45 Times That Plumbers Saw Absurdly Funny Things At Work And Had To Share Online

By Israel O

Lots of people want to be lawyers, doctors, or pilots, but no one ever says they want to be a plumber. Yet, without these professionals, we would go back to the old days of doing our business in the wild instead of the toilet.

People assume plumbing simply involves fixing a broken pipe or a leaking sink, but it goes beyond that. Every job requires skill and expertise, and we can boldly tell you that the same applies to plumbing. Plumbers work just as hard as everyone else, and the fact that 90% of our hygiene depends on them is proof. 

However, just like any other profession dealing with installation, fixing, and repairing specifics, plumbing can be very draining. Not just because of the smell but also because of the sights they have to see on a daily.

For this reason, we have chosen 45 of the funniest plumbing experiences to show you just how tough the life of a plumber can be.

Wish To Unsee This

As a plumber, you must be prepared in your quest to fix a clogged sink because you might most likely come across the most bizarre things, just like we can see in this weird photo. We really wish we could unsee this. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@txplumber

This plumber definitely had no idea this was what he would end up getting when he was called upon for his services. We bet this image stayed with him for a very long time, never to be forgotten, and scarring him totally.

 Three Is Perfect

As the old saying goes, “two heads are better than one,” but, in this case, why have just two shower heads when you can have three? We all know a good shower can make you feel like a new person. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@david-spain

The pressure, warmth, and even the sound of the water are enough to soothe aching muscles. We are sure the owner of this shower must be having a swell time, and we would really love to try this out too.

How To Tell When There’s A Leak

For most plumbers, finding out the source of a problem can be very difficult, especially when it involves a leakage. So we really can’t blame them when they spend hours, days, or even weeks trying to find out the source of a problem.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/@firstexiled

This plumber was lucky enough to find where the sewer line had collapsed in a few seconds because only a small part of the dead field was green. That happens because the leaked water is basically feeding the grass. However, not all plumbers are this lucky.

Break It Until You Make It

One thing is certain: you should never make decisions when you’re angry. That’s because 95% of the time, it ends up being the wrong choice. This person couldn’t get the toilet to stop flushing, and we can imagine how frustrating that must have been for him. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@avozzella

The best solution he could come up with was to smash the tank with a hammer. We doubt this fixed the problem. If it did, he wouldn’t have needed to call a plumber. This action just made the plumber’s work ten times harder.

The Difference Between A Toilet And A Toilet

You’ll know a rich person when you enter their house. There’s no better indication of a person’s wealth than a gold-plated toilet. However, even with all the exquisiteness, the same plumbing method is required to fix all toilets regardless of their worth. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@wcollins260

This plumber must have been excited to work on one of the fanciest bathrooms around town. Compared to the regular ones he is used to seeing, the difference was awfully clear. He had to take a picture to show his friends – with the owner’s permission, of course.

Permanent Ladder

It’s okay to make mistakes because, like it or not, no one is perfect – not even plumbers. But one thing that is quite unacceptable is a silly mistake like the one this plumber made. Let’s hope this mistake happened only this time.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@JohnSACK

We wonder how could he forget to check the position of the ladder before installing a new pipeline in the wall. We also would love to know how this plumber was able to fix the error without causing a lot of damage to the wall or the pipe.

What a view!

Bathtubs were made for bathrooms. These days, however, people have decided to do away with that idea and install them in unthinkable places. This one would definitely top the list of weirdest places people have dared to install their bathtubs. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@downyzz

This plumber went ahead with his customer’s request to install a tub overlooking a snowy mountain. While the view may be breathtaking, it is still weird to bathe in front of an open window, especially when you aren’t sure if you’re being watched.

Perfect Tanks

Plumbing goes beyond fixing a rusty tap or unclogging a sink. If you didn’t know, even aquariums need a skillful and talented plumber in order to operate properly. The plumber that worked for this aquarium was certainly a pro, and this picture alone proves that.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@service_plumber

He created an amazing water system that includes a drainage system and still supports over thirty different tanks. The placement and arrangement are so accurate. We are in awe of his work. If he doesn’t get a tip for this work, that would be unfair.

