Hacks That Take Christmas Decorations From Bah Humbug To Winter Wonderland

By Navkiran K

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and we’re not just talking about presents and vacations. The end-of-year holidays are a perfect opportunity to get together with family members who live far away from you or even those that don’t. With Christmas right around the corner and all those lovely lights brightening up our cities, you can’t help but stop in amazement every night as they twinkle merrily away. The malls will have their trees aglow while the snow flutters outside. There are so many decorations around town just waiting for our eyes to feast upon. It seems like the decorations make up for the cold in lifting our spirits. So, to help you get ready for the holidays, we have compiled a list of 45-holiday hacks that will make your home into a winter wonderland.

1. The Christmas Tree Skirt is No Longer in Style, So You Can Ditch That!

Christmas tree skirts serve one purpose; to hide the base and add some flair. But these items are not very helpful if you want to stand out from others this holiday season since everybody is doing that already. Here’s a clever idea. 

Image courtesy of Stephanie Strickland / Pinterest

To spice up your living room, get rid of those old tree skirts and replace them with any old cardboard box. Cut a hole in the middle, decorate with some homemade gift paper to give your Christmas decorations new gusto. 

2. Smaller Places Need Smaller Trees

You might think that purchasing or renting a home is costly, but the size of your place affects how much you can decorate. Most people live in smaller homes with less space because it’s cheaper to maintain than large properties.

Image courtesy of sportnuevo.com

Those who live in smaller places, such as apartments or condos with limited floor space for Christmas trees, know it can be a pain. The right thing you can do is get yourself a tabletop tree and go all out on decorating your room. 

3. Reuse Decorations

Planning a budget-friendly celebration? Here is a creative idea to save you money and still look festive. Instead of purchasing new decorations, why not reuse the last holiday’s? You can transform the old ornament into something spectacular. 

Image courtesy of Victoria Nixx / Pinterest 

The best way is to give those Halloween decorations a new life by turning them into something Christmas ready. You can transform a scary jack-o’lantern into peppermint candies or with some extra materials like hats and beards to make it look like Santa.

4. Attach Tape to the Wall

The one thing that always arises when you decorate for the holidays is gluing decorations to your walls. If this sounds familiar, we’ve got your back. Here is a great tip on not damaging your walls again this year and making everything stay in place.

Image courtesy of noticias.bol.uol.com.br

Now, you can easily glue decorations to the wall without worrying about peeling paint or ruining that fresh coat. There is a particular type of tape called Scotch Wall-Safe Tape to mount items securely without damaging your walls in any way.

5. Let Your Kids Help

It’s not wrong to have your children help in the kitchen as long as they are safe. Kids love it when they get a chance to help out. It is even better if it is a hands-on experience such as cooking and baking.

Image courtesy of mentalfloss.com

The holidays are the ultimate time to teach your children how to cook and decorate cookies. They’re going to enjoy themselves; you’ll have less work on your plate during this busy season of giving gifts and baking; it’s a win-win!

6. Control Your Expenses

It is the season to buy presents. If you have an extended family or many friends, it can be expensive to buy gifts for everyone. You want to keep track of how much money you spend so that you do not overspend.

Image courtesy of Santa’s Bag

If you need to stop yourself from buying too many Christmas presents, try downloading a money management app like Santa’s Bag. This app will warn you when it is time to buy presents and help keep track of your money.

7. Use Regular Paper For Christmas Present Wrapping

We all understand how busy life can get during the holiday season. Sometimes it is hard to go shopping for gifts because the earth’s clock speeds up, and everything becomes frantic. With everything going on, we may even forget to go shopping.

Image courtesy of liveinternet.ru

If you have forgotten to purchase wrapping paper, this hack is for you. You can use regular paper and wrap the gifts. Draw a Christmas tree on another piece of paper. Cut it out and cling it to the present, voila!

8. Use Sharpies to Decorate Your Glassware

If you don’t feel like expending money on store-bought customized glassware, then you can make your own with the items you already have. All that is required for this hack are some Sharpies in different colors and a bit of time.

Image courtesy of connorinteriors.blogspot.ca

Seeing the glasses in this picture, it’s not hard to imagine that you can create some pretty cool designs of your own. Just grab yourself a couple of permanent markers and draw festive Christmas pictures on them. Pretty easy, right?

