Tips To Protect Our Pockets While Cutting Back On Energy Usage

By Sachin P March 27, 2022

Every device in our homes consumes a considerable amount of energy to operate. We must spend a lot of money for them all to work and function efficiently, whether it’s a modest lighting fixture or an air conditioning system. Since energy expenses have risen dramatically in recent times of individuals spending more and more time at their homes, we are all continually trying to find ways to save costs. We have scoured the internet looking for the best tips and tricks that are trending now to lower our energy uses and keep more money in our pockets. We’re here to assist you in tackling this issue by providing some simple ideas, methods, and tricks for lowering your energy expenditures. The majority of the suggestions you’ll see are simple to implement and don’t need any outside assistance. So, scroll down and keep these tips in mind for your own life.

Don’t Skimp On The Thermostat

Investing in an advanced high-tech two-stage thermostat for your home might just be the best option you need to save money on energy bills in the long term whenever it pertains to warming your home. Newer technologies are safer for your home and better for your pocket.

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This will prevent the second-stage burners from igniting at inconvenient times, which will lower your furnace’s system efficiency. The high-tech thermostat doesn’t enter the second step until the temperature rises 6 to 8 degrees celsius each hour. This is the ideal scenario.

Caulk Those Leaks

Another technique that would save money on heating costs is to insulate your existing windows. Go ahead and make them completely airtight. This procedure is known as “caulking.” This can be especially useful in the wintertime because that’s when the house needs to be heated the most.

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The best method of doing this is to initially determine which locations the windows seep more than any other. If you want to figure it out, go over to the window on a breezy day and reach out to feel the air. After that, use a caulking gun to fill those holes.

Bye-Bye, Incandescent, Hello LED!

Switch all bulbs to LED Bulbs for the home rather than standard incandescent lighting. This is the most straightforward and most effective approach for reducing energy costs. You can save a lot of money on electricity bills when you do this. This is because LEDs use 75% less energy.

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That’s compared with standard incandescent light bulbs. It really is recommended that you change all of your lights in the household to LEDs. But if this is not financially feasible, start with the ones that are utilized the most and slowly add more every month.

Be Smart And Use Smart Switches

These could help save a lot of money on the electricity bills all while turning your home smarter! You can accomplish this by setting your smart switches to control every one of the lights. You may use this to adjust your lighting from afar.

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If you get the one with a motion detector, your lighting will switch off automatically just as soon as you walk out of the area. You can also configure these to shut off within a certain amount of time. So, you don’t have to worry about keeping the lights on all night. This is also a great way to ensure that no one is crossing your property during the night, as a trespasser would trigger the light.

Seal Thy Attic

You may well not realize it, but your roofing could be concealing a nearly 2-foot-deep gap that could be draining out your costly hot air. This refers to the openings in the attic, light fittings, or piping. It should be noted, this process of loft insulation may necessitate outside assistance.

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If you take pleasure in trying new things or diving into a worthwhile home improvement project, it will not be a complicated fix for you. You can do it by following internet instructions that show how to seal your attic properly.

Clotheslines For The Win

People in big cities tend to try to accomplish many tasks while exerting the bare minimum of personal effort, and they pay the ultimate price for this ease. Another factor that can raise energy costs is the usage of electric clothes dryers.

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The dryer consumes a considerable amount of power, burning a gap in your wallets. Alternatively, you may use a basic clothesline to complete the operation, which will end up costing you little or no money! Isn’t that what we aspire to, in the end?

Water Heater Timer: A Necessity

All of us are familiar with the feeling of forgetting to switch off the hot water boiler system. Once you discover this a few hours later, you no doubt feel awful, and there is no way to recover from the loss. That no longer has to be the case since there are numerous products on the market with a built-in timer.

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To operate the boiler, you can decide previously the times in which you are most likely to use the hot water and activate the timer to go off and on during that time. This will ensure that the water is hot when you need it and that you don’t forget to turn it off.


When it comes to attic and window insulating, we must not overlook the ducts, which can lose up to 30% of hot air if not insulated correctly. Your warm air is meant to be transported throughout the building via the vents, which then heats the whole house.

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As a result, insulating those vents is necessary maintenance if you want to save money on energy. This is a simple DIY activity that you can perform soon. R-8 Duct Wrap, which is widely available in your local stores, is the suggested insulator.

