Curated Collection of Pictures That Make Us Want To Turn Off The Internet

By Ruby M

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

In case you didn’t know this already — the internet has incredible benefits, like allowing more and more people to work from home, become famous influencers or bloggers, or just a great way to escape for a little while. But it can also be a weird place, filled with unsolicited websites, dark videos, and strange photography. One Instagram user decided to take it upon themselves to find the internet’s most “cursed” images that range from anything between controversial and just plain weird and expose them to the world. @cursed.aesthetic has just under 200k followers and these numbers are rapidly increasing. If you’re feeling up for looking at some pretty weird stuff then this is a great place to start. But be careful, once you start, it might become impossible to stop.

All images in this article are courtesy of @cursed.aesthetic on Instagram.

Can anyone explain this pic please? Asking for a friend

To anyone who has a deep fear of Batman, cemeteries, or giant evil-looking moths, then we advise scrolling right past this image to avoid weeks of alarming nightmares. To the rest of you — keep on reading if you dare.

We’d like to caption this: Batman, Mothman, and Rap-man. MC Ride from Death Grips is about to have that dazed smile wiped right off his face if he turns around. Honestly, though, this image raises so many questions that we’re not sure we want the answers to.

Poop House

Okay — at first glance, you’d probably think, “what on earth is poop about this house?” We won’t lie — it took us a few minutes of staring at the photograph and wondering exactly the same thing until we saw it.

We wonder if the architect did this intentionally or if it’s just a matter of perspective from the angle the picture was taken at. For those of you who still have no clue what we’re talking about — the windows on the second floor look like they spell out the word “poop.”

The Old Man and The Seat

If you’ve watched Rick and Morty, you’ll be familiar with “The Old Man and the Seat” from Season 4. The entire episode revolves around a toilet that is both private and scenic. The place is so beautiful that Rick finds he must defend his prized toilet from everyone else.

We get that some people value scenery, but surely they’d value a bit more privacy. Like, perhaps a toilet with the same fantastic view but behind a window and walls? At the very least, a roof overhead to prevent birds from taking their own bathroom trip right above you.

Baby Steps

Shoes can say a lot about a person. Worn-down running shoes indicate someone is active, and pumps can only be worn by people with excellent balance. Sometimes the design even has that person’s favorite character on it. That said, we have no clue what this shoe says about the owner.

Just like the first image, we have so many questions. Who designed it? Why the baby dolls? Where are their clothes? And why is there a totally normal shoe on the display next to it? We don’t know how anyone would feel comfortable walking on that.

This Ominous Message

This CVS had people rushing to fill their prescriptions and buy necessities before some sort of impending doom came upon them, at least —that’s what people heading to the pharmacy thought of the ominous-looking sign beneath the CVS’s Pharmacy sign.

The sign is either malfunctioning or, if you’re superstitious, is now functioning at the whim of a powerful force not of this world. It reads “let us help you on your path to…” and the rest is pixelated, leaving whatever the message was meant to convey unknown.

The Four Elements

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when indigestion attacked. Each toilet is having its own bad day but put together; we can’t help but laugh. It’s not just us, right?

Let’s break this down. Water and air are simple enough, with one overflowing and the other filled with dry ice. Earth and fire, however, have us wonder about the circumstances. Was the rock a prank? And why and how did someone set a toilet on fire?

The Snowman

Making snowmen in winter is a huge part of the winter wonderland spirit — and why shouldn’t it be? It’s a great bonding experience for families of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and what kid doesn’t love being the one to put the carrot nose on the snowman?

Some people, however, don’t stop there. They make a whole face — eyes, nose, and in this case, even hair. Is this what barbers do when they’re snowed in and can’t get to work? We love that he even put a cover on him to catch the snow shavings.

Gotta Protect Them Shoe Gloves

We’re not sure if you’ve experienced this, but it’s weirdly common for a single shoe to go missing — and it doesn’t only happen in the sandbox in kindergarten. Strangely enough, even adults experience this phenomenon. It’s not as common as losing socks, but it’s still a problem.

While it’s unlikely that there’s a gang of Robin-Hoods dedicated to stealing from the two-legged people to give to the one-legged people, we think it’s more probable that some people think it’s a funny prank — and the person who chained their flip flops to the bike rack is having none of it.

Are You Ready Kids?

SpongeBob SquarePants is one of the most famous children’s cartoons, so we’re never surprised when we see him or his friends on kids’ toys. But this obstacle course shouldn’t have included an effigy of SpongeBob; at least, not like that.

Although there is no nice way to have a character as an obstacle course entrance, whoever designed this didn’t seem to consider what it would look like when inflated. Hopefully, no kids left that party with a fear of the famous sponge.