9. Don’t Toss the Wrapping Paper

When it’s time to wrap the presents, we almost always have leftover paper. While they can’t be used for more gifts if they are small, these leftovers need not go in the trash. There are other ways you could repurpose them. 

Image courtesy of rainforestislandsferry.com

Why not use leftover wrapping paper to make decorations? You can try to make cone-shaped decorations as shown in the picture that was made out of what was left after the presents were wrapped. Just search on Google to get more ideas.

10. Design Decorations Using Colored Glue

Christmastime decor should be wintry, and it doesn’t get more wintery than snowflake embellishments. The beauty of their intricate designs makes everything special. Preferably, you want to avoid using paper for these if possible to make your home more unique. 

Image courtesy of blog.168.am

Instead of using paint, you can use glitter glue. We are not talking about regular white glue. For this tip, you must use the colored and sparkly variety. Draw some snowflakes on parchment paper and cover them with glue. Wait until they dry to peel them off and stick them to the windows.

11. Give the Other Decorations a New Purpose

As we said before, you can reuse decorations for your other holidays. You can try to use Halloween decorations on Christmas or Thanksgiving, and there are so many ways to do this, you wouldn’t believe it. Here’s an idea for reusing a Turkey Day centerpiece. 

Image courtesy of improvementscatalog.com

If your pumpkin is still good, it can be turned into a vase for flowers. This is an incredible hack to use this year for Christmas. You can put the “vase” on the mantel or use as a centerpiece and decorate it with beautiful flowers.

12. Fill Up the Space With Different Objects

If you want to brighten your home with sparkly trinkets, it is best to store them inside glass jars. You will probably be wondering how many ornaments you require. Well, the answer is that you might not need a lot.

Image courtesy of blog.upack.com

Instead of loading the whole jar with Christmas baubles, you can fill some of the space with a toilet paper roll. Start by making a layer at the bottom, putting the roll on top of them, and adding more decorations until complete.

13. Pictures Will Help You to Organize

The delight of the holiday season is in seeing those we love and care about. The one problem with holiday gatherings is putting away things once they’re done. With this tip, there is no need to let those beautiful memories of moments fade into thin air.

Image courtesy of hayneedle.com

One tip for organizing your home after the holiday season is to take pictures as you’re packing up. If you have a messy collection of decoration bits, put them back in order and take pictures, so they’ll be easy to find next year. 

14. Use Tomato Crates to Make Topiaries

If you’re the kind of person who likes to have a little bit more fun during Christmas, we bet that by now, your home has been decorated with tons of fancy ornaments. You might even be looking at topiaries for some extra holiday spirit.

Image courtesy of 17apart.com

Why don’t you try a substitute for the regular tree this year? Invert your tomato cage and decorate it with some lights. You can make this colorful or classy-looking that fits any décor and save some money too. Not to mention, it’s beautiful.

15. Use Wreaths to Add Volume to Your Tree

The anticipation of decorating the tree is one part that can make you feel excited and get you in a festive mood. It’s also a chance for quality family time as you add personal touches and ornaments from years past in addition to new ones.

Image courtesy of 3littlegreenwoods.com

Don’t worry if you’ve just got an artificial tree and it seems a little flat. All is not lost. Simply wrap some wreaths around it to give it some fluffiness and jolt of holiday cheer for the season. It will look as full as a real tree.

16. Use a Hook to Hang a Wreath

There is no need to let your front door go without a bit of pizazz this season. Wreaths are super common during the winter holidays, and with so many people struggling with mounting them correctly, we recommend you skip the frustration with this nifty hack. 

Image courtesy of Natalie Brown / buzzfeed.com

If you don’t have anything on your door that can be used to hang a wreath, use the hook. And if using glue is not an option and ruining paint isn’t necessary either, just stick it with a unique Scotch Wall-Safe Tape.

17. Get Disposable Tablecloths

One of the downsides of holidays is that it can be hard to clean up their mess when people leave. If you are in charge of cleaning your home, you may feel worried when the night at the end of Christmas dinner approaches.

