Get A Kick Out Of 40 Goal-Scoring Soccer Memes

By Israel O

Undoubtedly, soccer is one of the most widely watched and followed sports on the planet. Over the years, soccer has provided social, economic, and several societal benefits. It has also proven to be a source of fun and humor. Because soccer players often do not mind the presence of a camera while playing, they’ve ended up making several intentional and unintentional faces and body contortions. Consequently, these innocent and harmless gestures have been used by internet-savvy people to create funny memes. These memes give us continual fun and entertainment from our favorite sport, even when it isn’t the season. Today, we have put together 40 hilarious soccer memes that will crack your ribs with a good laugh. Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

Hard men also cry

It seems we’re looking at the Brazilian maestro Thiago Silva rolling on the floor. Only a few things like a rough tackle can make a grown man yell in pain like this. However, it is not uncommon to see some players fake it.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/A.RICARDO

We think that someone must have given the Brazilian captain a real and painful hit since he has no notable history of diving. However, his reaction, especially targeting the camera, might have won his team a favor from the referee. 

Love from the other side

Undoubtedly, soccer is more than a game. Over the course of history, it has proven to be a source of fun and love on and off the pitch. It preaches the spirit of togetherness and professionalism at the same time. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/A.RICARDO

This is Lionel Messi, and his gesture really fits a normal person’s reaction to seeing a sad bestie. We love how serious he is about showing love to his fans. This is the most aggressive “I love you” we’ve ever seen.

Angels among men

A good soccer player must possess several skills to set himself apart from the rest. An example of such a skill is jumping. Players like Christiano Ronaldo are known to have exceptional jumping skills that save a game any day.  

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/A.Ricardo

This player is not Ronaldo, but his jumping ability can’t be questioned. He rose so high we almost thought he could fly like an angel. His passion and doggedness on the ball are enviable. Let’s hope that the effort counts in future matches.

Vampire diaries

Many people believe that the existence of vampires is a myth. We’re not here to argue about that, but it is obvious that some humans love to bite. Even more bizarre is that some of these humans are professional soccer players. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/AGIF

This is Luis Suarez, the Uruguayan maestro. Over the course of his illustrious career, he has been accused of biting fellow players on a few occasions. From the picture, it looks like he is making his favorite hobby known to everyone.

A mother’s praise

Mothers are one of the best gifts we’ve been given. They never outgrow their jobs as mothers, nor do they stop being caring and supportive. This is not an exposé about mothers, but Neymar’s reaction looks like he got a compliment from his mom.  

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Alizada Studios

Undoubtedly, the Paris Saint Germain and Brazilian star is among the most handsome players in the world, and anyway, who can refute a mother’s claim? In reality, the picture might just be one of his celebrations or gestures after a goal. But his mom probably does say this.

Any last words?

Soccer and aerial duels go hand in hand. It’s either due to a goal kick where you’ll see almost every player at the receiving end trying to win the aerial duel. Other times, it occurs from a corner kick or a simple long ball. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Anatolin Redzin

Here, we are unsure what caused the duel, but the player in the middle looks like he has some score to settle. It’s normal to distort one’s face in a situation like this, but these players’ faces make a serious statement. 

A lonely master

Anyone that has been the last one at practice at one time or another must know the dreary feeling that accompanies the experience. It makes you look clueless and feel lonely no matter what happened before. You could be the most popular one on the team and still feel like a loser.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Andre MA

Lionel Messi’s look here beautifully depicts the face of the last man standing at practice. His mom definitely didn’t forget to pick him up, but we have the feeling that the referee was apprehending him for a foul he might not have committed. 

The game of tactics

This picture shows the starting eleven of Germany, Italy, and Portugal from top to bottom. Over the years, each team’s tactics and playing style have become obvious to many football enthusiasts across the world. The Germans are known to attack from the beginning till the final whistle.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Anton_Ivanov, Marco Iacobucci Epp, Vitalii Vitleo

On the other hand, the Italians have a thing for defending till the last minute. Lastly, the Portuguese have been depicted to rely on the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, Ronaldo, for their victory. Either way, the goal is to bring out a win. 

Nice footwork

Women’s soccer is getting more attention now more than ever. However, we’re not sure what this picture depicts is the right publicity for the game. These two players seem to be playing with each other’s legs rather than the ball. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Mikolaj Barbanell

The situation looks like a typical striker-defender scenario. It seems the offending player intends to whip in a cross into the opponent’s box, but the defender took a bold step to clear both the player and the ball. These are classic soccer expressions.

