All “Punts” Highly Intended: 40 Touchdown-Scoring NFL Memes

By Aakash M February 1, 2022

The NFL is so insanely popular because of its equality, which makes things so interesting. There are often one or two teams in every pro sport that always win, and the rest are destined to lose. But, that isn’t the case with the NFL. Each team has an equal chance of winning. So, going to the Super Bowl is possible for everyone, as long as they’re good. For a long time, football was only popular in cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Boston. But, because of this factor of fairness, the sport became popular throughout the country. That popularity has resulted in a lot of income in the sports world. All of it has made the NFL gain global attention. The best part about the NFL is the memes it inspires. We’ve gathered a few of the best for you to enjoy!

1. That time of the year

For the NFL fans, September to February is the time of the year. It’s time to put on the war paint and watch the games. The weather outside is pretty cold, so the main question is, why would people host the games in these months instead of summer?

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ sirtravelalot

The reason behind that is that the players’ footballing gear traps a tremendous amount of heat, especially those shoulder pads, which are really heavy. Even other pads and helmets trap heat. Thus, winter is the most comfortable time for the players. 

2. Ouch!

Group hugs are so amazing! When you are surrounded by the people who love you unconditionally, that feeling is something else. These bear hugs are often a grand gesture of friendship, love, and mutual respect. In football, it looks something like this image. 

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Steve Jacobson

We would actually pass on the football version of the group hug since that looks like it would break a bone or two. You should also pass unless you’re a tall 250-pounder who has the tolerance to survive being hit by several men of the same size.

3. Aren’t we the same?

There are a lot of differences between football and American football. The first one is popular in more countries, and many of us never even thought of calling soccer “football” until we learned about it from the rest of the world. Perhaps, there is a lot of confusion.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ A. Paes and Debby Wong

The world knows football as the sport where you kick the ball around and score goals. If you want to clear the confusion between the two, this meme is a great help. We can simply call American football Handegg. Problem solved.

4. Stop!

Football (not American football) is popular mainly because of two things, which are wealth and media attention. They invest a lot of money in the matches, which gives them a lot of media coverage in return. That’s the main reason, according to American football fans.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ April Visuals

With that said, here we are again comparing American football and European football. Americans are as proud of their sport as the people from Europe are of soccer. But maybe it’s high time that both people stop teasing each other about their favorite sports. Just a thought!

5. The essence

American football is a lot like rugby, which is its European cousin. Rugby is a pretty aggressive sport. However, American football is also rough, and concussions are common. Things get all the more intense when the game is heading to a win.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ April Visuals

Every second matters and it only takes a second to win the game. It also takes only a second of hesitation, resulting in your team’s loss. Football is all about blood, sweat, respect, and a bit of luck, along with strategy.

6. 49ers joke

Here is a fact: 49ers were people who came from Northern California in 1849 to profit from the gold discovery. There were so many people that their coming boosted California’s commerce and also accelerated the union admission back in 1850. Now, let’s discuss these 49ers.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Eric Broder Van Dyke

The 49ers were the very first NFL franchise and sports team from the West Coast. A 49er is many things, including an Olympic-style race boat. So, this one is a pretty great joke, but let’s not show it to a 49ers fan with no sense of humor.

7. Time for memes

Gronkowski is the first athlete in his position who is controlling the league regarding touchdown passes, with an undefeated 17 in 2011. Furthermore, he is the record-holder for the most overall postseason receiving yards by a tight end, with a whopping 1,163 yards. 

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ AddyTsl

He is like a living legend with all his records. He has the highest aggregate receptions, career playoff touchdowns, and yards receiving by a tight end, and he’s the only one ever to do so. But, with all that, he is also the center of many memes!

8. That’s not possible!

In Fantasy Football, you need to select and discard the players to create your team. You are the man here, and you need to take the call. You will significantly benefit from your fantasy squad when all your high-performing players play well. 

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Christopher Lyzcen

Although at the referee’s expense, we know that it’s only a joke, but it’s a good one! This is more relevant when you think of the times they make such calls. Indeed, something must be going on behind the scenes. You never know. 

9. Sportsball fans

For those unfamiliar with this term, it is internet slang for all professional sports that include a ball, especially those with the word “ball” as the prefix. Do not get it confused with a video game, though. They’re not the same.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Flamingo Images

The term “sportsball” is used demeaningly among the people who don’t like spectator sports. Recently, there has been some pushback against the term, and it is now considered an unfunny term by true fans. So now it’s been turned on it head.

10. That’s how it’s done

How many of you football fans remember the Chiefs’ relatively recent but devastating defeat against the Bengals? Many of us are still not over it. Everything was wrong. So many penalties, drops, bad decisions, and a lot more. It was devastating.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Jamie Lamor Thompson

Even after that, it took a solitary field goal to defeat the Chiefs. Their defeat wasn’t the end of the story, though. The team came back with a bang and relentlessly won many games, which guaranteed their ticket to the 2021 Super Bowl.

