Hilarious Photoshop Expert Teaches People A Lesson On The Importance Of Being Clear With Their Requests

By Peace L

Many of us have heard about James Fridman and his exceptional photoshop skills. People know him for his photoshop request service that he does in a way that makes his clients laugh at themselves! Fridman is a British graphic designer whose comical photo manipulation skills are famous on social media. The results he delivers are always hilariously literal and way different from the clients’ expectations.

You can think of him as a photoshop genie who grants the wishes of those who message him. And just like a genie, the wishes he fulfills always have unexpected twists. If you’re a fan of photoshop fails and trolls, then Fridman’s work is right up your alley. And if this is your first time coming across his work, we guarantee you’ll be hooked! So, let’s get cracking, shall we?

Keep Your Eyes Closed

We’ll kick this off with a pro tip: if you’re going to be kissing someone, it’s better to close your eyes. If you don’t, you might end up looking weird, like the lady in this photo. But if you forget, you can always ask the photoshop magician to help out.

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Just be prepared for something like this if you request his services! The thing with Fridman’s edits is that they always make you laugh because they are always so literal. For example, this guy wanted him to close his girlfriend’s eyes, which he actually did.

Row Row Row Your Boat…

This next one looks like one of those photos people take at water parks after the rides. Often, people have a lot of fun at these things, so it’s normal to want to memorialize the moments. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have one that makes you look like a badass wading through furious waves, right?

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

This photoshop job is one of the best ones we have come across. When this client said troubled water, Fridman undoubtedly had numerous ideas rushing through his head, but we are so glad he settled on this one! The extra pieces of noodles attached to the oar just added to the hilarity of the photo.

One For The Family Album

Family photos, like most group photos, are a bit tricky to get right since someone somewhere always thinks that they could have smiled more, placed their hand elsewhere, or just looked more beautiful than they do in the final product.

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

With this one, one lady thought her husband’s head didn’t look ‘normal.’ Her words, not ours. When she asked Fridman to help her fix that, he took that memo and ran with it! In the final result, the guy in the beanie is the only one with a normal-sized head!

The Importance Of Pillars

Weddings are always a source of joy for most people. What better way to remember such a fantastic event than to take pictures? Usually, a professional photographer is hired for these events, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in this picture.

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

A professional would have avoided the pole in the frame or known how to remove it by themselves. But since that wasn’t the case for these lovebirds, they had no option but to ask Fridman for help, and as usual, he delivered!

Off With Their Heads

In today’s world, everyone wants things to be perfect, especially photographs. But that doesn’t mean we should go as far as Raquel did in this next one. She didn’t need to refer to the poor unsuspecting guy as ‘it’ instead of ‘him,’ for starters.

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

It not only sounded rude, but it also made her sentence open to different interpretations. We don’t know if Fridman removed the girl’s head instead of the guy’s due to the confusion caused by it or if he was trying to teach her a lesson. Either way, we can’t stop laughing at the results!

Forget About Being Young

Just like weddings, birthdays are one of the most exciting moments in a person’s life. That might explain why Brinley was too excited to hold her balloon right in the picture. And like the others on this list, she decided to ask Fridman for help.

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Since she could have asked anyone else to help her reverse the one but chose Fridman, he decided to help her in his own way. Now she’s celebrating her 71st birthday instead of her 17th one. She is a senior in every way possible, not just in high school!

Best Friends From Birth To Death

The teen years of our lives are among the most exciting. But with this age comes the need to rebel and carve out our own space as adults, like the teens in this photo. Frankly, there’s nothing wrong with the original image.

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

But these two besties wanted to look older and be at a party. As expected, Fridman was up to the task and gave them exactly what they asked for, with something a little bit extra. Looks like they stayed friends and added more people to their crew as they got older. Good for them!

Find The Hidden Easter Egg

At first glance, nothing looks wrong with this picture. But a closer look shows a guy photobombing the original picture. The easiest thing to do in this situation would have been to take another picture since it doesn’t take too much time.

