Clever Upcycling Tips For A Joyful Waste-Free Backyard

By Aakash M

Do you want to give your porch a good finish with a fantastic vibe? What if we told you that you could do that with almost little to no money? Wouldn’t that be amazing? You can give all your surroundings an individual touch and make your yard stand out from the other houses in the neighborhood, all thanks to these DIY upcycling ideas. These small, fun, and innovative concepts will help you turn your plain yard into a fun space you can’t wait to use to host guests and outdoor parties. You just need some crafty skills and creativity to upgrade your yard. So, try these creative upcycling techniques to switch your rather-boring patios into art with elegance. Have you tried any of these already? How did it turn out?

Lemonade stand from scratch

Lemons may be sour, but lemonade is sweet. Considering that, shouldn’t your lemonade stand be sweet as well? So, get some nuts, bolts, wood pieces, and a board to get going! Yes. Assembling this cute stand is as simple as that. And don’t forget the lemonade and cups.

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If you have a busy schedule, it is important to plan some time to take a break and relax. Spend some time with your family, and if you have kids, you can help them build a lemonade stand that will have the whole neighborhood buzzing.

Paint the patio

Patios are a great outdoor fixture, but picking the right design for your yard can be difficult and expensive. If you’ve been hiding your concrete patio under a rug, try this hack for a design you can be proud of.

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Here’s what you can do. Give it a few hours of your time with a stencil brush, a concrete stain, a paint roller, and a plastic stencil. Voila! You can now transform your patio, porch, or sidewalk with ease. This picture above is a fantastic inspiration, but you can always customize things!

A rig

When it comes to DIY, no object should be overlooked or discarded. For example, you can turn an old blanket or run into a sling to carry heavy items without straining your hands. If you have a wooden fireplace, this is the hack for you.

Image courtesy: VintageGams/

Start by hemming the edges of your rug, then cut out strips for the handles and loop the ends so you can slide a dowel inside the pockets. That’s it. You just made a rug bag for your firewood. You can quickly transfer those massive logs with efficiency and style!

New features

It’s pretty frustrating when your grill breaks down and you need to upgrade it. It’s tough to get rid of the old thing, especially after all the lovely cookouts. There are so many memories tied up in it that you are loathed to throw it away. But, with some new features, you don’t need to.

Image courtesy: Leo Castillo/Pinterest

For example, you can transform it into a bar for cherishing iced drinks in the summertime. Start by cleaning the grill properly with a grease-fighting soap. Then, spray paint on the grill and the stands. There you go — a self-made bar at your service.


Gardening is a relaxing activity. That is, until you’re unable to find what you’re looking for. With only so much time set aside for this task, it’s frustrating to waste any time searching for the right tool. Worry no more because there is an easy DIY fix to this problem.

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You can now make gardening easy with this gear organizer. All you require is a piece of wood, wires, and some clothespins. Set them up; you can use this picture as a guide for your design. Then, hang your gear on it for your next gardening trip.


Childhood is the best time in one’s life. Considering that, here we are to help you go back and reminisce those happy and wholesome memories. You all might have done art and craft as a kid, right? Let’s do it again, but a bit differently this time around.

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You can make good use of those useless tin cans by turning them into beautiful lanterns with these simple steps. Start by making patterned holes on the tins using graph paper and an awl or old screwdriver. Then, paint the tins with bright colors, and follow it by putting a candle inside. Done! 


Beaches are the go-to vacation spots for many people. Wanna have a peaceful time on the sand building castles or sunbathing? Wanna have fun in the water? Looking for an excellent and scenic view? The beach is the answer to all those questions.

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But, it gets pretty annoying when your dirty towel keeps you from drying off right after swimming when all you want to do is sit back and relax. Beach mats can be expensive, but you don’t need to spend so much to solve this problem. Use an old shower curtain as something to lie on. No sand problems!

A crib

Kids grow up so fast. Of course, this means plenty of fond memories, but also a lot of old clothes and toys that are left behind in each stage of life. If you’re someone with growing kids and don’t want to waste anything that you can’t donate, we can help you out.

Image courtesy: Ben Russell/Pinterest

Do you see that crib in the image? Once your kids don’t need it to sleep in anymore, you can still use it by converting it into a bike rack. It’s a great way to make use of the same tools that grow alongside your kids.


