50 Burgers In 50 States: A Delectable Way To Experience Americana

By Sachin P

There is a common question that people ask their buddies. It’s the age-old debate: burger or pizza? It’s difficult to decide which is superior. We can all concur, though, that burgers are irresistible and won’t be going away any time soon. In fact, their popularity is just growing with time.

Burgers have been available for generations, though they have evolved over the years. From ingredients to chef tastes, no two restaurants make the same burger. This can be off-putting if you’re in a new place and are looking for some comfort food. Fret not! We’ve compiled a list of the best burgers in every state. Word of mouth and reviews have put these 50 eateries at the top of the list for those looking for a simple yet delectable meal.

Alabama — Callaghan’s Irish Social Club

The first Mardi Gras festival was held in Mobile, Alabama in 1703, and around ten years prior, New Orleans was established. New Orleans has gained fame over the years, but they continue to bear some quite obvious parallels to well-known structures, landmarks, and dining establishments.

callaghans_irish_social_club / Instagram

Check out Callaghan’s Irish Social Club for one remarkable burger in Mobile if you’re looking for a tasty and healthy option. Ever since its opening in the 1940s, it has changed into a popular spot featuring live bands. They’re the perfect accompaniment to bacon cheeseburgers served with a cucumber, juicy tomato, with onion salad.

Alaska — Club Paris

Club Paris has a full menu with delectable cuisine available at reasonable costs. Burger aficionados have a variety of mouthwatering options to pick from, featuring the exclusive Paris Special. It is a ground tenderloin burger and au jus presented on a French roll.


Your meal experience will be enhanced by the snug seating, distinctive décor, and colorful lighting of the restaurant. You can also choose Club Paris for your next extravagant supper or for lunch specialties with steak and martinis made by top-tier Alaskan chefs.

Arizona — Harvey’s Wineburger

Since the restaurant’s founding in the 1950s, Harvey’s Wineburger has only sold 100% handmade burgers cooked using searing beef that has been spiced with red wine. The crisp vegetables, Bordeaux cooking wine, plus fresh ground beef are both inexpensive and healthy.

mikelerdman / Instagram

On comfy seats that go with the fluorescent lighting that gives the restaurant life, you will enjoy a yummy burger. When you’re not eating, you can enjoy entertainment on the billiards table and dartboard. Harvey’s Wineburger provides specials that are entirely different every day of the week.

Arkansas — Ohio Club

Ohio Club in Hot Springs, Arkansas is the place to go for burger lovers. With such an interesting star-studded gambling den as well as a nightclub that captures the imagination of the Great Depression, Hot Springs has retained its status as Arkansas’s oldest bar since it opened in 1903.

the.burgerchef / Instagram

From 11 am and 10 pm, Ohio Club serves delectable world-class hamburgers, pub fare, and stunning salads. Every Thursday, one can travel back to that time with jazz, and on Friday and Saturday nights, you can join in a prayer session if that’s your thing.

California — Zuni Café

The Zuni Café in San Francisco became known as being one of the best burger restaurants of the decade thanks to the work, special talent, and inventiveness of Judy Rodgers. At the restaurant, Chef Judy demonstrated her culinary skills by making burgers, omelets, Caesar salad, plus roast chicken.

zunicafe / Instagram

Judy Rogers’ signature burger recipe, house-cured anchovies, and pillow ricotta gnocchi are still served at the restaurant. That makes one want to go back for more than one meal. The Zuni Café is housed in a triangular structure with a number of chambers where you may unwind while you wait for your order.

Colorado — Bud’s Bar

At Bud’s Bar in Sedalia, visitors can get a quick nibble of a burger. The location of the business initially gives the impression that it is remote. A short distance from the southernmost edge of the Denver suburbs, Bud’s Bar has plenty of parking and a 1940s-era vibe.

Blackdraft_bbq_ / Instagram

All payments must be made in cash if you want a burger. The famous vintage-style burgers featuring pickles and onions are still made at Bud’s Bar. It can be customized by adding American cheese or jalapenos, and it can also be grilled or pressed.