Four Taps In One

This bathtub has one tap and four fixtures, which is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It gives off an antique yet classy feeling. Except there’s another reason for all those taps. We’re assuming that the fixtures are used to regulate the bath. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@apgapgapg

We believe that each fixture offers a different temperature of hot or cold water. The carving on the tub also looks amazing with the marble and vintage design. It reminds us of the tubs rich folks used in the 19th century. It took us back in time!

Happy Halloween

After Christmas, we would like to assume everyone’s favorite time of the year is Halloween. That’s the time when everyone, even adults, dresses up as their favorite character from either a horror movie or something extraordinary. It’s so nice to go from door to door asking for treats. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Flooded3rdfloor

But these plumbers got called for a quick repair on Halloween night, and they surely didn’t want to miss out on all the fun. They decided to dress up as the Mario Brothers while working during the spookiest day of the year.

This Is Art

Just because it’s a plumbing job, it doesn’t mean that it has to be shabby or ugly. These guys took their job to a whole new level. As you can see, it came out looking like a decoration rather than just an installation of water pipes.  

Image courtesy of Reddit/@ThirtySecondsOut

This is the definition of wholesome. The arrangement and precision make it look more like a piece of art than just multiple pipes. This kind of work changes the way people see plumbing. If only all plumbers were this dedicated and passionate about their jobs!

Is that really hygienic?

Sometimes creating something exceptional to match the theme of your business is a smart way to keep the customers coming. It doesn’t have to be something grand or expensive. Even a simple out-of-the-box idea should do the trick. Check out this idea.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@greatchicagofire

This person designed the gas station’s washroom and created a sink using a truck tire. Plumbers can be artists, too. They can get creative and leave you in awe with their work. If you didn’t appreciate plumbers before, it’s not too late to start now.

A Professional Plumber

Do you know how people say that “a lazy farmer blames his work tools?” The truth is that a plumber is nothing without their work tools. So the best thing is to have them ready and cleaned up at all times, even during emergencies.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@benderbrain

This professional drives around with his tools and equipment in the back of his truck, where they are easily accessible. It’s really nice to see that they are well organized and easy to reach, meaning they won’t have to make a nasty mess searching for a particular tool.

Making things harder than they should be

This, right here, is a work of art. This plumber was called upon to fix a problem in this toilet when he stumbled on this tacky pipe arrangement. Well, if we had to point out one good thing about this installation, we’d say that it looks like a piece of modern art.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@i-can’t-even-anymore

The insane arrangement looks like a puzzle that we wouldn’t be interested in solving at all. We bet it would take hours to fix a problem here. At least it’s entertaining to whoever visits the urinals as they can gaze in amazement while they do their thing.

The Lone Fighter

A plumber’s greatest fear is to fix a sewer line in a muddy ditch. But no matter how tough that might seem, a plumber is always ready to risk it all just to fix their clients’ problems, even if it means getting muddy eyes. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Unknown User

Do you still think that plumbing is easy? We can only imagine the level of difficulty for this exact job. It’s one thing to fix a sewer in a muddy environment, and it’s another to fix it late at night. Despite all that, he showed up and did his job.

Twist And Turns

We wonder who fixed this tap in the first place. We have so many questions for that person! Did they forget the law of gravity, or were they distracted? Whoever was called to fix this situation surely has a lot of work to do.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Knbv17

First, the plumber will have to completely take it apart, then rearrange the poorly installed tap. They must have done a lot of damage to the wall to fix this mess. The best way to avoid problems like this is to get a good plumber in the first place.

No Kitty Litter Down The Drain

Most people think the quickest way to dispose of items is to flush them down the toilet. Press one button, and everything disappears. It might sound like the perfect decision and fastest solution, but the truth is that most times, these things get stuck in the pipe.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@IERNA_A

They end up causing huge drainage problems. This person had been flushing their kitty’s litter down the toilet, and this caused severe drainage issues. This plumber surely had to go through a lot to fix this, and we hope they were paid a hefty sum. 