Image Courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

But, as it often happens with pictures, there’s always one that you love best, and it can’t be replicated. That seems to have been the situation here. We absolutely adore how Fridman’s mind works since we doubt anyone else would have made her friend disappear like that!

Now That’s A Cute Mutt

Thanks to people like Anastacio, we not only learn fancy new names but also about the wonders of photoshop. From how well-poised he is and his outfit, you can tell that he is a gentleman. The fact that he has such a cute dog also significantly adds to his charm.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

As usual, Fridman took to his regular photoshop trolling. He removed Anastacio himself from the photo, and if you look closely at the dog, it now has a smile on its face. Maybe it was excited to finally have the spotlight all to itself!

Photoshop Isn’t Magic 

While Fridman might be a professional when it comes to editing pictures using photoshop, it doesn’t mean that he is a professional cameraman who can change photo angles. Liam might not have known this when he requested his help with this picture.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

That would probably explain the reason for the angle in the second frame. We’re sure James must have tried his best to make this picture work, but there is only so much that photoshop can do. But at least their faces were included in the shot!

The Incredible She-Hulk

Hands are among the most common causes of awkward photographs. We always wonder what to do with them when we are asked to pose. If you’re like most people, you might choose to crop out that part or ignore the awkwardness and carry on. But not this lady.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Since she wanted to look like she was holding the pole, that is precisely what Fridman did. Only now, it looks as if she pulled the pole from the floor like some kind of she-hulk! Let’s see her complain about this picture.

There’s Nothing Cooler

We remember the good old days when we were teens, constantly yearning to look cool in front of all our friends. And just like us back then, the girl in this photo wanted an even more incredible background even though the one she had already looked cool enough.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Who else would she ask to help her change her background than the very well-known James Fridman? She must have expected something like this. There really aren’t many things cooler than a freezer, so this background technically is cooler if you think about it!

KFC To The Rescue

We think it is evident in this image that the girl did not want fairy wings but actual wings. Maybe she wanted ones that would enable her to fly to a better location to take pictures! But she should have specified the exact type of wings she wanted when she messaged Fridman.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Because of her lack of specifications, she did not get the wings of her dreams. Or maybe she did! Who can say no to a bucket of tasty chicken wings? We know we wouldn’t! Now she won’t go hungry during her outing.

From Semi Formal For Informal

Many of us tend to get anxious about formal events, which often causes us to make little mistakes, just like Mohammed in this photo. It seems like he was supposed to submit the photo to a place with specific guidelines about formal wear.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

So, while the burgundy tie looked pretty good, it wasn’t suitable for the photo. As luck would have it, he decided to request some help from Fridman, who did change the color of the tie as requested. However, he just couldn’t resist the burgundy, so he made sure it stole the show!

How To Edit A Background

Poor Austin was another victim who fell prey to Fridman’s antics. He simply wanted the passerby behind him and his girlfriend to be removed, which is why he asked the expert for help. See what happens when you fail to be specific?

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Austin didn’t put into account that he was also a guy in the background. As usual, Fridman, with his ever-impressive observational skills, noticed this and edited the image exactly as he was asked. He was also kind enough not to edit Austin all the way, seeing as his arms are still in the photo.

Swimming In Dangerous Waters

We don’t know when senior pictures became such a creative display of photography and modeling skills. While we might be old-fashioned, we are at least grateful that we didn’t have to lie down in a pool of dirty water just for a photo!

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Because she ended up having issues with the black water background (who wouldn’t?), she decided to ask Fridman to help her replace it. His final take on the request is something that looks straight out of a crime or horror movie!

The Orb Of The Seer

If you look at the instructions the lady in this picture sent to Fridman, you will question if she really knows what she wants. Or maybe she just did not know how to explain herself correctly. But as usual, our main man, with his masterful photoshop skills, was able to save the day.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

He gave her exactly what she asked for. A glowing ball between her hands. Hopefully, she was satisfied with the end result because her hands really are holding an orb! This is one of those instances when we can’t help but say, “careful what you wish for.”