If somebody ever put up a poll for one “must-have” thing on your porch, the answer to that would definitely be “a swing.” Sadly, when you go shopping, you’ll see that these are pretty expensive. But, don’t worry! We’re here to help!

Although this one might require some carpentry skills, it’s certainly doable. Start by taking a spare door for the support and make a seat. Use wood for arm sets and take accurate measurements. Attach and secure it with a rope and eye bolts.

Backyard aura

Are you not a creative person? It’s alright. You can still be an expert sculptor without any lessons. With a store-bought DIY project, you can transform the aura of your yard. You just need some quick-drying cement and a mold to shape it into.

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Trust us. It will look amazing in your backyard! You need a textured leaf, big box, sand, spray bottle, garbage bag, a bucket, quick-dry cement, stir stick, cooking spray, and plastic gloves. That’s actually all you need to save yourself and your hands from the mess.

Car wash

Summer is almost here, and that means the heat is, too. It’s knocking at the door, but laziness is keeping you homebound. Well, now you can turn your yard into a water park for your kids with just some pool noodles, PVC pipes, and a water hose!

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Those DIY pool noodles can give your children a realistic feeling of a car wash. Why would you want to go to an expensive water park to have fun when you can transform your backyard into an outdoor water park for the kids!


We know that pests are the last thing you’d want in your garden because they could feed on all the hard-earned money and time you put into your garden. Your garden may be healthy for them, but it’s not true the other way around. They’re unhealthy for you! 

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Pests and slugs are dangers to your garden. You can keep them away from your enticing plants with a penny ball. It’s easy to make, so there’s no need to stress about getting one. Copper’s natural properties keep pests and slugs away from eating up your garden.


Have you ever broken or cracked a pretty teacup (accidentally, of course)? Or, maybe they’re intact but too stained to use for serving guests. In that case, don’t throw it out because you can beautify it with some outdoor-safe glue.

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Before filling the new teacup with bird seeds, let the outdoor-safe glue dry up so that the teacup and saucer are well-attached. Then, hang them and wait for the beautiful birds and squirrels to come over and have a tea party!

DIY bar

Did you know that you can repurpose free wood pellets into a bar that’s both styling and space-saving? You can fold it shut when it’s not in use to keep the glasses and drinks safe from the elements. Let’s make a toast to that!

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Prepare those wood pellets by clearing up all unwanted knots and edges. Construct the bar’s front base with the slats. Then use some creativity in how you set up the back and shelves, making them as tall or wide as you want. All that’s left is to add some rope and hooks for an easy fold-up when you’re done.

Bee bath

Don’t you think small bees would appreciate it if you provided them with a place to stop and drink some clean water? You can do that with a shallow plate attached to a peony spike and coated with pebbles or beach glass. With that, they can quickly drink without wetting their wings.

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Just like many of us, bees enjoy having a bath as well. Well, to be precise, they love coming around for a drink. Pollinating is exhausting for them, and it is a world-saving task. So, we should help them out, shouldn’t we?

DIY Dresser

Is the mirror of your old dresser shattered? Worry not, because you can still make good use of it. No matter how old it gets, you can still get some use out of it and turn it into a lovely and colorful potting bench.

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Well, what about the shattered mirror, though? You’ll be happy to know that you can still use it and turn it around as storage for gardening equipment. Thanks to some fresh paint, you can color the dullness away and make it new. Easy!


Trees are the best, and they look gorgeous in any yard. But sometimes, they get sick and become a danger to the surrounding homes, meaning that they need to be chopped down. But, when you do that, don’t let that lonely stump get you down because it can still hold life with potted flowers!

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Use some hairpin legs and transform the whole thing into something from the ’50s. This repurposing will greatly help you, your home, and our planet. So, give the broken and lonely tree stump a new life and watch the magic happen!

DIY planter fire pit

You can repurpose your planter into a fire pit. Now, you might ask why you’d wanna do that? Well, the answer to that is simple. Your planter needs a transformation as well! Also, you can do it in fifteen minutes. It will indeed light up the night!

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You’d be needing a porcelain planter that matches the vibe of the party for this setup. Now, fill that up with some hot lava rocks, and don’t forget to have some gel fuel cans. Keep them closed until it’s time to party!