Avoid DIY Projects In The Toilet

We understand the intense urge to take on a DIY project. While some projects are successful, there are some things we just aren’t meant to meddle with, and one of these things is fixing a new showerhead in the bathroom. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@BadCrychta

This person tried it out and ended up doing an amateur job on the showerhead, then had to call a professional to fix their mess. After wasting time and energy, the person ended up doing what they should have done in the first place.

Telephone Dispensary

The heart of a house is the kitchen, and for this reason, people spend plenty of time and money to make it perfect. Sometimes, it’s also nice to focus that creative mind on the bathroom and do something no one would have thought of. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@alfredhospital

Just like this bathroom was designed based on the 80s. It completes the look with the telephone-shaped toilet paper dispenser that looks very unique in different ways. We wonder if the telephone actually works. It would be fun to make phone calls while in the bathroom using this vintage phone.

The Cat Is Watching

It’s normal to be supervised by your client because no one wants a shabby job, especially when you’re working with them for the first time. But for the client’s cat to be the one doing the supervision is on a whole new level. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@guitar_allan_poe

The cat must be very curious to see what exactly the technician was up to. We are glad the plumber caught this rare sight on camera and shared it with the world. If you ever need to make sure that your plumber is doing a good job, get your pet to watch them.

Don’t Be This Kind Of Person

It’s normal to install sewer pipes and gas lines underground. People do this to keep them out of the way and also to protect them. But it becomes a problem when one affects the functionality of the other, as in this case. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@SignificantSetting23

This person said they made a complaint to the gas company about their gas line affecting their sewer pipe, so they decided to dig up the ground and inspect it. It was then that they noticed that the company ran a gas pipe right through their sewer pipe!

Just Glue It To The Floor

After looking at this image, we could only come up with two reasonable conclusions. The plumber is either an amateur, or they did this to get back at the client, who must have done something they didn’t like. That would explain the mess they made. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@soupsandwich13

We know fixing a toilet seat isn’t an easy task, but this is the first time we’ve ever seen someone fix it using this type of material. The job was also poorly done, and it looked as though the seat was glued to the floor.

Don’t Start A Fire

It’s common knowledge not to start or light a fire close to gas lines because the end result would be disastrous. But these people apparently were not aware of this simple fact, and they literally put their lives in danger.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@joshkyer

They were pretty lucky that there wasn’t any gas when the fire was lit. If the gas had escaped, a big explosion would have happened, and there wouldn’t have been any house, photo, or human to live to tell the tale.


It’s okay for several pipes to be connected to one meeting point, but it becomes a problem when your plumbing system ends up looking like an octopus with tentacles. This happened after someone thought it would be a good idea to get a bunch of pipes connected to one source in a hasty manner. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@PipeCop

This plumber must have felt very accomplished designing the structure like this, but our major concern is that when a problem arises, the plumber called to fix the issue would have to go through hell to even find the root cause.

Ancient Shower

Plumbing has been an integral part of every household for a long time, and from the look of this fixture and tap, we are sure this is something that existed in the 70s or way before that. While it looks pretty, it probably causes a lot of trouble for the owner because it’s so old.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@friscohunter

Even the backdrop has a nice and ancient feel to it that isn’t easy to come by. It’s an old-fashioned yet appealing tap. We would love to take a shower in this bathroom and pretend we were living in a vintage era. Even the plumber thought it looked amazing and decided to snap a picture.

Some Room For The Mushroom

One thing about mushrooms is that they are fungi in nature and can grow anywhere with a high moisture level. Depending on the type of mushroom, it’s either a blessing or a curse. But this time around, it grew on the bottom of the toilet. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@LotsoWatts

Everywhere we look, all we see are mushrooms. Although it’s not unusual for mushrooms to grow in the toilet, it can be avoided by regular cleaning. We see no reason why the house owner allowed it to get to this stage. Maybe they spend months away at a time.

All Over The Place

We have seen perfectly placed pipes that had us in awe, and some even made us smile, but this time around, it’s a messy pipe structure. We honestly don’t even know what this person was thinking when he constructed this. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Unknown User

There is no way to figure out where the pipes lead. We wish whoever tries to fix this good luck because it’s almost impossible to do that. This is probably more difficult than a 1000-piece puzzle. If you know a plumber, give them a hug. They’re trying their best. 

