45 Nightmarish Images That Set Our Teeth On Edge

By Louise T September 7, 2022

Everybody dreams, but, unfortunately, everyone also has nightmares. They’re usually the ones that wake us up in cold sweat praying and chanting, “it was just a dream.” From watching horror movies to seeing disturbing scenes during our day, what we see plays a huge role in what we dream of. They usually come in the form of our worst fears, especially when we have people or things in our life that we wish to protect. 

Not to prey on your worst fears, but there is a subreddit group that has made a name for itself by populating the internet with weird and bizarre images that have sparked the curious minds of the public. Of the thousands they have shared, we have carefully selected 45 of the scariest and mind-boggling images that could determine what kind of demon you’ll be battling when you travel to the dream realm tonight. Brace yourself.

1. Horror Show

We don’t even know what to call this choice of outfit. Is this creativity or a poor man’s attempt at recreating a unique version of Jack Sparrow’s costume? Whatever he was trying to achieve, this ended up as nothing but a horror show. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@TooHigh2Die420

People dare to be different and eccentric. We get it, but this is beyond usual. Imagine going to bed and the first thing you see in the dreamland is this man topped with a lamp shade trying to kiss you. Terrifying right?

2. Scary Looking Pumpkin 

Nothing screams “scary” more than an approximation of a human face; like poorly designed Halloween pumpkins. Don’t believe us? Check out this abomination of a gourd. Admittedly, it probably looked cute when it was first carved. But now, it’s something else entirely. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@B-L-O-C-K-S

No, that bearded pumpkin was not designed to look like this. What looks like metal filings is just an overgrown mold. Honestly, though, we love that one side has more growth, giving it a quirky smile. To whoever has to clean that up: wear a mask!

3. Freak Accident

We know you want to ask, but don’t look at us. We’re just as confused. This isn’t a video game or a scene from a movie where anything is possible; this is real life! We have thought of two possible reasons for this bizarre photo. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@B-L-O-C-K-S

One, perhaps this fish isn’t real and the car was already damaged, and someone took this picture for clout. Two, maybe the fish fell on the car from a transportation truck. Whatever the case, it’s disturbing that fish can be involved in car accidents, too.

4. Eerie Ghost 

Would you look at that? A ghost selling contact lenses! Regardless of how it looks, this is not a messed-up movie poster. The truth is that the person who posted this image lives near an optometrist’s office, and this is a poster outside their office. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@philosophyfirst1989

The image has become very old and rusty, so instead of the woman smiling with her contact lenses, it gives us an eerie vibe of a toothless ghost with no eyes that are looking directly into your soul. It creeps us out, too.

5. Worst Nightmare

If you have a hole in your ceiling, be sure to check and ensure nothing is lurking up there ready to come down. Remember, we told you the images you would see would be very disturbing. Well, here is why…

Image courtesy of Reddit/@madethisjustforpewds

It’s obvious this snake has been going in and out of this house for a while. Imagine living with this deadly reptile you weren’t aware of. Creepy, right? We hope the house owners were able to evict the snake and reclaim what’s theirs.

6. Strange 

In terms of weird advertisements, this one takes home the prize. It’s very strange, just like its name. Of all the smileys and emoticons that could have been used, they chose a disturbing, computer-generated creature. What is that thing even supposed to be?

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Maddybear167

The aim of every advertisement is to make a product likable, but this one seems to be doing the exact opposite. If the model of the drink looks like that, imagine how the drink itself would taste. That’s not even remotely appetizing.

7. Snake Party

Before you jump to any conclusions about how scary Australia is, we have to inform you that this picture was actually taken in Manitoba, Canada. Even if you don’t have ophidiophobia, this image is guaranteed to trigger fear and disturbing thoughts.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@devdevo19

It looks like all of the garter snakes in Canada decided to have their annual meeting. Or perhaps it’s just hundreds of eager males swarming around a distressed female, all hoping to mate. Scary, right? We hope you have a good night’s sleep.