Time To Replace That Furnace Filter

Homeowners who seem to have furnaces in residential dwellings frequently take a casual approach to managing them. This is a behavior you must alternate and take care of since it could cost you a lot of money over the long term.

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It should be a practice to clean or change the furnace filters once a month, especially during the winter when they are used the most. This will allow the furnace to run more efficiently and use less power than if you simply left it to sit.

Make A Note To Empty The Boiler Annually

Another strategy that will save money on energy costs is to empty your hot water system on a routine basis. Debris collects in the hot water system, and experts advise draining it properly at least every year to mitigate these risks.

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That’s because if you don’t, your heater will warm up an inch of silt before it really heats all the water. As a result, the water heater’s performance is harmed, something you do not want to cope with or spend money on.

No Room For Leeches!

You’ll be surprised to learn how your home’s various devices, such as the DVD player or perhaps the brewer, use up to 75% of their power even when they’re switched off, as per the stats by the Department of Energy.

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They consume a considerable amount of power even when they are not in use! To conserve money, put a power strip in the home and switch it off when you’re done to cut off the flow. Alternatively, you could just unplug each gadget when you’re finished using it.

Heard Of The Mini-Split HVAC System?

One can transition to something like a Mini-Split HVAC System if you have adequate ventilation with furnaces and radiators or if your ductwork needs to be replaced. Mini-Split HVAC Systems are much more power-saving than ductwork. You can find your own heat pump air conditioner at many local hardware stores.

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They are much more effective since they operate in mini regions rather than going around the entire building. They’re also easier to install because they don’t need any ductwork around the house. Instead, try installing a condenser with its associated units throughout the house.

Out With The Lint

Cleansing the dryer ducts, which tend to get blocked with lint, should be the upcoming approach that you could easily do to save money on energy. This will significantly enhance the efficiency of the dryers, resulting in lower utility expenses in the long run.

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Cleaning the lint out from the dryer on a routine basis also will prevent you from getting into a hazardous situation, such as a house fire. Lint has been the source of over 25,000 fires in the last four years in the States.

Let Thy A/C Be Serviced

Air conditioners, like heating systems and furnaces, require regular maintenance in order to operate at optimum efficiency throughout all hours. Air conditioners are easier to manage than furnaces as they only need one servicing annually. You must be sure to lubricate the core motor unit.

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The bent-over flippers must be straightened, and you must replace the damaged flippers. Cleansing and changing air purifiers are also crucial for maintaining effectiveness and uniform circulation. If you follow these steps to the dot, there’s no need to worry about the A/C getting out of order.

These Walls Need Insulation

Many may well not consider the impact that essential wall insulation could have on your electricity bills, but come on, people! So let us tell you that this has the potential to reduce the effectiveness of your air conditioning systems by up to 25%.

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In order to get all the stats down in your home, you must patch in all the spaces and holes. Fiberglass shielding can be used for this. This is a very efficient and accessible method of accomplishing this task. If you choose to do it yourself, there are many DIY methods.

Chimney Balloon To The Rescue

Is there a chimney in your home that has not been used in ages? Well, you could save a few hundred dollars by closing that wind-pulling monster! This is a simple and effective way to reduce your bills to a reasonable level.

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To cover the chimney, you’ll need a device known as a chimney balloon. It’s a blow-up plastic device that gets put up the chimney and then acts like a shutter to close the vent. Simply blow this with your lips and send it upwards through your chimney.

Smart Meter A Day, Keeps The Power Cut At Bay

If you really want to carry your savings towards the next step, you can use the brand-new smart metering system, which allows you to monitor and manage your power usage. What’s even better is that some businesses will pay you an incentive to use their smart meters.

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What a fantastic idea! The meter assists such firms in maintaining outages to a minimum by turning off the critical electricity-consuming equipment in your house whenever the grid reaches its capacity limit, preventing grid collapse.

Make Sure To Keep The Back Of The Fridge Dust-Free

Cleansing the fridge coils that are situated at the rear of the fridge will be the next step to stop the meters from spinning. These loops are intended to evacuate the compressor’s surplus warmth, allowing the refrigerator to work smoothly.

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Whenever the fridge is blocked with dirt and other debris, it is unable to perform its functions properly, causing the compressor to work at higher temperatures and pressures. Dirty coils would not only reduce the fridge’s effectiveness, but it may also cause the compressor to malfunction.

