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40+ Tried And Tested Tips And Tricks To De-Age Any Car

Considering you clicked on this article, it’s safe to assume that your vehicle is probably one of your most prized possessions. You spend countless hours trying as hard as you can to maintain it in a pristine state in order to avoid costly repairs. But it is unfortunately inevitable that tiny problems will develop without your knowledge, and those minuscule issues can quickly snowball into much more significant trouble.

You must therefore take preemptive steps in order to keep your baby running as well and looking as good as it did when the odometer read “0.” Thankfully, just a few simple repairs can go a long way. From simple fixes, like routinely replacing the car freshener, to more significant ones, like purchasing a dashcam, the suggestions we have for you in this article will take your car from “road-legal” to “road-regal.”

Say bye-bye to dirt with this slimy gel

It can be challenging to wipe out all of the nooks and crannies inside the car because they are all inaccessible. These include the air-con vents as well as the controls on the car. As a result, your vehicle may stink and the AC may stop operating properly.


Purchase a slimy, sticky cleaning agent for use in those areas. Small crevices’ worth of debris will be gathered and removed thanks to this. Additionally, these will clean your air con ducts and guarantee that it operates to their utmost potential.

Marie Kondo that trunk

Once you use this simple trick, you will not have to worry with any goods rolling about in the back all the time. To prevent the chaos and commotion that accompanies keeping inventory in your trunk, install a simple bar.

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To move items like grocery bags, toys, and beverages, as well as other trinkets, install several S hooks. Additionally, because these objects will remain safe and not ratchet around as you’re traveling, your vehicle storage will be noise-free. Just the thing you need.

Say ta-ta to that tar stain

While tar smears are unpleasant, you should not allow them to prevent you from appreciating your car. The annoying markings will vanish after just one administration of this amazing solution—Mayonnaise! Yup, that’s right; you can use mayo to remove tar stains.

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Apply a tiny quantity wherever the damaged area is, whether that may be leather or fabric. After removing all of the tar, lightly massage the area again and then let it sit for 5 minutes. After that, wipe the surface thoroughly and allow it to air dry.

Fizzy pop to the rescue!

Picture the windows of your car completely free of scrapes and bird poop. This can be accomplished by adding carbonated water and allowing the bubbles to work their magic. Cover the bird poop with soda, then leave it to sit for a few minutes.

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However, use caution, because excessive soda can harm the paint job on the car bonnet! Place a towel beneath the windscreen when using this technique, and be careful not to disturb the area while the soda removes the discoloration. After that, the windshield will be more resistant to stains.

The best tip is a Q-Tip

There are numerous places in a car that seems to be nearly impossible to maintain without the proper equipment. This item, on the other hand, is probably in your bathroom cupboard. Tiny cotton swabs are ideal for wiping the car’s nooks. They will get into difficult-to-reach areas like ducts and crevices.

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All those annoying stains on the steering wheels also won’t stand a chance. Q-tips are not only cheap, their gentleness reduces the possibility of damaging the surfaces you’re scrubbing. Even better, keep some Q-tips in your glove box for quick touch-ups while driving.

Grease up the frozen handles

On a wintry day, it can be extremely frustrating to discover that the car handle is stuck. It could take a long time to warm up the vehicle for entry if you have to go somewhere urgently. The kitchen holds the answer to this issue as well.

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Cooking spray is all you require to quickly fix frozen door handles! Until you’re able to unlock the door, spray frying oil over the hinges. Remember to wipe the oil away before trying the handle again. Otherwise, you’ll end up as the “butt” of a joke of your own creation.

Utility tissue dispenser

Everyone needs a tissue at some point. However, some of us find it occasionally challenging to locate a napkin while operating a vehicle or riding shotgun alongside friends. It’s possible that you stuffed them far inside a compartment, where they’ll remain hidden forever.


What about this then? Purchase a little sun-visor-mounted tissue holder for yourself and place the tissues there. There are now tissues conveniently within range, removing the need to search about in compartments and run the danger of veering into oncoming traffic just because you need to blow your nose.