Bath for the birds

Now, the primary purpose of trendy things isn’t always for your personal enjoyment. You can build it for other animals and other purposes as well — for instance, a birdbath for birds. You can use old pots, trash cans, and also add some brightly colored paint to it!

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Start by placing your new birdbath anywhere in your yard. Maybe near a tree, or near a fence, shrub, or any location of your preference where the birds can find easy cover. The cover is necessary because the shade will also reduce evaporation, algae formation, and keep the water cool.

DIY tire planters

Do you have a spare tire at home? If you do, don’t throw it away. Instead, turn it into something that’s usable and creative, for instance, a fancy planter. You can build one yourself with a tire, plant saucer, spray paint, glue, and wood plant caddy.

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Start by cleaning and painting the tire. Then, attach the saucer to the tire’s bottom with glue. Once that’s done, drill holes in the saucer. It will let the water pass through for healthy roots. Now, attach it to the caddy. Your handmade planter is now ready!


We don’t think there’s anything unlikeable about bowling; it’s easily one of the most fun games that people of all ages can enjoy. But as fun as it is, it isn’t possible to go out every single time you feel like you want to go bowling. Well, we have a solution for you.

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What if we told you that you could make a bowling alley right in your own yard? You need a yoga mat, pool noodles, cans, and obviously, a ball. Lay the mat down and secure the sides with noodles. Mark numbers on the cans, and voilà! Enjoy a fun playtime with your children!

Plastic Flamingo

If you want to add a creative twist to your yard, topiaries are the best. They’re eye-catching, but the major downside is that it takes an artist’s touch to shape and maintain it. But, you can have a topiary with zero maintenance.

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You only need a little DIY magic. Whenever someone talks about yard decor, the pink lawn flamingo is the first thing that crosses our minds. This decor is so simple because you only need a plastic lawn flamingo and astroturf to make things look amazing!


Birds love pinecones, big time. So, if you want them to hang around your garden, include some tasty pinecones. A gorgeously crafted garland of pinecones will make your garden look more aesthetic while also bringing in birds. Mother Nature will thank you as well!

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It’s simple to prepare the pinecone feast for birds. For that, you’d need pinecones, some wire, and pantry supplies. Next, hang them near a window to get a better peek at the birds. Making these is also a great family activity!

Backyard games

This time, we will be asking you to utilize an old and dusty tarp to make something useful out of it. It may seem odd but trust us on this one because it’ll be helpful when you are expecting visitors and need ideas for fun activities.

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A DIY backyard game is the perfect party saver if you don’t have time or money to go out looking for the ideal outdoor game. Backyard activities are an assured icebreaker between first-time guests. Although games like bocce or horseshoes are safe choices, you can also make a simple yet great game out of a spare and flat-folding tarp.


Do you have a habit of making everything as beautiful as you are? If you’re one of those people, we have some great ideas that can turn those ideas into reality. For starters, low lights channel your aura and vibe towards romanticism and calm.

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You can add some colorful and inexpensive flair with paper lanterns; personalize the store-bought lanterns by using some acrylic paint as well. It’s a straightforward and inexpensive DIY that is helpful to create some stunning outdoor decor and give your yard more life!

Tabletop fountain? 

Did somebody tell you that you’re too old to stack up some Legos? Well, don’t listen to them. Feed your imagination and let your inner child have some fun. You can do this without plastic bricks; rocks for a miniature fountain are sure to satisfy that playful side.

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A tabletop fountain is just the ideal relaxing yard decor you’d want. You only need two mini varnished pots to convert into a tabletop fountain and voilà! Your patio relaxation factor is now increased tenfold. That’s how you add a calming feature without spending a lot of money.

DIY doormats

Do you know what’s better than a sweet doormat that greets you before you enter a house? Well, nothing. It’s the best way to add a welcoming vibe to your house, especially when first-time guests are coming over. Of course, for an extra wow factor, you can’t stick with just a plain design.

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If you can’t find a doormat that speaks to you, make your own. Get a coir doormat, paint, scissors, and cardstock for the patterns. Now, think of a cute design. Or maybe, write your favorite movie quote! Well, the choice of that is on you.