Image courtesy of lemonthistle.com

In the picture above, the person used a disposable tablecloth. You can take off the dishes and throw away the tablecloth when you use this. In addition, you can draw all over it and even write people’s names as nameplates.

18. Spray Paint on Your Christmas Lights

This next tip is for all you Christmas light lovers out there who think that the standard decorations have become a bit too passé. If you want to try something different this year, this next hack will work for you.

Image courtesy of laandelu.com

There are so many different methods to style your home, and this is an excellent idea for any room. All it demands is some spray paint and your imagination. You can give new life to old lights by painting the wires in different colors. 

19. Don’t Use Only One Bulb Size

When we decorate Christmas trees, we want them to look extra pretty. We normally put a lot of work into ensuring they are breathtaking and will impress guests. But if you want yours to be anything less than dull-looking, here’s an idea. 

Image courtesy of crnobelo.com

Some use all the same size bulbs to decorate their trees. But this is a simple mistake you can avoid by using strings of different sizes and wrapping them around your tree. The results will impress even the pickiest of guests.

20. Glass Makes Trees Look More Fascinating

If you’re avidly searching for the choicest way to make your Christmas tree glow this holiday season, adding shiny ornaments is all it takes. But they’re expensive, and you just want to add something simple but effective. So try this DIY!

Image courtesy of tilestwra.com

Here is a holiday hack on how to make your tree look more impressive. In case your tree doesn’t have a ton of ornaments and lights to make it look bright, hang small mirrors from the branches for added sparkle. 

21. Place a Glass Inside Another Glass

This next tip is a way to save and make your holiday decorations fancier and less of a hassle. For this hack, you will need two glasses and the fillers of your choice. Then you can simply do what you see in this image.

Image courtesy of feltsocute.wordpress.com

Put the smaller glass inside the larger one. Fill in the space between them with baubles or other things you want. For Hanukkah, people even put chocolate coins. Inside the small glass cup, you would put a few beautiful flowers or an arrangement of your own making.

22. Make Your Own Cookie Holder

If you’re looking for some great gift ideas this year, don’t forget to recycle. Reusing things is eco-friendly and will save your wallet too. When it comes time to adorn the house, well, there are so many possibilities out there. 

Image courtesy of snowmancrafts.co

Don’t throw out those Pringles cans. Store them for the holidays and turn them into cookie holders. Have a fantastic time decorating at Christmas with all sorts of decorations you have collected throughout this festive season. They look adorable, right?

23. Build Your Own Tree Ornaments

The end of the year is coming. If you do not have much money, maybe you can save on store-bought decorations. We have seen some excellent DIY projects that can save, but this one just might be your favorite if tree ornaments are the most important thing to you.

Image courtesy of diaforetiko.gr

If you want to save money for Christmas, you can make your own baubles. You might wonder how you will make top-quality ornaments that are more than popsicle sticks and pipe cleaners. The answer is simple: make them out of salt dough.

24. Use Environment-Friendly Bows

Holidays can be a great time to take stock of your daily habits and think about what you’re doing to eliminate wasteful practices. We’re not saying that cutting back on trash bags is necessarily the one, but it’s something worth considering.

Image courtesy of klankosova.tv

The best way to make a sustainable Christmas party is by crafting your very own bow just like that one in the picture. You can throw an environmentally friendly holiday celebration by using Dunlap strips and adding this retro touch.

25. Make Snowflakes Out of Paper

Creating your own decorations is always more fun than buying them, especially if you can make the design into whatever shape or form that suits the occasion. Here is another different way of making snowflakes if you didn’t;t love the ones made out of glue. 

Image courtesy of HGTV

Making the classic version is a cinch. Just draw your favorite shape on paper and cut it away. But keep in mind that this job can take some time, so it might be best to start doing it about two weeks before Christmas.

26. Use Candles Inside Jars

If you are looking for an easy way to make adorable Christmas centerpieces without hassle, try using a candle. Just place it into whatever container is desired and watch as these simple decorations are filled with light. You can use the battery-powered version for safety.

Image courtesy of sasankaperera.com

We said earlier you can place a toilet paper roll inside an empty jar and fill up the space with beads or candy. But if you want some atmosphere, put in candles. And there is no reason you can’t use both ideas!