11. A lot on the mind

The ref must make sure that there is order on the field. They also keep track of the time and make the final decisions regarding the fouls and the points. Yet, referees also receive a lot of frustration from the fans and the players.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Jamie Lamor Thompson

Yes, you are looking at a referee from the Clemson Tigers, and yes, he is giving the signal for a touchdown. But, from the looks of the meme, isn’t “safe” something that a referee says in baseball? Well, sometimes referees do seem to be quite confused. 

12. Customized Valentine’s Day messages

For sure, whoever composed this list must be a great humorist. Take a look at what that person wrote for Kirk Cousins. Honestly, it is a bit on the harsher end, but we all know that it’s true, don’t we?

Image Credits: flickr / USDA and KA Sports Photos, Shutterstock / Jamie Lamor Thompson and Kathy Hutchins, Jeffrey Beall / CC BY 3.0 / Wikimedia Commons, Keith Allison / CC BY-SA 2.0 / Wikimedia Commons

The verse for Kittle is the best one. Also, Nelly must consider going easy on Nick Sundberg because he has a lot on his plate! The “never showing up when it’s important” part fits quite well! Well, that’s pretty much it because we won’t be talking about Aaron Hernandez.

13. What’s up with the referees?

Fans will often tell people that the NFL doesn’t have that many competent officials. Here is an example. Do you remember the recent roughing-the-passer foul against the Saints that nullified an intercept inside the end zone? If you don’t, it was issued over New Orleans.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Jamie Lamor Thompson

This one was between the Saints and the Titans. Tennessee scored a touchdown after a delayed quarter tie, which took the score to 13-6.Between both the Saints and the Titans. Certainly, Tennessee won, but there were a lot of controversies. The NFL should sort this referee issue, like, yesterday. 

14. The Black Mamba

The NFL fans know that Dez Bryant is a free agent wide receiver. He’s a pretty accomplished player, as he was selected in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, and he was also a pretty accomplished collegiate football player.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Photo Works

When he was a Dallas Cowboy, he won three Pro Bowl berths. He was also voted an All-Pro in 2014. He has had a lot of controversies, but that still didn’t stop him from becoming one of the best players of all time. That’s that.

15. Champion of the LA Rams

We must say that the first half of the meme had us. Jared Goff is a Detroit Lions quarterback. He was the first All-Pac-12 selection in California. However, he had a disappointing rookie season, but he bounced back after it. 

Image Credits: flickr/ Praveer Sharma

Goff helped the LA Rams through their first successful record season. What was amazing was that it happened for the first time in 14 years. He did many more things for the team, but then he moved to Detroit. What a bummer, dude.

16. Just a fantasy sports thing

This meme isn’t something that only NFL fantasy players can relate to. Instead, it is something that every fantasy sports player can understand. Also, this person’s expression is almost priceless. He also isn’t entirely wrong, you know. Hear us out!

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Rommel Canalas

For instance, if your team has Lamar Jackson and he scores a touchdown, your team will score points if Lamar is on your team. But, if he’s injured, then that’s it. There goes your fantasy team. Fantasy sports make the NFL season all the more fun.

17. Sorry, Jake

When you ask your buddy for a high five, and your buddy doesn’t give one, it’s embarrassing. Whenever that happens, people hope nobody saw that moment, or they’ll make fun of them. But that’s not the case with Jake Luton since he was caught, as you can see.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ April Visuals

Or maybe that was not the deal. Jake was either signaling his teammate something or expecting a pass. Also, even if he asked for a high five, we don’t think anybody would reject that offer. Come on. He’s Jake Luton!

18. Everybody needs him

Lamar Jackson is among the best in the game. Although there have been concerns regarding his potential to transform into a straight-pocket passer, it doesn’t shadow the fact that his talent and potential are on a whole new level. He’s amazing to watch.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Steve Jacobson

Who wouldn’t want Lamar Jackson on their side? He is one of the most agile and athletic footballers. He’s also among the fastest. Lamar is only 25, but he has already broken many records. The question in the meme is, thus, accurate.

19. The savior of the Buccaneers

Although this one could be a bit harsh for the Buccaneers, it can also be considered a wake-up call for them. That’s because Brady is the one pulling the team, and he’s already 44, so that can continue only for so long.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Steve Jacobson

On the other hand, Brady is undoubtedly among the greatest of all time. He is as athletic as someone in their 20s and shows no signs of slowing down. Also, he’s so skilled that even those who don’t know anything about American football know Tom Brady.

