Call It Luck Or Fate: 40+ Times People Wore The Right Shirt

By Aileen D July 10, 2022

How do you know you’re destined to be where you are at this very moment, reading this line of text, and later on, browsing through the post? There are signs. You could call them coincidences. Others may call it deja vu. Whatever name you call it by, it’s the universe telling you you’re on the right path and are exactly where you are meant to be. These folks received the cosmos’ message as they absentmindedly chose a shirt to wear for the day. They combed their hair and laced their shoes. Their fingers clasped the satchel, and their hands nudged the door open. Throughout the day, they met people who had both received and sent the destined message. Wonder what the message had been? Read on!

Who’s Next In Line?

When this guy bought his shirt, he thought it was a pretty cool design to wear. After all, how often do you see stellar designs on shirts? He hadn’t counted on seeing his sleeves on someone else’s shirt. He hesitated. Should he let someone go first to cover the fashion faux pas?

Image Courtesy of CXV / Reddit

Ah, never mind. I’ll just deal with this cosmic coincidence. So he marched in line and patiently waited for his name to be called. He had always wondered why the sleeves were black. After all, the front and back had been the same design. Then, he met this man at his college.

Patient’s Problems: Ignores Warnings

The hem of the doctor’s coat slapped against his thigh. Everyone in the room was called to attention. What is it that brings you to my office? The doctor clicks his pen and thumbs through the chart. He raises his eyebrows to look at the kid before him. His gaze falls to his shirt. Should we reset factory settings?

Image Courtesy of Denver Patton / Instagram

The kid blinks, whereas his mum bursts out laughing. Oh, it’s just a minor sprain, nothing rest and compression can’t cure. I don’t have to know what it is that you had done prior, just that you keep from doing it again. Is that clear? The kid nods. The doctor isn’t swayed. Should I expect you this time next month with a cast on the other hand?

Me Want Cookie!

Bits and pieces of chocolate chips are stuck to his fur. His fingers are caked with dough. And the only sound you hear from him is the smacking of his lips. Om nom. This monster has gone through half a dozen boxes of cookies. Just what does he wash the sweet treats down with?

Image Courtesy of norcal 530 / Imgur

Energy drinks, Red Bull and Vodka. But this night, the Cookie Monster had ordered a whiskey on the rocks. That’s a sure way to get buzzed quicker. But you have to admit; carbs only taste good if you wash them down with carbs too! He reaches for another cookie from the box and gobbles it down.

Who’s Counting?

After a night out with friends, this man walked to the bus stop to head home. The evening had gone as it always had – quick catchup, some jokes, and a pitcher of beer. It was just your typical Saturday night. But not for long. About 10 meters away from the bus sign, his walk neared to a stop. Maybe I should take a cab.

Image Courtesy of superfab 96 / Reddit

You can see the distaste in his eyes. Four. Four people wearing the same shirt design who happened to wait at the same bus stop. The driver looked them over. And as the last of them tapped their card, the driver craned to ask what did I miss out on?

When The Odds Are In Your Favor

This woman was on her way to meet a friend. She was only a couple of blocks away from the cafe. She saw a group of women huddling by the side of the street. Their faces were ridden with anticipation and excitement. Then Moriarty turned around.

Image Courtesy of dwim back / Reddit

What are the odds that she would meet the most villainous actor who played Moriarty? She couldn’t let this chance encounter pass. She made her way through the crowd. Her shirt had been her golden ticket. All she had to do was stretch it taut, and the crowd parted like the Red Sea. Even Andrew Scott couldn’t turn her down.

Boys Being Boys

These folks had just gotten a new boat. It didn’t matter if it was small. This pleasure craft could carry a cooler of beer and fishing gear. It can plow through the water at 60mph. But this duo wanted to see if they can go past that. They decided to test its max speed.

Image Courtesy of Billy 7788 / REddit

No s***, mister. Had it occurred to you to test the speed on the river? If cars slow down at a turn or make a sharp drift to avoid the curb, then the same holds true for boats in backwater swamps. Well, it’s not too late for you to buy a drag boat for racing. We’ll chalk this to muddy experience.

