40+ Fantastic Feminine Hacks By Women, For Women

By Ishita P

It’s not easy being a woman, especially in the present world, with all the expectations being forced upon them. From meeting your job responsibilities at the office to managing household chores, it gets challenging to deal with them all. However, there are some ways to make your life simple and easier to navigate.

The best part is that these tactics use everyday items that can be easily found around your house, and thus, in most cases, you won’t even need to make any extra effort to get them. So, in this article, we’ve explained each hack step by step to make it easy for you to implement them in your daily life. These solutions will help you fix different organizational and time management issues and make your life smoother and less tiresome.

Chapstick containers serve as great hiding spots

You may be familiar with the concept of storing money in different places so that even if you get robbed or mugged, you are not left entirely empty-handed. But if you don’t know how to do it, we’ve got you covered.

Photo by Smarter Travel on YouTube

Chapsticks are a common thing to carry around and a perfect place to store emergency cash. Since they’re long and have little space, you can easily roll the bills and keep them safely in your empty Chapstick container without fear.

Use a dryer sheet to stop frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is a problem that many women face. It can be very demotivating to wake up to frizzy hair on days when you need it to look perfect. Luckily, there is an incredibly easy solution to this — a dryer sheet.

Photo by iramzey on Instagram

Place an unused dryer sheet over your hairbrush before grooming your gorgeous locks. Filled with fabric softener, it will enable your brushing to be static-free and cleanse your hair thoroughly by extracting dirt and dust. Thus, you’ll get smooth and shiny hair in no time!

Always exercise at the best time

Physical activity is a must for all. Although some people get their exercise from daily activities like long walks and doing chores, others have to rely on workout regimens that help keep them fit. While you can exercise at any time, certain times are the most beneficial.

Photo by Steve Buissinne on Pixabay

Between 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. is supposedly the best time to exercise, as you’re more awake and alert and less likely to cause an injury. On top of that, exercising at this time is also associated with good hand-to-eye coordination and agility.

Create an easily accessible bobby pin store box

Bobby pins are indeed important hair accessories, but they are very easy to lose because of their tiny size. If you throw them into your bag just like that, you are going to have a hard time ever finding them again.

Photo by The Burlap Bag on Pinterest

Instead, you should keep these items in small containers to make them easily accessible when required. Tic Tac boxes are one of the best bobby pin holders available. They are light, compact, and small-sized to fit your bag yet big enough to be found quickly while rummaging.

Get the most out of your scented candle

Scented candles have become immensely popular in recent years, and with good reason. They can accentuate the looks of your room, and their pleasant smell can make the space more welcoming to everyone. Since they aren’t cheap, it makes sense that you make the best of their use.

Photo by Mad Russian Scientist on YouTube

Once your candle has burnt through most of itself, it may be tough to set it alight without burning your fingers. In such cases, you can use spaghetti sticks to light the wick at the bottom of the candle without burning your finger.

Tie your ponytail lower

High ponytails have always been a gorgeous way of keeping your hair out of your face. However, it has been recently discovered that the tightness of the ponytail can damage your hair and increase the amount of hair you shed. Also, tying ponytails always at the same place on your scalp can render a similar effect.

Photo by Pius Martin on Unsplash

So, a better alternative is tying a low ponytail at different spots every time. It looks just as great as high ponytails with the bonus of keeping your scalp relaxed and reducing indiscriminate hair fall. Not to mention, you can style a low ponytail in many ways to make it more attractive.

Get smooth skin after shaving

Although expensive, foam-based shaving cream is a necessity for most women. Besides, most of the time, these products leave the skin itchy after use. Thus, buying commercial shaving creams is not at all worth it in any terms. Therefore, we have a DIY shaving foam hack for you!

Photo by Mario A. P. on Flickr

Apply a concoction of baby oil and conditioner to your skin, softening the hair that is to be shaved. It will render you baby-soft skin with a smoother finish. If you don’t have baby oil at home, you can substitute it with water.