Unless you’re a really huge fan of rodents or the Pied Piper himself then we don’t know how or why this got onto the internet. Who would find a couch made of rats comfortable to sit on? Real or fake, that’s still pretty messed up.

Hilariously captioned by @cursed.aethetic, “Ikeas New Straight Pride Couch Is So Beautiful.” Pride’s color scheme is rainbow, so, what is the opposite of the full spectrum of colors? Black and white, of course! Just like how anti-LGBTQ+ people view gender.

Now That’s a Cool Cactus

You’ve heard of “cool as a cucumber,” but have you heard “cool as a cactus”? Well, the owner of this snazzy succulent sure has and is all about spreading the word, bro. Lookout because the funky family has only just begun.

One day soon, there will be far more than four pairs of sunnies being worn by this prickly delight and perhaps a trend will begin where people far and wide share their chic, fashionable plants. If this does catch on, hopefully, people will choose with less prickly cacti.

The Ultimate Hat Guy

This Burger King received a very special guest — Doug Dimmadome, owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome. The look on the employee’s face is the right reaction to having this guy walk up and casually order some food. We couldn’t keep a straight face if that was us.

Cosplayers are known for being creative with their outfits, and this guy is certainly one of them. He could have gone with an extra-tall hat and called it a day, but instead, he went for the full aesthetic of a hat that touches the sky.

My First Gas Station

This is what you get for promising your 5-year-old that when you buy a gas station, they get to pick the theme. At least it wasn’t the worst choice they could have made. Could you imagine a Dora the Explorer or Barney gas station?

Perhaps this unlucky parent can monetize this situation after all and create an entire themed gas station franchise and incorporate everyone’s favorites like Superman, Disney, and Hollywood for the grown-ups. Of course, they’d need permissions to avoid any copyright infringements.

Nothing is What it Seems

Before jumping to conclusions and assuming that this is a woman holding hands with another man while sitting on her partner’s lap — we’ve done some digging, and we can confirm that she’s not cheating and they’re not in a poly-amorous relationship.

From what we can tell, the woman is sitting in her boyfriend’s lap because there isn’t enough space on the bus, and the man sitting next to her is her brother. They’re holding hands because siblings can do that to comfort one another. Once there’s context it’s actually quite a heartwarming photograph.


We think that this hairstyle poster is probably a joke put up by the salon’s owner, staff member, or maybe even a client. Styles one, two, three, and pushing it four and five might be okay. And number twelve, that’s only for children, is also alright.

But the others, no matter who you are or where you’re from, you’re guaranteed to look silly with a haircut like that. Either that or people will think you’re making some kind of a statement. Let’s not even get started on the titles of these wacky do’s (or should we say don’ts!)

Don’t Look a Shadow Horse in the Mouth

It looks like Bojack Horseman came to pay a visit to the sleepy town of…wherever this photo was taken. And based on the picture, he’s packing an angry-looking punch — so you’d best look out for that angry-looking shadow when you’re out and about.

In reality, it’s more likely that a person is sitting on the horse and trying to take a picture, but the angle of the shadow created a humanesque figure. Even if it is mundane, it’s always a good time when you let your mind wander and let your imagination take hold.

A Late Warning

This looks like the setup of a classic cartoon where the “predator” is chasing after the elusive mouse, roadrunner, or rabbit. They often end up crashing into the side of buildings, through windows, or in this case, a closed-up slide.

In cartoons, the character bounces back (sometimes literally) after getting injured, but that is not the case with humans. Kids who don’t realize this until it’s too late might seriously hurt themselves. We hope the top of the slide is closed off, too.

All Aboard the Snek Express

Depending on how much you dislike snakes, frogs, or both, you’ll either find this image terrifying or oddly adorable. Personally, we think that this is pretty cute. The froggos were clearly tired, so they decided to ask their snakey friend for a ride.

To their surprise — and ours — snakey boi said, “sure thing, my slimy companions, hop on.” Unless it’s just a sneaky-snakey trick to lure them closer for an easily accessible midnight snack. Does this type of snake even eat frogs? We guess they’ll find out soon enough!

Midnight Swim Snacks

Baths are often associated with relaxation. Those that enjoy unwinding in a bathtub usually have their ritual set, such as lighting candles and relaxing music. And, apparently, snacks are a must-have for some. Relaxing is hard work, and sometimes you need an energy boost to keep the zen going.

This snack, however, doesn’t seem all that tasty. At the risk of the nacho chips going soggy from getting splashed or even sinking, surely the smarter thing would be to enjoy what could be a tasty snack outside of the water?