27. Use Removable Wallpaper to Decorate the Living Room

The traditional colors of Christmas are red, green, gold, and white. If you did not use any of these in designing your home, it could be hard to make it look Christmas-y. You can alter your color schemes by adding temporary wallpaper.

Image courtesy of iustitia.info

This woman wanted to make a nice display in her living room but thought it would look better with a black and white background. So, she pasted removable wallpaper and added some red stripes. You could do the same thing if you desired.

28. Decorate Curtains With Bows And Necklaces

You know what they say: unless you have curtains to match your decor, then all of that hard work is pointless. The living room can look boring without adding little bits of festive cheer, so we recommend buying some holiday-themed drapes if possible.

Image courtesy of taodecor.vn

If you’re not a fan of replacing the curtains in your home, don’t worry. You can decorate them quickly and easily. Just wrap some beads or hair bands around them for an instant update that is stylish yet functional; what could be better?

29. Skip the Tree Altogether

We have been talking a lot about getting a Christmas tree for your home. But that doesn’t mean that there are no other ways to decorate for the season. If you don’t want a tree, we will give you different ideas.

Image courtesy of kvartblog.ru

If you do not want to take up extra space, you can still pretend to have a tree. They now have posters you can hang on the wall. Fix some sparkly baubles onto it, and it will jazz up your home without using up any space.

30. Hot-Glue the Lights

People are beautifying their homes for the holidays in various ways, but some prefer to go all out and make an even greater statement with their exterior decorations. We’ve seen pictures where people have spent hours on those flamboyant displays.

Image courtesy of Christmas Designers / YouTube

If you’re looking to decorate your home for the holidays, one of our favorite ways is adding lights. However, if they tend not to stay in place or are unreliable with tape, then hot glue might be an option that works best. 

31. Put Up Holiday Cards on the Cupboard

One of the most popular Christmas traditions is sending a card to our family members. Some people enjoy putting together a whole bunch, and if you want them all on display, here is a hack on how you can do it.

Image courtesy of Natalie Brown / buzzfeed.com

If you wrap a ribbon vertically around the door of your cupboard, it’s simple to hang cards using clothespins. Why hang cards in the kitchen? The answer is simple; you can create festive vibes without taking up the counter area. 

32. Try Distinct Types of Tabletop Trees

Previously, we talked about using a tabletop Christmas tree. This is for when you don’t have enough space in your house or apartment to put up a big tree, or if you want to get a smaller one this year. 

Image courtesy of iheartorganizing.com

People who don’t want the real thing can make these decorations that look like a Christmas tree. All you need is to get an object in the shape of a cone and decorate it with green and red beads or shiny paper. 

33. Adorn the Tree With Candy

Why not spice up your tree this year with some tasty treats? We know that candy canes are a classic staple – this is a DIY project that allows you to create other shapes out of the delicious minty sweets.

Image courtesy of vlaz.info

As you can look into the picture, all that’s needed for this fun project is some hard candy molds. If your mints are all white, you can add red or green food coloring. After making your treats, put them inside plastic bags before hanging from the tree.

34. Wrap Your Entrance Door

Maybe you don’t foresee yourself having a ton of time to make your own wreath this year and would rather not spend a ton of money. If that sounds like you, check out this helpful holiday hack. This is also great if you prefer to spend your time livening up inside instead.  

Image courtesy of gagohome.com / Pinterest

This is your new go-to if you want to keep things simple this season but don’t want to skimp. A few pieces of ribbon or wrapping paper will make your front door look like a giant present and add some fun spirit while still keeping it minimalist. 

35. Stuff Everything In the Same Box

We talked about a touchy subject related to decorations in this article. That subject is cleaning and organizing your home after the party. The “after-party” is the worst part of hosting Christmas dinner, but we will help you with that problem. 

Image courtesy of dakanhomes.com

If you have a big box at home, store every one of your decorations in it. You might have to squash them all in there, but it is better for organization purposes. Next year you will only need to get one box from storage.

36. Use Glassware to Decorate the Cookies

Many people get stressed during the holiday season because there is so much to do. The problem is that you might forget something, like getting gifts. If you have ever gone last-minute shopping for a gift, you know how hectic it can be.