Why Kiss Isn’t A Metal Band

There are many people who claim that Kiss isn’t a metal band. What superstar puts on makeup for a show instead of coming on stage as themselves? Their performance seems almost theatric, and some of their songs fall within the pop genre. It also doesn’t help that the lead, Gene Simmons had a pictorial looking like this.

Image Courtesy of Robertino Loreti / Reddit

That’s probably one of the most unexpected things we could expect from hard metal rockstars -licking a three-scoop ice cream. Nonetheless, Kiss is a legend of its own. Thanks to Heaven’s On Fire, Beth, and Rock and Roll all Nite, Kiss will always be a part of every music enthusiast’s playlist.

We’re Having Our Shirts Customized

After seeing this picture, we’re going to have most of our shirts customized. We would place the names of our favorite scientists, tech CEOs, and film directors, just like this man did. He had manifested meeting Steven Spielberg. And it worked!

Image Courtesy of Carlos – 7 / Reddit

So, who would you want to meet, and what would you say to this person? While manifesting that meet-up, imagine every single detail into being. And believe in it with sheer emotion. The brain will start to believe this “chance encounter” as a reality in the near future.

Warning Sign Walking Ahead

It had been an uneventful Monday morning when these drivers were greeted with safety signs. There had been road construction up ahead. Some buzzed their horns, while others rested their elbows on the side of the door. It seemed like one of those signs was blinking in daylight. How could that be?

Image courtesy of smooth hookah / Reddit

Reddit user smoothhookah couldn’t help but stifle a laugh. She put a hand to her mouth and pointed at the man. Seems pretty ironic. Whereas safety signs are meant to catch your attention, this attire had been able to hide this man in plain sight. Well, at least that made her day.

Uhm, No.

In class, these two couldn’t keep themselves from having a conversation with one another. It was the only way for them to keep from getting some shuteye. It was Physics – so what should you expect? Eventually, one of them dared the other to walk out of class. The other retorted by saying can you walk the walk?

Image Courtesy of hardonchairs / Reddit

It wouldn’t be okay for the other to interrupt the professor. But being the skydiving risk-taker, he did eventually. He hadn’t been called out. How had he done it? Well, with the professor’s back turned to the class. Swear, everyone in the room thought he was too fly for school.

Can I Get a Refill of Droppings?

At first glance, you may want to retch at this t-shirt design. After all, mornings are best with us hearing birds chirp rather than seeing them poop. But this hadn’t been a company design. In fact, you might want a refill of that “bird dropping.” It was simply coffee.

Image Courtesy of Journey Ranger

Can we have a cup of that with cream and sugar, please? You nudge your cup towards the edge of this woman’s shirt. Maybe that bird will deliver another dropping. Let’s hope it does so soon. You have to go to work in an hour. Try chirping back to it. That might do the trick.

Is It Made of Plastic Too?

We have always known that Ken dolls have great taste in fashion. After all, they were made to fit Barbie’s dreamhouse lifestyle. But how do you think this man felt when he found out that he was sporting the same clothes as this plastic Fashionista doll?

Image Courtesy of Bright Side Me

He probably wasn’t too pleased. From the shirt to the shorts, he and this doll seem to have the same taste in clothes. To be honest, we wouldn’t mind that he had taken inspiration from it. But there is one question on our minds – is he made of plastic too?

Why Some Guys Have No Luck

Ever wondered why some guys seem to have all the luck when it comes to dating? Apart from confidence, it might be because they are good listeners. They can read into what a woman is saying. And they probably don’t come to the table looking like this.

Image Courtesy of Twenty Two Words

That’s three guys, three guys who had coincidentally worn the same long-sleeve design to a date! Hope the women they were eating with hadn’t worn the same items of clothing either. Otherwise, we’re going to start thinking that it had been a group date all along.

Off To Mess With Locals

One of the best things to do when visiting a new locale is to navigate the city or town with a map. If you get hungry, then dine out. Try something new. And for Pete’s sake, take as many pictures of the place as you can. Annoy local visitors like this guy did.