Have You Thought About Covering Your A/Cs?

In the summertime, a window air conditioner is often used to chill your home. The issue emerges whenever the AC attempts to cool the temperature indoors in the wintertime as well! It would be best to start covering the window air conditioning unit to mitigate this issue.

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You can stop cold air from traveling over and across the device by enclosing it. Protecting the air conditioner can also help you keep it clean as it can collect dust all around it throughout the winter, which you’ll have to clear at some point.

Leave No Spaces Inside Those Switches

Such switches are how we get our power, but, as you would expect, they may contain cracks between the control and the wall, which will cause air leakage. As a result, insulating these will assist us in attaining our objective of best performance at the lowest cost possible.

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Why not? It only takes simply ten minutes of activity to insulate every one of them. Equipment including a caulking gun, spray foam, and caulk is required. Simple instructions are accessible online if you want to learn how to do this in-depth.

Winter Curtains To The Rescue

If insulating the openings is too much of a hassle for one, or if the windows need to be replaced, you could use these quilted curtains as a quick fix. These should prevent most air from going from between them. You could get a pair at your local home improvement store.

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Note that they’re marketed as wintertime curtains specifically for this purpose. It’s also really simple to install them since all you have to do is remove the old ones from the rod where the curtains are hung and replace them with the new ones.

Can We Interest You In Weather-Stripping?

Another step to a better home is to close any openings that might let cooler air inside the house without your knowledge. Follow this simple trick to make absolutely sure that your door isn’t the culprit. When it’s dark outside, grab a light and flash it.

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Look for the light to reflect through the opposite side of the door. Air can also pass through if you can see the light pass through. Foam weather-stripping, which arrives with a self-adhesive and is simple to apply, can be used to insulate it.

Leave No Gap Behind

Gaps and cracks are a leading cause of the warm air loss you may be experiencing. As you’re undoubtedly aware, this reduces the appliance’s effectiveness, and, just at the close of each day, it hurts your wallet given the high cost of electricity.

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Another specific location to look for a break inside the piping or holes by which pipes run is under the sink. To seal them, apply expansion foam that will mold to the form of the spot and remain in place indefinitely.

Aesthetic Or Energy Saving?

Air can discover a means of escape through your home in some way. But we’re here today on a quest to show you the truth! If you’ve had a hearth that used to be a tremendous heat source and is now unused, you can shut it to save electricity.

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Fireplaces are large holes in the house that draw up the air you keep in before releasing it into the environment; therefore, it’s best to keep them closed. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways. You have the option of making it permanent or for a season.

Instant Water Heaters Are The Future

The typical hot water tank in an American home has a huge tank that holds 40 to 50 gallons of heated water possible for a single person to use. The primary downside would be that water heating requires much more effort and time.

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To combat this, you can purchase a portable or instantaneous water heater. The main advantage of this device is that it only boils water whenever you switch on the tap, using up to 50% less energy than a typical one.

Tend To Those Huge Holes Outside

Typically, plumbers and electricians create a larger opening than is needed, resulting in a half-full gap that attracts anything from bugs to the chilly air. Covering this area will lead to significant savings and energy by extending the life of your equipment.

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Our primary motivation today is to conserve as much cash as possible, but there are other issues at hand. Mice can sometimes get through the openings, and you never know what’ll happen next. You can get anything to cover it, but we suggest expanding foam.

Use Storm Windows In Your House.

Some may well not understand what storm windows really are and how these assist, but we can tell you that they are well worth the expense. They’re an additional dimension of insulating composed of glass or acrylics, which can be put over single-pane windows.

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These should assist in prolonging the current windows’ life while also reducing airflow. There are several different types of storm windows on the marketplace, but we suggest the Low-E type. Who doesn’t like to shave off some cash for savings, eh?

Insulate The Plumbing

This trick will not immediately lead to significant savings on bills, but it will significantly impact your home. The pipes that transport hot water to the bathroom and kitchen are sure to lose a lot of the heat along the route.

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You can seal these pipes and save the excess heat that the heater worked extremely hard to generate. Pipe sleeves, which are easily accessible at home centers around you, can be used to protect your uncovered pipes. It is a worthwhile investment.

Dial Down The Thermostat

You may already be aware, but dialing down the temperature on your thermostat has a major impact on the results of your electricity prices. As per the Department of Energy, each point you decrease the thermostat lowers your bill by one percent.