A Nasty Leek

Here’s a nasty leek under the sink, and we really would love to know how they found the root of the problem. Whoever did this obviously loves dad jokes, but we’re not judging their sense of humor. This pun is actually hilarious.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@kidsolo

According to the person who posted this, he pranked someone by telling them there was a nasty leak under the kitchen sink. Indeed, the person found a nasty leek under the kitchen sink. This is really hilarious. We hope they had a good laugh too.

Aesthetically Pleasing

This appears to be a model made by the Ruud manufacturing firm. Back then, things were made to last a century. No wonder this woman said she had been told by several plumbers that she had the oldest boiler they had ever seen. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Zone1_1

It is aesthetically pleasing, and it’s surprising to see that even the most mundane of things, like a water boiler, can look this beautiful. We are pretty sure that if this woman tries to sell her vintage boiler, she can get a lot of money for it. Some people just love buying vintage stuff.

Lesson Learned The Concrete Way

Sometimes we give plumbers a hard time with those tiny mistakes we assume will do no harm but end up doing more than enough damage. Like this person who poured concrete down the floor drain and ended up blocking it for good. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@downyzz

It’s a known fact that concrete hardens over time, and it’s best to dispose of it properly rather than down the drain. We’ll never find out why this person did this. Well, it is safe to say that they have learned the lesson the hard way.

Partially Visible

Among our top 10 fails, the next one ranks first. It’s okay to make toilet pipes visible, so long as they are well arranged and done neatly. But if you insist on making the pipes invisible, then do your best to conceal them.   

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Iglootyler

We totally blame the plumber for the poorly done job. We don’t even know if he wanted to conceal the pipe or make it visible. We just have to commend the effort of the worker who put the tiles in place. They did a great job at cutting the tiles.

It’s so aesthetically pleasing!

This is a whole new level of perfection. We feel so happy when we see installations like this. However, not all plumbers can pull this off, so we have to give kudos to this professional. This system is neatly constructed and a worthy sight to behold.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@t4ckleb0x 

If you took a picture of this installation and framed it, we would totally believe it’s art. This plumber surely deserves all the praise for a job well done. The homeowner must be really pleased, and we hope they paid accordingly.

Prepare To Get Sunkissed

Before we get into this wonderful skylight bathroom, we’re sure you noticed those crab decorations on the wall; they look amazing. So it’s either this person is obsessed with the crustacean, or the owner of the house works in an aquarium. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@d_p0p

That aside, this bathroom is giving amazing vibes. From the low ceiling design to the skylight that allows sunlight into the bathroom, we love it all. We are beginning to question if we truly need to sunbathe to get that tan or if we can just lie in this tub all afternoon.

What Happened to Privacy?

Here’s one of the worst toilet arrangements we have ever seen. Imagine that you’re eating at a restaurant, and you desperately need to go to the bathroom. You get to the toilet, and this is what you’re faced with. Would you go about your business, or would you hold it in until you got home?

Image courtesy of Pinterest/@Maddie Martinis

Just looking at this picture makes us anxious and terrified. Whoever designed this toilet either had no idea what public restrooms should look like, or they were some type of exhibitionist perv. Either way, we would definitely hold it in until we got home.

Clean Your Lint Trap

This person opened up his washing machine dryer, and this was the amount of dirt they pulled out. We don’t know how they missed that, but there are always instructions to empty the lint trap after every load. Perhaps they use an old dryer.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@the-truth

A regular inspection of your lint trap can save you from this. This person should be lucky their lint trap didn’t catch fire before they realized they had to clean it regularly. If you don’t, you might have to end up calling a plumber and the firefighters.

Do Not Drink

We are a little bit confused with this one. It’s just one pipe with two taps, but one is suitable for drinking while the other isn’t. The only conclusion we can try to come up with is that one is probably used for other things.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@nakattak87

Here is why this image is confusing. If the water is literally coming from the same pipe, what difference does it make if we tried to drink the water from the tap on the left? It’s coming from the same source, so it should be just as drinkable as the other one.