DIY candles

If you’re like us, then you must be tired of mosquitoes constantly crashing your garden party. They never let us be! It’s our house, not theirs! And nothing can mess up somebody’s sleep better than a mosquito. So, how do we get rid of them?

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This DIY mosquito repellent is simple, and you already have everything you need in your home: oil, canning jar, lemon, water, and rosemary. Add these items into a jar and finish it up with a floating candle. Use this trick if you run out of citronella candles mid-party.

Wood pallet magic 

A wood pallet has multiple uses, and if you enjoy browsing through DIY articles, then you must be aware of many of its uses by now. So, let us carry on with another way using which you can upcycle these pallets.

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This DIY planter is easy to make. Arrange some wooden pallets (the free and easily accessible ones); always use a measuring tape to be accurate and prevent mishaps. Now, set the box with screws, a saw, and a drill. Paint it, and you’re done!

Saving time

We understand how easy it is to misplace little things like keys and chargers. Although losing a phone charger isn’t so bad, losing a key can ruin your whole day. It could keep you out of the house or car and make you late to appointments or parties in someone else’s backyard.

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But, instead of worrying about it, give this DIY trick a try. You can make this key hider with a pill bottle and some glue. Stick a rock to the lid (remember which stone you use), and drop the key in the bottle.

DIY drink station

If you have an extra wheelbarrow, what are you supposed to do with it? The answer is an unexpected one, but trust us on it, because it is fun and free. Also, we guess that most of you must like the free stuff. Who doesn’t?

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How do you turn a wheelbarrow into a drink station? It’s easy. Clean it and fill it with ice. If you want, you can also tie a bottle opener to the handles with thread. There you go! You can now chill in peace.

DIY Sandbox Garden

If you’re a parent with grown kids or teens, the chances are that you must have at least a dozen things laying around that belonged to your kids that they have since outgrown. If you don’t have a place to donate it to, you can repurpose them for your own needs.

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You can make a cute garden out of an old sandbox. Toys like these are built to last, so there won’t be too much wear and tear from your kids’ many hours of playing. Just poke some holes in the bottom to let the water pass through, and you’re done!

DIY Vase

How can we ever think of a yard without thinking about flowers? But, do you know what flowers need? They need a vase, obviously. Now, what if we say that you can make one of those at your home? We guarantee it will be prettier than those you see in shops.

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To start, get a plastic bucket and remove its handles. Now, make some holes in the bottom for draining the water. Then, take your favorite fabric and stick it on the bucket. If you want to beautify it further, roll a rope around the top!

Dream patio

Even if you love your yard, there may still be room for improvement. Imagine how much more lovely it would look with some bright lamps to illuminate it after dark. The best part about this DIY is it’s free or inexpensive, depending on what you have at home. 

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You only need to get your hands on some glass jars. Place a glass candle holder in the jar and fill it with some colorful stones. Then, place a small LED bulb or candle in the center of the candle holder. Now, hang it up on your porch.

Best DIY ever

What do you think is the easiest upcycle flair? You got that right. It’s paint! You can add it to any project and it is by far among the most effortless and low-costing modifications you can make to your rooms.

Image courtesy: Design*Sponge/Pinterest

Why don’t you let those creative birds out and change up your front door color? You can decide on an unusual one, and you don’t need to keep one color throughout. You can mix and match different paints to create magic and get attention (the good kind) from your neighbors.

Tents for our best friends

We’ve talked about birds being able to enjoy your DIY projects, so why not your furry friends, too? You can make an adorable dog tent using a twin sheet and some wooden planks. Don’t let the little doggo’s skin burn in the sun. You might love tans, but your dog must not be loving it so much.

Image courtesy:

Your furry friends are more likely to get all heated up on a warm sunny day. Thanks to this portable tent for little puppies, they now won’t even get a patch of sun on them, no matter what time of day it is.

Washtub planter

Hopefully, by now, you’ve learned that anything and everything can be repurposed for use in your yard. So, here we are with old washtubs. If you have vintage-style tubs that are too cute to toss but too damaged to use, transform them into planters in your garden.

Image courtesy: Gardener’s Supply/

You can use this method by attaching casters and making some holes in the bottom. Also, no need to worry because you can set it up according to your style and rearrange them how you want it. These renovated containers will also be highly portable, so you can move them for a fresh look when you feel bored!