20. Throwback to The Choke

For those who don’t know what this meme is about, it is about The Choke. Also known as The Comeback, it was a playoff match between the Buffalo Bills and the Houston Oilers that was played on January 3, 1993.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ April Visuals

This meme is totally an “in your face” to the Bills, and a good taunt, as they go. Well, one shouldn’t be cocky since it is well known that history can repeat itself. But, it won’t repeat this way, right? Coincidences like that are very rare.

21. Heinz

Did you all get the pun in this meme? Did you all also get the burn in this meme? Great job! The Heinz Field is named after The H.J Heinz Company. That’s good, but that also opened the doors for these types of jokes.

Image Credits: flickr/ Cynthia Closkey

But isn’t that great? This joke is pretty impressive, so we aren’t mad. Instead, we are impressed with these pun maters. Also, this one suits the Steelers’ own mascot, Steely McBeam. We hope the Steelers don’t spend the whole season playing “ketchup!”

22. Eagles and the USPS

Any Eagles fans in the house? Any USPS fans in the house? Apologies to both. Anyways, the team you know now as the Philadelphia Eagles were the Frankford Yellowjackets back in 1933. Do you know the Eagles and the USPS have in common?

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Dean Bertoncelj and Ken Wolter

Yep, you guessed it. The Eagles got their name by being inspired by the emblem of the then-president’s New Deal, which was the “Blue Eagle.” That’s a pretty old team, but they only won their first (and thus far, only) Super Bowl in 2018. 

23. Johnny Manziel’s story

Johnny Manziel is a fantastic footballer who was the big man on campus at Texas A&M University. Unfortunately, he was involved with some bad decisions and misconducts, but he got away with it. Yet, he was still a great player on the field.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Debby Wong

Although Manziel was splendid on the field, his negative habits didn’t disappear. Ultimately, it resulted in him struggling to bring the efforts and skills needed from a pro football player. That’s the reason for his decline. But many people don’t feel as bad for him as we do.

24. Best in the game

Eli Manning is one of the all-time top ten players in passing yards, touchdowns, and completions. That sentence is enough to prove how accomplished he is, but there’s more. He has 117 victories, which is very high. As high as Joe Montana.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Debby Wong

Apart from Tom Brady, Eli Manning is one of those people who are widely known even outside the sporting world. Eli Manning has won consecutive Super Bowl MVP awards, and apart from him, Tom Brady is also one such player. Perhaps, there’s a lot in common between both players.

25. Built like a beast

If you want to be praised as the most valuable player of the NFL, you need to look at things from the scout’s point of view. The relevance of a teammate’s role doesn’t have enough influence on the best NFL player.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 3.0 / Jeffrey Beall

JJ Watt is a player whose athleticism is his best plus point. He’s 6″ 5, and he weighs 295 pounds. Yet, he’s a defensive lineman who can effortlessly chase down running quarterbacks without any problem at all. What a fantastic player!

26. Burned

After looking at this meme and thinking by its logic, we’d suggest that the Broncos should try eating cereal to win the bowl. That’s a good joke, but it also has a harsh truth hidden behind it. The issue is the Broncos’ form.

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons/ Public Domain / Denverjeffrey

The team actually looks more capable and skilled while watching the game. Most of us would take that as a sign that they will win, but that doesn’t happen so often. Shockingly, but not so shockingly, the Broncos have a 6-6 performance record.

27. Ready, set, hut!

Footballers, or any sportsperson in general, need to have a great build and also be more athletic than ordinary people. That’s among the basic requirements. How will the team play and win if that doesn’t happen? You should know that the opposition will always charge you in football, irrespective of your physique.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Joseph Sohm

Players from the opposite team will run at you like several bulls charging at a bullfighter. Therefore, this joke fits pretty perfectly in some aspects. However, let’s not forget how Romo’s retirement was sad for some and relieving for others.

28. No thanks to you

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you a legendary lineup. We must also say that being with such players is an absolute pleasure, And of course, we have the great Tom Brady at the beginning of this meme. Such a blessing!

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ MPH Photos, Steve Jacobson, Jamie Lamor Thompson, Grindstone Media Group, Jason Tench

We feel bad for Trent Sherfield, though, but we can’t also hide the fact that it’s a pretty funny and somewhat accurate meme! Apart from that, we have other greats of the game like Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and many more.

29. A burn from the wife

If this has happened in actual life, Ciara is one of the most excellent roasters we have ever seen. Indeed, Russell would need a lot of time to recover from that epic burn. The look on Russell’s face says everything.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Tinseltown and Kathy Hutchins

Here’s the math of the three rings. One is the wedding ring, one is a super bowl ring, and the third one would’ve also been a Super Bowl ring. However, there was a botch between Russell and Marshawn Lynch. Thus, just two.