Install a rotating shelf in your refrigerator

Hunger strikes at the most random of times, and more often than not, you have to empty the entire fridge to see if there’s anything worth eating at the back. Sometimes half your energy is spent on removing and replacing all the items in the refrigerator.

Photo by Unknown on thriftyfun.com

Well, here is an easy fix for this. Installing a rotating shelf will solve the problem, making it easier to find what you’re looking for with minimum effort. Simply rotate the stand and pick out anything that could potentially satisfy your cravings.

Use pool noodles to keep your boots in shape

Boots have always been, and probably always will be, in fashion. Hence, it is a good idea to keep them in good shape and ready for any occasion. However, most boots, especially the longer ones, are susceptible to folding and hardly stay upright.

Photo by Unknown on The Yooper Girl

Fortunately, a simple item like the pool noodle can keep your boots intact. Inserting these into your shoes can help maintain their shape and keep them sturdy and ready for use whenever you need to wear them. Thus, you need not worry about having creases in your boots anymore!

Save your sweaters with a razor

In the colder months, wearing sweaters isn’t only fashionable but also essential for your well-being. You can easily make a style statement with colorful and fancy sweaters, but it will all be in vain if your sweater starts peeling off and looks faded.

Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

So, to prevent this from ever happening, you should invest in a sharp razor blade and use it on your sweater. Gently swipe it across the fabric to get rid of loose threads on your sweater, making its texture smoother.

Keep your jeans fresh in the freezer

For many, jeans are everyday wear. Thus, it is hugely disappointing to find that your pair of denim is losing color and brightness with every wash. But with the dust that jeans collect daily, it is no wonder they need to be washed often.

Photo by Michael Gaida on Pixabay

Well, here’s a hack you can use to make your jeans appear fresh and new without washing them. All you have to do is keep your denim in the freezer. It will kill all the germs in your jeans and eliminate unpleasant smells.

Use a hairdryer to squeeze out your makeup

Makeup is expensive, and most women want to ensure that they get their money’s worth. While this may not be possible in some instances, with non-expired products or those that haven’t been exhausted, there are ways to get the most out of them.

Photo by fotostrobi on Pixabay

For instance, if your foundation gets stuck at the bottom or in the corners of the tube and is practically unreachable, a hair dryer can help you get to it. Using the hairdryer will melt the foundation and make it easier to squeeze out.

Get chilled wine with frozen grapes

If there’s anything better than “regular” wine, it is chilled wine. But the problem you will encounter while trying to enjoy chilled wine is that adding ice cubes will dilute the wine while keeping it in the fridge will make it colder than you like.

Photo by Günter Hoffmann on Unsplash

So, a hack that can help you with this issue is using frozen grapes to chill your wine. It will not only keep the wine cold but also preserve its perfect flavors and aromas, which are otherwise lost in the chilling process.

Paint keys with different colors for easy recognition

Many of us tend to mix up keys, especially if we carry a whole bunch of them everywhere. As most keys look similar in terms of their sizes and shapes, it is difficult to distinguish them and get the right one for a purpose.

Photo by Unknown on Homedit

But let us tell you that the solution to this issue is very simple. Paint each key with a unique shade of nail polish; it will help you differentiate between them. Once you memorize the colors, you won’t have to panic or waste time trying to find the right key.

Straighten the wrinkles in your clothing

Straighteners are a beneficial tool that almost every woman uses to touch their hair on various occasions. Being lightweight, it is also pretty convenient to carry around. But you may not know that this gadget can be used in more than one way.

Photo by Unknown on The Krazy Coupon Lady

It can come in handy when your apparel has creases but you need to rush out for work. Unlike actual irons, straighteners are easy to handle and work well on all parts of the clothes. Whether it’s between the buttons or in the collar, this device can smoothen wrinkles from all spaces.

Use clear nail paint while wearing fashion jewelry

Sometimes costume jewelry can significantly enhance your look and style compared to real jewelry pieces. In such cases, there is absolutely no harm in wearing them. But the only drawback is that wearing fashion jewelry for a long time can turn your skin green.