From the Upside Down

How many of you have watched Stranger Things? It’s incredible, right? Don’t get scared just yet because this DIY tip is actually rather calm. The reason we mentioned the show is because it reminds us of the Upside-Down in Stranger Things.

Image courtesy: theresaashmore/Flickr

You need a sturdy plastic bucket to make a strong vertical garden out of two or more pots of the same size. Then, fill it with food, drink, or shelter to attract pollinators. You’ll also be saving mother nature this way, right from your backyard!

Wooden pallet repurposing

Hey all, we’re back with another wooden pallet repurposing technique. If you have a bar or planters already, you can make those into a vertical tool shed to help sort your gardening supplies. A free and repurposed shipping pallet. How cool is that? 

Image courtesy:

Find a good spot on your garden wall and fix it with some hooks, so it doesn’t fall off. Now, while you’re setting those tool shelves, don’t discard any broken tools you’ll find because the moral of this entire list is that broken doesn’t mean garbage.

DIY strawberry planter

Do you have an old laundry basket you want to get rid of? Well, don’t throw it out just yet. As we just mentioned, broken doesn’t mean garbage or worthless. So, give that old laundry basket a chance and use it in multiple ways. With a bit of creativity, you’ll give it a new purpose.

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Laundry baskets make for the ideal strawberry planter. You’ll only be needing a burlap sack, scissors, seeds, and of course, the aforementioned basket. You can take advantage of the top space and plant some herbs or flowers in it, too!

DIY Pergola

You can repurpose a pair of antique firm wooden doors into a pergola. But why would you do that, you might be thinking. Well, it’d add an ageless appeal to that beautiful patio of yours. You’ll be giving your patio an aesthetic charm that matches your upcycling vibe.

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With this one, you’re free to decorate however you want to. You can let different plants or vines grow, which would also soften the look of the building. If you try this one out, don’t forget to send us pictures of it! We’d love to see how you’re doing with it.

Unique designs

Although there are so many house number designs, why would anybody want to stick with those boring store-bought ones when you can do so much better? For instance, you can decorate your front yard and number your house at the same time by numbering your planters!

Image courtesy:

For this particular yard hack, you’ll need buckets, paint, and plants. Get some numbers from a store if you want to get a more professional look. You can add that to the planter. Even though it’s from the shop, the overall DIY will still have a nice personal touch to it.

Easing things

We know that outdoor furniture is unfortunately subjected to a lot of appearance changes. So, rather than having an expensive tablecloth, why not get an inexpensive fitted sheet? It’ll add color to a sun-bleached table, and it’ll also add a personal touch to a plain white folding table.

Image courtesy: Sydney Watson/

When you are finished with your outdoor party, you can then simply toss the sheet in the washing machine to clean off all the food and grass stains. The fitted sheet corners will prevent it from moving around in the breeze, which makes things even easier!

DIY porch swing 

You might have heard that it doesn’t matter how old you are because you can always stay a kid at heart. The reason behind this saying is that kids are the most innocent creatures on our planet. Cherish that inner child by making something cool like a swing for your porch! 

Image courtesy:

Although we have already mentioned swings, this one is special because it uses wooden pallets! Cut the planks into the needed size with a saw, make holes in the edges, and attach the ropes before hanging the swing. Done. Just make sure it’s properly attached to your porch before giving it a go.

DIY game table

If you want to bring out the child inside of you, consider building a game table. And not just any boring game table, but one out of an old fire pit! You can turn your disused fire pit into a garden coffee table that’d be ideal for the vibe you want.

Image courtesy:

When you have such a bright gameboard top with you, it’s always playtime. To make it, cut and measure the wood. Then, trim out the top and add a base color to it. Then, paint the board, prep it, and add the rope handles. There you go!

Gabion stand for plants

This next one is a great way to upgrade your garden’s aesthetic appeal using just a few items you probably already have at home. With a few field stones, 3 tomato cages, and a paver or a tray, you can make a beautiful plant stand like the one pictured below.

Image courtesy: Jacob Fox/

To begin, invert the cages in the location you want, turn them around to create even spaces, and secure them with small wires. Next, cut off the anchor legs and then stack your stones inside the cages, starting with the bigger ones. Finally, place your paver and a planter on top, and you’re done.