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However, the fundamental question is: how would we stay warm throughout the wintertime if we decrease the thermostat? The solution is to utilize a space heater inside the area where you spend the most time as it is more productive than just the ductwork.

Open Air Dryer

Dishwashers are a fantastic tool for washing the dishes rapidly once you are pressed for time or simply do not want to commit the effort. However, making a minor tweak to this routine can save you a lot of money in the long term.

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You can clean your dishes and silverware in the dishwasher, but when ready to dry them, take them out of the machine. Instead of using electricity to dry them, you can dry them naturally. This will assist you in conserving electricity when it comes to drying.

Energy Star Products Are The Future

Changing the household appliances to Energy Star certified equipment is the best method to save money on energy costs. According to their website, people who converted to Energy Star-rated goods saved a total of $30 million on overall electricity costs.

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Their devices use less power while producing the same amount of output as standard devices. If you change to them, you will save at least 30% on your current average electricity rates! If you fall in, you may be eligible for tax breaks and bonuses on your purchase.

Keep An Eye On The Water Heater Settings

If you can’t or don’t need to indulge in an instantaneous water heater, the very minimum you could do is lower the water heater’s setting. Most of the time, it’s set to a temperature greater than you require. Small changes go a long way.

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And the weird thing is that we don’t know how warm our water needs to be, despite the fact that the ideal temperature is 112 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius). If you’re satisfied with it, you can try and cut this even more.

Nurture Good Habits

Adjusting your lifestyle routines can help you save money on your bills. Switching off the faucet when grooming your mustache or cleaning your teeth are some of them. Alternatively, you could switch off the lights whenever you exit a room.

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This would not only help save money on power, but it would also help the environment by preventing the waste of water and electricity. As a result, this is a major benefit for everyone! It is wonderful to get your family involved in the process with you.

Let That Sun In!

Hot air does not necessarily necessitate the use of heaters. There are so many occasions when the sun shines brightly in the wintertime, which you can take full advantage of. Allowing the sun to shine in all day is preferable to closing the drapes.

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Instead, open the windows and then let the sunlight in, allowing you to turn off the heating for a few moments. This will enable you to reclaim and appreciate natural daylight while also allowing you to absorb some vitamin D from sunlight. Your bills will enjoy the adjustment as well!

Solar Panels Are Our Friends

Having photovoltaic or solar panels placed at your home is the best recommendation we can provide you for lowering your electricity bills. You will save a lot of money on your electricity prices because you’ll produce and use your own energy.

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You can benefit the environment while conserving a lot of money and using a sustainable energy source like customized solar cells. By opting for an off-the-grid system, you can cut your energy bills in half at least. What a fantastic idea!

Keep An Eye On The Energy Usage

Each and every piece of advice we’ve given you so far has been centered on how well the typical home operates and uses electricity. Still, because everybody’s usage is varied, the most significant energy use can differ from person to person.

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As a result, we recommend assessing your energy consumption and determining which items you are using the greatest. You’d be eligible to decide a plan of action on a more intimate level in this manner. You can use smart meters to help you with this.

Try To Opt For Microwaves

Ovens are a great device for creating a variety of delectable dishes. Baked foods, such as pizza and cookies, are our favorites. The oven, on the other hand, uses a slow-cooking process. As a result, it consumes far more power than a microwave.

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The microwave heats food significantly faster than the stove and takes roughly 15 minutes to complete cooking something that would take over an hour in the oven. It’s all about the minor tweaks we can all do to save money.

Size Or Function?

Desktops are excellent for all performance-related tasks since they provide more power and flexibility. However, they fall short of delivering superior efficiency and consume far more power than that of a laptop. This is why so many individuals choose the latter option.

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This is why, “if possible,” we advise you to use a laptop instead of a desktop computer. This suggestion just wouldn’t fit everybody, but it would be the best option for the majority. Since a laptop is indeed a considerably more energy-efficient gadget, it can help you save money on your expenses.

Keep A Contingency For Suppliers

If you implement the advice in this article, you can save a lot of money on your bills; however, if you really want to save more, keep an eye out for and compare different energy suppliers in the area. Keep on researching for various energy providers.

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You’ll be able to determine whether the amount you’re paying for electricity is comparable to the market rate. You should definitely move to someone who offers energy at a rate lower than your existing lender. Here’s to making better choices, one step at a time.