8. WTF Moment!

One thing everybody hates is when someone messes with their food; especially weird-looking insects or irritating animals. This person got a can of peas and this small monster was playing inside. That’s a dead caterpillar right in the middle of all that bowl! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@ID6WU

This makes us question just how hygienic the canned foods we eat are. It’s terrifying to start thinking of all the germs and organisms we must have eaten without even realizing it. And to the person eating peas for dinner, we are truly sorry.

9. Monster After Dark

At first glance, this looks like a scarecrow, but a closer look reveals that this might not be some humanoid creation. It is too scary and with that look on its face, this is something far worse. We just made things more real.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@FesteringDarkness

Just imagine waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and the first thing you are greeted with is this person looking intensely at you, probably with a hook or axe in their hand like they do in horror movies.

10. Shipwreck

If you were hoping to see the weirdest picture on the internet today, we think you just found it. Here are two humongous sea lions having the time of their lives atop this poor yacht, sinking it with their heavy weight. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@KillerBunnyFamily

We have no idea how these creatures climbed the yacht, but we feel sorry for the people onboard. We hope they saw this on time and swam to safety. When next you’re on the sea, try to look out for sea lions — and steer clear of them.

11. Predators becoming Prey

Warning! This is a very disturbing image. It’s one thing to watch predators devour their prey, but it’s another to find their remains in the belly of the predator. This fish is a lingcod; it already looks pretty terrifying with those sharp teeth and bulging eyes.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@indelibleice

Someone was fishing for their dinner when they caught this guy. However, when it opened its mouth, they found an unwanted surprise — an octopus! We guess now he doesn’t have to feel bad for the fish. It’s a kill-or-be-killed world.

12. The Hunched Shark

If you’ve seen a shark movie then you know how scary these creatures can be, especially when they smell blood. Although we admit, this is the first time we’re seeing a shark with a hunchback. We guess they have abnormalities, too. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@SurvivalGrid

We’re not sure but it is quite possible this shark has a spinal cord abnormality called kyphosis, which makes the spine bend into a painful and awkward position. No matter, for sharks, their sharp teeth are all they need anyway.

13. Bat In Headset

Nothing induces terror more than feeling something crawling all over your skin. It certainly will give you the chills. This guy was about to start working for the day when he put on his headset and felt some weird furry movement in his ear.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@soulhacler

It turned out that a bat was hiding in his headset. We don’t even want to get started on how this bat got into the office and into that headset, but we can imagine that little creature breathing in his ear. Now that’s a nightmare!

14. Arachnophobia

Now, that’s a lot of spiders. Over 15% of the world’s population has arachnophobia. So, before you decide to go camping in the woods and have a great time, keep it in the back of your mind that you can actually have a worse time if you have such a phobia.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@whoanellie418

These are called grand-daddy-long-leg-spiders. Before you say these are harmless, we regret to inform you that they have the most poisonous venom in the world. Luckily, their jaws are too small to bite humans. We are sure whoever slept in that tent will never go camping again.

15. Horrible House Planning

We don’t know about you, but this kind of horrific house planning is enough to give us sleepless nights. What kind of nut job installs a urinal and a sink inside a closet? So what’s in his actual bathroom? His television?

Image courtesy of Reddit/KerbalEngineer

Even if there was a space issue, this person could still have done better. Forget nightmares; it’s hard to sleep in such a house because you’ll have bad smells in places that should have nice fragrances. What a mess this is!

16. Bizarre Invention

People buy a lot of weird stuff, but this one just makes zero sense. The person who posted this image online said he found this glove on Facebook and decided to buy it. The only question we have is: why? 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Sufficient-Ad-4091

Why would anyone want to have chicken hands? Imagine coming home and seeing your husband’s hands now look like that of a chicken. Anyone would freak out. It’s a sight that could trigger unfriendly thoughts, especially when he touches you.

17. Grotesque

Yuck, this is definitely grotesque! What is this white creature with its pet? We bet you are wondering what sort of monster this is and what it is capable of. Well, let’s tell you the weird backstory of this image.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@MrGaash

The whole monster and its pet were made out of cat hair. Yes, cat hair — tons and tons of cat hair! So just close your eyes and imagine this mass of hair monster chasing you through the woods and tell us how that feels.

