40+ Unbelievably Hilarious Signs That Got Us Laughing And Wondering How People Can Be So Creative

By Israel O October 12, 2022

Marylin Monroe once said that you can find beauty in the imperfect, and we definitely agree with her. Though we’re not too sure about being ridiculous instead of being boring.

Signs are everywhere we go, either on a billboard, a shop window, a car, or even on a tree. Competition between businesses is stiff. To stand out, a business has to do something out of the ordinary to grab the attention of people. But like everything else in life, there’ll always be a group of people who take things too far.

Some of these signs are entrepreneurial, while some are simply warning signs, but that doesn’t stop them from being hilarious. In this article, we will show you some ridiculous signs put up by people in the name of marketing. Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and read how some signs go from weird to absurd.

Do Not Dive

We know people always put up ridiculous toilet signs saying things like “do not squat” or “do not urinate on the floor.” All these signs might sound ridiculous, but we’re sure someone must have done it to warrant them putting them up in the first place. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@biggest-boii-in-town

This time around, it’s no diving in the toilet. This is the type of sign you’d expect to see at the pool. Apparently, someone tried to dive into the toilet. We are still trying to come up with a valid reason for that.

We Are Shingles

People enjoy talking about their relationship status in public, single or not. But the one thing that’s the key to a good business is captivating and out-of-the-box advertising. This dating app took advertisement to the next level with its roof shingles ad.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@istarxh

The whole thing was intended to be a pun. If you take out the “h” from “shingles,” then you will understand the entire concept. So if you’re shingle like us, then you should start thinking of signing up in hopes of getting nailed.

Learn the Difference

Most folks can’t point out the distinction between urgent care and emergency care. An emergency is when something life-threatening happens, and the person needs immediate or intensive treatment. However, people go to the emergency unit for every one of their problems, and this, in turn, affects health workers.  

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@G-Ray89

This ad tells us the difference between emergency and urgent care. So going to the appropriate division will give health workers enough time to attend to the people who seriously need emergency care. We hope no one steps on a bee or beehive, though.

This Is How You Scrub Your Hands

We love this next sign. You’d be surprised to know lots of people don’t wash their hands at all after they use the bathroom. Even if they do, they don’t wash them clean enough. Now, this analogy will tell you just how well you need to wash your hands. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@IrishRun

Imagine not washing your hands well enough after eating buffalo wings, and then you stain your wedding dress. The horror! Then you see everyone at your wedding staring at your stained dress, and you wouldn’t want that, right? You know what to do.

Crying Is Not An Emergency 

Amusement parks have varieties of rollercoaster rides that are both terrifying and thrilling and can get your adrenaline pumping in no time. It’s often common for kids to cry during the rides, but here’s an early warning that says crying is not an emergency.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@r/FunnySigns

That means if your kid ends up crying while on the ride, they wouldn’t stop the ride. If you’re a crybaby or get scared easily, you should avoid this ride. Ride only if you’re sure you can hold back the tears. They’re pretty heartless.

Things Should Be Simple

Ever heard the ridiculous names Klingon people give their alcoholic beverages? If you haven’t, we have a few for you: Blood wine, Baqghol, Nektai, and Warnog. Starbucks is not even a fictional company, yet they name their drink sizes grande, venti, and all kinds of weird names.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@Angus-Groves

It’s simpler to just order your drink size by saying small, medium, and large, right? It’s pretty straightforward and less stressful, and this cafe makes sure its customers don’t bite their tongues when trying to pronounce their order. Don’t make the barista’s life harder!

Go Hands-Free

This sign is genius, and the main reason was to discourage riders and drivers from going hands-free by saying the new ban starts the next day. This is because when you come back the next day, the sign will still read “tomorrow,” and if you get caught, you’ll have to pay a fine.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@Galliceushoofd

This biker decided to take the law into his hands and ignore what the sign said. He felt like breaking the rules for the thrill of it. We do hope he was able to make it home safely without causing any accidents, though.