Jurassic Park World

At first glance, this reminds us of Jurassic Park and those monstrous creatures from the film. But as a plumber, be prepared to come across the unexpected, even if it means finding the skeleton of an animal that looks like an extinct dinosaur. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@-starshadow-

We’re not about to guess what species this is, but this animal must have died a long time ago for the skeleton to be the only remains left. That place must be so smelly, and we can only imagine how hard it is to work with that kind of stench.

Urinals In A Tub

Here’s the most messed up structure in the history of plumbing. Even if it had to do with managing space, no one in their right senses would do a job like this. Except for the fact that it’s quicker to do your business. 

Image courtesy of Pinterest/@Andy Keller

Everything about this screams uncomfortable, unhealthy, and nasty. Imagine doing your business inside your bathtub, which is the place where you’re supposed to wash your body. We aren’t even going to get started on the size of the tub. This is probably the most random photo we’ve seen.

That’s Not How You Fix Things…

This person, who isn’t a plumber, noticed a little leak in one of the pipes in his house and decided to see what he could do to fix it. He decided to use screws to fix a leak but made things even worse. Their last resort was to call the plumber.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Vashgrave

Honestly, if we were a plumber and came across something like this, we would simply refuse to help this person. We would tell them to get somebody else to do it because it’s pretty obvious that fixing this mess will take a lot of time and effort.

It’s A Big Trap

Everyone should always keep in mind that the safe thing is to never flush anything that is not toilet paper. Also, make sure the toilet paper breaks down in the water because that is what it is supposed to do.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@srocco31121

To save yourself the trouble of calling a plumber and spending your hard earned cash, just don’t flush these so-called flushable wipes down the toilet. According to plumbers, they’re not flushable at all, and the companies are basically lying to customers.

Failed Successfully

The bathtub is a safe haven for everyone. Imagine having a busy day, and you get back from work and decide to unwind in your bathtub with a wine glass in hand and some nice RnB track in the background. It’s the perfect scenario, right? 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Mandalore626

Some people take pride in their work, but this unprofessional plumber had to ruin something as important as a bathroom ritual with a tap like that. It really needs to pick a struggle; it can’t be ugly and still be rusty.

Inexcusable Work

This plumber must have lied about his profession because the person who did this clearly isn’t a plumber. How on Earth did he fix a urinal in a toilet space? The funniest part is that people will still end up using it to go number two. 

Image courtesy of Snappypixel.com

When we say we have lost hope in some of these plumbers, this is exactly what we are talking about. Plumbing might be a difficult job when it comes to precision and creativity, but some of these mistakes seem intentional and inexcusable.

Half Toilet

This photo is both hilarious and shocking at the same time. The fact that someone actually thought of making a half-toilet is beyond us. There is no way a person in their right mind would do this. We can’t even begin to comprehend how this happened.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/@Snopes.com

Maybe the original idea was for two people to use separate areas of the toilet seat at the same time. The person who designed the toilet should be jailed because it’s completely uncomfortable and literally impossible to use. We hope the owner of this house got a refund.

Disposable Dirt Blender

Whether this is a genius idea or a silly one, we wouldn’t know unless we tried it out. This person attached a blender to the end of the garbage disposal pipe so that all waste is blended into tiny particles to avoid clogging the pipe.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@PlumbLucky

Then the dirt escapes into the smaller pipe on the other side. It’s a bright idea, but it’s still gross, no matter how you look at it. At least this person should clean the area once in a while to make it appear less messy.

Definitely Not A Bidet

The bidet has become a norm in most households as people prefer using it to wiping with toilet paper. A lot of people insist that a bidet is better and cleaner. But some people still don’t know what it looks like, like this person.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@mitchcw

This customer had been using this rusted copper pipe to clean up for a long time, mistaking it for a bidet. That is bizarre because a simple Google search would have saved him months of unhealthy cleaning. Luckily, his plumber noticed it right away and warned the guy.