Did the Foreman’s Kid Help Draw the Blueprints?

Ever start a new job and realize that you, a recent graduate with absolutely zero work or construction experience, might just have more expertise than anyone else on the team — including the guy who’s been there for ten years?

Well, this person experienced just that. Imagine looking forward to reading your very first blueprint and then being sorely disappointed when you discover that it’s just a childlike drawing of a house? We really hope this was just a prank.

A Sacred Gathering

Okay — there’s so much to unpack here, so we’ll just dive right in. Our first guess is that judging by the minimal number of guests, this wedding either occurred during the 2020 pandemic or these people are just as strange as their friends.

There’s a man in the front row attending a wedding in shorts, a woman in the back more interested in whatever she’s looking at on her phone — oh, and let’s not forget the person dressed as Thanos, holding the Infinity Gauntlet like it’s a casual Monday afternoon.

It’s Time for Some Deadly Excitement

Usually, these weird (seriously, who doesn’t find these creepy) balloon men are used at business to advertise a deal on used cars or the latest burger and fries combo deal. But whoever’s family passed away sure knows how to put the “fun” in funeral.

All we hope is that this was either the wish of the departed or some sort of personal joke within the family because, if not, this is a pretty insensitive way to direct people to a funeral. Certainly, it’s not the place where humor is the first thing on anyone’s mind.

This is Just my Face

Have you ever walked into the office or a gathering of friends when not one but several people ask you, “are you okay?” or state that “you don’t look so good,” and all you have to say in response is, “this is just my face”?

Well, that’s what these plants remind us of. Their brownish color and wrinkly leaves had people assuming that the store owner neglected them, and they were now trying to sell dead plants. This must’ve happened often enough to prompt a sign to be put up.

Life Finds a Way

We aren’t convinced that this image is “cursed.” @cursed.aesthetic captioned the picture with “life finds a way,” Jeff Goldblum’s famous line from Jurassic Park. Just like the impossible baby dinosaurs in the wild, this sprout in a car seat beat the odds.

The only thing cursed here is what it implies. It looks like the interior of a vehicle long after an apocalypse, when vegetation runs wild. But we prefer to look on the brighter side with this one. It’s saying that even when we’ve hit rock bottom, it’s never too late to get back up again and grow.

Stairway to Nowhere

We want to know how a spiral staircase wound up being suspended in midair by, it looks like from this distance, Spider-Man’s webs. Was there an epic battle between the sticky hero and one of his arch-foes? Did he save Mary Jane from being crushed?

Perhaps it’s a statement piece of art, symbolizing the victorious highs and colossal lows of life itself. Whatever it is, it didn’t just fall out of a building or off of a rooftop. This strange image was intentional, that’s for sure.

It’s All Fun and Games Until You Can’t Play Any Games

There’s nothing quite like waking up on the first Saturday you’ve had off from work in a while and knowing that you have the entire day to yourself to catch up on your most recently acquired PlayStation game. Everyone deserves a lazy day to chill and have fun.

Unfortunately, if you took this picture, nature had other ideas for you. This centipede is very neatly wrapped around the joystick and doesn’t seem like it’ll be going anywhere else anytime soon. Maybe they just wanted to join in for a two-player game.

There’s Some Major Holes Here

We have no idea why someone would be filling something other than their car with gasoline, but why they would fill a laundry basket full of holes is beyond us. A person with even just an inch of logic would know how that would end.

Clearly, though, this woman found out the hard way when she realized that the gas was leaking faster than a really prominent oil leak! What a job that mess must have been to clean up — and we bet you she didn’t do the clean-up!


These toys labeled “perro grande” and “perro pequeño” are pretty funny. For those who don’t know, the dogs are from a meme. Kiddies can choose between the big, muscular doggo (Perro Grande), or the smaller, kind of timid-looking doggo (Perro Pequeño).

Which doge would you choose? The one that looks like a buff Ricky Martin or the one that looks like he’d be the one to hide and snuggle up between your feet during a thunderstorm? We’ve gotta say, we’re fans of both.

Luggage Label

The Advertisement: Never lose your luggage again with this brand new personalized range of suitcases — we can print your face on it as big as you like. No one will be stealing from you when your face is right up in theirs!

Grandma: Oh, what a wonderful idea. *clasps hands together like all grandmas do* Now I’ll always know exactly how to find my suitcase when I travel to visit my grandkids. Grandkids: Oh boy. Looks like grandma got her TV fixed.

The Curious Case of the Long-Armed Man

The great long-armed man is back from the circus and is visiting his hometown, and in order to make the tiny town’s celebrity feel welcome, we suppose everybody has to play along. Well, this store owner definitely knew the assignment.