Out-Of-Order Signs

Out-of-order signs inform you that you can’t use a particular place. It is mostly found outside faulty restrooms. This time was no different, except someone made a joke and directed a bunch of pressed adults to the children’s ball pit.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@r/FunnySigns

The sign had an alternative restroom for adults, but someone covered that part of the information with “Children’s ball pit.” One of the perks of publicity is that everyone has access to it, and anyone can manipulate it when there are no eyes around. 

Check Before You Ask

We guess the reason for this sign is for people who come into their store to disturb clerks by asking whether the product they want is available even without checking first. So they decided to create this sign in big, bold red letters. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@deleted

Don’t ask the clerks or workers if the item you need is in stock. They want customers to look for it themselves. And if they find it, that means the store has the product; if they don’t find it, it means they don’t have it. It’s that simple!

So Long as It is Legible

When doing an ad for your product, it is essential to include certain information about your products to the consumers. But sometimes, this information can discourage potential buyers. This strategy by Ikea was to give out information, but in small prints, so long as it is legible.  

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@Xtreme-Emperor

The said $1 cinnamon bun is obviously not as big as the one on the billboard. So, if you end up getting the bun and you complain about it being smaller than the ad, they’ll ask you if you read the ad properly.

Unforeseen Circumstances 

If you’re a spiritual person, then you know all about tarot reading, prophecy classes, divination, and fortune telling. All these skills are things you learn to be able to see the future or discover important events of the future. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@16coxk

But men are mere mortals, and even prognosticators didn’t see this one coming. The teachers should have been able to see the circumstances that led to the cancellation of the class if truly they’re as good as they say. This sign is pretty ironic!

Bringing Back The Spice

If you’re a millennial, you must know the Spice Girls took the industry by storm back in their day. They redefined the girl group concept, and every group of friends struggled to decide who was who in their group. We were Posh Spice – what about you?

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@r/FunnySigns

The new Mandalorian series introduced a new character for Star Wars fans called Baby Yoda. Someone put this sign to raise awareness that Baby Yoda probably has his own group. And if we’re following canon, we can’t have Baby Yoda without Ginger, Sporty, Scary, and Posh Yodas.

New Rule

What is the best way to spend a Saturday afternoon than taking a stroll to the park, sitting on the lovely cool grass with a book in hand, and enjoying nature? Many people bring their pets along to enjoy the breeze and run around freely.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@r/FunnySigns

This park requires animals to be kept on a leash not to cause trouble, but they also mentioned “some children.” Why should a child be kept on a leash? Also, what did “some children” do to deserve this sign in the first place? Guess we’ll never know!

The Best Divorce Lawyers

Sometimes “till death do us part” isn’t an eternity. The rate of divorce in the United States is high, with several people predicting that almost half of marriages will end in divorce or separation. When the marriage starts to fail, that’s when divorce lawyers come in. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@rt_99

But what other lawyers would you love to handle your divorce with no hassle than Ditcher, Quick & Hyde? If you don’t get the joke, then we suggest reading again because it’s funnier when we get it on our own. Read it slowly and have a nice laugh when you finally do.

This Is Not A Drill

When there’s a fire outbreak, there are always announcements on the PA system saying, “this is not a drill,” which means it is not a joke and it’s, in fact, a matter of urgency and must be treated as such.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@TacoPuppy456

In this case, this might look like a fake hammer from afar, but this is most certainly not a drill. You get the wordplay here, right? At the end of the day, this store didn’t lie. This is definitely not a drill; it’s a giant hammer.

Abby, Come Back To Work

Workers are instructed to come to work at a particular time. However, certain employees just don’t show up to work, and some disappear without a trace. Well, Dairy Queen decided to do something about an employee who didn’t show up for work. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@sturdycactus

This isn’t simply an attempt to bring back Abby. It’s also to let their employees know that they care about them and would like it if they came to work. Abby, if you’re seeing this, it’s time you go back to work.

Buy Two, Get…One?

Who doesn’t love a shopping coupon, discount, or an amazing deal? If you have any of these ideas for your business, then you wouldn’t be able to control the influx of people at your store. This time around, it’s a “Buy One, Get One” deal.  