How To Be A Bad Boy For Dummies

We all love to watch the bad boy in movies, and somehow, we always end up dating them in real life despite our better judgment! Greg here clearly understands the appeal. That’s why he sought Fridman’s expertise to make him look like one.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

And like an absolute photoshop pro, he used his creativity and photoshop tools to make Greg look like a very bad boy. Unfortunately, while the sign was great thinking on Fridman’s part, the unicorn tattoo and fanny pack did nothing to help our aspiring bad boy.

The Biggest Shower

This dude is probably the most chill and polite person that we have come across so far. That’s not something you would immediately expect from someone with a jacket with that many metal band badges. But clearly, that’s just a stereotype.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Too bad you don’t get points for being courteous with Fridman. When he asked him to edit the photo, so it looked like the waterfall was closer, our designer overdid it by putting it right over his head! Well, at least he still looks cool under all that water pressure.

David, I Am Your Mother

We have a few questions for David here. For starters, why is the only good picture you have with your girl one with “Darth Vader?” And secondly, why is “Darth Vader” hanging out at what looks like a holiday inn?

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

The original image already looks photoshopped with either the background added or our favorite hero-turned-villain. But the second one is definitely photoshopped since you can clearly see Fridman’s touch on it. If David loves “Vader,” and we suspect he does, we’re certain he’ll appreciate this hilarious take.


The friend zone is one of the worst places for a man to be in. It’s so easy to be put there and twice as hard to get out! That’s probably why this guy doesn’t look so happy. Hopefully, he isn’t one of those guys that stays in a friendship hoping for a romantic relationship.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

This girl decided to reach out to Fridman to see if he could help her make her friend look like he was having fun. And while we think he looks okay as it is, he decided to fulfill the request by giving the guy, particularly his shirt, an edge.

Boxer With A Fashion Sense

Like many fans of the famous boxer Muhammed Ali, this guy and his girl decided to take a picture next to his star on the Hollywood walk of fame. And while some people might wonder why he has a star there, they can’t deny that boxing is great entertainment, and Ali was the greatest one.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

This thoughtful girlfriend wanted to do something cute for her boyfriend by having Fridman add some elements to make him look like a boxer. You can tell he had lots of fun with this one, especially seeing as he found a way to include the guy’s love for his favorite brand on the Boxer’s collar!

Sponge Bob Square Face

To many people, especially ladies, how they look is a big concern to them. It’s the reason why people spend thousands on makeup, skincare, and fashion. But sometimes people nitpick even the unchangeable things, like the shape of their heads.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

We don’t know why she thought her head looked too round in this picture. Anyways she decided to message Fridman to help her fix that problem, and he did just that. There is no shape farther from the circle than a square!

Fight For The Environment 

Nobody wants to have their photo photobombed, and understandably so. When it happened to her, this girl knew just who to ask for help to remove the man watering plants in the background of her photo. But she got a lesson on the environment instead.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Even though we really don’t like to be photobombed, we love nature more. Fridman taught this person a valuable lesson about the people that work in the background to make sure the plants and trees are well-trimmed and cared for.

We Hope He Is Happy now

This picture definitely has some suspicious elements in it. Why would someone go so far as to get a group photo edited just because they don’t want it to seem like they’re holding hands with their friend? And while it might look that way, the photo itself isn’t terrible, is it?

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

You can’t help but laugh at the final edit! We are so sure that the client laughed at themselves too. With this photo, Fridman showed all of us that there are more embarrassing parts of a man’s body that he could be holding on to, like his leg.

An Important Game

Engagement parties are one of the most important functions for couples. So it makes sense that most of them invest in a good photographer for the event. That was this couple’s first mistake. The second one was the location of the photoshoot.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Like the other people on his list, they asked Fridman to help get rid of the men playing a game of chess in front of them. Instead of that, though, he decided to focus on the men and their game and even changed their location. That’s certainly one way to fix the picture!