Priceless gem

The transfer window in various leagues and countries have seen several enormous transactions between clubs. Usually, the best players in the world get sold at exorbitant amounts. Here, we can see a comparison of various star player prices.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Anton_Ivanov, Ververidis Vasilis

Suarez was sold for seventy-five million dollars. His counterpart at Madrid, Bale, was sold for eighty-five million dollars. Ronaldo was sold for eighty million dollars, while the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner was sold for free to the French league. 

Oh honey!

Soccer stars are usually known to possess exotic things from cars to homes and girlfriends. This is not far-fetched as the enormous weekly wage that these stars take home is more than enough to cater to their needs and wants.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/bestino

Here, Gareth Bale gives us a look that comes right after you see your girl’s unexpected outfit at your game. The reaction suggests that it might be an impressive outfit that you can’t believe your eyes and it can also be something you aren’t proud of. Only he knows!

Lionel Neeson

This is not a scene from Taken or any of Liam Neeson’s movies. It’s merely one of the best players to grace the game trying to issue a warning to every record holder in professional soccer. We all know that things get ugly real fast whenever we hear that bone-chilling phrase from Liam. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Christian Bertrand

Apparently, the threat isn’t an empty one. He has successfully broken several records at home and abroad, which has comfortably placed him among the greatest players in the history of soccer. Who knows if an eighth Ballon d’Or is in the works?

A headless affair

It is no hidden fact that the Barcelona team enjoyed long-term dominance in Spain and Europe. Their success was largely attributed to the presence of Lionel Messi. Since the playmaker departed from Spain, Barcelona has certainly not had it easy. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Christian Bertrand

Here, the team is celebrating one of its goals in the absence of its legend. However, we could observe something bizarre in the picture. One of the players, most likely Ansu Fati, seems to have lost much of his body during the celebration. 

The dancing playmaker

This is an aerial duel between Anthony Martial and Christian Eriksson. While Martial looks like he was suspended mid-air, his counterpart looks like his favorite song came on at that moment. However, we’re sure both are keenly fighting for the ball.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Cosmin Iftode

While we’re sure that the Tottenham playmaker isn’t dancing, the picture says differently. The fact that Paul Pogba stood like he was watching the Tottenham playmaker’s dance moves also proves our point. Let’s hope Eriksson’s team didn’t have to face the music afterward. 

The greatest of all time

The argument on the greatest player of all time is always a hot topic of discussion among soccer enthusiasts. The argument almost died down recently following Lionel Messi’s seventh Ballon d’Or win. It’s kind of a no-brainer if you can be objective.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Ververidis Vasilis

The Argentine has set himself apart from the rest of the soccer world several times. This picture is one of his numerous goal celebration scenes. It looks like he is being humble with his prowess, but he can’t help punishing his opponents. 

No music like flamenco

People derive joy from all kinds of different activities. For some people, it is playing soccer all day long, and for others, it is flamenco. Flamenco is a unique art form based on several musical traditions from southern Spain. Its fans are quite dedicated.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Cosmin Iftode

Flamenco has no regard for job obligations or demands. When the music is on, everything else becomes secondary. We can assume that this was these players’ creed at the time this picture was taken. Let’s hope that their team came out on top at the end. 

No, you didn’t do that!

This is Maurizio Sarri, one of Chelsea’s former coaches, giving us a reaction that a person gives when someone does something daring. It might be that his players did something audacious at that moment, but the resemblance can’t be denied. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Cosmin Iftode

He also looked like a decision was made against his team. Either way, it is not uncommon to see an unintentional wrong decision in soccer or a player going against instructions. The aim is to win and make meme-worthy faces. 

Shaolin soccer

This is a keeper that is trying to keep the ball away at all costs. That is his sole job, and he would do anything to make it a success. Coincidentally, his jump makes him look like he is in a kung fu match. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/mooinblack

His antics made us remember the famous Shaolin soccer movie that gave us an entertaining combination of soccer and Kung Fu. We’re glad the offending player protected his face from the impending attack, and we bet the effort led to a goal. 

Who wants Pizza

Only a few scenes bring as much joy as the arrival of pizza. It’s a snack that fits almost every occasion, whether you wish to party or relax. The happiness on these players’ faces perfectly depicts what happens when the delivery comes around. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Cristiano Barni

This scene here is one of Ronaldo’s unforgettable moments in Turin. It looks like the five-time Ballon d’Or winner or one of his teammates scored a goal, and they were all basking in its glory. Goals, pizza – they both spark joy.