Connecticut — Louis Lunch

Connecticut has quite a long-running attachment to meals such as pizza and burgers. Since the 1800s, Louis’ Lunch has provided burgers that are juicy, cooked to a medium-rare temperature, and topped with grilled onions, melted cheese, and slices of ripe tomatoes.

Davidlandsel11 / Instagram

The Food Network as well as the Travel Channel have acknowledged Louis Lunch as the establishment where the hamburger sandwich was invented and for serving burgers cooked on authentic cast-iron grills from 1898. The quality burgers are made by hand with finely ground meat and delivered on white toast.

Delaware — Charcoal Pit

President Biden, a devoted customer from his high school years, is one of the many burger fans drawn to Charcoal Pit of Delaware’s unique offerings. The charming restaurant keeps an antiquated ambiance and adheres to its superb 1950s dishes. You must try the iconic Home Run burger.

charcoalpit1956 / Instagram

This is garnished to your preferences including onions, tomatoes, lettuce, and a piece of American cheese. Listen to music on the little jukebox while you chow down. Hot dogs, sandwiches, ice cream, plus bacon are some of the other upscale treats available at Charcoal Pit.

Florida — El Mago de las Fritas

El Mago de las Fritas (Frita Magician/Frita Wizard) in Miami is known for its distinctive Cuban burger. The Cuban burger is made using a combination of pork and beef that has been spiced with pepper, cumin, and paprika and is served atop crispy potato matchsticks plus onions.

Elmagodelasfritas / Instagram

More eateries have sprouted up throughout time to rival El Mago de las Fritas’ burgers, but it still holds the title of pioneer of Cuban burgers. Every customer receives particular service at the family-run business because they are treated like family at the establishment.

Georgia — NFA Burger

NFA Burger, located at a Chevron station in the Dunwoody area of Atlanta, aims to provide each customer with the highest sense of happiness and flavor. You must decide whether to go with the single or double option, then relax while you wait for your order.

NFAburger / Instagram

Exclusive Angus meat is used in the burger, which is crushed upon that grill to provide an irresistible crispy-caramelized flavor. Cheese, house special sauce, mustard, plus pickles are common toppings. Clients unable to visit in person can use online ordering and delivery services.

Hawaii — The Daley Burger

Hawaii isn’t just known for its odd pizza; it also has some inventive burger concoctions. Not to forget the creative skills of its chefs. With its Smashburger on potato rolls, The Daley goes over and above the usual burger joints in Honolulu’s Chinatown.

thedaleyburger / Instagram

By establishing their business by using only domestic, grass-fed steak from the Kunoa Cattle Company, The Daley preserves Hawaiian heritage. Every burger is made with onions to give it a special flavor, and it’s delivered on a potato bun made at the legendary La Tour.

Idaho — Hudson’s Hamburgers

Since 1907, Hudson’s Hamburgers in Idaho has provided locals and tourists with the tastiest hamburgers. Freshly ground beef is spread upon a flat top inside the restaurant using a special method, and then either pickle, chopped onions, or perfectly melted American cheese are added as garnishes.

Becks_burgers / Instagram

The family-run Hudson’s Hamburgers has persevered through hardships like the Great Depression’s economic hardships, COVID-19 curfews and travel bans, closures, fires, and break-ins. Without worrying about the staff or other customers judging you, you may top your hamburger with homemade hot sauce.

Illinois — Top Notch Beef Burgers

As the name implies, Top Notch Beef burgers serve top-notch burgers that are freshly ground, top round that is produced on-site, and hand-cut fries that are fried in beef fat. Top-Notch Beef burgers cater to little leaguers on summer evenings.

Chicagosbesttv / Instagram

It also maintains a traditional old coffee house atmosphere with roomy booths and a large counter. In addition to the standard burger, you can purchase a traditional patty melt that is layered among crisp pieces of buttery rye and topped with grilled onions plus lots of American cheese.