Image courtesy of Elite Readers

Any travel isn’t complete without irritating a few locals. It makes for a better story to tell your friends when you come home. Heighten the laughter and make those pictures more memorable with picture descriptions of what had gone wrong. If any, they might want to book a trip to the area too!

Meee-How Is That Possible?

Being an introvert, this woman keeps to herself most of the time. She spends her waking moments daydreaming or looking out the window during class. It’s not like she has much to learn anyway. She has already read the book in its entirety. And being an introvert, she has a close set of friends – felines, most of them!

Image Courtesy of Everyday Koala

No wonder these two are joined by the hip. They have nearly the same taste in music, guys, movies, and books. They can finish each other’s sentences. And they know how to comfort each other without having to say a word. Their very presence is enough to put the other at ease.

Got The Building Repainted

Clients were sad to learn that this hotel was closing indefinitely since it had to undergo construction. Some of the room’s fixtures had to be replaced. Management was hoping to resume services quickly. Fortunately, they were able to do so within the year. Clients were shocked and pleased at the changes the rooms had undergone. Management had even gone so far as repainting the entire floor.

Image Courtesy of Twenty Two Words

With it was this woman. She holds her tee gingerly by the shoulders. Management mustn’t have noticed that she was staying in one of the rooms. They had been able to run paint all over her body. Reckon she got a discount because of this faux pas?

Surviving A Fallout

Role-playing turned into a version of reality when this guy survived the fallout. There had been a war between the superpowers. Fortunately, he and his doggo had been living miles away from where the enemy had dropped the bomb.

Image Courtesy of Awesome Inventions

You can do it! This puppy nudges his master to remind him he can do whatever it is he puts his mind to. Now, we’re accustomed to seeing Vault Boy with his thumbs up, but we wouldn’t be able to resist petting this furball either.

Another One of His Kryptonite’s

Superman may well be the most powerful man on Earth. He has got x-ray vision, cold breath, super-speed, godlike strength, and a great jawline. But like us, he has also got some weaknesses. No, it’s not just Kryptonite. It’s also diehard Superman fans.

Image courtesy of

From the looks on his face, it doesn’t seem like Christopher Reeves enjoyed seeing someone else wear his bodysuit. We understand – hygiene reasons. This man is lucky he wasn’t zapped into bits for wearing the attire to dinner. It’s best that he stick to the coat and tie.

Looks Like We Need Glasses

We absolutely hate it when grandmum loses her eyeglasses. It’s not like she meant to. But we often find them in the oddest places – the laundry room, the cupboards, and once, inside the microwave! To keep from getting angry, we humor ourselves. This odd day, the joke had been on us. It’s like we were seeing doubles.

Image Courtesy of Thought Catalog

Maybe we needed those glasses all along. We couldn’t help but look twice just to make sure. From the shirt to the build and the pants, these two women have managed to rock the same attire to the market. It’s a good thing that one had brought a produce bag, otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference.

I. Am. The Nice. Thing.

Parenting can be tough. You spend your waking hours looking after your kid and cleaning up after them, only to stay up all night in case they lose their blankie or need a diaper change. Had we mentioned that kids are actually pretty expensive to keep around? Diapers, milk formula, broken LCD TVs, you name it!

Image Courtesy of Awesome Inventions

In this case, it had been mum’s favorite shade of lipstick. He might have made a crayon out of it. So this is why mommy loves it so much!, He paints his dream car – a Lamborghini Aventador Coupe! Next off, he rubs the tube all over his face. Red lipsticks are such a great way to catch someone’s attention.

I’m the Dude

Okay, so you’re a Lebowski. I’m a Lebowski. That’s terrific. But we’re all very busy, so what can I do for you, sir? This guy lowers his eyeglasses and looks you over. Oh, just give me a few seconds of your attention. And I’ll be on my way.

Image Courtesy of Twenty Two Words

In case you’re wondering, that’s his normal attire on weekends and weekdays. He hadn’t meant to dress like “The Dude” Lebowski. In fact, we might have even mistaken him for Jeff Bridges. He has got the build, the height, and the undeniable charisma.