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

So, if you’re worried about your cute rings leaving a greenish mark on your finger, clear nail paint is a good solution. Apply a coat to the inner part of the ring to prevent the metal from coming in direct contact with your skin. Also, this tactic helps preserve the jewelry if applied periodically.

Fix your pantyhose with hairspray

Nothing can be more frustrating than having a run in the pantyhose you were planning to wear for an event you’re about to head off to. These undergarments are made of delicate materials susceptible to tearing and developing holes. But fret not; here, we have brought a solution to this problem.

Photo by Jeneva Stiles on Pixyorg

Hairspray can effectively prevent the runs and holes in your pantyhose from enlarging. All you need to do is spray it in places most likely to develop holes. It will keep the material firm and make it more resistant to tearing.

Open drinks with an eyelash curler

Popping open drinks is the best way to start a party and let the fun begin. While you can always go for a classic bar key or a spoon, using an eyelash curler is one of the trendiest and easiest ways to pop off the caps.

Photo by jordyn_acc on TikTok

Although it may be hard to believe, the lash curler follows the exact mechanism as the bottle opener. So, first, place the mouth of the curler by the edges of the cap with the rubber pad set on the top. Then, lever it down gently to crack open the bottle.

Coat your buttons with clear nail paint

While it is easy to sew a button, it can be frustrating to keep doing the same as they fall off every time. Thus, there’s a better way to ensure that the buttons on your shirt remain intact and there is no risk of them falling off in public places where you won’t be able to find them again.

Photo by Steve Buissinne on Pixabay

Simply apply a layer of clear nail paint to your buttons, including the threaded part, which connects them to the clothing. It will ensure that the thread does not come undone at any time. Also, as it’s transparent, you need not worry about getting your shirt stained.

Dry your feet to avoid shoe bites

Shoe bites are one of the most painful parts of wearing new fancy footwear, even if they’re precisely your size. So, if you spend too much time fretting over potential blisters, we’re here to help you with a simple yet effective solution.

Photo by Mitchel Lensink on Unsplash

Put on a pair of socks then slip on your new shoes. Then, air a hairdryer, on the low setting, towards your feet. As you do so, flex your toes and let your shoes face the heat for at least two minutes. It will loosen the tight spots of the footwear, preventing damaging blisters.

Liners prevent bra sweat

Sweating is an embarrassing occurrence in itself, but sweating through your breasts can be even more humiliating. Especially if you’re wearing a light-colored or transparent shirt, it will appear damp after the sweat is soaked through your fancy but an unusually warm bra.

Photo by Unknown on Miss Malini

Nevertheless, a simple yet surprising solution to this problem is using sanitary pad liners. Smaller than the actual sanitary pads, you can easily place two of them inside your bra, a little over the underwire. It will soak up all the sweat effectively without wetting your clothing.

Socks can help with baggy jeans

Boots go well with a pair of denim pants, but sometimes, baggy jeans impede your cowgirl look. These jeans do not fit into knee-high boots and tend to bunch up at the bottom. So, if you’ve been in this situation, do not fret, as there’s a solution.

Photo by Tanya Dusett on Unsplash

You just need a pair of socks that are a bit long. Once you’ve put it on, simply tuck the ends of your bell-bottom jeans into the socks, and you’re done! Your denim will appear skinny, and your outfit will be as perfect as ever.

French manicure your nails with a rubber band

A French manicure is necessary for a social event, but it is not always easy to get an appointment at the salon on time. So, if you have to attend a function the next day and don’t have time for a professional manicure, do it yourself!

Photo by Unknown on Darcy Apparel

All you need is a rubber band and some nail paint. So, first, wrap the rubber band tightly around your nail, keeping the tips uncovered. Then, carefully paint these tips with your favorite nail color using the rubber band as the border, and remove it soon after the polish is dry. Tada! Instant French manicure!

Spread out and store your jewelry on utensil trays

Women usually possess many jewelry pieces and accessories. But tiny jewelry pieces like rings, chains, and bracelets often get lost in small spaces or even among other bigger items. Hence, spreading out jewelry is a more suitable way of storing them.