DIY Suction

No one should invest in pricey vacuum accessories for the car. There just aren’t enough applications for these expensive specialty items to justify their price. You can still clean your car without spending a fortune. Every cent counts in this economy.

All you need is to attach a paper tube to the vacuum’s suction nozzle. The homemade connector will function similarly to a genuine one after being covered in tape or glue. You can shape the paper nozzle to fit into your vehicle’s tighter areas.

Buff out in a jiffy

Does the chassis of your car have any tiny scratches? Don’t immediately call the auto body shop; a repair option is already available in your home. You can use candle wax, adhesive, nail polish, toothpaste, as well as shoe polish.


Even while these items might not completely remove the scrapes, they will improve the appearance of the car. Find a nail polish shade that closely resembles the color of the car’s paintwork. To remove scratches, you can also use toothpaste and a clean microfiber cloth.

Coffee filter for the win!

Coffee filters make an excellent dust-reduction tool. When applied to a car’s smaller crevices, these lint-free wipes leave hardly any dust behind. You won’t have to vacuum the car as frequently if you use coffee filters. Or you can run up your utilities bill. Your choice.

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Simply apply a small amount of olive oil to a coffee filter, then wipe the surfaces of the automobile. All of the filth will be collected by the filter, leaving no grease or dust in its wake. Additionally, it will give the finish some gloss.

Noodles prevent scratches

Parking space is a valued but limited commodity. This tip is for you if you are required to park in a spot that has little space, such as close to a building or up against a barrier. Fasten two pool noodles onto each side of the parking spot.

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Tie them close to where your automobile is parked. You can now park your automobile in the specified spot without worrying about your door being damaged, thanks to these pool noodles. If you parked hastily the night before, you can now rest assured that there won’t be any surprise dents in the morning.

Bling up those rims

Cleaning wheels is not usually a simple process, but here are alternatives to the pricey and occasionally damaging compounds that are used in many auto shops. Bleach is one of these inexpensive approaches to get rid of soiled or worn-out tires.

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Combine detergent and bleach in a thick mixture, then add warm water. Spread this on the wheels, let it sit for about three minutes, and then wipe off any extra. Your wheels will be left squeaky clean after this easy procedure.

All you need, bud, is an unpeeled spud

It’s important to be able to see clearly when on the road. Although it is usually a difficult and time-consuming process to clean a car windowpane, this fix won’t need any additional components. All you’ll need is a single potato. to get started, literally just cut the unpeeled spud in half.

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Then, rub the skinless end against the pane till the haze has disappeared. The potato’s juices will effectively keep water from collecting on the pane, giving you clear vision. It might look silly, but it works, and so it ain’t stupid.

Bumping bumpers

You need not worry if your car’s fender has turned an unattractive gray hue. Did you know that, with just shoe polish and a sponge, you can get the bumper of your automobile back to its original flawless black? Simply use the appropriate amount to achieve your goals.

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Rub the shoe polish over the entire bumper till the desired appearance is attained. You may need to apply more than one coat of polish. Move slowly and steadily, exerting pressure in continuous strokes around worn-out edges. You can use more or less polish to control how light or how dark the bumper becomes.

Remove those troublesome stickers

The versatility of a blow dryer, which can be utilized for a variety of tasks around the household, reaches new levels when used to remove annoying bumper stickers. Crank up the power and direct the hairdryer at the adhesive label.

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The sticker’s glue will heat up from the high temperature air and will lose its adhesion to the car’s body. Even the oldest stickers can be taken off in a matter of minutes. The car now will appear clean and like new.

How to get rid of bugs

Every automobile owner can attest to how irritating it is to find little insects smashed against the windshield and body of the vehicle. Especially when they are small, the bugs can obstruct vision and cause distractions. Furthermore, removing them without harming your car is a challenge.

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The solution to all of your automobile pest issues is WD-40. No matter how small they appear, if you find them in advance and apply WD 40, you won’t have any trouble getting rid of these bothersome bugs without causing any damage to paint or windows!

Leather problems need onion solutions

If you intend on selling your automobile urgently but wish for it to appear younger than the odometer indicates, follow this advice. In principle, regular use could cause blemishes to emerge on leather, giving it an aged look and making it difficult for sellers or buyers to market it.