30. The GOAT

When it comes to pro football, one must always look at the stats and the records. Nothing else is more credible. With that said, we have looked into the stats. Even without that, we can say that Aaron Rodgers is among the best quarterbacks of all time.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Debby Wong

Comparing Dak Prescott with Rodgers seems a bit of a stretch, but the meme is funny. Although his field reputation says something else, Aaron Rodgers isn’t a tough guy on the inside, as far as we have seen. Rodgers wished Prescott luck after the latter opened about his challenges. So wholesome! 

31. Importance of stretching

This one is correct and accurate. You will be highly prone to injuries if you do not stretch properly or warm-up before playing. Now, this concept isn’t only limited to football. It applies to literally every physical activity out there.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ EdwinAC

Good stretching results in high mobility while on the field, and it also helps the player stay in good condition. That’s as easy as it sounds. So, that’s how you should football. You should stretch first and play after that.

32. It’s different

Like many others, football is a sport in which two teams of multiple players (11) play against each other. The players need to tackle and throw the ball through the players of their opposite team and score more goals than the other team to win the game. Sounds simple.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Arturo Holmes

Now, rugby isn’t just that. It combines football’s toughness and physical brutality with basketball’s passing. In rugby, players have to sprint with an oval ball across the opponent’s area or kick it through the top of the goal lines. How are they at all similar? Oh, wait…

33. Equality above everything

Who doesn’t love a good joke with subtle humor? We all need something to laugh at so that the problems disappear. A good and funny distraction is always helpful. This meme is also that, but only to an extent. Have a look for yourself.

Image Credits: YouTube/ NFI Network

Although this joke is highly relatable for many men, this meme doesn’t really reflect reality. We understand the meme, but the actual thing is that women are equally capable, if not more. So, the equality level in the NFL should be a standard.

34. Are you ready for this?

The Raiders have a massive history of not pushing the ball down the field properly. Bad for them, but the Vegas Raiders also could turn things around for their team. They indeed have a few of the best tight ends, running backs, and wide receivers.

Image Credits: flickr/ Pete Sheffield and Shutterstock/ Kim Reinick

Although that’s one thing, completing the game has been quite the issue with them in the past. That’s the reason the Raiders see themselves as professionals, but not everybody would agree with that assessment. Some people see them as children on the field.

35. Dez-zler

Take a look at Dez trying to show some of his moves on the field. He’s so good that we were confused for a second about whether we were watching pro football or a romantic movie. Dez is a dazzler.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Photo Works

However, Dez isn’t dancing or striking a pose in this image. Instead, he’s warming up, which is essential, and it is the best way to get yourself going. Warming and practicing are the only way to keep players be in good condition.

36. It’s time for Jameis Winston!

Just like this meme, even we would like to apologize for the delay in the Jameis Winston memes because they genuinely had been intercepted, just like he does in the game. Do you remember the 2019 season? If you do, you must remember that it was dominated by Jameis.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Steve Jacobson

Jameis has actually broken the NFL season record since he has the highest interceptions recovered for touchdowns under his name. He is among the few who have earned Pro Bowl honors. He won because of his several franchise rookie records.

37. Chill out, kid

Joe Montana is among the best quarterbacks of all time. He is also quite famously known as “The Comeback Kid” because of his ability to pull out the close ones. He is a three-time Super Bowl MVP, and he has many more accomplishments under his belt.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Steve Jacobson and Debby Wong

Joe also has 273 touchdown passes and more than 40,000 passing yards under his belt. So, Joe Montana is the real deal. He’s called “Joe Cool” because of his ability to gently lead his team to victory right at the most challenging times in the game.

38. Lightning bolt

Those who have seen him playing know that he is one of the most talented. But, there have been questions about his potential to convert to a straight-pocket passer in the NFL. Still, there’s no doubt that he has a lot of strength and quickness.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Steve Jacobson

He’s so good that this meme doesn’t even sound like a meme. Instead, it sounds like an actual plan. His feet are his deadliest weapons, and he’s more than capable of leading his squad from the back, and we are sure of that.

39. Gotta feel bad for him

It looks like nobody wants Russell Wilson to get over the 0-2 figures. It looks like Aaron Rodgers is trying to give him the burns with the help of this rather well-put knock-knock joke. We feel sorry for Russell Wilson.

Image Credits: Shutterstock/ Tinseltown and Allison Herreid

It’s high time that we took it easy on Russell Wilson since it looks like we are making a lot of fun of him. The thing is that he has worked a lot to be where he is, and everything that he has achieved is well deserved. Attaboy!

40. Aaron Rodgers appreciation post

A 25:2 TD to INT proportion isn’t so bad, yet, it’s a down year if that’s your score. Thanks to Aaron Rodgers, who raised the bar with his outstanding performance throughout the last many years. However, 2018 was a challenging year for him and his team.

Image Credits: flickr/ All Pro Reels

Although he had a tremendous high school career, Rodgers was not a sought-after quarterback in the USA. His only opportunity was a walk-on one. That was once upon a time, and look where he is now. Look how well the tables have turned!