Crashing The Party

Now, this is a party we would love to crash. All you need to do is bring milk jugs, your favorite shades, and some pj’s. Fluff the pillows and choose the most comfortable couch in the house. We are going to rock this party all night! Say, did anyone manage to bring an eye mask?

Image Courtesy of Buzz Fuse

Talk about priorities, right? This man seems to understand them! To be fair, you can’t blame any regular employee who works a 12 to 18-hour shift. It seems like going to this party is the best way to reward yourself after a long, stressful day.

Paying Homage to The Dude

If you had run into an A-list celebrity, bet you wouldn’t be able to keep your cool. This man tried to channel his inner “Dude” but ended up raving over Jeff Bridges. To be fair, we’re avid fans of The Big Lebowski. We would recommend this cult classic movie to anyone, especially those who haven’t watched it.

Image Courtesy of Live About

If only every movie were made by the Coen brothers, then there would be a list of successful parodies about films and our American culture . One of the things that makes this movie great is the fact that they had Jeff Bridges say “man” over a hundred times in the movie. That is nearly twice every minute!

Hadn’t Thought This Over

These two guys were minding their own business when they heard the police siren nearing the pick-up truck. The driver looked at the officer from his rearview mirror and then drove to a stop. He asked the latter, what can I do for you today, Officer? The police nodded over to the man sitting in the back. Guess you hadn’t thought this one through.

Image Courtesy of Drive Safe Online Org

In this state, riding in the back of the pickup truck was illegal. After all, there weren’t any seatbelts there to keep passengers from harm. As these men were given a ticket, the officer reminded them to take heed of the shirt. Think safety, guys. Now best be on your way.

Warning: Gives Bear Hugs

There are valid reasons to fear bears. They can cut through you with a slice of their paws, or they can crush you with the bulk of their bodies. One look at this grizzly bear, and you wouldn’t help wonder why we would make a run for it.

Image Courtesy of Awesome Inventions

After all, unkempt beards are the absolute worst! Bacteria, viruses, and undigested food can live in them. It has been said that plenty of people had been infected with the common cold because it had been passed from person to person via facial hair. That is good reason to fear the bear.

Cow Meets Self

If you are a pet owner, you must have had held your furball before the mirror. You might have pointed at their reflection and whispered, that’s you! Your pet looked quizzically at you and back at their reflection. I thought I was just chunky, but boy, oh boy, do I have a mound of fur! Well, this kid kind of did the same thing.

Image courtesy of

But instead of having this cow stand before the mirror. He wore a shirt which had the image of it. We can only imagine the milk-curdling surprise this cow felt when she saw herself. Re-MOOOO-ve my face off that shirt. I could have given you MOOOOO-re of my better-looking selfies.

But He Came First

Being a beer lover, this man understands the need to get in shape. He tries to balance his craving for malt and carbs by running. Today, he had signed himself up as participant 3607 for a marathon. He didn’t like the idea of sweating, so he tried to motivate himself by wearing his beer shirt. It gave him a thumbs up for joining the event.

Image Courtesy of The Wonder List

He might have been participant No. 33607, but best believe he had come in first…at the bar. His throat had run parched dry, and he felt like his legs would give way anytime. When the cold beer hit his throat, a wave of relief washed all over his body. Toast to joining a marathon!

Err. Pigs

This man had wanted to buy himself a pet. The house had been awfully quiet for him. He went to the local shelter to find one. As he passed the faces of those furballs whose eyes looked up at him, he realized he hadn’t found the right one yet. Fortunately, he found one at a market stall.

Image courtesy of

Oh, you bet he would be feeding that pet the finest ingredients – bread, vegetable, and prime pig pellets. How else will you be able to get mouthwatering seared pork chops for dinner? Or bacon for an English breakfast? Time to mark the countdown for six months.

Double the Trouble

Ever since Bill Murray took on the role of Phil for the movie Groundhog day, his fanbase had gotten larger and larger. The actor’s acting chops caught the admiration of these two guys who had come to the pub for a few rounds. They wouldn’t stop talking about him!

Image Courtesy of Creative So Many

In fact, they might have even gone so far as proving who loved Bill Murray more. I have a dozen shirts with his face on it! said one before sipping on his cup of beer. The other snickered. Who needs a sweater to be worn and removed each day? I have him on my arm!