Image courtesy of wookmark.com

You might also forget to buy the molds for the cookies. That is ok! You can use a glass cup or vase with a detailed bottom instead. Press it against the cookie dough, and you will have an ornate-looking cookie.

37. Spice Up Your Garland

When we don’t take the time or put in the effort to beautify our home, it can be a letdown during this magical season. The decorations are essential for setting that festive mood, and they help bring some holiday magic. 

Image courtesy of thefreshexchange.com

If you want to make this winter more interesting, why not add a little something special? A few branches from your real tree will add a perfect touch of class. Your guests will notice how much effort went into making your home fun and festive. 

38. Decorate Other Objects In Your Home

You can take the festive feeling of your party to a whole new level by decorating other items that will be used at it, like chairs and cups. Why not try thinking outside the box with this creative DIY project?

Image courtesy of news.xopom.com

Cups are probably the last thing anyone would think about when it comes to adorning the house for Christmas. But by making them into cute koozies, it makes even your coffee break feel magical. All it takes is some red or green fabric and basic sewing skills.

39. Use a Log As the Base of Your Tree

You can change up your tree’s base this Christmas. That was one of our earlier tips. Instead of using the traditional skirt, this is the year to try something new. Cardboard boxes wrapped in gift paper look amazing and are easy to put together.

Image courtesy of unamon.com

You only need to take an old piece of wood and carve out the center, then use it as your stand. It’s going to give that rustic touch we all love in our homes without spending too much money on materials. 

40. Engrave a Pumpkin and Use It as a Bowl

For those who are looking for edible decoration tips, we have one that you might love. This easy tip is beneficial for those with little time on their hands and eager to show off the chilly season that just arrived. 

Image courtesy of nieuw.ambiance.be

Purchase a few tiny pumpkins or squashes. Carve them into soup bowls. You can use these to serve the very delectable recipes you made from the insides of the gourds. This is easy, and it’ll make your home look festive. 

41. Try Alternatives for the Christmas Tree Topper

A few things come to mind immediately when we think about Christmas. Examples are Santa Claus, gingerbread cookies, wreaths, and trees covered in sparkles. One essential accessory is a tree topper. We usually tend to go with a gold star.

Image courtesy of popsugar.com

However, who said you could only use a golden star? You can choose something other than the typical if you want to. Additionally, some people use angels or words that reflect what they want for the next year. This is a cute idea. Manifest, friends!

42. Make DIY Garlands

Garland is an essential part of the Christmas vibe. But if you feel like this year’s decor needs some extra pizzazz, there are many types of garlands that will suit your home nicely, and you can enhance them by adding some extra touches. 

Image courtesy of postfun.com

For a quick and easy DIY Christmas garland, all you need is cloth – any kind; just pick colors you want – and fairy lights. Cut out thin pieces to make ribbons, then tie them into bows with your fairy lights for an adorable design on top. 

43. Create a Gingerbread House With Cardboard Box

Gingerbread is something that we connect with the winter season. Gingerbread cookies are a standard during this time of year. Houses are also something people like to make during this time, but they can be hard to do because they fall apart easily.

Image courtesy of potatocakely / buzzfeed.com

If you struggle with baking or gingerbread is hard for you, try this idea. Instead of using real gingerbread to make the house, use cardboard. It will look just as pretty as a typical house made out of gingerbread. 

44. Hang Decorations From the Living Room Lights

Don’t forget about the pendant lights in your living room. You can get them into the holiday spirit with a bit of decoration. If you’re wondering how? We’ll show one of many options for doing just that; it’s really quite simple.

Image courtesy of dom-and-sad.ru

Dropping ornaments from the living room light is an excellent idea to beautify your home for the holidays. You can put different ones up each year, and they’re easy enough that you won’t even need glue or tape. Easy peasy!

45. Don’t Scour the Wax Off the Menorah

We have been talking about Christmas a lot, but not everyone rejoices in it. You might celebrate Hanukkah instead. This tip is for Jewish people who want to clean their menorah after the eighth night is completed so they pull out a shiny clean menorah next year.

Image courtesy of Natalie Brown / buzzfeed.com

This is an image of a menorah with dry wax. You might think about how hard the wax is to clean off without scratching the metal. But if you put it in the oven at a low temperature, then the wax will melt away.