18. Sacrifice To The Gods

This person found these items outside a dollar tree in Sacramento. We are loss for words as to what a plant is doing on top of a sick-looking burger, aside a syringe, and a weird-looking stick. Is that a mutilated hot glue stick?

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Firstworldreality

What was the point of planting a dandelion on the burger? This looks like a sacrifice to the Dollar Tree gods, if such beings even exist. Try not to think hard about it, you’ll only end up with more questions.

19. New House Owners

You might be wondering why there is a cow chilling inside someone’s house. Here is what happened: a small herd of cows found their way into this newly built home in Montana and decided to make it their new home.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@asadali0786

The owner of this house must be having a panic attack seeing his house taken away from him by cows for over a month. We can’t even imagine the nightmare he must be going through to clean the mess and make their stench go away.

20. Daring Nature

Cats are the most troublesome pets to walk the earth. To put it in simple terms, they do the unthinkable. They can go as far as getting you freaked out with all the hairs on your skin standing with fear. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@wirpvp 

This cat knows it can get away with sitting many stories high in a risky pose. The owners were able to take a photo without their hands shaking, so maybe they weren’t that scared. We recommend not trying this. Too often, things go wrong.

21. Raccoon Gaze

Imagine taking a stroll in the neighborhood and you hear numerous sounds coming from the dumpster. You might think it’s a rat, but you get the shock of your life when you find the dumpster full of about 20-30 raccoons happily staring back at you. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@VerySlump

We don’t know how they got there, but they look like migrants who stowed themselves away in a box. If they’re migrants, where are they coming from? It doesn’t matter. We guess humans aren’t the only ones looking for a greener pasture.

22. Angry Mannequin

Ever seen an angry-looking mannequin? No? Well, here you go. We’re sorry to say, but it’ll be hard to sell those clothes with the mannequin looking like it’ll beat up anyone who comes close to it. Unless that’s the plan…

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Drumslover

The dress looks very nice and we’re sure it would make any little girl look as beautiful as a princess. It’s just sad that no little girl will be buying it due to the scary mannequin. Kids have nightmares at the faintest sight of scary things.

23. What’s Going On Here?

Now if there’s a way to unsee an image, we wouldn’t mind using it at this particular time. Before you say it’s just meat on a car seat and it can easily be cleaned, this isn’t a car seat but a theater seat.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@rollabladess

You aren’t allowed to bring just anything to the theater, but what on earth was this person thinking bringing in raw minced meat? We aren’t even going to start thinking of scary possibilities — like this person actually snacking on raw meat.

24. Spiderweb: Homecoming 

We all remember the deadly Coronavirus pandemic and how people lost their lives. Let’s tell you what this coffee maker and Corona have in common. During the pandemic, many offices were closed for a very long time. This one was closed throughout 2020 and 2021.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@F4L2OYD13

One day, this person went to the office to get some work done and decided to brew a cup of coffee, and as he lifted the pump lever he was greeted with webs. The spiders had to use the coffee maker as their new home during quarantine.

25. Avoid Weird Flavors

This company must think it’s brilliant to do something this different. Honestly, it is, but creating bizarre flavor combos just makes so sense and is a huge “no.” We are going to ignore some of these weird flavors and focus on the one that caught our eyes… 

“Butter Soda,” the name alone isn’t appealing to the ear and whoever came up with this flavor should have been fired like yesterday. How in the world would anyone feel comfortable making butter into a drink? Well, not every product is destined to succeed.

26. Rotten Tooth Or Bath Bomb

We know the gory thought that crossed your mind — a rotten tooth, yeah? We were also thinking the same thing. But this is actually a Lush bath bomb, one of those things we put in the tub while trying to unwind.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Stranger-Than-Vixen

Usually, bath bombs don’t look like this. We guess this person was unlucky enough to get a very bad one with a screw in it, probably an error in the factory or something. But it still doesn’t make it less irritating.

