obediently following its owner and standing alongside them, patiently waiting for the go signal. Now, that’s how everyone should be on the train: patient and not acting like the world is about to end. 

Sig Is Just Being The Good Boy That He Is

Diabetes alert dogs are special. They are trained from a very young age to detect specific compounds in a person’s body whose blood sugar is too high or too low and warn the person about it. They’ve saved countless people and continue to do so every day. One of those pups is this good boy named Sig. 

image courtesy of INSULINRAGE / Reddit

He’s accompanying his owner, and it’s his first time on a flight. And by the looks of it, he’s still a lot more worried for his owner than anything else. That’s what makes him one of the best boys out there. 

Playing Hide And Seek

We don’t know about you, but there are very few surprises we’d want to see while in transport. This kind of surprise, though, is something we think everyone would love while they’re traveling. Just by that ‘boopable’ nose, who could resist this pup?

image courtesy of SLICEOFCAKESAN / Reddit

According to the person who took the photo, the adorable pup just suddenly appeared under their seat without warning. We don’t think they minded, though, since the pup does look well behaved. It’s just stretching! Plus, you can’t say it’s not adorable. 

Such A Dashing Gentleman

Usually, when we travel, we forgo dressing to the nines and opt for comfort because, well, nobody wants to be bound up tight or worrying about creasing their clothes while sitting for so long. But this doggo doesn’t seem to mind one bit. 

image courtesy of IAMKOKONUTZ / Reddit

While we’d find overdressing for travel weird on some people, we’re not complaining about this pup who is looking dashing in that tie. He’d probably get everyone’s attention and charm everyone into following the rules without complaint. We would be the first in line!

Cats And Their Weird Sleeping Spots

Cats are well known to be graceful creatures, although they have derpy moments as well. We can see that side of them in moments like this one where they just seem to find the weirdest napping spots anywhere they are. 

image courtesy of ANNIBA/ Reddit

This cat named Desmond caught the eyes of the passengers of this plane when it decided to perch oh so peacefully on the pilot’s headrest. It looks like it’s praying for their safe travels, and we honestly can’t get enough of it. 

The Pretty Pepper

Pets who end up in shelters have been without loving arms for so long a time. That’s why they deserve to be treated like royalty. Thankfully, there are plenty of people out there who willingly and happily give their time and efforts for the safety and happiness of these pets. 

image courtesy of TJWELL / Reddit

The handler of this cat named Pepper is one such person. She’s a flight attendant who volunteers her time and benefits to ensure shelter animals are transported safely. And by the look in Pepper’s eyes, we can see that she does feel safe and thankful. Cheers to them both!

The Only Special Request That Should Be Granted

Many people take special requests for granted. This person took it the right way, though, when they requested to be seated right next to this cutie. Who wouldn’t want to be cheered up by that smile the entire flight, right? We’d love that!

image courtesy of BOFSTEIN / Reddit

As it seems, the pup is perfectly happy to make people happy as well wherever he goes. We can also tell he quite likes the attention and the love showered upon him by humans. You can just see it in his smile. 

Riding The Subway Like Royalty

We always imagine royalty riding in carriages or just not driving themselves anywhere, and we guess this is the modern version of that treatment for city dogs. We wonder how it feels like to be just carried around away from suffocation and the general stress of public transit. 

image courtesy of SALADBOLOPI / Reddit

By the looks of the dog, it must be very nice indeed. It just looks so at peace and so indifferent to everything around it. It’s living the best life we all wish we had, honestly. Still, just watching this dog live his best life makes us feel good, so everyone’s still winning. 

Who Wants To Be My Friend?

We humans can find it easy to get bored while riding planes, and apparently, many pets are the same way sometimes. For this dog, when boredom hit, it started looking for a friend to play and it really wasn’t subtle about it.