Indiana — Workingham’s Friend

The favorite cheeseburger around Indiana may be found at the Workingman’s Friend, a family-run eatery that opened its doors in 1918 and has been in business for over a century. The descendants of Macedonian immigrants had preserved the quality and community at this restaurant over several decades.

Davidlandsel1 / Instagram

A double cheeseburger including cheese along both patties, mayonnaise on the buns, bread in the center, as well as some chopped iceberg lettuce will push your limitations. It will be presented in Big Mac style. You can either takeaway or eat at the homely interior of the restaurant.

Iowa — B&B Grocery

Along with becoming a household name for burgers, B&B Grocery is known as the place to go for meat aficionados. Prior to switching totally to a set menu and the Covid-19 pandemic, customers were permitted to observe the cooks processing their orders.

Killerzoneofdesmoines / Instagram

Modern burgers made from fresh beef and fixings are made each day at B&B Grocery. You can get a Quazilla, which is over a pound of grilled beef on griddle buns that has plenty of American cheese, ketchup, mustard, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, plus onions.

Kansas — Bob Kinkel’s Cozy Inn

In the heart of Salina, one must visit Bob Kinkel’s Cozy Inn for a few inventive burgers. The establishment, which goes all the way back to 1922, began as a six-seater prior to actually expanding to become one of Kansas’ most popular destinations.

The_Cozyinn / Instagram

Fun-sized burgers and sliders loaded with grilled onions are available at Cozy Inn. Fresh burgers and specially-made rolls are also included. Added pickles, ketchup, or mustard can improve the taste. At this location, feel free to request cheese and fries.

Kentucky — Laha’s Red Castle

A retro Vulcan Hart grill from the 1950s is still being used at Laha’s Red Castle in Hodgenville. It’s about an hour’s drive south of Louisville. After your first trip to Laha’s Red Castle, you’ll probably develop a routine of eating burgers there.


The same family has been in charge of running and overseeing the restaurant ever since its opening in 1934. Quality is prioritized over quantity at Laha’s Red Castle. The small yet hefty burgers, which are cooked using freshly ground beef plus raw onions, are reasonably priced. 

Louisiana — Judice Inn

Judice Inn has a place among the best in Cajun country for burgers. This inn was founded by WWII veterans. Marc and Alcide Judice, the founding siblings, set the standard with a distinctive recipe utilizing freshly ground beef with locally produced rolls.

Eatlafayette / Instagram

For the cayenne burgers, you could flavor the standard American beef patty using pepper and a tomato-based special sauce. By stepping outside of its culinary comfort zone, that is. An additional flavor of raw onion plus shredded lettuce is just the thing you need.

Maine — The Palace Diner

After making multiple purchases, customers discovered that perhaps the Big Mac was more appealing in theory than it actually was. Although some eateries attempt to match the Big Mac, the Palace Diner at Biddeford offers a special range of offerings that go beyond the standard McDonald’s fare.

Palacediner / Instagram

Two perfectly sized smashed burgers, chopped lettuce, cheddar, a secret sauce, pickles, plus toasted sesame seed buns are included in each order. One costs the same as 3 to 4 Big Macs, but you’ll want more after tasting the local cuisine.

Maryland — The Hamilton Tavern

The finest taverns/bars/pubs may be found in Maryland. The Hamilton Tavern in Baltimore is among the top locations to go for your favorite beer and a cheeseburger supper. You are presented with a delectable burger with a special recipe plus resources gathered locally.

Hamiltontavern / Instagram

Freshly baked sesame buns with freshly cut fries on the side are available for serving with organic Roseda Farms meat. Due to the addition of chopped iceberg lettuce, crispy cheddar cheese, plus slices of red onion, the Crosstown Burger is regarded as the greatest by the majority of customers.

Massachusetts – Craigie on Main

Chef Tony Maws stated that his objective was to make the greatest burgers required by the business rather than attempting to please everyone. For a superior taste, Craigie on Main uses the finest buns from Clear Flour Bakery. This is an institution for Bostonians.