27. Nightmare Inducer

Here’s another bizarre product. We get it; people love to be creative and think outside the box, which is sincerely an amazing thing to do. But this is far from innovative. It’s bizarre and very weird. This is actually a very uncomfortable cat bed. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Gunnrhildr

Just imagine coming across this bed in the middle of the night when the lights are off, with the cat’s eyes shining directly at you. We hope you don’t have a heart attack because this is what a nightmare inducer looks like.

28. A Beaver’s Tail

Long hair is beautiful and is everyone’s wish. But what on earth is happening on this woman’s head? Her hair is not only thick and dirty, but it must be such a struggle to carry around. It strangely looks like a beaver’s tail.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Miinka

If this is what having long hair means then we’d don’t wish for it. Imagine the horror when she finally decides to comb this thick mat. We bet there are several species of insects living in that mess of a hairdo.

29. Hiding In The Woods

This image was taken by someone who was skiing cross country. The only thing that made this image less scary was the fact that it was taken in broad daylight. It would have been a different case if it was at night.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@Dronas

This man even took a picture for us. But it’s weird how trees sometimes take the shape of humans and we wonder how many people must have run for their dear lives after seeing this tree in the woods at night. Scary!

30. Traumatizing Day

One thing every normal human tries to avoid is pain. We can feel this person’s pain just by looking at this image. This person had a very traumatizing day after falling on this gusset plate. Dang, that looks like it hurts!

Image courtesy of Reddit/@mithrilbong

A gusset plate is used to connect beams and girders to columns and is connected with the help of bolts or welding. We don’t know how he ended up falling on this gusset but we flinched thinking about this image.

31. Slugs’ Happy Place

Now, let’s tell you how this shoe found itself in such an unfortunate situation. This man was resting on his porch and left his shoes outside for the night. The next day he went to get ready for work. Leaving them outside was a big mistake.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@megawaveoven

When he went outside to collect his shoes, this was the sight that greeted him, the slugs happily lying on the back of his shoe. This image looks very disturbing and we’re sure a shiver ran through you just by looking at this repulsive image.

32. Fur Skeleton 

Ever seen The Mummy? Yeah, it looks just like you know who. Someone decided to do something crazy, and the most bizarre thing he could think of was to cover a skeleton with furs. Look at how scary the skeleton looks. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@BigDaddyCocoNuts

Beware of people that love to pull pranks. Even though we know it’s only for fun and they mean well, such pranks will only leave you scarred with nightmares. Imagine coming home and the lights are off, and then you see this. Yeah, no thank you.

33. Unnecessary Life Hacks Must Stop

Crazy life hacks must be stopped at all costs. We have seen silly and extreme life hacks but nothing prepared us for this. What sort of hot water hack is this? We wonder how this person hopes to pour the water out of this kettle.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@SHQUAK

When you have a kid that loves to experiment with every little thing, you just know you’re in trouble. Every time you hear a sound, you run out of fear he could be trying to blow up the house. This is the worst DIY water heater ever.

34. Chilling Zone

This person’s fridge stopped working and he called a technician to fix it. After several investigations, it was discovered that a large colony of ants was enjoying themselves at the back of the fridge. Yes, all these ants were hanging out under the fridge.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@GoodGuyPedo

We saw spiders in the coffee maker and now ants in a fridge. It’s strange how these creatures love to get into any place and live there. You should check your fridges often; for all you know, a huge snake or scorpion could be hiding there.

35. Is This Even Possible? 

We have so many questions to ask about this hanging house. First, to satisfy our curiosity we want a full explanation of what’s happening in this image. How is it even possible for a tree to be sitting on a flatbed?

Image courtesy of Reddit/@MrDiou

Secondly, how was this house even uprooted from its foundation in the first place? This type of impossible scenario only happens in nightmares, and we feel like we are in one. Except this is a container house…can someone please wake us up?

36. Bugs in Bugs

If you’re a fiber technician, then this image shouldn’t startle you as much as it did us. This fiber technician was actually having a pretty normal day, according to his caption in this picture. Still, no one likes to get stung by a wasp. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@SpeedX21

A lot is going on there and we would never want to poke our hands into this wasp mansion. There certainly are a lot of bugs in there and we hope he was able to fix the bugs and the bugs. God, we hate bugs.