Perhaps the circus wasn’t in town — in fact, it’s probable that the real reason for such a strange-looking mannequin is that the arms fell off, and the store clerk putting this display together decided to improvise instead of fixing it.

The Message Returns

The demons from CVS Pharmacy’s very own Matrix are back for a shocking sequel, this time attacking the sign beneath McDonald’s that probably was meant to read “Try a McChicken Feast or Tex McFlurry” but unfortunately for this McDonald’s, it doesn’t.

The “Try a” is still legible but whatever it is they were trying to sell more of is unknown. Perhaps the pixelation is a warning for people to leave the drive-thru alone. It’s also possible that they were recommending people to try a salad.

What Will Alice Say?

If Alice is a farm girl, a cow fanatic, or The Office’s Dwight, then she would probably love this nutty but admittedly unique proposal. If Alice is none of those things then sorry buddy but it looks like you’re single.

Next time, try going for the stuff that all the women pretend they don’t need, but they all want — red roses, a romantic location for just the two of you, chocolate, and champagne. Oh, and don’t forget the most important part — the ring.

Well You Don’t See That Every day

Putting the comments from the Instagram users arguing whether or not a hot dog is real meat aside, this is one unique wedding cake for hot dog lovers everywhere — or people who don’t really like cake all that much.

It may seem a little bit “cheap” to some, but we’re convinced that the kids attending this wedding loved gobbling up as many “slices of cake” as they could get their hands on. Wedding cakes are usually works of art that have people talking, and we can’t deny that the guests would be chatting about this one.

Sometimes All-in-One Really Isn’t the Answer

Have you ever dreamed of combining pesto, ketchup, and fish sauce all in one bottle? Well, now you can have that and more with Frank’s Every Sauce. The sauce that has it all — because why buy a bottle of each sauce when you can just buy one.

We’ll tell you why — not many people enjoy the combination of BBQ, mustard, mayo, and yogurt all in one bottle. There’s a reason they’re sold separately! For the same reason, you don’t get cereal stuffed chicken or strawberry pizza.

The Man with the Tiny Hand

This is a strange photograph alright. Creative license aside, trying to create a loving photograph of a newlywed couple could have been done much better, cuter, and all-around less creepy. Was this their way of announcing their pregnancy? Weird choice, but we won’t judge.

Or maybe they’re just fans of Deadpool. It reminds us of the scene when Wade’s hand grows back, first starting off as a baby hand. As with many of these “cursed images,” we have so many questions and no answers.

Mirror, Mirror

We are not sure how this image is “cursed,” but it is pretty strange. It looks like something you’d see in an episode of The Twilight Zone or maybe even on a celebrity like Lady Gaga, or more likely Katy Perry.

What we really want to know is whether this wacky suit for the stars was made out of actual pieces of mirror glass, or if it’s simply an optical illusion created by some sort of reflective material or giant sequin.

A Would-Be Fire

This was the frightening result of having too many appliances plugged in and in use all at once, causing the power strip to blow. Whoever this happened to is very lucky it didn’t cause a fire! At least, we assume so, given the fact that the rest of the cords appear undamaged.

This photograph is “cursed” because of how scary it is. We don’t often think about the power running through our appliances, but after seeing this image, we won’t soon forget to be careful when plugging in more than two items at a time.

The Real Life Wedding Crasher

This picture takes Wedding Crashers to a whole new level! A happy, newlywed couple is posing for their future wedding album and low and behold, a man is falling seemingly from the sky. We don’t know the context, but it looks like he was pushed.

Luckily for this OG wedding crasher, he’s cascading into a pool of water and not to a cement doom. This is not very fortunate for the soon-to-be-soaking wet couple, however. Those dresses are expensive! Perhaps this was a prank from the groomsmen?

How is This Car Still Going?

Okay, funnily enough, the sticky hand on the steering wheel isn’t the strangest thing about this picture. If you look closely, the car is out of gas, in park, and has the engine light on but somehow it’s still going.

Well, naturally, we did some digging, and apparently, it’s a cluster swap from an auto to a manual car, meaning that for some reason, the car will always show that it’s in park even when it’s not. As for the rest — we have no idea how or why this car is still on the road.

Contacting the Spirits

This image is both cursed and blessed. Since it’s an ouija board, it is automatically “cursed,” in its own way. As for the turtle — did they lose the planchette? Or maybe someone’s pet turtle wandered in on their game.

This does make us wonder what a turtle would ask if they could play with an ouija board. Would they try to channel their relatives or find out when they would get their next meal of crunchy lettuce? We don’t care why this picture happened; this is definitely our favorite planchette!