Craigieonmaine / Instagram

When over half of Boston came to try the hamburgers and left happy, Craigie on Main solidified its position as the premier burger hotspot. The establishment has continued to serve only burgers made with locally sourced grass-fed beef, red onions, lettuce, with homemade ketchup.

Michigan — Motz Burgers

There are many specialty burger eateries in Detroit that cater to the entire family with a variety of flavors and portions. The Motz Burgers, commonly known as Detroit’s Little Hungary, is among the most well-known restaurants for your favorite bite-sized burgers.

Motzburgers / Instagram

Just use the stainless-steel counter that’s adjacent to the grill to savor your burger or sit at one of the cozy chairs the restaurant offers. Observe as the chef presses freshly ground beef, caramelized onions, ketchup, plus mustard onto the grill to make the hamburger.

Minnesota — The Nook

Across the US, Jucy Lucy has become increasingly well-liked by customers of various ages, temperaments, and palates. Plan a trip to Minnesota for said cheese-stuffed burgers with delectable sides, most particularly at The Nook, for the excellent taste of the famous Jucy Lucy.

Thenook_ranhamlanes / Instagram

Juicy Lucy, also known as Juicy Nookie at the Nook, is a dish that perfectly combines creativity with wise component selections. The burger’s ingredients include meat of museum caliber, your choice of American or cheddar cheese, as well as a lovely bun that binds it all together.

Mississippi — Latham’s Hamburger Inn

As more people fought to survive the Great Depression, it sparked a variety of economic, cultural, and political conditions. The majority of burger manufacturers at the time used a great deal of filler, crusty bread crumbs, as well as less beef, leading to the invention of the slug burger.

Lathamshbinn / Instagram

More than 40 years later, slug burger eateries may be found throughout Mississippi. With crispy edges and the ideal amount of crunchy, Latham’s Hamburger Inn recreates the original pieces that were cooked in a cast-iron skillet and delivered on a griddled bun with your chosen toppings.

Missouri — Town Topic Hamburgers

Seeing your local deli close down as a result of circumstances outside your influence is tremendously upsetting. Visitors will be fortunate to explore Town Topic in Kansas City, an eatery that has been running since 1937 at a tiny cafe on 20th and Broadway.

dovecheek / Instagram

Town Topic is open all day every day. Fresh beef is used to make burgers, which are then generously topped with onions as well as the spices of your choice. Town Topic perseveres through numerous challenges while preserving the beautiful culture of a well-known burger town.

Montana — Wally & Buck

In Missoula, Kelsey and Travis Walnum began serving up hamburgers in a travel trailer in 2015 prior to actually settling into a permanent location downtown. Their newest restaurant, Wally & Buck, uses a fire grill to prepare the grass-fed beef that is native to the area.

Shannon Corsi / blog.glaciermt.com

Crispy cheddar, special house sauce, bacon jam, plus crunchy veggies are some of the toppings of Wally’s burgers. In Montana, brioche buns are a great vegan alternative including both vegetarians as well as carnivores since they go well with their bean burger.

Nebraska — Stella’s Bar & Grill

The greatest hamburgers in Nebraska can be found in Stella’s Bar & Grill in Bellevue. Its origins can be traced all the way back to the 1930s. It was founded by Estelle Francois Sullivan with her husband. They established a tradition of family and classic burger dishes.

Stellashamburgers / Instagram

Today, a fresh-ground beef burger weighing roughly 6.5 ounces gets hand-pressed to the cast iron grill at Stella’s Bar & Grill. Select from the triple-decker, double-decker, or traditional burger with toppings sandwiched between both the beef and a warm Italian bakery bun.

Nevada — Bazaar by Jose

Once you’ve tried a Bazaar Meat burger, you’ll be gushing to your friends and family about just how amazing they are. The eatery offers distinctive dry-aged steaks topped with lettuce, gloppy pub cheese, with shredded iceberg lettuce. Makes our mouths water. Mmhmm!

Bazaarbyjose / Instagram

The eatery recently launched pertinent modifications to their hamburgers in response to shifts in eating behaviors around the world caused by the pandemic. Each burger is presented on a flawless house-baked sesame bun and has a sizable patty that evenly divides brisket with wagyu short rib.