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One fresh onion can be applied to just about any afflicted parts of the leather that have burn scars or discoloration by merely slicing it into little bits and laying that on top of the affected area. After a while, you’ll see that the marks are less obvious!

Quick fix tissue

Napkins are quite versatile. They are light, pliable, and incredibly absorbing. They are the perfect cleaning supply for regular use in the home or automobile, so you won’t ever have to worry about making a mess again. They are excellent for quickly cleaning up any auto accident.


Use a little elastic rope under the trunk lid to secure paper towels when you want to keep them safely within your car. This will stop the roll from straying and creating further messes for you to clean up. Additionally, the roll won’t be damaged and won’t unravel during transit.

Clean carpets are a must

Users may well be inclined to dust off the car’s carpeting when it starts to show signs of wear and wish for the best. However, using this cleaning technique will quickly tidy up every one of the soiled areas, making them great once more.

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Apply a stain remover to the carpets and give it some time to operate. Make your carpets look immaculate by adding some detergent to the mats before placing them in the washing machine. To help ensure things are not damp, let them dry in the sun.

Cupcake cup holder

The best way to clean cup holders of dirt is with cupcake liners. These temporary cardboard cups are strong, inexpensive, and can be positioned in the drink holder of your car to catch any crumbles or wipes without bothering about scratching the outside.

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Additionally, these covers help stop moisture or oil from collecting in your car’s cup holders. The fact that they are simple to use and stow in the car is the nicest part. Not having cupcakes is a bummer, but hey, the car is kept clean!

Don’t worry about frozen mirrors anymore

The struggle of battling ice crystals buildup on your car is far more difficult than simply getting out of bed on a particularly cold day. Thank goodness there’s a simple solution to help you prevent it. You only need a few little sandwich bags.

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Placing the sandwich bags over the mirror the night before would save you from having to struggle to wipe the wing mirrors in the mornings. Just be careful not to damage the mirrors. On cold winter evenings, the bags will lessen the creation of ice and prevent snow accumulation.

Insulate well

One approach to increase convenience and reduce energy consumption is to insulate your car. You can keep the interior of the vehicle at a comfortable temperature throughout the wintertime and reduce external noise by caulking the spaces between the dash and windshield.


You’ll need pipe insulation, tape measure, and scissors for this trick. The costs of these materials are low, and you will ultimately gain from them. This pipe insulation is DIY-installable. Just measure it exactly to fit your dash to prevent any extra piping.

Tint stint

The appeal of such a DIY project is that it simply requires a few materials, most of which you likely already have at hand. Paint the windows with maple syrup initially, then tint them with charcoal toothpaste to give them a darker finish.

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Now use cling film to wrap the windows and keep it in place for an hour. Clean the windows before removing the plastic wrap. Without setting foot outdoors, you have access to a glass tinting service right away! Apply the mix carefully to prevent any harm to your car.

“I love the smell of lavender in the morning”

You understand how difficult it is to maintain a pleasant smell in your vehicle if you either eat meals inside the vehicle or have children and pets. You’ll notice an unpleasant odor in the car for days when there are leftovers somewhere that haven’t been cleaned.

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Using a harmful air freshener with various chemicals might not be the best solution to the stinking automobile problem. Try applying essential oils to a cotton swab as an alternative. Mint, lavender, or lemongrass fragrances are all excellent choices for this trick.

Sayonara, stickers!

And here is another decal trick for those without hairdryers. Decals can be very bothersome because they are always present and obstinately resist removal despite being subjected to all of the aforementioned techniques. We’re happy to report that WD-40 seems to be the solution.

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Directly apply some to the sticker and let it sit there for a time before rinsing it off. You’ll be astounded at how well this hack works; the sticky glue comes off so easily. Simply wash the area with a gentle cloth once the stickers have been removed.

How to remove crayon stains

If you have children, you understand the struggle of maintaining cleanliness in the home. When given pastels to keep children engaged, they have a tendency to transform every inch of space into a painting. This applies to floors, furniture, and the seats in your car.