Photo by Bob Marquart on Flickr

Silverware trays make great jewelry storage containers because of their ample space and convenient partitions. It enables you to organize all your trinkets in one place. In addition, attaching tiny hooks to the tray make it easier to hang small rings and earrings onto them without losing anything.

Ice your coffee with coffee cubes

Coffee is the most popular beverage for those who depend on caffeine for a daily energy boost. But the need for a strong caffeinated drink often keeps people away from adding ice to the beverage, diluting the effect. So, here’s a hack for all who love having iced coffee yet avoid it for the mild taste.

Photo by Antonio Cansino on Pixabay

If you make a strong black coffee the night before, freeze it into ice cubes and use them in your cup of joe the following day, it will perfectly give you the experience of iced coffee without compromising caffeine quality and taste.

White wine can neutralize red wine stains

Red wine is an amazing beverage but it’s all too likely to stain your outfit in a split second of carelessness. The bright color makes it very noticeable and hard to get rid of. But if this happens to you, you will be happy to know that a quick fix does exist.

Photo by XNIuI on Imgur

White wine is the most effective solution to your red wine problem. So, pour some white wine over the stained area and dab until the mark gets lighter. Finally, wipe away all the excess liquid from the apparel and let it dry.

Screw off the nail polish bottle with a rubber band

Before you paint your nails, the biggest hurdle you must get past is opening the nail polish bottle. Some bottle covers are screwed on so tight that it hurts even attempting to get them off. Well, using a rubber band can save you that pain and effort.

Photo by pure julia on Unsplash

So, look for a sturdy and strong rubber band, wrap it around the neck of the nail polish bottle cap, and pull it off. You will find that this method works better and opens the bottle in a shorter amount of time without much hassle.

Secure bra straps with press-on buttons

Managing bra straps are probably one of the most annoying things about wearing a bra. With those straps constantly sliding off your shoulder and coming into plain view, we understand why you’d want to find a way to keep them in place. Well, snap buttons, aka press buttons, are the things you need.

Photo by Unknown on The Sewing Rabbit

You can sew these buttons in your top and insert the bra straps into them to prevent them from falling off at odd times. What’s better is that you can find these buttons at any local accessories store and easily fix the issue of your sliding bra straps.

Do not use those pink-colored women’s razors

Since the color pink has been associated with women and femininity for decades, many companies use pink-colored products when they want to target women. Sadly, these products are either sub-par or just as good as men’s, but are often more expensive.

Photo by kropekk_pl on Pixabay

Men’s razors are not only economical but also work better in some instances. They have sharper blades, leave less hair behind, and provide a smooth shave. Therefore, it is good to consider using them instead of the expensive pink women’s razors.

Color your black bobby pins to look cool

Bobby pins are useful for different hairstyles. From holding your braids together to pinning buns or up-dos, they serve all purposes. However, the only drawback of these pins is how plain they look. Although they blend well with natural hair color, sometimes colored pins can make your hair look better.

Photo by Etsy on Pinterest

So, why not spice up your black bobby pins with bright hues? Simply use a bit of nail polish or glitter to design these pins and make them look fancier. While keeping your hair in place, these colored bobby pins will surely add to your glamor.

Make your teeth sparkle with banana peels

Sparkling white teeth is something many dream of, as evidenced by the sheer amount of teeth whitening products appearing on the market. But the irony is that one of the best natural teeth whitening items is available right in your kitchen at a reasonable price — a banana. Yes, they can do wonders for your teeth.

Photo by Nixx Elle on Unsplash

Rubbing banana peels on your pearly whites thrice a week for 60 seconds each time can produce excellent results. However, please note that the banana is not a substitute for the entire brushing experience. It only whitens your teeth but does not purify your gums and mouth like toothpaste.

Enjoy soothing cold water on summer days

While water is essential, cold water is even better for dealing with hot summer days. Now, to get water at a pleasant cold temperature, you might think of icing up the whole bottle. But if you do so, you’ll only have to wait until the entire ice melts. So, here’s a simple hack for you!