New Hampshire — Gilley’s Diner

At Gilley’s PM Lunch, New Hampshire particularly takes pride in its distinctive hamburgers. Before settling into its permanent home, it kept its reputation and efficiency as a top American restaurant since it was founded in Portsmouth in 1940. Though it’s known for its mobile operation by the Worchester Lunch Car Co.

Gilleysdiner / Instagram

Gilley’s PM Lunch enhances the establishment’s personality and worth by utilizing oak furnishings with antique ceramics. In addition to the hand-cut fries, one could request the burger with handmade baked beans and thick pieces of white bread buttered for dipping.

New Jersey — White Manna Hamburgers

Tiny eateries were a typical sight and a well-liked place to get processed food in the US a few decades earlier. White Manna, which continues to provide wholesome and delectable hamburgers, is one of the last remaining offspring of a 1939 expo.

whitemannahamburgers / Instagram

They promoted the potential of processed food in Hackensack, New Jersey. Rather than placing your order at the desk, you could collect it by the backdoor and go out. Freshly ground onions on top, ample quantities of cheese, and tiny potato rolls are all included with burgers.

New Mexico — The Pantry

Without the topping of roasted green chilies, the burger isn’t considered edible when visiting the enchanted state of New Mexico. For the finest of such burgers, go to The Pantry in Santa Fe (sources say that it is among Walter White’s favorite spots).

thepantrysantafe / Instagram

Since 1948, the famous diner has enhanced the surroundings and nearby tourist hotspots. Your burger is made of a substantial portion of ground beef that has been covered in pinto beans in a flour tortilla, then covered and topped with red chili and cheese.

New York — Peter Luger Steak House

Among the top steakhouses in the entire city of New York is known as Peter Luger Steak House. The greatest place for your upcoming meal is at Peter Luger if you think that the quantity and quality of the beef should really be considered when evaluating burgers.

peterlugersteakhouse / Instagram

Upwards of half a pound of excellent dry-aged beef is used in Peter Luger’s burgers, which are placed on sesame buns and topped with copious amounts of onions. Large pieces of beef are also included in the burgers, which enhances the smell as well as the flavor.

North Carolina — Brook’s Sandwich House

North Carolina is associated with livermush, a nose-to-tail unique creation of salty stinky loaf formed using pig’s liver as well as other residual parts from the slaughterhouse, which contrasts Pennsylvania’s scrapples, a sandwich filling, breakfast side, and dish with an acquired flavor.

Brookssandwichhouse / Instagram

Visit the Brooks’ Sandwich House in Charlotte for wonderfully grilled burgers as well as a dependable supply of the Livermush. Along with beef chili, onion, and mustard, each burger order also includes a piece of liver mush on top to enhance the flavor of every bite.

North Dakota — JL Beers

To lessen the negative impacts of alcohol on the body, consume meals while drinking your preferred alcoholic drink. Thankfully, places like JL Beers make sure that you can find high-quality hamburgers and beers below one roof. JL Beers continues to serve high-quality beer and burgers.

Jlbeerswest / Instagram

They do so across their various locations throughout the Twin Cities plus Sioux Falls. Every mouthful reveals that perhaps the burger is simply constructed of good beef on a bun. The burger has little sauce and pickles, fending off the madness of toppings.

Ohio — Zip’s Café of Cincinnati

Ohio has a long history of burgers and many burger enthusiasts. In drive bars, slider places, vintage drive-ins, and pubs, numerous enterprises in Zanesville, Akron, Toledo, Troy, and adjacent communities go above and beyond to preserve the passion for burgers.

Zipscafe / Instagram

Zip’s Café of Cincinnati has dominated the Ohio burger market with its use of fresh, regional products. Ground beef from a nearby butcher is used to make the burgers, which are then cooked on a flat top and then presented in local buns with classic accessories.