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Melted crayon stains can be removed with wax paper and a heated iron. Simply apply the paper over the discoloration and press with the hot iron. Once warmed, the crayon will adhere to the paper. Continue until the cushion is crayon-free.

How to easily remove dry mud

Getting mud out of your tires is among the most typical car maintenance problems. It’s always better to wash it while it’s still wet. If that isn’t possible, you can get rid of the dried mud by using oven cleaner foam.

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Apply a generous amount on the slick tires. Give the foam some time to act upon the mud and other debris clinging to the wheels before removing it from the tires. The wheels will remain bright for days after you wash them off with warm water.

Push the right buttons

It’s possible that you are unaware of this option on your vehicle, yet it is among the most crucial for a well-conditioned car. The car’s recirculating function assures that each area is properly and efficiently ventilated. This option has a negative side because it utilizes ambient air.


So, when you are stuck in traffic, you don’t really want pollutants to enter the car. You may use this option to lock all airflow inside the car in this circumstance. You’ll be able to save a little gas by doing this.

No more fogged-up windows

Due to the moisture that develops on screens because of the difference in temperature between the warm moist air within and the cold air outdoors in the wintertime, driving can be challenging. Given the resulting poor vision, there is potential for driver error.

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This leads to road collisions, which are obviously very dangerous. Use cat litter! Its design includes silicate, which aids in absorbing moisture from the air. Old socks filled with cat litter can be tied securely and placed inside the vehicle to address this issue.

Honest Abe is the DIY tire gauge

Though you might no longer believe coins to be essential, if you possess a vehicle, they could save your life. To ensure your car rides comfortably, use the penny test to determine the condition of the tires and when to replace them.


Starting at the bottom, measure the tread depth with a coin. The tires continue to be in excellent condition if the tire treads cross the head of Abraham Lincoln on the penny. You require a new set of wheels if they do not clear Honest Abe’s brow.

COLAfied rust buster

As it relates to cleaning, Coca-Cola has a lot of applications. Cola will remove any rusty streaks you may have on your automobile. Simply take a bottle out of the refrigerator and spray it on the corroded spots on your used car. Give it some time to work.


Use a clean microfiber and clean it off. Your car will look a lot better than ever before and the rust will be almost completely gone. Just keep in mind that using this technique on a car’s paintwork can harm the lacquer.

A little Vaseline is all you need

When all else fails, Vaseline, also known as petroleum jelly, comes to the rescue. It is great for the panels as well as one’s skin. Vaseline’s ability to maintain a spotless dashboard is amazing and even rivals some dedicated automotive products.

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Begin by using water as well as cleaning liquid to clean the inside of the car. Before proceeding onto the next stage, let it thoroughly dry. Next, add some Vaseline to a soft material. You notice how clean and tidy your dashboard appears after utilizing this!

Treat the leather with some olive oil

Being a delicate material, leather automobile seats wear out with time. After washing the seats, most people advise using olive oil to keep them in good shape. Cleanse the seats initially with hot, soapy water. This will clean the leather’s exterior of dirt, stains, and grime.

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After that, apply a little olive oil to the seats. This will stop the leather from drying out again and cracking. If you notice any fractures, wait a few hours until scrubbing the seats with olive oil. Now you’re sitting in style.

Wipe the wipers

Throughout the summertime, you might not be required to use your windscreen wipers, but you may depend on them frequently during rainy conditions. It’s rarely a poor decision to do a little washing yourself, even if you believe that the rain will wash your vehicle for you.


You might need to spend a few minutes thoroughly washing the wipers’ brushes to ensure they are tidy. Alcohol will suffice if you do not want to deal with using water. Just apply little isopropyl alcohol to the brushes and rub to remove any grease.

The dashcam you want and need

Although you might think that this approach is a bit pricey, it will ultimately be worthwhile. Sophisticated GPS detector technology can be found in good automobile cams like the Garmin Dash Cam. Including its broad lens, this can cover the entirety of the path ahead.

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Also, users can use voice recognition to take images and start or pause filming on the dashcam! That’s an excellent addition! The 3.7-megapixel camera can record 1440p video and functions in poor lighting. Additionally, the footage may be used as evidence for compensation claims.