Photo by Noppadon Manadee on Unsplash

Fill a bottle of water halfway to three-fourths and freeze it. When you’re ready to go, fill the rest with water. The ice will gradually melt, leaving you with cool, refreshing water. This way, you will always have water to drink, and it will be cold enough to quench your thirst.

Vaseline can give you thicker eyelashes

Being born with good and thick eyelashes isn’t a gift everyone receives. Hence, sometimes women have to spend a lot of money on fake lashes to make them look fuller. Fortunately, there is a natural way to get thicker eyelashes using a basic household product.

Photo by Jana D on Pixabay

Vaseline can do wonders in this case. You just need to apply it to your lashes every night and witness the results in a couple of weeks. So now, skip the mascara and go all natural with your new voluminous eyelashes.

Declutter your jewelry

Picking out the jewelry you’re planning to wear for the day can be hard, especially if you’re sifting through piles of earrings, rings, and pendants. Thus, decluttering your jewelry collections can help. If you’re not willing to spend much on jewelry organizers, look for household items you can use to store accessories.

Photo by Melissa Nelson on Pinterest

An old cheese grater can be a great jewelry organizer. You can spread all your novelties by the grooves of the grater and display them effectively. It will not only help you pick your jewelry pieces at ease but also serve as a decorative item for your desk, beautifying the room.

Keep your dirty clothes fresh

Returning from a trip with untidy clothes is one of the only downsides of a vacation. Traveling with your dirty laundry is no easy feat, especially when an unpleasant smell tends to leak through the suitcase and attract unwanted pests.

Photo by katyveldhorst on Pixabay

So, one way to prevent this is to pack a soap bar with your unwashed clothes. It will reduce the intensity of the foul odor and ensure it doesn’t spread to your clean set of clothes packed in the same baggage. Although it will not clean your clothes, it will keep them fresh and ready for washing.

Use designer bottle corks to accentuate your room

Opening a corked bottle of wine at house parties is fun. But after hosting many of these special occasions, you are bound to have a vast collection of wooden corks. So, instead of piling them up, why not put them to better use?

Photo by evondue on Pixabay

You can use these corks in various ways to decorate your home. Simply slice them in half and glue them onto a board for an impromptu décor piece or arrange them tastefully in a photo frame for a neater display. Irrespective of your option, designer wine corks will add aestheticism to your room.

Untangle your earphones with a clothespin

Tangled earphones are a common problem amongst music lovers. And attempting to untangle them is always annoying. So, take note of this trick if you do not want to spend 5 minutes trying to undo your earphones every time you use them.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pixabay

First, take a single clothespin. Next, swathe your earphone wire on the pin multiple times until the entire cord gets wrapped tightly. Then, secure the two ends of your earbuds by clipping them together with the clothespin. It will ensure that the cords do not get jumbled.

Keep earrings in an ice tray

If you have a lot of earrings jumbled together, you will know the pain of not finding the ones you’re looking for or discovering only one-half of the pair from the heap. It is not only frustrating but also too easy to lose your trinkets without even realizing it.

Photo by Unknown on The Creek Line House

In such instances, using an old ice cube tray can be a great solution. It serves as a container that helps you store different earrings separately and pairs of matching earrings together. It also ensures that no earrings get damaged.

Redecorate your old heels

Good heels are hard to find, and it can be truly painful to dispose of your old comfortable pumps just because they look old and faded. So, implement your creativity and spice up your old heels to reuse them again.

Photo by Gavin Allanwood on Unsplash

There are many ways you can make your heels look as good as new, even if not better. Among them, glitter is always the favorite material to embellish your old booties. However, you can also use other fabrics like fleecy yarn to customize your heels.

Toothpaste can clean your nails

From cleaning dirty tiles to removing stubborn stains, toothpaste is a versatile product used for many life hacks. However, you can also use it to clean your nails and make them whiter. So, if you have messy and stained nails, the solution to your problem is available right in your bathroom.

Photo by kalhh on Pixabay

You can also add some lemon juice to the toothpaste for effective results. As an excellent whitening agent, this concoction will leave your nails looking cleaner than ever. It is especially powerful against nail paint stains that might have remained behind.