Oklahoma — Tucker’s Onion Burgers

The onion burger is yet another fantastic Great Depression-era remnant in the burger world. Due to the lack of protein and also the affordability of meat, onion burgers gained popularity. At the moment, Tucker’s Onion Burgers leads the listing of onion burger establishments in El Reno.

Tuckersonionburgersok / Instagram

You may discover the veggie side while everyone else battles for the beef burgers by trying one of Tucker’s Onion Burgers. The restaurant offers a modernized version with premium meat and vast quantities of onions for flavor. So why wait if you are in the area?

Oregon — Expatriate Cocktail Lounge

A hamburger frenzy that plagued Portland during the epidemic led to the invention of gourmet burger varieties and proportions. Clients are treated to an enticing fun-sized American Standard at the Expatriate Cocktail Lounge that is reminiscent of just what they used to make before the global pandemic.

Naomipormeroy / Instagram

The famous burgers can be purchased for as little as $18 for two four-ounce delights. Your burger is presented on a soft Vietnamese buttery roll from a nearby bakery, along with ketchup, mustard, onions, plus American cheese. Just reading this makes our mouths water.

Pennsylvania — Tessaro’s

Tessaro’s, a classic family pub in Pittsburgh, serves a number of the greatest hamburgers in Pennsylvania. The restaurant uses high-quality, locally available materials and ingredients in a special flattop plus chargrills combination to win over burger fans. Consider us won already.

_tessaros / Instagram

The owners have a butcher on staff, so they can get plenty of beef. Before being placed inside a tender, the freshly baked bun from a nearby bakery, every burger is meticulously pressed over regional hardwood embers. It can be further tailored to your requirements.

Rhode Island — Stanley’s

A then-recent Polish immigrant established Stanley’s in Central Falls during the Great Depression. Despite all changes, the restaurant managed to stay alive during the COVID-19 epidemic, the Great Depression, WWII, the car culture, as well as the change in consumer tastes.

katies.kravingsss / Instagram

Locals donated roughly $20,000 to save the shop from closing. This public support is evidence of their quality in order to continue enjoying their exceptional burgers. At Stanley’s, burgers are expertly pressed during cooking to offer each one a distinctive flavor.

South Carolina — Rockaway Athletic Club

You’ll have a ton of inquiries as to why pimento cheeseburgers aren’t offered in other states once you’ve tried one. South Carolina has earned a reputation as the greatest place to find pimento cheeseburgers due to the abundance of pimentos there.

Rockawayathleticclub / Instagram

You can get a pimento cheeseburger at Rockaway Athletic Club, which has a dash of spiciness through pimentos, sharp cheddar, with creamy mayo to go with the ground beef. Visitors can enjoy the establishment’s tranquil atmosphere and indoor-outdoor bar both during the day and at night.

South Dakota — Nick’s Hamburger Shop

Initially, the hamburgers at Nick’s Hamburger Shop might not seem like the top contender for South Dakota’s best burgers. Luckily, after you take a bite, you won’t be capable of judging books by their covers again but will be clamoring for more.

605magazine / Instagram

For just about a century, Nick’s has provided Brookings with many more amazing burgers. The unassuming burgers are garnished with onion relish and pickles made using mustard after being sautéed in beef tallow and delivered on a delectable bread. The flavors more than make up for everything else.

Tennesse — Earnestine & Hazel’s

Earnestine & Hazel’s has provided locals and visitors to Memphis with high-quality burgers and a distinctive bars and clubs experience for a very long time. The long-time proprietors made a vow not to alter the brand, location, or menu before selling the business.

ilovememphisblog / Instagram

Earnestine & Hazel’s offers a wide variety of visitors and tales because of its long record as a jazz club and bordello well before the 1990s. If you’re debating on what you order, you can’t go wrong with a Soul Burger topped with cheese, grilled onions, pickles, plus mustard.

Texas — Perini Ranch Steakhouse

To make food that met his standards, Tom Perini built an eatery at Perini Ranch some 40 years ago. Many customers have come to the property to sample the mouthwatering steaks barbecued over mesquite fires. Perini Ranch Steakhouse is quite famous for its Ranch Burgers.