Image courtesy of BORISDB / Reddit

The pooch has no subtlety when it comes to stalking and looking for its next friend. Still, kudos to it for remaining on its seat and not causing a ruckus. It might not be easy, but hey, it did it, and we think humans can follow suit too.

When Penguins Fly

Penguins aren’t flyers. They’re more into swimming. But that doesn’t mean flying is never going to be possible for them. Just look at this little dude. He has done what millions of penguins haven’t been able to do. He flew in the air!

image courtesy of -LOVES2SPOOGE-/ Reddit

While it is inside of an airplane, that still counts for something, right? It still got up there and on its best behavior, might we add. Even the pilot couldn’t resist taking a snap with the well-behaved bird. And well, we can’t blame him. It’s probably a first for him.

Cool As A Cucumber

Most of us dress for comfort when it comes to traveling, but that doesn’t mean we have to forgo style. Just look at this cool pooch. It looks like a fashionista headed to some fashion show in the city. 

image courtesy of GALILEO228/ Reddit

Take note. This pup is in the midst of a very crowded train, and yet, it still became the center of attention just because of its amazing sense of style. Not all of us could look as fly as this dog in those shades, after all. 

To Space And Beyond

We’ve seen stories of dogs and even monkeys being sent into space but never really cats. Why is that? They’re just as capable as those creatures, and they’re pretty smart too. We think they can contribute something to what we know about space, right? 

image courtesy of OVIRAPTOR6/ Reddit

Just look at this kitty. It seems like it’s perfectly set for travel to space. The bag, the look of determination in its eyes, and the overall get-up just scream, ready to explore space and beyond. It just needs to take off.

The Best Traveling Buddy

Traveling isn’t always about pretty scenes and wonderful places. Sometimes, traveling can also get stressful unless you have someone with you like this good girl right here. Not only does her cute looks immediately bring some joy to the room, but her excellent behavior as well. 

image courtesy of GOLDEN_BEAR_12/ Reddit

According to the netizen who snapped this picture, they spent 5 hours beside the pup, and she was nothing but delightful throughout the trek. She was so well-behaved and was nothing but a sweetheart to everyone around her. 

Best Nap Ever

We got to admit. Planes just aren’t the best places to get a good nap. They’re cramped, we can’t stretch out, and we can’t find a really comfortable way to sleep. That is just not the case for this pup, though. It’s basking in comfort. 

image courtesy of MEPPER/ Reddit

It has everything it needs including its own seat, a pillow, and even its own ready water to make sure it gets the best nap in the world. It must be the envy of everyone on that plane. We could only wish to become that comfortable on flights. 


Earlier, we had a bunny that seemed to have no concept of subtlety, and now, we have a bunny that is the shyest of them all. Just look at how it’s adorably peeking from that bag. Sure, it doesn’t do a good job at hiding, but we got to give it points for being an acceptable stalker. 

image courtesy of MORBANTH/ Reddit

It does look like it wants to get out of the bag and properly say hi, but like the wonderful and civilized creature it is, it chooses to stay in place and simply make friends from afar. And maybe we should follow its example of being proper civilized humans. 

Playtime On The Plane

Many pets maintain their composure and remain behaved all throughout their travels, but it’s also understandable if they get bored and start seeking out games to play. After all, if we humans get easily bored in travels, why shouldn’t they too, right?

image courtesy of ROGGIN/ Reddit

To solve its boredom, this pup decided to play a little bit of footsie with this other passenger. Still, it maintained some semblance of proper behavior and kept everything under wraps. While he may be naughty for playing, at least he was decent enough to tone it down.  

A True Gentleman

Many people say that chivalry is dead, but we don’t really think so. Just take a look at this pup giving up a seat to the humans and just look at him, seemingly making sure his humans are safe in the ride as well as everyone else. 

image courtesy of HARMONY_W/ Reddit

And can we just look at what he’s wearing? He really made sure that he was as presentable as he could be to the public. If those aren’t the traits of a real gentleman, then we don’t know what is.