Stick your loose bobby pins onto a magnet

Bobby pins are highly beneficial in holding outfits or hair-dos together. But being tiny, they are too easy to lose. You might also have complained about being unable to find a bobby pin when you needed one the most. But with this hack, you need not worry about losing them anymore!

Photo by Hey Paul Studios on Flickr

A magnetic strip in the corner of your room would serve as a great bobby pin holder. It will enable you to get all the pins in one place whenever you need them. In addition, their magnetic properties guarantee that you won’t even have to make much effort to stick them onto the strip.

Make all your jeans fit

Jeans are pretty common apparel. Most people cannot even imagine their wardrobe without a pair of trusty jeans. Although the sizes don’t always work out, and sometimes you’re left with jeans that are too loose for your waist. But they’re hard to give up on.

Photo by jordyn_acc on TikTok

In that case, you must use a belt loop as the hole for your button. Since there are many loops on your denim, you are sure to find the right fit you’re looking for. It will stay locked in that position without loosening up. Thus, you can again wear your favorite jeans and make the most out of them.

Hair dry the water stains away

While you may have impeccable table manners and diligently use a coaster whenever you place a drink on the table, your guests may not. What if they leave a wet ring on the table? Well, don’t worry; there is an easy fix for this.

Photo by 21 swan on Unsplash

A hairdryer can come of great help in such a circumstance. Simply set it to a low heat option and aim it at the water stain. After the spot is clear, rub the wooden area with a few drops of olive oil to keep the table looking fresh and anew.

Attach your makeup to a magnet

Makeup comprises an extensive range of products like eyeliner, mascara, foundation, eyeshadow, and more. However, these items often get mixed, lost, or spilled if kept haphazardly. Thus, storing them in an organized way is essential. And for doing so, nothing can be better than a magnetic board.

Photo by Unknown on Working with Sandra

From lipsticks to large palettes, you can store everything in the open space of the board. Moreover, with all cosmetics securely attached to the magnet, there is a very low chance of them being misplaced or broken. Besides, it also helps declutter your dresser.

Slip on a bracelet effortlessly

Putting on a bracelet by yourself can be pretty frustrating, especially if the clasp keeps slipping off. It makes you spend ample time trying to fasten it securely and end up being late. So, here, we have an easy solution for you.

Photo by SarahMeagan4 on YouTube

Use a piece of clear tape to fix one end of the bracelet on your wrist. Then, using your free hand, quickly secure the clasp. Don’t forget to remove the tape after wearing the bracelet to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Save your mascara with hot water

Mascara is a favorite of many women, but it isn’t easy to apply. If the product develops lumps, it can not only spoil the application procedure but also irritate your eyes. Thus, often women dispose of their dried mascara bottles even though it isn’t over yet.

Photo by Bruno on Pixabay

Well, we have a great idea to fix this problem. All you need to do is run your mascara tube under hot water or soak it thoroughly for 5-10 minutes. It loosens the lumps in your mascara and refreshes it, helping you achieve the perfect look.

DIY back-less bra

For many girls, bras are an essential part of any outfit. And although there are many styles available, manufacturers haven’t mastered producing no-show bras for ladies to wear with open-back dresses. But one Tik-Toker shared a handy hack we’re excited to try…

Photo by kristinakacheeva on TikTok

First, cut off the wide side straps, both at the cup and the end of the spaghetti strap. Then, sew the loose end to the cup. Once you’ve done it on both sides, you’ve got an instant bra to support your breasts and your outfit.

Use Mini Jaw Hair Clips When Painting Your Nails

We know we’re speaking for all women when we say a good manicure is as good as a new pair of heels. Sadly, just like heels, getting one can be expensive at times. Therefore, knowing how to paint your nails well is an essential skill.

Photo by Sn_make on Twitter

We can all agree that flooding the cuticle area is one of the trickiest parts of doing your own nails so to avoid that, you can use a mini jaw clip as shown above. The clip will also help you paint the edges of your nails more easily.