Don’t phone and drive

The great majority of motorists remain dependent solely on third-party navigation software as not every car comes equipped with a sat-nav. But using a cellphone while driving is incredibly risky! Try this trick the next time you have to verify driving directions.

DaveHax / YouTube

You can construct a phone clip that connects to your air vents using only a rubber band and a pen. Start by encircling one of the outlets with the cord, then fasten it using a few clamps. Voila! Instant phone holder!

Keeping the battery in top shape

With time, the battery terminals on your vehicle become oily and filthy. Additionally, the dust in the terminals could cause the engine to work even harder or perhaps prevent the vehicle from running. Despite how terrible the issue is, there is a straightforward fix.

cindymaughond / Pinterest

 Carefully pour some Coca-Cola onto a piece of cloth. Make sure the fabric has been cleaned in hot water before continuing. Utilize the cloth to scrub the battery terminals of rust and dirt. Doing so will help the battery last longer.

Clean them headlights

Your car’s headlamps are continually subjected to shifting weather conditions and other factors. These might turn yellow with time. Here is another top tip to wash them yourself without wasting a lot of money until you decide to change them.

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With a towel, soap, water, and toothpaste, you can fix yellowish headlamps in less than half an hour. To start, use a soft detergent to thoroughly wipe the lights on your automobile. Now wipe the headlamps in a clockwise direction with whitening toothpaste.

Put a sock in it

Each individual has a mountain of socks that are useless because the washing machine ate the “companion” sock. Take advantage of those leftover socks to protect your windscreen wipers. With the aid of socks, moisture will be prevented from building on the wipers.

AllState / YouTube

To prevent the wipers from adhering to the windscreen, all you must do is wrap it with the sock. Your automobile will be ready for travel by simply removing the socks whenever the temperature dips. Even if they fall, they’ll aid in keeping your wipers off of the windscreen.

No need to vent about that dent anymore

Perhaps you’ve experienced a stubborn ding in your car? They are frequently primarily aesthetic in nature and are not good enough to justify the several hundred dollars the shop would demand to remedy them. Nowadays you only need a plunger and a little hot water.


You can do it in your own home! Use a plunger to push then pull at the indent till it falls out after sprinkling it with hot water. You can avoid going to the auto shop by doing this. But if it looks serious, always consult a technician.

Have the car smelling like a bath bomb

If you possess a used candle container, you can use it to create a wonderful scent in your automobile. The easiest approach to keep your vehicle smelling new and fresh is to do this. Simply test a few different scents till you discover a scent you like.


Try to locate a scent that appeals to you. Make a hole in the old jar’s bottom, then scrape out some scented wax from the new candle. Keep it in the automobile after moving it to the old jar. The wax should release a pleasant smell.

Dam it up with gum

When there are no nearby maintenance facilities, your automobile can develop leaks and bother you as you drive. A quick fix can afford you enough time to prevent further leakage and get to your location without incident. Although this trick is only temporary, it works.

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You can use this technique to prevent a spill that could have begun in the engine bay of your car. Chew any spearmint or bubblegum and insert it into the opening that is the source of this issue. This one will offer you much needed time.

Brighten up your vehicle

Even though maintaining your car can be time-consuming, you don’t have to end up in a mess. There is apparently a method that will maintain the sheen and guarantee that there aren’t any smudges or dirt flecks on what needs to always remain clean.

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Before beginning, add a silicon or lanolin-based conditioner to the water! Just add a spoonful or so to a pail of soapy washing water, then wash thoroughly all else. Pay close attention as well, particularly in and around any areas where dust buildup is greatest.

Gap those gaps with the pool noodles

We’ve all experienced the frustration of looking behind the cushions of our car for misplaced objects only to find them there after slipping through imperceptible holes. It’s annoying! Luckily, there seem to be solutions to this issue, one of which involves foam pool noodles!

Alpacalypse2 / Reddit

Pool noodles will fit snugly down inside those annoying gaps between both the cushions as well as the steering column if you cut them lengthwise. As a result, one won’t need to embark on an endless search for your misplaced cash, keys, and other items.