37. Knock-off Ronald 

Whoever made this mascot here has hurt a lot of feelings, because what in the nightmarish image is this? We’d like to assume this is a knock-off because this horrifying, long-nosed mascot is a failed attempt at recreating Ronald McDonald. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@RecycledDonuts

The only way to recognize this mascot is through its outfit and color, other than that, this looks like a sick clown. We are sure this person must have succeeded in scaring away potential customers rather than attracting kids to the venue.

38. Mysterious Sign

Are the agents of darkness now operating out in the open, because we can’t think of another reason why someone would be buying souls. This image immediately reminded us of Lucifer, the Netflix hit series. We wonder what happens when someone dials this number. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@element13th

We already did and it turned out to be a number code for Hollywood, and other parts of Los Angeles. But it still doesn’t take the mystery away. Half the people that saw this sign, drove off in fear, and with good reason.

39. Final Destination

Wait a minute! We’ve seen this movie before. And if you saw what happened in a scene like this, then you’d be cursing this driver. This is beyond reckless; he’s simply out to kill someone. Truck drivers are always doing the most dangerous things on the road…

Image courtesy of Reddit/@alleaval

How is he comfortable carrying all that iron without holding them in place tightly? The scariest part is that when the metals fall, it would cause him no harm at all. It’s the cars behind him that’ll be getting all the damage.

40. Hanging Out 

Earlier on we saw cows in a newly built house, making it their new abode. But a wild Komodo dragon hanging out in a store, wreaking this much havoc — we couldn’t have scripted this if this was a movie. What the heck?  

Image courtesy of Reddit/@This monitor lizard

It’s funny to think of how this reptile just casually strolled into the store to enjoy his afternoon. We don’t like to point fingers, but we won’t be surprised if this was a store in Australia. Dangerous animals in weird places just screams “Australia.”

41. The Joker?

Is this a joke or is there something we missed? In case you didn’t know or you’re in a hurry to forget, nothing good comes out of weird-looking clowns. Remember Pennywise and even the Joker? That should hit the nail on the head.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@DiosMioMan63

A motel with a name and sign like this will most likely scare people away rather than bring them in. We are still trying to understand why the motel owner decided on a name like this. It’s 2022; no one wants trouble.

42. Looming Disaster

This image was most likely taken moments before a huge disaster happened. We know if this pillar collapses, so will the bridge and everything on it. We hope this pillar has been fixed, because this concerns the lives of people. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@HattoriHanzo983

Seeing a load-bearing pillar about to collapse before your very eyes is a nightmare anyone would wish to wake up from. At least, the iron is doing a good job at holding it in place, but for how long will it remain intact?

43. Childhood Is Ruined

There you have it; they just had to ruin one of the most important parts of our childhood. We all know how fun it was to collect these cards, so why would anybody want to install anti-theft tags on Pokémon cards? 

Image courtesy of Reddit/@warragle

For an adult, a nightmare would be losing a favorite pair of Jordan’s, but for a kid, an anti-theft tag through a Pokemon card is enough to do the trick. Looks like a lot of parents will be up all night tucking their kids to sleep.

44. The Power Of Mushrooms 

The person who shared this image captioned it “I wish this weren’t real.” That means we all are thinking in the same direction. Mushrooms springing out of the ground randomly around the house is the last thing anyone hopes to see.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@HelloAvram

This could be caused by bad flooring or decaying woods. The strange fact about mushrooms is that figuring out the edible ones can be quite difficult. You could eat a bad one and it would end your life. Weird how much power those little life forms hold.

45. Confusion At Its Peak

This image is by far the most confusing we’ve seen. What animal is this in the first place? Why is there an animal in this part of the store? Why does it look so weird? We have so many questions concerning this image.

Image courtesy of Reddit/@V8TITAN

Our best guess though is that this is probably a deer’s behind and someone decided to make it into a face. The person who hung this in his store, most likely can’t see what we see. Imagine entering a store and you see this.