Periniranch / Instagram

The burgers are made using 100% ground chuck that has been manually patted, grilled, and expertly flavored. For a unique flavor, each Ranch Burger has grilled mushrooms, cheddar, fresh jalapenos, plus onions. Mix and mash them together and the next stop is flavor heaven.

Utah — Crown Burgers

Pastrami burgers are said to have originated in both Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. According to earlier accounts, Los Angeles may very well have created this beauty, although Salt Lake City maintains the modernized version after the Crown Burger’s debut in the 1980s.

Revciancio / Instagram

A pastrami burger became known as Salt Lake City’s most famous food when its recipe was perfected in the 1980s. It has a quarter pound of pastrami on top, a quarter pound of beef that has been grilled and topped with cheese, along with a copious amount of fry sauce.

Vermont — Prohibition Pig

The Jefferson burgers and barbecue at Prohibition Pig are among the state of Vermont’s best. Because of a mix of distinctive techniques and high-quality products, Prohibition Pig is probably going to continue to be the best burger restaurant in the area.

Prohibitionpig / Instagram

The burgers at Prohibition Pig are prepared using the art of cooking and garnished with just a pimento cheese fritter and heirloom tomato relish. Pickles, ketchup, mustard, and other condiments can be used to enhance the flavor of your burgers, or you can choose a plain patty.

Virginia — Texas Tavern

One might shrug off the restaurant and head to another nearby hamburger spot once they learn that the next beloved burger is offered at a bar. Texas Tavern has served clients in Roanoke with high-quality service and cuisine for more than nine decades.

Texastavern / Instagram

For $3, you can have chili dogs and Cheesy Westerns, which are cheeseburgers with fried eggs. Onions, pickles, and sweet relish are also included in the hamburger. Men, kids, and women eat well at Texas Tavern, according to the sign on the front door.

Washington — Dick’s Drive-In

Burgers may be found easily in flashy steakhouses and quiet neighborhood taverns in the majority of Seattle neighborhoods. Nevertheless, several individuals will concur that Dick’s Drive-In is the finest place to go for reasonably priced, reasonably sized hamburgers. Say no more!

dicksdrivein / Instagram

Along with the mouthwatering burgers, you may have cutting-edge milkshakes and top-notch, perfectly seasoned fries. Each burger is created with freshly ground beef that has been grilled to perfection and is served on daily prepared buns from a nearby bakery. Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked buns.

West Virginia — Jim’s Drive-In

Visitors and residents visiting and in Greenbrier County frequently visit Lewisburg’s Jim’s Drive-In. It boasts a near 50-year existence, is well-regarded, and is a favorite among the locals. Here, visitors may get the best entertainment and food available. You had us at best food!

Jimsdrivein / Instagram

Superb slaw dogs, outstanding shakes, and top-notch burgers are served to customers at Jim’s Drive-In. Every burger is made with hand-formed patties that are finished with excellent charring. To enhance each bite of the standard burger special, add onions, cheese, tomato, plus lettuce.

Wisconsin — Solly’s Grille

How else would one realize if one were in the ideal steakhouse, such as Milwaukee’s Solly’s Grille? The majority of people contend that the dry-aged ribeye should be served crackling in accordance with the look of rich butter flowing into the marbled portions of beef.

Sollysgrille / Instagram

So, there is absolutely no reason to be shocked at this view. The burgers at Solly’s Grille are made with a quarter pound of sirloin from a nearby butcher, a puddle of salty Wisconsin butter, and mouthwatering stewed house onions. 

Wyoming — Grub’s Drive-In

In the 1960s, social standards were constantly changing and being readjusted in Harlem. Entrepreneurs like Nick Skorup benefited from the modifications by opening Grub’s Drive-in to provide food to the Harlem Globetrotters so that they would have quick access to it.

Grubsdrivein / Instagram

By serving people from various walks of life, including starving employees, the young, the old, and lovers, the restaurant learned some survival skills for the following decades. The restaurant still serves cheeseburgers made according to Skorup’s recipe, with the Shamrock being its signature dish.