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@CthaDStyles

But this BOGO sign is unlike any we’ve seen. If you read it again, you’ll notice that there’s no deal at all! How can you buy one burger for the price of two? We have to applaud the person who wrote this sign for his brilliance.

Step Ladders 

Now, here is a sign that we guarantee that once you figure it out, you won’t be able to stop yourself from grinning. Most times, signs or warnings have to be straight and direct so that everyone can read and easily understand. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@SaltyAgency

This sign that reads “Step ladders only” means only ladders that have steps are allowed at that location. But the person who added the stick-on made it seem like the step means “stepdad.” We hope you find it hilarious – we certainly did.

Speeding Announcement

Speed limits exist to prevent drivers and pedestrians on the road from getting into accidents and unforeseen events. However, some people still don’t learn and love to speed regardless of the occasion, so speed tickets exist to keep them in check. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@r/FunnySigns

Speeding tickets help to reduce speeding drivers by giving them hefty fines to pay. If you are a recurrent offender, your license can be revoked, and you could be banned from driving. So please, by all means, speed if you love speeding tickets.

20. Adam And Eve’s Disobedience 

Remember the story of how humans were sent out of paradise because they ate from a prohibited tree? This sign in this synagogue in Toronto was used to pique people’s interest by making a joke mixing the fall of humanity and Apple’s terms and conditions. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@merdub

A very smart sign if you ask us. We know you also think about how things would have been if humans hadn’t disobeyed God. Eve ignored the terms and conditions, and her husband didn’t give “Adam!” Pun intended. Sorry for that.

No-Nonsense Café

Ordering a coffee, especially for a novice, is one hell of a job. The menu in a café provides several types of coffee, from Americano to Latte; the list is just endless. Hence why you may end up wondering what these weird Italian names even mean. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@deleted

This café has helped us out with this issue. They came up with this no-nonsense coffee guide to help those who aren’t familiar with these terms understand what they mean. They are mostly just coffee, with a slight difference, so there’s no need for those random names, right? Just enjoy your drink.

Stupidly Famous 

These days it takes nothing to become famous. You just need to have a smartphone and a TikTok account. You can become an influencer overnight by doing a random dance, and boom, you’re famous! Sometimes all it takes is a meme, and you become popular like Danielle Berg Olli, AKA Bhad Bhabie.  

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@r/FunnySigns

She became famous after appearing on Dr. Phil’s show, and her facial expressions and accent became popular memes. Believe it or not, she has since started a music career. Or you could do something controversial like Paul Logan. Once it has millions of views, you’re automatically a celebrity.

Higgins The Roomba

These days, technology has taken a whole new dimension. Instead of wasting your time cleaning, just get a Roomba to do it for you at zero cost (other than the purchase price, that is). Watch him sweep and clean every nook and cranny of your home without complaining. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@qroft

The problem is that you sometimes can’t tell what these robots are thinking. “Higgins the Roomba” must have been fed up with all the cleaning and decided to escape from home when this woman’s husband accidentally left the door open. If you find him, please call Karen.

Everyone Hates Mullets

For a very long time, several people have argued over the correct way to place toilet paper in the toilet paper holder. Some say it’s under; others say it’s over. But enough of that debate. We have found the perfect solution. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@Spinundrum

This public restroom sign has decided to put an end to this long-standing disagreement. They compared toilet roll placement to beards and mullets, and we can’t agree more with them on this one. No one likes mullets, so place the toilet paper over.

Lead By Example

The rate of global warming has increased drastically over the last few years. Approximately 40% of carbon dioxide is emitted through electricity. You can reduce greenhouse gases by using electricity wisely. For example, turn off appliances that are not in use. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@SuperSujith_16

The announcement by this company to reduce electricity usage is very intelligent. The brand illuminated only a small area of the billboard, and that’s where the message was written for onlookers to see at night. Now, that’s what we call leading by example.

Keeping The Karens At Bay

We all know the number one rule when it comes to marketing – “customers are always right.” Even when they act out of order and are disrespectful, they are still right. However, some businesses don’t like being bullied, and here is one of them. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@but_wilder

This sign may be a funny one, but it sends a clear message to customers who might want to complain about their food. If you think their food isn’t good enough, then you should consider lowering your standard instead of making a scene. Nice way to keep the Karens at bay.