Didn’t Need Fixing

While this woman’s dress makes her look pretty, the stripes don’t look too good. Because of the horizontal lines, the dress gives off a weird optical illusion that makes the dress look shorter than it actually is. That said, she still looks amazing in it, and the photo is just perfect as it is.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

But since this guy decided it was too short, he decided to ask Fridman to help him make it longer. Trust him to make the best out of any situation. He got right to work and made the dress longer. Hopefully, the woman saw this and learned just who this guy was.

A Bag Full Of Garbage

Have you ever been asked to pose for a photo but didn’t know what to do with your hands? So have we. And it seems like that was the case here as well. Because of the awkward position of her left hand, this lady asked Fridman to help her fix it by adding a bag.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

While the bag idea was a great one, she should have specified what type of bag she wanted. Her photoshopped image had us laughing till our stomachs cramped! And while Frangoula might not have been happy with the first image, we know she won’t be satisfied with the new one either.

Turkey To The Rescue!

Ah, nothing beats Christmas when it comes to food, happy moments with loved ones, and stunning photos in front of the tree. These three friends undoubtedly had a lovely time in each other’s company on this day, so they thought, “what better way to end this party than with a snap?”

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Only, the photo wasn’t all they hoped it would be. But then they remembered they knew someone who could help with their small problem. Fridman was only trying his best to stay on theme by adding mashed potatoes and a turkey!

Mr. And Mrs. Bigfoot

Now, this is a case of a confused customer. Rebecca here has a problem with the size of her boyfriend’s feet, or at least how they looked in this picture. So who does one run to when they need their photo fixed? 

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

They call on the one and only photoshop guru to help fix it, and that is precisely what Rebecca decided to do. When she reached out to Fridman, she wasn’t specific enough about what she wanted, but thanks to his masterful skills, they now have matching feet lengths!

Crooked Tie, Crooked Kid 

We don’t know how many people feel the same way, but we love it when things are symmetrical. It’s evident that this lady wasn’t feeling the crooked tie here. We really can’t judge because, as we said, we prefer things a certain way.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Some people wouldn’t even have noticed it until it was pointed out. Anyways, she went to Fridman to get the photo manipulated but ended up getting trolled instead. And while Kim’s son might not be standing straight, at least the bow tie isn’t crooked anymore!

Caution, Slippery When Wet

This photo will take you back to the good old days of junior high. Judging by the dresses the girls are wearing, this picture was probably taken at a school dance or a similar event. At least, that’s the vibe we get from the image.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Well, these girls wanted Fridman to help them get rid of the wet floor sign, and he actually did remove it. But he also made sure they understood what would happen if they walked by that same spot without the wet floor sign!


Here is another case of someone who just didn’t know what to do with their hands as they were taking a picture. At this point, we think it’s best just to ignore these limbs because clearly, when you focus on them too much, Fridman always makes it his mission to make you look silly.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

We love horses; please don’t get us wrong. But seeing one in the middle of a street like this is just strange. With that said, we think his final version certainly looks better than the original photo, wouldn’t you agree?

Not A Nice View

This next image shows us that Fridman’s trolling doesn’t just require excellent photoshop skills alone but a sharp wit as well. Any other photoshop user would have found a simple way to remove this guy’s glasses as per his request, but alas, he asked Fridman for help.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Instead of simply airbrushing the glasses away from this guy’s face, he decided to take them off the guy’s face and show him the view without his glasses. You can’t help but appreciate the amount of thought and work that went into this photo.

Welcome To The Jurassic Park

The people in this picture look happy, and they would have probably been okay with their photo until someone told them that the background looked like it was set in the Jurassic era. Because of that, inspiration struck, and they decided they wanted dinosaurs in the shot!

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

While we don’t see much similarity between the original photo and the Jurassic Park movie, Fridman was still able to come up with amazing edits with photoshop. While they might not have gotten giant scary dinosaurs, at least they got cute costumes!

It’s All About Perspective

Here’s another obvious free lesson when it comes to dealing with Fridman, don’t be excessively vague even when you’re trying to compliment him. He will find a way to make you regret it. Or at least laugh at your own expense.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Instead of somehow making the guy in the photo look a few years younger, Fridman made the lady look so much older than her boyfriend. We hope the man liked this rendition because if they ended up staying together for a long time, that’s the face he’d wake up to decades later.