A maestro for life

No one has ever disputed lionel Messi’s illustrious career as a soccer player. He’s enjoyed tremendous club success at Barcelona, winning several individual and team awards during his time in Spain. As a matter of fact, many even regard him as the best player of all time.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Christian Bertrand

In this picture, the maestro looks like he is giving a ted talk about his time on the pitch. The geeky look with which he destroys his opponents is the same he wears here, but his message is clear. Scoring one goal in a match isn’t that interesting for him anymore. 

Spilling the tea

Everyone knows this gesture, especially when you have to plan secretly with your bestie among a group of people. While it is obvious to everyone at the moment that you and your bestie are up to something, the details of the conversation aren’t. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/D. Ribeiro

This gesture is very common among soccer players. It might be a player telling another player what to do in certain situations or someone passing the coach’s instructions to other team members. Either way, the details of the conversation aren’t for everyone on the pitch. 

Do not invoke that name!

Many of us likely have affectionate nicknames that our family members use. It’s like they’ve forgotten our real names. On the other hand, we are familiar with the shock that accompanies being called by one’s full name, especially when the person saying it is our mom.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/daykung

It happens rarely, and it always strikes fear into our hearts. Either you’re in trouble, or you are about to be rewarded. Just kidding – it’s never the latter. Whenever you hear your mom yelling your full name, run as fast as a soccer player.

An extraterrestrial being

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has earned a name for himself as one of the best strikers to ever grace the game and as one of the most unique players in history. The former Manchester United forward never ceases to amaze his fans.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Fabrizio Andrea Bertani

On and off the pitch, his statements are always unique and funny. He once claimed he was not human, and here, he seems to be donating his salary to himself. It seems the man is always fun even when he is not trying. 

When mom agrees to a sleepover

Joy knows no bounds when your friends come around and your mom agrees to a sleepover. It’s pure happiness since you know that fun is guaranteed all night. These players’ faces and reactions bring back those memories and make us smile.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/feelphoto

Apparently, the picture depicts some players celebrating after scoring a crucial goal. The joy after scoring a goal compares well with your mom agreeing to a sleepover with your friends, and we are pretty sure these guys had a fun get-together after the match. 

Oh, what have I done?

This image depicts a classic disappointment scene in soccer. Disappointment can result from various things. It might be due to a player missing a crucial goal or the team dropping out of competition. We’ve seen grown men cry in some of these instances.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Iurii Osadchi

However, the disappointment that accompanies forgetting your leftovers at the restaurant compares well with that of kissing a crucial penalty kick. The pain becomes this intense when you realize how much food you lost due to your own silly forgetfulness. 

Survival of the fittest

This player is struggling to get the ball from Lionel Messi. The maestro seems to have gotten past his opponent, but the spirit of sportsmanship won’t allow the defender to give up. He is ensuring that he puts up a fight till the end. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Jose Breton

Another scenario that can compare to what’s going on here is when you have to fight for the last piece of pizza with your brother. It is simply a “survival of the fittest” situation where the toughest goes home victorious.

Very bad timing

Dribblers know the disappointing feeling that comes with a dangling lace. They will simply have no choice but to stop the trick to attend to the boot. If you risk continuing like that, the shoe might come flying off altogether.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Jose Breton

As a soccer player, boots are one of the most vital accessories for a successful game. They must be well laced with an appropriately sized shin guard. Apart from the protection that this offers, it also enables the player to enjoy the game without worrying about slipping. 

Players and their bosses

Here is a typical “when the boss is looking vs. when the boss isn’t looking” situation. The coach is the boss when it comes to arranging the team and giving instructions or tactics. He is also responsible for the team’s success on and off the pitch. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Review News and Celso Pupo

When the boss is looking, the player looks lethargic and ready to take a rest due to feigning tiredness. However, the player looks energetic and enthusiastic when the boss isn’t looking. Besides, we think that the player on each side of the picture just had the drink in the respective background. 

I found it!

As a professional soccer player, certain accessories are a must during a match. One of these is a shin guard. It protects the player’s leg from ruthless tackles and injuries. Wearing a shin guard also makes it easy to defend against strikers.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/viewimage

The joy of finding a missing shin guard, especially if it is a favorite, is immense. It’s like finding your missing house keys after being stranded for hours. It makes the feeling of security and confidence come back at once. 

The joy in soccer

In the olden days, people didn’t make much out of being professional soccer players. They have become one of the richest and most accomplished professionals out there in recent times. A lot of factors contributed to this paradigm shift. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Koonsiri Boonnak

One of the factors that contributed to soccer’s rapid transformation is commercialization and regulation. Regulatory bodies made it formal through a set of rules and codes. In turn, soccer players can kick balls for fun and make a good living out of it. 