This kiddo prides herself on being the best in science. She also has a lot of hobbies which preoccupy her during the weekend. You might find yourself straining to catch your breath after a brief sprint. But most importantly, she is proud of her natural smile.

Image courtesy of

Unfortunately, she had been skating in the house. She tried to keep from hitting the wall with her hand, but most of the impact had been shouldered by her front tooth. She isn’t fazed by it. If anything, she might grow even more famous for that chipped tooth! Grrrr!

Meeting a Genius

How would it feel to meet an artist? Ask this man. He had met Ryan Drummond, the voice behind the Video Game Sonic. Any kid from the 90s would be able to recognize that voice. We would have asked Ryan for a signature on that shirt, or better yet, a personalized voice recording!

Image Courtesy of far side dude / Reddit

Sonic’s the name. Speed’s my game. Much like the quote, this man had quickly asked a stranger to take a photo of them. There’s no way he would let an opportunity like this pass. He made sure to unbutton the sweater and then smiled wide for everyone to see.

Will He Make the Cut?

This Reddit user was walking to the mall with his friend. They were casually talking about something when he and his friend walked past this billboard. He couldn’t help but look twice. You know, you could apply for a modeling job; he motioned for his friend to look at the ad behind them.

Image courtesy of [deleted] / Reddit

Sure, it’s pretty common for guys to wear this type of attire. But what are the odds that he would be wearing everything to the tee? The shades, the brand of pants, and the leather belt color – it’s like he was meant to be right there.

Like It Hot And Sweaty

So this is probably why some people love soccer practice. You get to channel all your energy towards something productive. With enough stamina and enthusiasm, you and your partner should be able to score the goal. Touchdown! The referee waves the flag and announces the winners. You and the goalie are sweating from the excitement!

Image courtesy of PZLATE / Reddit

You gasp for air and then regroup to enjoy the moment—your partner screams. You feel immense pride. Your teammates applaud you for the job well done. They hand you a towel and then usher you to the bench. I almost got lost there. But thank god she came on time!

Who Loves To Get Wet

Who doesn’t want to have his picture taken when the beach looks this beautiful? The waters lap against the seashore. There’s salt mist covering your face, and beautiful women are sunbathing at your feet. This man finds the perfect spot to capture the scene.

Image courtesy of

Fortunately, he had been given a few moment’s notice by the water. It had been lapping against the side of the dock. Its sound grew louder as it neared him. He walked over to the right side and watched the water christen the floor. Oh snap!

Talk About Timing

In high school, a few of the most anticipated events were prom and picture day. It didn’t matter how great you looked at prom. What mattered was that you looked the same way you did on picture day. You would be wearing that id for over a year, and in some cases, it might even land up in the yearbook. Unfortunately, this guy chose the wrong shirt towear on picture day.

Image Courtesy of Wallama

We don’t know if it had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. We hope for his sake, it wasn’t. He didn’t’ break a sweat. He had a near-perfect GPA and he was the student council president. How can things get any better than that? If that’s a failure, then we would like to be one too.

Epic Line

The Star Wars Saga had immortalized George Lucas as an American film director. It is said that he has pocketed about 4 billion USD from the sale of his production company and the movie franchise. Nowadays, he walks the streets of Chicago finding places to spend his money on.

Image courtesy of alanaee / Imgur

Some days he spends it on art museums. On other days he buys a cup of ice cream. He doesn’t want to attract too much attention to himself, but he didn’t escape the notice of this man who asked for a picture of the director. His shirt foretold of this moment. You cannot escape your destiny.

Lucky Draw

Everyone at the office eagerly dropped the piece of paper with their name scribbled on it. It went straight down a fishbowl. The floor manager burrowed his hand in the pile and stirred. He drew the names of four people. One of them had been this guy, who was lucky enough to win an iPad.

Image Courtesy of Grizer / Reddit

He swears that he hadn’t meant to rub salt on his coworker’s wounds, even if he was infamous for being an android user. You could slice the tension in the air with a knife. As he sat himself down in his chair, he carefully unboxed the iPad. Maybe now, he’ll understand why Apple is better than Android.