Real Jurassic

Working at a construction site comes with many health hazards and accidents. Like it or not, it’s the truth. The heavy machinery and insane heights are dangerous to workers if extra care is not taken. Eventually, an accident is bound to occur at one point.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@Spinundrum

Now, these people don’t work at Jurassic World. They just used this sign as a way to send a very heavy and sad message in a light-hearted tone, a euphemism. This makes the casualty a little less sad. Rest In Peace, Pete.

No Emergency Telephone Here 

These days, owning a cell phone isn’t a big deal, and people are hardly bothered by the emergency phones situated at strategic locations all around the city. No one uses them, and because of this, they have become old-fashioned and outdated.  

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@ricklinman

This sign was supposed to be an innocent one, but the second part of the message is rather sarcastic. “Please do not have an emergency at this location,” as if one can control where or when an emergency should occur.

No Idea Is Stupid

Who remembers Sharknado, the movie where the city is scooped up in a tornado full of sharks? Sounds entirely impossible, right? But the truth is, so much money was invested in the movie that, at the end of the day, it ended up becoming a hit.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@iamsofreakingcold

This sign is saying that no matter how dumb your idea is, don’t be afraid to share them with people. There will always be someone who would agree with you, and that is enough. Who knows, your idea might end up becoming the next big thing.

One Person Can Change The World

We feel bad for the historians who’ll have to describe the events that took place between 2020 and 2021. Those were two insane years, and we’re not talking about just one thing in particular. It felt like the whole world was spinning out of control back then.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@MJ_Coop

Do we even need to explain this sign? You probably got the hidden meaning right away, didn’t you? Well, nobody can really prove where that certain virus came from, so it’s kind of unfair to blame one person or people for the whole thing. But we have to admit – this sign is hilarious.

How To Spell Congratulations

Local print shops are important to everyone. Offices, schools, and even local businesses need them. They help in printing, photocopying, and making postcards. Although print shops are indispensable, it’s okay for them to put out ads to promote their business and reach a larger audience.  

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@HavingLastLaugh

Honestly, how many people can actually spell the word “congratulations” without second-guessing their own intelligence? Not many, we presume. This shop must have had to deal with a great number of typos from its customers, and we can bet “Congrajlashins” was one of them. Hilarious! 

Turn Around

GPS is used to find directions and is widely leveraged as the most accurate navigation tool to help you find your way. But one thing we don’t realize is that sometimes this tool isn’t always 100% accurate. Sometimes it can lead you to a dead end.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@r/FunnySigns

The owners of this land must have witnessed people wandering lost in this area because they swore their GPS told them there was a road ahead. This is probably a dead end the GPS didn’t know about, and this sign is very useful in saving people time and energy.

Loose Gravel Ahead

Road signs are meant to inform you of any danger ahead so that you can avoid making mistakes and getting into fatal accidents. But when you see a sign like this, what comes to mind? Tiny bits of gravel, right?  

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@camthemanbam

Yeah, they really won’t do much damage.” That’s what we thought, too. But this sign was referring to the mighty block of boulders on the road. It doesn’t even look like a tiny car could drive by this road. Now that’s some loose gravel.

The Floor Is Wet

This sign is used when a janitor is going about his business, like mopping or cleaning the floor in order to prevent people from slipping and falling. Usually, when people see this sign, they know they have to take another route or wait until the floor is dry. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@jay180300

Someone decided to make a joke using this yellow caution sign by putting it in the pool. Well, technically, they aren’t wrong. There’s a floor at the bottom of the pool, and there’s water in the pool. So it’s indeed a wet floor. Just don’t wait until the floor is dry.

Gender Reveal Party

Gender reveal parties are becoming a trend these days. If you don’t know what a gender reveal party is, let’s take it upon ourselves to explain. A gender reveal party is a celebration where every member of the family finds out the sex of the baby.

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@jay180300

If you have no idea what a gender reveal party is, and you’ve been living under a rock with no access to the internet, you’d be really confused trying to understand what the party is all about. This sign displays a very likely possibility for someone like this. We can’t blame them, though. 