This is what players go through

Professional soccer players know the demands and cost of following tactical instructions. Sometimes, the instructions sit well with the players, and things go smoothly. But other times, the players wish they had no coach. Either way, coaches always have the final say. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/sportoakimirka

Here, Ronaldo looks like someone took his last piece of cookie. It might have been his reaction to a wasted assist, or perhaps, his shot went wide. It could also be that his coach instructed him to pass the ball, but he didn’t feel like it. 

Mom, don’t listen

Sibling fights are very peculiar. You will fight over extremely silly things only to bounce back with smiles and jokes. However, it gets really tense when your mom comes in during the fight as the person on top will have to explain and defend themselves. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Leonard Zhukovsky

Every player’s first instinct when they foul a player is to approach the referee with a pitiful face or a sense of denial. This reaction is usually in a bid to avoid a booking or make the punishment light. However, most players get booked anyway. 

A bad day at the office 

We doubt professional soccer players keep a diary of their exploits on the pitch since they have to play every other day. If they do, they would have to keep voluminous diaries to keep up with everything that happens on the pitch.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/ Marco Iacobucci Epp

This is Eden Hazard, the former Chelsea winger. He had an illustrious and successful spell with the English side. However, things turned sour for the Belgian when he moved to Real Madrid. The picture makes a perfect representation of this time his career.

When you can’t help it

We’ve seen many hilarious soccer memes, but have you ever thought if they were intentional?  Of course, a large percentage of these memes are unintentional poses that coincided with the cameraman’s timely shoot. However, some players seem to do them intentionally.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley

Here’s Christiano Ronaldo and his meme-ready facial expression. The face the Manchester United and Real Madrid legend was making in this shot was probably unintentional, but the cameraman had other ideas. It seems the man can’t stop scoring and inspiring memes. 

A rare invitation

When the legend invites you, you have no choice but to accept. Almost everyone will jump at once at an invitation to play soccer with Lionel Messi. Apart from the joy that comes with seeing the star in the flesh, you also will have a chance to see him perform his magic live.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Maxisport

However, we doubt that this is a real invitation. The seven-time Ballon d’Or winner was probably making one of his stereotypical celebration poses after a goal. Coincidentally, people made it into something more interesting than the original intention. Messi is the most meme-worthy of all players.

Give it back!

Here is one of Manchester United’s players being pursued by an opponent who is making it look like the ball is his birthright. We doubt that he brought the ball to the pitch, but his countenance sure does suggest otherwise.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/MDI

This scene makes us remember childhood fights where someone has to struggle to get their stuff back from their friend. These players aren’t children, and we doubt that they are friends on the pitch, but that’s indeed what we think of when we see this.

Call for help

The horror and helplessness on the faces of many defenders are usually obvious when they see Lionel Messi approaching them. During his years at Barcelona, he had the reputation of striking fear into the hearts of all of his opponents. 

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Mikolaj Barbanell

In some other instances, he humiliates defenders with dribbles and insane body movements. This is Sergio Ramos, a talented veteran defender being used as the poster boy for defenders who get scared when sighting Lionel Messi. His face says it all. 

Remind me, boss

Who forgets the most basic aspect of their job? Definitely not Lewandowski, the veteran Polish striker. He has built a reputation for himself as one of the best poachers and goalscorers in history. However, this meme makes a hilarious joke.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Mikolaj Barbanell

He looks like he has forgotten his coach’s instructions. To be fair, coaches give their players myriads of tactical instructions before and during a match. Sometimes, the players might have to ask again or act based on their own discretion. 

Ugh, the worst

Here’s a mom that doesn’t know the difference between an American football and a soccer ball. She might also be giving her son a sarcastic response like many moms do. But we also know this is playing on the classic exchange: “can we get McDonald’s?” “No, we have food at home.”

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Sergey Nivens and Iurii Kachkovskyi

This is a play on the term “football,” of course. While the majority of the planet refers to soccer as football, what you see at the bottom is what Americans think of. This is a pretty sick burn if you ask us!

Congratulations on your success

The job of a referee is not as simple as many people think. They have to run up and down the pitch like the players throughout the game without any hope of being substituted due to fatigue. They also get all the hate.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock/Vlad1988

They have to ensure that the game is coordinated and fair. Like it or not, they are necessary. Becoming a professional referee involves more than knowing how to touch your ankles, but many fans out there might disagree with that.