An Expensive Upgrade

We think there is a profound lesson to be learned about false consciousness. While this might look like a regular graduation picture, it seems like the graduate is not happy with his car. It might not be the fastest or most expensive, but a simple paint job would have made it look better. 

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

But Tanner decided to go for the next best thing; Photoshop. He reached out to Fridman to help him switch out his old car for something that looked more expensive. The artist chose to respond with this very real joke since student loans really are more expensive than most cars.

From Grace To Grass

A first glance, the first slide will have you wondering why this person ever wanted to send this picture to Fridman in the first place. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the picture, and her arm doesn’t really ruin the picture.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

But what do we know? We have to give it up to Fridman for his creativity. He took that okay-looking picture and made her look like she was the most exhausted passenger on this bus ride. Hopefully, this will teach her to be too nitpicky with her photos.

Now This Is Just Confusing

We don’t know who took this picture of Eric and his girlfriend, but almost everything is wrong with it. First, his legs are cropped out of the photograph, and then his girlfriend is standing on a small rocky ledge which makes her look disproportionally bigger next to him.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

But the weirdest part of the picture has to be his left hand. From one angle, it looks like it’s not there, and from another, it appears seemingly detached around his girlfriend’s waist. We don’t know how Fridman managed to come up with the third person, but we think he made it look better somehow.

Happy To Oblige

Still on lovebird photos, this couple had gone for a trip, probably an exciting baecation they had been planning for months. While there, they decided to take a couple of photos to capture just how happy they were at that point.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Unfortunately, the one the girl loved most did not hit all the stops based on her ‘perfect photo’ scale. So, she messaged Fridman to change that, and change he did. Who knew a happy vacation could turn dark so fast?!

Unwilling Participants

Ah, we really love these shots with couples because they always turn out to be the funniest! For example, this girl and her man were out in the park one day, just enjoying each other’s company, when they decided to take a pic with the ducks in the background.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

We totally get it. Ducks are incredibly adorable. The only problem is that these ones weren’t willing to model for these two. At least not without any kind of payment first! So, they had no option but to settle for this hilarious edit that Fridman came up with.

Focus On Me!

This is what happens when you forget to turn off the blur function when you take a photo. While some people like it, it doesn’t work well with all pictures. For example, with a photo like the one below, it’s understandable to want to see the city and all its splendor in the background.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

So, to get that effect, our guy here consulted the expert himself, James Fridman. The only problem is, he wasn’t that clear about his wishes, but that’s how Fridman prefers it! Something tells us he will never forget to check his setting before taking another photo again.

On The Issue Of Height

Like the girl we saw previously who thought her face was too round, height is another thing we can’t change. Well, you can wear high heels or lifts in your shoes, but that’s it. The girl in this photo didn’t like that the guy she was with was so much taller than her.

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

Seeing as she can’t do anything to change that in real life, she thought photoshop would be her next best bet. It probably would have if only she hadn’t consulted our genius photoshop troll. Well, at the end of the day, Fridman fulfilled her wish of being just as tall as the guy!

Size Matters

This guy asked for bigger, and he got exactly that. Fridman is nothing if not a man of his word. The fact that his interpretations often turn hilarious is just the icing on the cake. He is a national treasure who should be protected at all costs!

Image courtesy of James Fridman/Twitter

We don’t know what it is with guys always wanting bigger because, frankly, bigger isn’t always better. If you don’t believe that, this photo is an apt description of that conclusion. That said, we would still keep it just for laughs!

When You’re Too Picky

This listicle has taught us a lot about being specific with our requests and learning to be content with the things we can’t change. In addition to that, we also hope it teaches you not to be too focused on the small ‘imperfections.’ Perfection is a myth, especially in the world of art.

But this guy clearly didn’t know that. That’s why we have this gem of a photo in our possession. That outline of your phone in a picture can be annoying, but it can also be easily ignored. If you can’t do that, though, be prepared to end up with this strange version of ripped pants!