As Luck Would Have It

It had been a bumpy start this season for the New England Patriots. Despite the intensive training, they weren’t able to score on the field. Everyone is left asking – do the Patriots have a masterplan, or should they expect the team to sit on the bench this NFL season?

Image courtesy of Reel Funny

Fortunately, the Patriots had considered Colts quarterback Andrew Luck. He’s meant to replace Tom Brady. After all, Luck has enough experience – six years of leading the offense and calling the shots in the huddle. It seems like a risky move – one that the Colts will keep from happening. Can you think of any other crazy alternative?

Wish It Were Groundhog Day

Bet you would wish it were Groundhog day every day if you got the chance to meet Bill Murray. This fan eagerly darted to the front of the crowd, where he could see his favorite actor. He held his pass id up high and even wore a shirt to tell everyone how surreal this meeting was.

Image Courtesy of Journey Ranger

It’s like this man is telling us, I wake up every day, right here, reliving this moment. Well, we wouldn’t blame him. Bill Murray is a legendary actor. Any film enthusiast would be ecstatic to see him up close or have a picture taken with him.

Get Your Kids To Give You A Massage

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is to clean up after your kids. But being a parent, it’s probably one of the most important things to check off your list. So after prepping their dinner, washing the dishes, and helping them with their homework, wear this shirt to get your kids to give you a massage!

Image Courtesy of Thomas and Friends

You could tell them to take out the orange and black trucks. That’s a great way to test if they had learned their colors. Have them run the trucks over the rail tracks once, twice, or a couple of times. Set the timer to a max of 15 minutes. After all, that’s about the time that anyone should feel the benefits of a massage. Before you fall asleep, remember to tell your kids to return their toys and have mommy read them a bedtime story.

How To Embarrass Your Kid Brother

Brothers may have each other’s backs. But in front of everyone else, older brothers will want to embarrass their kid siblings. This was a good opportunity to do so. And like us, this guy didn’t pass it up. Hey bro, I saw what you did there! Then this older brother dangled his arm around his little bro’s neck.

Image Courtesy of My Food Data

In a few seconds, his kid brother’s cheeks turned ruddy. Oh, come on. There’s nothing to be ashamed about. But you could do better than using this as a style guide. His kid brother’s friends howled and slapped his back. To add salt to injury, they said would you like some ice on that?

Must Get A Lot Of Fires In This Neighborhood

These folks had thought of walking around the neighborhood before buying a house on the 5th. So far, it seemed secure. There were police stations near the home. They had a local daycare center they could visit, and they had very hospitable neighbors. But they had come across this and thought – must get a lot of fires in this neighborhood.

Image Courtesy of Info Tea 1 / Blogspot

Why else would there be two fire hydrants a meter away? Local firemen must need a lot of water to hose down buildings by the town plaza. Well, this is a deal breaker, said the man to his wife. I don’t want to go to work wondering if my family is safe at home and then finding out that my kid is out and about!

A Kid At Heart

It’s important to cover your feet in good quality socks while traveling. Not only had this man done that, but he had chosen a design that would show his quirky nature. A pair cost him over $20, but what the heck, right? He immediately regretted that decision.

Image Courtesy of Verab Noraertreb / Hatena Blog

At least now, we know what that airport carpet looked like when it had been brand new. It must have cheered a lot of people before it had turned dull – muddied by travelers’ footsteps. Hope these socks don’t end up the same way as that carpet.

Almost Tapped That

Be there in ten. *Message sent. This man thumbed the lock button and put his phone away. He saw the woman before him and cocked his head. Funny…that pattern seems familiar. He hears his phone buzz. He blindly takes his phone out and then realizes where he had seen it. Good thing he hadn’t tapped that.

Image Courtesy of Petit Petit Gamin

He takes a picture and then sends it to his friends. They reply. Who do you think wore it better? Although it’s a rad design, we would have to say it looks better on the iPhone. If any, those zigzags draw your attention away from the woman’s figure. Or had that been the point all along?