Don’t Let Max In 

Cats are really independent, and they love to visit their favorite spot often. For Max, it’s the library. Max loves the place a lot and loves to sit in a cozy corner or just wander around. He probably loves the calm environment and the smell of books. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@SkepticalFrogs

But Max’s owner and the library don’t want him in the library. They put this sign on the door to stop the public from letting him in. We don’t see any problem with a cat being in the library. But we guess that Max must’ve done something to warrant this sign.

A Private Sign 

Some signs are private and are meant for only a few individuals, like signs in a residential area or a sign at a bar meant for workers. But there is a whole different definition of private here. This gate sign reads, “This is a private sign.”

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@eatmorchikinnn

We aren’t sure what this means. If it’s a private sign, why is it out in the open, then? And why does the warning comes only after we’ve already read the first line? Perhaps, this is a joke of some sort.

He Made A Choice 

The most difficult choice to make is one that involves two people or things you love dearly. What would you do if your partner made you choose between her and your pet? Tough decision, right? Well, this man made his choice. 

Image courtesy of Subreddit/@r/FunnySigns

With his dog with him and belongings in a pile in front of him, we don’t need a soothsayer to tell us what he chose. But if his girlfriend made him choose between her and the dog, then she’s no good, and it’s good riddance.

Wash Your Hands The Right Way 

Here’s another sign that teaches us the right way to wash our hands. When washing your hands, you have to do it thoroughly and long enough to kill the germs. Kids even have songs they sing while washing their hands. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@IAmMaximus1

This sign describes thorough hand-washing like never before. How well should you wash your hands? Like you’ve been eating Doritos, and you need to take your contacts out. No one would want Doritos crumbs in their eyes, so they better do as they’re told.

Don’t Disturb The Donuts

When you visit the zoo or aquarium, you see signs like this warning you not to tap the protective glass keeping the animals at bay. If you ignore it, you might scare the animal and make them a potential danger to the visitors. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@robbyvegas

This bakery decided to use the same type of sign on their donut stands. We know tapping the glass won’t scare the donuts, but it’s a rather creative way to prevent customers from tapping the glass when they come around.

How Straightforward Can A Sign Be?

Signs must be simple, concise, and straightforward so that anyone can understand them without trying so hard. But it’s surprising how slow some people can be, even when the message is clear. To avoid trouble, your sign should look like this. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@r/FunnySigns

Everyone should be smart enough to know that it’s unsafe to smoke on a fuel dock. This sign was most likely put here because someone must have been smoking on the fuel dock even after reading the previous sign. That explains the straightforward language.

We Do Not Have Valet Parking

Some restaurants have valet services for customers to park their cars without hassle. Sadly, some people have used that as a pretense to steal people’s cars by pretending to be valets. Well, don’t forget that these workers are only present at upscale restaurants.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@joefish201234

They must have stolen quite a few cars from this restaurant for them to put a sign like this to warn unsuspecting customers about the car thieves. We love the creativity of this sign and enjoyed reading it. Keep this sign in mind next time a valet asks for your car keys! 

Who Ya Gonna Call?

This road sign made reference to the popular line from Ghostbusters. If you’ve never seen the movie, then where have you been living? It’s been almost 40 years since its release, but we can’t forget the iconic quotes like “Who ya gonna call?” 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@eatmorchikinnn

This road sign took advantage of the bandwagon effect to get people’s attention on the highway. “Who ya gonna call?” must have piqued people’s interest, only for the sign to switch to a Public Service Announcement telling people not to call anyone when driving.

What You Seek Isn’t Here

Apparently, we saved the best for last. When you hear the word ‘pole,’ what comes to mind? A long rod for a tent, the North Pole, or a dancing pole? Whatever came to mind first, this image promises to give you a good laugh.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@KeiZerPenGuiN

We’re not going to deny how hilarious this sign is. Even the “find alternative ways to disappoint your father” really had us laughing. We are sure the reason they put this sign up was that someone did a little sexy dance on one of the tent poles.